Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 174 (Part 1)

Chapter 174: Feelings Moved (Part 1)

The wind at night was really extremely cold. Xie Jing Xing only brought Shen Miao out of the Princess residence as the horse carriage from the Shen family was waiting outside. Shen Miao wanted to speak but Xie Jing Xing’s figure disappeared from her side. It was Mo Qing and Ah Zhi who was somewhat surprise when she suddenly appeared at the residence’s doors. Ah Zhi asked, “Why did Young Lady come out alone? How about the rest?”

Just as he spoke, Jing Zhe and Gu Yu ran over panting and only gave a sigh of relief when they saw Shen Miao. Jing Zhe said, “These servants were waiting outside but Yang GuGu said that you had come out and this servant thought that she was lying. It was only when one see that there was no one in the room then one came over to take a look. One did not think that Young Lady really came out.” She then looked around and said in confusion, “However it was only a room and these servants were standing guard outside. Why did one did not see Young Lady coming out? Could it be that there are some secret passage in the Princess residence?”

Gu Yu lightly coughed to remind her not to talk nonsense. This was after all outside the Princess residence and even if there were secrets in the Princess residence, it would be the Princess residence’s secret so how could it be said so unscrupulously by them?

Jing Zhe stuck her tongue out and looked at Shen Miao. Shen Miao’s brows were tightly knitted and her expression was very solemn. Jing Zhe saw it and said softly, “Just now when one went in, Her Highness the Princess’s expression was not very good. Young Lady, did you quarrel with the Her Highness the Princess?”

Shen Miao shook her head and thought about everything that happened today, unknowingly her head got bigger. She climbed up the horse carriage, “Return back first.” If there is any matter then one would continue thinking about it upon returning to the Shen mansion. What had happened today was totally out of her expectations.

Just when the carriage was about to depart, Shen Miao could not help but to lift up the curtains and look back. The dark night had covered everything as there was not even a trace of moonlight, thus nothing could be seen.

She sighed softly.

However at a corner near the Princess residence, the purple clad youth silently watched as the horse carriage left.

Gao Yang no longer moved his folding fan and instead kept it at his waist. He looked at that handsome youth in front and his expression became a little complicated. He asked, “Is it worth it?”

“There will always be such a day.” Xie Jing Xing said indifferently.

“Isn’t it a pity?”

Xie Jing Xing’s lips slightly raised as his masked covered his appearance and expression. Like usual, it made others feel the slight sarcasm and some disdain.

He said, “It is only the end of fate.”

Gao Yang no longer spoke and only shook his head after a moment and patted Xie Jing Xing’s shoulder.

A few servants came out from the Princess residence and were carrying some things in a basket. They poured its content onto the floor before throwing the basket on the ground.

One of the servants felt it was a pity, “This thing cost a lot of money and if one sell it to the medical hall, one would even make a profit. It is really a pity to throw it away.”

“What do you know.” The servant by the side glared at her, “One do not know if this thing has poison. If there is poison then it would be inviting trouble if one were to sell it. Don’t look at it any more, let’s leave.”

The two servants then turned around and returned to the Princess residence and left the lone basket on the ground.

However one had knew that these were the ‘coincidentally’ received herbs that the medical hall sent over for Princess Rong Xin’s heart illness. However at this moment it was abandoned like used shoes and even had the suspicion of being ‘poisoned’.

Gao Yang had a disturbed expression as one’s meticulous effort was being trampled on that no matter how big hearted one was, they would not be happy about it. He wanted to say some words of comfort but Xie Jing Xing had already walked far away.

His brocade robes, tall stature and leisure walk in the night had an irresistible magnificent style.

It was just that that figure looked a bit lonely from the back.

Shen Miao returned to the Shen mansion. Shen Xin and wife had been waiting for her in the residence as the skies were already dark buck Shen Miao had not return, making everyone think that something had happened. Seeing that she returned safely, they finally gave a sigh of relief. Shen Miao was troubled and mentioned that she was tired and wanted to rest early thus everyone did not suspect anything. When Shen Miao returned to her bed chambers, she instructed Jing Zhe and Gu Yu to withdraw before sitting down in front of the time.

Her heart was somewhat not restless.

It was a bit of a rash decision for Xie Jing Xing to appeared in the Princess residence today and expose his identity in front of Princess Rong Xin. Xie Jing Xing was not an obtrusive person thus there was no other reason other than to help Shen Miao out of the impossible situation as Princess Rong Xin would take action against the Shen family.

To create more difficult situation due to oneself was something that Shen Miao was unwilling to see. Even though Xie Jing Xing was said to be difficult to deal with every time, he did not do real harm to her from the beginning to the end.

Shen Miao did not know how deep the relationship was between Princess Rong Xin and Xie Jing Xing was but in the Princess residence, Princess Rong Xin’s reaction of Xie Jing Xing’s real identity was indeed heart rending. Xie Jing Xing did not say anything and looked casual as if it did not entered his heart but Shen Miao knew how big the damage was when it was caused by one’s loved ones.

Just like in the previous life, Fu Xiu Yi did it to her, the Second and Third household of the Shen family did it to her, it was because when all pretences were dropped, it was so cold and all those warm and tenderness were such ridicules. If the indifference and damage was from Xie Ding, Xie Jing Xing could care about it but because it was Princess Rong Xin, he could not.

After all, the first Tiger Head Bracelet that Xie Jing Xing made was given to Princess Rong Xin. After all, upon returning back to Ding capital after two years and learning that Princess Rong Xin’s heart illness erupted, he still send people to search for the herbs immediately.

At the end there were emotions that were invested in it.

Shen Miao got up in irritation. She walked over to the windows and push it open to look outside. The skies outside the window seemed to have splashed with in as the winter night in Ding capital seemed to reveal a feeling of sorrow.

She thought for a while before turning back to the room and retrieved a dark red brocade cloak to drape around her body. The rope in front of the cloak was tightly knotted before she walked over to the window to call out softly, “Cong Yang.”

A black shadows fall from the tree and stood straight in front of Shen Miao before respectfully speaking, “What command does Young Madam have?”

Currently Shen Miao no longer hear the way Cong Yang call her. She hesitated before saying, “Bring me to Xie Jing Xing.”

Cong Yang jaw dropped and he suck in a mouthful of cold air. He was born with a serious look and normally had a principled expression on and currently looked somewhat comical.

Shen Miao’s gaze was somewhat ashamed into anger, “Do you have a way or not?”

“Young Madam.” Cong Yang recovered to his senses and looked like he was in great difficulty, “This subordinate do not know where Master is at the moment.”

Shen Miao frowned. Cong Yang monitored him all day in the Shen mansion and indeed was impossible for him to know about Xie Jing Xing’s whereabouts. Today when he came out of the Princess residence, Xie Jing Xin walked too quickly and before she could even ask, no one knew where Xie Jing Xing had gone.

However one did not know why but one felt that Xie Jing Xing would be at the residence of Prince Rui at the moment. One could not talk about his happiness or anger and he was used to bottle up his emotions under the mast thus Shen Miao felt that if Xie Jing Xing was frustrated, he should be alone.

She made a decisive decision and said to Cong Yang, “Bring me to the residence of Prince Rui.”

Cong Yang’s face turned to one of difficulty and Shen Miao frowned, “You cannot even do this?”

Cong Yang quickly explained, “This subordinate can naturally do it by oneself but it is not possible to bring Young Made along.”

Shen Miao asked him, “Do you know QingGong?”

Cong Yang nodded his head continuously.

“Then it is alright.” Shen Miao said, “You can grab me and bring me to the residence of Prince Rui.” She thought it very simply, just like what Xie Jing Xing did to her. Cong Yang was Xie Jing Xing’s people and in some degree even easier to move them than Mo Qing and the rest. The most important thing was she did not want more people to know about Xie Jing Xing’s identity as an additional person knowing would be an additional risk. Even if it was the people she trusted as one would not know if they would be made used by others.

When her words were out, Cong Yang repeatedly shook his head and there was some fear in his eyes as he said, “No can do.”

“Whatever is wrong?” Shen Miao’s patience was almost exhausted.

Cong Yang said, “It is improper for male and females to have physical contact.”

Shen Miao, “…”

She really did not know how Xie Jing Xing found these guards that were more disciplined than females. Afterwards no matter what Shen Miao said, Cong Yang was not willing to ‘bring’ her to the residence of Prince Rui.

Now Shen Miao was in a difficult position. Without letting Cong Yang use QingGong, she would need to walk out of the main doors of the Shen residence. The main doors of the Shen residence were guarded by Shen Xin’s army and cannot be alerted. To go out in the middle of the night like this, one feared that before even getting out of the main doors, most of the people in the family would be awaken and at that time she would not know how to explain.

Shen Miao’s head ached a lot.

She looked at the wall outside the courtyard and suddenly there was a flash of light in her mind. When Xie Jing Xing just moved over to Yan Qing Lane, as he did not lack of money to spend, he had bought all the houses between the residence of Prince Rui to the Shen mansion and even claimed to be neighbours. It can be said from this that the residence of Prince Rui was near to the Shen mansion. It was just that Xie jing Xing’s room was a bit far.

Even though it was the neighbouring courtyard, Shen Miao’s gaze landed on the tall wall of the courtyard. She said, “Climb over the wall then.”

Cong Yang looked at her blankly, seemingly not believing his ears. He was ordered to protect Shen Miao’s safety and had monitored every single movement of Shen Miao in the Shen mansion thus she knew what kind of person Shen Miao was. Shen Miao was calm and very disciplined. She was able to withstand quietness at such a young age and looked like one who was from the Palace. Her everyday actions reflected that she was brought up well. Cong Yand had often felt that this Young Madam was different from others and was extremely noble. However when one heard that this noble Young Madam wanted to climb over walls at this moment, Cong Yang thought that there was something wrong with his ears.

Shen Miao glared at him and said angrily, “Are you not listening to me?”

“Yes yes yes.” Cong Yang quickly stood up straight and dared not look that what expression Shen Miao had on.

Afterwards Cong Yang felt extreme suffering. Initially he thought that Shen Miao wanted to climb over the walls herself but the climbing over walls that Shen Miao had mentioned was referring to bring things for her to climb up like stairs and Shen Miao could walk over the walk to the other side.

Cong Yang spend most of the night stealing haystacks from the wealthy people as steps but the problem was that there was over tens of courtyards between Shen mansion to the residence of Prince Rui. Every courtyard had a wall in between and Cong Yang was so busy that he was perspiring in the middle of a cold day. Seeing that Shen Miao arrogantly walked over another wall, as if she was walking up stairs in the Palace, he could only lament and sign of his own destiny.

If one wasn’t afraid of tarnishing Young Madam’s body and provoke dissatisfaction from Master, Cong Yang would not spend that much effort. One had to know that his QingGong was good and it was more than enough for fly with an additional person so why was there the need to run around like this. Previously when Master transferred him out of Mo Yu Army, his colleagues were all envious of his good fortune but they did not know that this job was like being a labourer for others that was even worst off than servants. Cong Yang could only cry silently in his heart.

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