Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 173 (Part 2)

Chapter 173: Exposed (Part 2)

Princess Rong Xin picked up a small mirror on the shelf and said, “Actually not only does he not look like a Father and Son with the Marquis of Lin An, he does not resemble Yu Qing. The Marquis of Lin An was a military man but had some indecisiveness thus in some matters he would be muddled else he would not be schemed by a slut like Madam Fang. Yu Qing was a foolish one as her heart went out fully to that man but at the end she even lost her life and allowed her child to suffer. Xie Jing’s character was however different from the both of them.”

“Jing Xing had a very stubborn temperament but he was very decisive in his actions. Once he obtained a treasured sword and it was regarded highly by his good friend. The good friend did not say anything but he saw it. Afterwards he said that he took to fancy that friend’s mirror and used his treasured sword for an exchange.”

“BenGong asked him why did he lie when he obviously didn’t like the mirror and he replied BenGong that it was because he did not like that treasured sword.”

“He seemed to know clearly what he wanted or not when he was young. He would not take a glance more at the things he did not want and would grab on tightly on things he wanted from the very beginning in his hands. He would always smile and would be liked by females but had never expressed any special indication to any female. He is actually more indifferent than anyone else.”

Princess Rong Xin stared at Shen Miao and for a moment Shen Miao felt that Princess Rong Xin and Xie Jing Xing were similar in some aspects. It was especially so when they stare sharply at someone, they seemed to have the ability to see through one’s souls. This kind of compelling sense of oppression had re-emerged from this Imperial Princess once again.

She then opened her mouth to speak, “BenGong was thinking that perhaps in his eyes the Marquis of Lin An was a thing that he did not need so from the beginning he did not treat the Marquis of Lin An affectionately. BenGong had always thought that BenGong was the person that he would hang on tightly onto but from now it seemed that BenGong was wrong. BenGong was also a person he did not need, correct?”

This word ‘correct’ was directed to Shen Miao to answer.

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu had already been pulled out by Princess Rong Xin’s personal female official, Yang GuGu and there was currently no one in the room. Shen Miao listened quietly before speaking, “The Little Marquis places the Princess in his heart.”

“Shen Miao, BenGong knows that you are exceptionally intelligent and is good at appraising others’ mind, so there is no need to coax BenGong.” Princess Rong Xin coldly laughed, “If it was truly placing BenGong in the heart then why would one deceive with the news of the fake death? How would one just watch on as BenGong suffers in pain and sleepless night from the news of his death? It was obviously that everything was planned in the beginning but still had to deceive for BenGong’s trust and sincere heart. Obviously one is right in front but refuse to recognize and still use halfhearted excuses. Shen Miao, you tell BenGong if this is called placing BenGong in one’s heart?”

When the last sentence was spoken, the tone was very sharp as if there was anger in the questioning.

Shen Miao’s heart sank. At the end, she knew about it.

However she could not admit to it.

There were a lot of matters that even though one knew the ending, one could not speak about it. Even if evidence was conclusive, nothing could be said. Princess Rong Xin was Ming Qi’s Princess while Xie Jing Xing was Prince Rui of Great Liang. Once this information was confirmed and was said out by her, Shen Miao could not verify how much trouble it would bring to Xie Jing Xing. She could not just confess impetuously.

Even if Princess Rong Xin had affirmed it in her heart.

She said, “This official’s daughter do not understand what Princess is talking about.”

Princess Rong Xing looked at her contemptuously and the previous kindness and gentleness had disappeared and what replaced was the look of a superior looking at a lower rank with the arrogance that one could step an ant to death. This was the most common expression from the Fu family and once upon a time, Shen Miao would see it daily. Disgust started to suddenly appear in her heart. It was not hatred for Princess Rong Xin but most likely the hatred was the blood of the Fu family that was running through Princess Rong Xin’s veins that made them similar when they use different means to achieve the same end. Princess Rong Xin said, “Do you know about the crime of lying the Imperial family?”

“Offense of deceiving the Monarch.” Shen Miao answered.

“Collaborating with the enemy to betray the country and deceiving the Monarch. These words are enough to make your entire household be executed and implicate nine branches of a family. You can already see it in the case of Shen Wan. Do you know that you are saying to BenGong? What kind of lies are you saying to BenGong?”

“Not shedding a tear until one sees the coffin?” Princess Rong Xin’s voice had a bone chilling effect, “If BenGong wants you dead, it is an easy matter. If you are not able to answer to BenGong’s satisfaction, BenGong only need to mention it to Imperial Older Brother and it would be a calamity for your Shen family. Because of your stubbornness, you want to let your parents and older brother pay with their lives?”
Shen Miao said, “This official’s daughter did not say anything.”

Shen Miao was silent.

Princess Rong Xin slowly spoke,, “Now tell BenGong, is Prince Rui the Xie Jing Xing that died in the battlefield?”

“It isn’t.” The firm two words came out of Shen Miao without a single waver. It was as if all the scary threats previously were all smoke clouds and had not leave any trace in her heart.

“Shen Miao.” Princess Rong Xin got angry, “BenGong will punish the Shen family.”

“Everything requires evidences.”

“As long as BenGong is willing, without evidences, one can also punish you.”

Shen Miao’s heart almost laughed out grimly. The Fu family people were always like this, so overbearing. Be it with the seemingly fair Princess Rong Xin, as long as one was facing a matter that one wanted to know, there would not be any hesitation to use one’s Imperial power to bully.

Humans were complex. Human nature was selfish.

“BenGong asked you one more time. Is Prince Rui, Xie Jing Xing?”

“It is not.”

Princess Rong Xin almost wanted to burst out in anger. On normal days she appreciated Shen Miao’s presence of mind in the face of disasters but when this was directed to her, Princess Rong Xin felt that she was facing a bronze pea where she was unable to find a single flaw. Normal female would have be scared but Shen Miao was not afraid at all.

“Someone come.” Princess Rong Xin face became solemn, “Go and take Shen Miao…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the rest of the words were swallowed down into her throat.

A purple clad figure leaped into the window outside. The figure came in from the back window and there was no one guarding the backyard thus no one saw him. That person was clad in a dark purple brocade robes and at the corners of the robes there were golden thread embroideries which Princess Rong Xing was all too familiar with.

After he entered the room, he took his time to glance around before leisurely strolling over to Shen Miao. It was as if it was as natural as one’s home and stopped in front of Princess Rong Xin. He then lazily spoke slowly, “She is timid. Rong Yi, don’t scare her.”

Princess Rong Xin remained silent after seeing this person and stood there blankly. Upon hearing ‘Rong Yi’, she pointed her finger at the other part but could to speak anything.

In the not very spacious room, the light from the lamp was swaying slightly while that person played with the rung on the thumb and wearing half a sliver mask. In the cold light of the mask, a slightly smiling red lips was revealed, but one did not feel warm at all.

Shen Miao stared at Xie Jing Xin unbelievably. She had never thought that Xie Jing Xing would dare to appear at this moment. How could he appear in the Princess residence without making any secret of it? To Princess Rong Xin, Xie Jing Xing had died in the battlefield in Northern Jiang two years ago and if Xie Jing Xing appeared again, not to mention the waves that would be created in Ming Qi, but in addition to the identity of Prince Rui, there would be all kinds of names of being a scout, spy or traitor that would be used.

How could he dared?

Princess Rong Xin pointed at him and trembled before asking, “What did you call BenGong?”

The purple clad youth in the room had a tall stature as he slowly reached out to remove his mask.

When the mask was removed, one could see clearly his outstanding facial features.

Unparalleled beauty. (Translator dare the author to find a guy that can be describe as that and also fight in wars)

That pair of eyes that was always filled with a little radiance and frivolous smiles was now offset but his lips that had a slight ridicule. The frivolous look was covered and there were indifference and pride showing.

An unfamiliar Xie Jing Xing. A young man that was completely different from the dazzling handsome youth but on his body, one could vaguely see a shadow of the youth. It was just that arrogance was suppressed down and what replaced was a type of danger that was terrifying.

He then put the mask back on but It was done heedlessly as he spoke somewhat lazily, “Trust Rong Yi has been well.”

Princess Rong Xin was stunned for a long time and it seemed that she recovered to her senses just then.

She looked at Xie Jing Xing and sized him up with an unfamiliar gaze before speaking in an unclear tone, “BenGong should call you Prince Rui or Xie Jing Xing?”

The alienation and defensive in those words gave Shen Miao a shock.

She had previously thought about what kind of scene it would be like when Xie Jing Xing bumped with Princess Rong Xin but she had not thought that it would be like how it was currently. Previously the family affection had become a scam and joke and the short-lived family with Princess Rong Xin had became so hostile that it made one astonished.

Xie Jing Xing said, “As the Princess wishes.”

“Is the medicine herbs sent by you?” Princess Rong Xin asked.

Xie Jing Xing only smiled and not answered.

Princess Rong Xin also smiled, “BenGong dare not accept Prince Rui’s things for nothing. One thinks that the prices for these medicinal herbs are not low. BenGong will instruct people to send the money over to the residence of Prince Rui. Many thanks to Prince Rui”

“No need.” Xie Jing Xing said.

“What is Prince Rui here for?” Princess Rong Xin’s voice was polite but vigilant, unlike how would be facing one resurrected ‘son’. It was completely a confrontation with stranger and one could say that the tone used was when ne faces an enemy.”

“She don’t know anything.” Xie Jing Xing pointed to Shen Miao with his chin, “Just ask me directly on any doubts that the Princess has. There is no need to make things difficult for her.”

“How would I dare to make things difficult for her?” Princess Rong Xin laughed coldly but her tone was somewhat complicated.

“It is good that things are not difficult.” Xie Jing Xing walked over and held Shen Miao’s shoulders, uncaring what expression Shen Miao had, “Regarding about today’s matter, this Prince would come personally another day to explain. There is no need to implicate others on any misunderstanding that the Princess have with this Prince.” He lips raised, “The residence of Prince Rui is always waiting at any time.”

After finishing, he did not care what Princess Rong Xin’s expression was and took a few steps and went out from the window.

Shen Miao was shocked by Xie Jing Xing’s actions today and did not have any reaction when she was brought out of the Princess residence. She had never thought that Xie Jing Xing would dare to appear pompously in the Princess residence and revealed his identity to Princess Rong Xin. Even though Xie Jing Xing and Princess Rong Xin had relations of a mother and child, that was in the past. Xie Jing Xing was currently from Great Liang and with a different nationality it would cause changes in many matters. This was especially so in the position they were in.

For example when Princess Rong Xin saw Xie Jing Xing today, Shen Miao had thought Princess Rong Xin would be hysterical, question angrily or would weep in pain. However the first expression that Princess Rong Xin showed was bringing her guard up.

Her frigid irony and scorching satire but silent probing was done in a polite matter without making one difficult. This kind of restrained emotions only represented one fact, which was that Princess Rong Xin was more suspicious than happy to the resurrected Xie Jing Xing.

The words that Princess Rong Xin had floated to her ears.

“He seemed to know clearly what he wanted or not when he was young. He would not take a glance more at the things he did not want and would grab on tightly on things he wanted from the very beginning in his hands. He would always smile and would be liked by females but had never expressed any special indication to any female. He is actually more indifferent than anyone else.”

Was it because Xie Jing Xing knew that such a day would happen thus the family relations that he ‘did not want’ was not because he really did not want but because he could not afford to have? Because once he had it, there would be a day where he would lose it. Loved ones would become hostile enemies and the once compassionate and caring eyes would become defensive. Since it was so, it would be better to be strangers from the start. Without any closeness, there would not be any moment of drawback to look forward to.

Shen Miao’s heart suddenly felt upset.

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