Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 172 (Part 2)

Chapter 172: Trouble (Part 1)

Yang GuGu was startled. Xing Zhen Yuan was a courtyard in the Princess residence. When Princess Yu Qing passed on, Princess Rong Xin was angry with Xie Ding’s actions and rough Xie Jing Xing to the Princess residence for a period of time. Xie Jing Xing was fair and adorable and Princess Rong Xin especially instructed people to build a courtyard for him, which was the current Xing Zhen Yuan. Afterwards Xie Ding took Xie Jing Xing back but Princess Rong Xin did not tear down Xing Zhen Yuan. When Xie Jing Xing grew up, he would occasionally come over to the Princess residence to stay for a few days and would rest in Xing Zhen Yuan.

It was only after Xie Jing Xing died in the battlefield two years ago, Princess Rong Xin then sealed Xing Zhen Yuan and other than the servants who enter to clean, no one else was allowed to enter. She herself was afraid that seeing the objects would make one miss its owner, thus she never stepped into the courtyard a single step. However today for the first time ever in two years, she wanted to take a look at Xing Zhen Yuan.

Yang GuGu did not dare to disobey Princess Rong Xin’s command and was somewhat worried as she supported Princess Rong Xing to the Xing Zhen Yuan. Princess Rong Xin said, “One did not know why in these few days, one keep dreaming of Jing Xing…” As she spoke, her expression became strange. Yang GuGu was somewhat puzzled with it.

Princess Rong Xin was feeling somewhat uneasy.

These few days she had been dreaming every night. There would be a purple clad youth in her dreams, wearing half a sliver mask. She did not know who it was and reached out to take the mask off the other party and that person had a face that was identical to Xie Jing Xing but called her ‘Princess Rong Xin’.

It was Prince Rui’s of Great Liang voice.

Princess Rong Xin would always wake up in shock from her dream and her back would be drenched with sweat. She was thinking if it was due to that day she saw Shen Miao with Prince Rui being entangled and the other party’s little name that she had mixed Xie Jing Xing and Prince Rui together that she became possessed at night.

The more she thought, the more she missed Xie Jing Xing, thus she wanted to go to the Xing Zhen Yuan to take a look.

As she was thinking about it, she had reached Xing Zhen Yuan. The guards that were outside Xing Zhen Yuan was somewhat surprise when they saw her as Princess Rong Xin had not step in here for two years and did not allow others to enter too. The guards parted the way and Princess Rong Xin entered with Yang GuGu.

The room was exactly the same as it was two years ago. Because there were people cleaning up everyday, there was no dust at all and looked neat and tidy just like the past. It made Princess Rong Xin felt that when she turn around, she would be able to see that handsome youth laying on the bed with his legs cross and casually eating an apple.

On the shelf were the little toys that Xie Jing Xing had liked to play since young and there were Xie Jing Xing’s old clothes on the chair.

Princess Rong Xin walked to that char board and picked up the clothes as stroke the lines on it, remembering, “It is exactly the same as before.”

Yang GuGu did not know what to say and if she said nothing, she feared that Princess Rong Xin would be saddened by past memories, “The golden threads on it is still new.”

Princess Rong Xin laughed, “Jing Xing, this child, has so many rules. When he was young, he was not willing to wear the colourful clothes that one had made for him and only like purple. BenGong find that purple is too mature and not suitable for children to wear and wanted to embroider some flowers but he dislike it a lot. Afterwards it was the seamstress in the Palace that used golden threads to embroidery in the dark lines on the robes then he was willing to wear. He wanted it to be gorgeous but was not willing for it to be shining. Really have such mischievous thoughts.”

Yang GuGu also laughed, “Little Marquis is respectable like gold and precious like jade that even though purple is matured, only Little Marquis can wear it that good. At the beginning when Your Highness brought Little Marquis into the Palace, others thought that he was a Prince.”

“That appearance was just like one from the Imperial family. Even Yu Qing did not have such a bearing.” Princess Rong Xin laughed as she touched the corner of the robes that had dark lines embroidered with gold threads but as she continued smiling, she slowly could not smile anymore.

Her expression became solemn.

Just like what she and Yang GuGu said just now, Xie Jing Xing was very particular of the clothes he wore and loved to wear purple clothes as it was gorgeous but was not overly showy and must use gold threads to be embroidered on the corder of the robes. Because his expectations were high and the thread was very thin and the patterns were very unique.

But on that day in the Palace, Prince Rui who was tugging with Shen Miao was wearing a purple gold robe and in Shen Miao’s hands, the corder of the clothes were golden thread that had the same patterns as what Xie Jing Xing usually wore.

Princess Rong Xin’s health was not good but she was not blind. That day she saw Prince Rui and heard Shen Miao calling Prince Rui as Xie Jing Xing, and for a short moment, she treated Prince Rui as Xie Jing Xing. But afterwards she saw Prince Rui’s expression and bearing, she felt it was unfamiliar and after hearing Prince Rui’s explanation, she dispelled this thoughts. However she had felt that there was something wrong and after returning to the Princess residence, she keep on thinking of Xie Jing Xing and Prince Rui.

She had always thought that the reason why she was brooding about it was because Prince Rui’s little name was the same as Xie Jing Xing but now she understood in a lightning bolt that the name did not matter as it was due to the corner of the other party’s sleeve that she saw.

After spending more than a decade with Xie Jing Xing, Princess Rong Xin regards Xie Jing Xing like her biological child and a mother would be exceptionally attentive to one’s child’s matter even if it was a small little matter. She remembered the patterns on the clothes clearly and ever since Xie Jing Xing died, she had not seen this pattern for two years and had not thought about it momentarily. Today she remembered it here that it was exactly the same pattern like Prince Rui wore.

Some things were destined and sometimes would only need a nudge before all the scattered pearls were stringed together and everything has an answer.

Both liked to wear purple clothes, the same pattern on the corner of the robes, both were called ‘Jing Xing’ and both had a special relationship with Shen Miao.

Princess Rong Xin suddenly remember about the basket of herbs.

Why was it previously there was none and today it was available? It was because just a few days back, her heart illness erupted in front of Prince Rui and after a few days there was a travelling merchant that came by to sell the herbs?

When there were too many coincidences, then it was no longer a coincidence.

Once the seed of doubt sprouted, there was no reason for it to grow back. It would quickly spread out its branches and grew into a towering tree that became unshakable and deeply rooted in the soil that it was standing indestructible.

Now thinking about it, when Xie Jing Xing was young, there was an unclear nobility in it that one thought it was naturally and thought it was because one’s blood was different. However this air had changed but there were things that were unchangeable, like some small habits, such as… Feelings between loved ones.

Princess Rong Xin suddenly knelt down and pressed her heart. Yang GuGu jumped in shock and saw that Princess Rong Xin’s face was pale and large beads of sweat were forming on her forehead. She quickly called out, “Someone come quick! Quickly call the doctor! The Princess’s illness has erupted!”

A hand ferociously grabbed onto Yang GuGu’s hands. Princess Rong Xin’s face looked in pain but her voice was very firm, “Help me back to the study and bring an invitation over.”

She must personally verify one thing.


When Shen Miao woke up, Luo Xue Yan told her happily that the marriage between her and the Crown Prince was temporarily suppressed. Shen Xin established some access in the Palace and found that it was related to Prince Rui.

One heard that during the casual chat between Prince Rui and Emperor Wen Hui, several cities around the border were inadvertently mentioned. Emperor Wen Hui was worried that Great Liang had ill-intentions and at such a critical juncture, it was necessary to draw Shen Xin, a strong General, to his side. Thus for the time being, he would not be mentioning Shen Miao’s marriage.

Luo Xue Yan said, “Prince Rui matter came rather coincidently but it resolved Jiao Jiao’s desperate situation. With much more time, we can slowly choose a suitable talent for Jiao Jiao.”

Luo Xue Yan, the person who spoke had no intention, but Shen Miao who listened had taken it to heart. Naturally she knew that Prince Rui did not ‘inadvertently’ mention about those cities and cause Emperor Wen Hui to change his mind. At the same time as sighing in relief, Shen Miao could not help but be secretly shocked at Xie Jing Xing’s means.

Xie Jing Xing’s method was not considered very brilliant but it was very effective. Just with a few words, he was able to trigger the worries of a Monarch’s heart and cause one to be hesitant. The Crown Prince’s marriage fizzled out, Prince Ding’s schemes came to nothing. It was one arrow that hit a number of eagles, making one truly happy. No wonder Xie Jing Xing had an uncaring appearance when he spoke about the matter. So he already had this ability.

As she thought, Shen Miao had some anger in her heart. She felt that she was in some difficult crisis but when it land on Xie Jing Xing’s hands, it was resolved so easily and this made her felt very incompetent. She could not help but recalled Xie Jing Xing’s frivolous behavior last night and would love to beat Xie Jing Xing up.

Luo Tan said, “Youngest Biao Sister, why are you holding this book so tightly that the pages are almost torned?”

It was only then Shen Miao recovered to her senses and let go of her hands before looking embarrassed. Recently when she thought about Xie Jing Xing, she would feel somewhat uncontrollable. It was all the other party’s brazen actions to blame but it was only her that took troubles to heart.

Luo Tan held her chin and looked at her with mischievously, “Are you thinking that all three, Older Brother Ling, Gentleman Su and Eldest Brother Feng are all good and do not know who to choose?”

Shen Miao said, “You think too much.”

Luo Tan still wanted to speak more but seeing Luo Ling walking over from outside, Luo Tan stuck her tongue out before calling out, “Older Brother Ling.”

Luo Ling smiled, “What are you all talking about?”

“Talking about Youngest Biao Sister’s marriage.” Luo Tan said loudly, “Youngest Biao Sister still have not decided who to marry so I came over to inquire some information.”

Shen Miao felt helpless in her heart. Couldn’t Luo Tan have a little tactfulness of a female? She just said it out like this and fortunately Shen Miao was one who had seen the world else if it was a normal female, they would be embaressed to death.

Shen Miao did not react to it but Luo Ling was somewhat awkward. He covered his mouth to cough before looking around, “Younger Biao Sister, did you like the Safety Pendant?”

“Safety Pendant?” Shen Miao’s brow wrinkled as she asked, “What Safety Pendant?”

Luo Ling was startled, “It is the one yesterday I…”

Before he finish speaking, the servant from outside interrupted, saying that Luo Xue Yan request Shen Miao to make a trip to the front hall.

Luo Ling swallowed the words that had reached his mouth and smiled as he let Shen Miao leave first. Shen Miao smiled apologetically to help, “Later one will chat with Older Biao Brother again.”

When she arrived at the front hall, she then know that someone from the Princess residence had come to the Shen mansion. Princess Rong Xin had sent an invitation to Shen Miao to make a trip to the Princess residence.

Princess Rong Xin had saved Shen Miao several times and Shen Xin and wife were very grateful to her, thus there was no reason to refuse. It was even more impossible for Shen Miao to say anything more. She smiled as she accepted the invitation but her heart was extremely heavy.

If it was the past that Princess Rong Xin send her an invitation, Shen Miao would not hesitate to accept it. Honestly speaking, Princess Rong Xin treated her well and because of the relation with Xie Jing Xing, she took care of her in all aspects. When she knew that Emperor Wen Hui had intention to bestow Shen Miao to the Crown Prince, she even spoken out for Shen Miao and Shen Miao was grateful about it in her heart.

However Princess Rong Xin chose this time to send her an invitation. If it was to talk about the Crown Prince’s matter, she could just send someone to speak about it. By sending an invitation for her to go to the Princess residence was indicating that some matters required face to face discussion.

But what matter could be this important? So important that Princess Rong Xin, who don’t see other, would take the initiative to invite Shen Miao over to the Princess residence for a visit?

Shen Miao could not help but think about that day in the Palace when Princess Rong Xin caught her and Xie Jing Xing. At that time she called Xie Jing Xing’s name and afterwards Xie Jing Xing managed to bluff his way out but her heart felt restless. If one truly understood one’s loved ones, no matter how the other party became, there would be some little habits that one adhere to.

Shen Miao’s intuition had always been accurate. She did not think that once Xie Jing Xing and Princess Rong Xin had seen each other, this matter could still be hidden. This conjecture was too scary that she dared not think too deeply since the consequences were too unpredictable.

But avoiding was not a way out as trouble had found its way to the door.

Shen Miao felt that Princess Rong Xin had discovered some suspicious areas but she was unable to refuse this invitation as by refusing it, it would be admitting to it.

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  1. Even if she knew..before shock for a while, I think she won’t change her attitude, because from what I see she really love XJX like her own son even though XJX actual identity is someone from other countries, but maybe she just chooses not to do anything and feel relieved when he just lived and well but wouldn’t intrude in XJX life so that not complicated things

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