Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 153 (Part 1)

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Chapter 153: Pushing the Waves (Part 1)

The matter of Shen Yue and Shen Dong Ling exchanging marriage eventually had an unimaginable result. The latest update was that under the request of the Wang family, Shen Wan could only agree to let Shen Yue marry in with the status of a PinQi (aka equal wife). One did not know what Shen Dong Ling said to the Wang family this time, so that the Wang family was not willing to listen to Shen Wan’s explanation at all. A fine marriage could become an animosity at the end, thus Shen Wan had no way out.

But this was not the result that Shen Yue hoped for. This time there was no one else for Shen Yue to exchange the marriage with, and Shen Yue had dropped all pretenses, and made a fuss all day indicating that she was not willing to marry to the Wang family, and could not tolerate Shen Dong Ling being on equal status as her.

Not only was Shen Yue unwilling, Chen Rou Qiu was also very angry. Chen Rou Qiu was considered to be a person who knew about the bigger picture, but the matter of Shen Yue’s marriage was a huge matter, thus she could not swallow this down and insisted to Shen Wan to go to the Wang family to talk to them. The previously loving couple of the Third household had been in conflict these days, making all the servants in Qiu Shui Yuan to dare not breath a little louder.

Today it was the same.

Chen Rou Qiu paced back and fro in the room, and suddenly turned before walking over to Shen Wan and said worriedly, “What is the Wang family thinking now? One cannot let it drag on with Yue-er. Shen Dong Ling, that little slut has occupied our Yue-er’s reputation, and can it be that she also want to be an official Young Mistress? Master, you must go to the Wang family to talk sense!”

Her every uttering of ‘little slut’ was like a different person from her usual good cultured and mannered self, making Shen Wan frown without helping. He resisted his temper, “Now with the current situation, the only way is to let Yue-er marry in as a PinQi (aka equal wife) first then plan later. With you being so noisy all day, Yue-er will also be restless. There are just no other ways!”

“Master!” Chen Rou Qiu shrieked, “Yue-er is your daughter and the real Di daughter of our Third household, and has been treated like pearl and jade while raising her up. How could you say to let her be a PinQi (aka equal wife), moreover it is to be of equal status with that little slut! Even if this matter was Yue-er’s fault, there is also Shen Dong Ling’s temptation. How could you be so emotionless!”

Seemingly being pierced by Chen Rou Qiu’s voice, Shen Wan was somewhat angered, “Then what do you say to do? The longer the matter is delayed, the only one at the disadvantage is Yue-er. If it is exposed just like you say, Shen Dong Ling as a Shu daughter would not be affected much, but Yue-er would be critiqued and joked by others, and the Shen residence would become a joke. What would you do?”

Chen Rou Qiu jumped in shock by Shen Wan’s furious voice and somewhat trembled but upon thinkin of Shen Yue, she then said, “But one cannot let Yue-er suffer like that right? No. I am going to the Wang residence to talk sense!”

“Enough!” Shen Wan said in a fury, “You stay in the residence, watch Shen Yue carefully and not give me any more trouble is the correct path!”

Chen Rou Qiu was stunned. After living for so many years with Shen Wan, even when he was extremely angry, Shen Wan would not say such things to her. It was as if he despised and was impatient, and her heart tightened and actually unconsciously said, “You and me have been husband and wife for so many years. At the beginning we were so harmonious and loving that we agreed not to bring in concubine. Currently you despise that my appearance has withered, and Mother kept saying all day to bring in an Gui Concubine (higher status concubine). Your heart was moved has it? You despise me.”

Chen Rou Qiu had always been somewhat small minded. Although she was born in a scholarly family, but she like to throw a little temper which Shen Wan would fall for it. After soaking in the honey days for far too long, it would be difficult to avoid being boring. When one did it correctly it would make men’s heart weak. But unfortunately when it is done when one was young it would be interesting, but when done when one was older it would be rather irritating.

Especially during the past few days, Chen Rou Qiu had been running around due to Shen Yue’s matter, and she had become haggard and did not take care of herself. In addition the sloopy and unassuming way of kicking up a fuss looked somewhat ridiculous in Shen Wan’s eyes. He looked at Chen Ruo Qiu faintly, “If you think like this, then just think like this.” He then turned around and left with a shake of his sleeves.

Chen Rou Qiu was stunned and stood shakily rooted on the spot as the maids by her side, Shi Qing and Hua Yi, quickly supported her. A fear gradually emerged in Chen Rou Qiu’s heart. She suddenly felt that some things had slowly changed, and the most scariest thing was that she did not know when did they started to change.

The din in Qiu Shui Yuan quickly spread to other courtyards, like the long shelved Western courtyard.

The Western courtyard was very spacious and neat and after Chang Zai Qing stayed there, she would often move some plants, making the Western courtyard have a unique and elegant air. At this moment Chang Zai Qing was sitting in the room and kept a letter on the table, and place it casually on a the desk.

As Zhao Mama opened the windows so that the room would not be stuffy, she spoke to Chang Zai Qing, “Is it a letter from Eldest Shen Furen?”

Chang Zai Qing nodded her head.

Actually Chang Zai Qing was unable to tell if the letter was actually from Luo Xue Yan or Shen Miao. When she thought about Shen Miao, a young female with a pair of clear eyes that seemed to see through everything came to her mind and made her unknowingly tremble. Luo Xue Yan indicated in the letter that Chang Zai Qing had not gone to the Shen mansion for a long time and if she was free, she could come over to the Shen mansion for a chat, and that Luo Xue Yan still had the heart to find a good family for Chang Zai Qing.

It said to find a good family, but Chang Zai Qing thought about something else from this letter.

Some time back she had changed targets from Shen Xin to Shen Wan, and it was much more relaxing for Chang Zai Qing to deal with Shen Wan than she expected. There was no other reason other than Shen Wan was one who liked elegance, and Chang Zai Qing was just his appetite. After the matter with Shen Yue and Shen Dong Ling, the contradiction between Shen Wan and Chen Rou Qiu got bigger and bigger, and he quite liked coming to the Western courtyard. Chang Zai Qing had became the beauty to speak comforting words, and in the course of time Shen Wan was used to coming here, and Chang Zai Qing did not neglect that Shen Wan’s eyes had more and more appreciation.

The iron had to be strike when it was hot. Was not now that ‘hot’ time?

Just as she was thinking, the servant outside came in to report that Shen Wan had arrived.

Zhao Mama quickly retreated and when Shen Wan entered the room, he saw Chang Zai Qing holding a letter in her hands, reading with relish. He then curiously asked, “Whose letter is it that made you read so intently?”

Chang Zai Qing then put down the letter in her hand with a smile like she had just saw Shen Wan coming in, “It is sent from Eldest Shen Furen.”

The smile on Shen Wan’s face lingered and he pretending to ask without thoughts, “Why did Eldest Sao send a letter?”

Chang Zai Qing smiled, “Shen family’s Eldest Furen is a good person and wants to match make for me. Most probably she sees that I do not have any support at such an age. It is of good intentions.” She said candidly and looking at Shen Wan, she continued, “If Third Master is free on some day, do help me to take a look. Perhaps one would know the ‘good family’ that Eldest Furen mention.”

She smiled happily and her features became more graceful and moving, but Shen Wan gradually could not smile.

Things were not usually alone but found in pairs, this little matter in the Shen residence was also talked about in Rong Jing Tang.

Old Shen Furen sat on the couch and the maid behind her was gently massaging her shoulders as Wang Mama softly said, “Old Furen, Third Master had gone to the Western courtyard again.”

Old Shen Furen’s eyes that were closed, opened slightly as if one was pondering over something and after a moment they then slowly closed, “Go then go. Even though the identity is a little low, one will be a concubine, thus the identity is not a concern.”

Wang Mama also smiled, “Now Old Furen can rest assured. Previously one had let Third Master bring in concubines but Third Master was not willing. Now with Young Lady Qing as the first one, in the future Third Master would accept others and spread out the branches. There will always be a son or daughter.”

Old Shen Furen sighed, “If it was not that there is no grandson in the Shen residence, I would not have intervened in his courtyard. Originally he protected Chen Rou Qiu so tightly that he did not listen to me, his own mother. Thus Chen Rou QIu could be so arrogant in front of me. At that time I had said that one fear that even if Chen Rou Qiu is favoured, she cannot give birth to a son. Men are all greedy for fresh things and one day she would be thrown away. Now, was I not on target?”

Wang Mama quickly agreed with Old Shen Furen’s words and said, “Of course. Old Furen has eaten more salt than they had eaten rice, and can see things much further ahead.”

Old Shen Furen seemed to be enjoying Wang Mama’s flattering and a trace of pride appeared on her face, “If one knew earlier that Number Three likes this kind of females, I would have found more Shu daughters of scholarly families. Chen Rou Qiu had always seen herself as unrivaled under the Heavens. She did not take a good look at herself and thought that one can be so arrogant just because she read some books in her maiden family, and cannot even manage a household well.” Finishing, she continued, “I see that Chang Zai Qing is not bad, obedient, well-mannered and is not pretentious. It is understandable that Number Three would like her.”

“But currently this should not be disclosed at all.” Wang Mama said, “If this continue on, when Third Furen finds out, one fear that there will be disputes.”

“Dispute? She dare!” Old Shen Furen said furiously but afterwards she thought carefully and waved her hand tiredly, “However, things would be troublesome if there is a fuss. Since both of them are interested, you should go and help in a few days’ time. When the wood has become a boat, let us see if Madam Chen dares to block it? If she dares, then the Shen family cannot afford to protect a matriarch with no son. Then just send her a divorce letter.”

Wang Mama could only agree cautiously.

The chaos in the Shen residence because of the Third household’s matter finally spread to another master’s, Shen Dong Ling’s, ears.

Xing Hua was carefully brewing tea, high graded Jun Mountain Tie Zhen tea for Shen Dong ling at the moment. Even though the Wang family did not have the wealth to rival a country, but it was particular with clothes and food. Compared to the treatment of Shu daughters, this was incomparable. Thus Shen Dong Ling was living very well. If the Shen family was present, they would be flabbergasted that this leisurely and joyeus beauty was actually that weak Shu daughter of the Second household?

Shen Dong Ling picked up the teacup to take a sip and Xing Hua said worriedly, “This servant heard that someone came from the Shen residence again, saying that Second Young Lady will be marrying over as a PinQi (aka equal wife). If Second Young Lady really comes in, what will Young Lady be? One fear that Third Furen and Third Master would trip Young Lady up.”

“Rest assured, she will not marry over.” Shen Dong Ling smiled, “It is not possible for the Wang family to let Shen Yue come in. Even if Shen Yue come, it is not possible for her to live well and will be destined to be watched out by others. It is better to pick a few good blots of good fabric to send to YiNiang for her to make some new clothes.”

The Shen Dong Ling at this moment had the air of a matriarch just from lifting a hand. Xing Hua thought for a while and smiled, “Young Lady has always been smart. It is this servant that does not understand. One do not know what did Young Lady said to Young Master Wang, that now one did not even want to see the people from the Third household. But the people of the Third household really self-inflicted their wounds. It was clearly Second Young Lady that brought up the exchanging of marriage, but they still wanted to pour all the dirty water onto Young Lady. This is really too malicious.”

Shen Yue said that everything about the matter of exchanging the bride, was all Shen Dong Ling’s scheme and when it spread to the Wang family, Xing Hua was so angry. At the beginning when Shen Yue begged Shen Dong Ling to marry on her behalf, she clearly said that she would not implicate Shen Dong Ling, but at the turn of a head she took herself out of it. This changing of face was just too fast that Xing Hua scorned upon it.

Not to say why Shen Wan who was usually so clever would be muddled this time. The reason why the Shen family did not treat Third household well was because Shen Dong Ling told Wang Bi one sentence, that Shen Yue adored Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi, and the Third household had the intention to stand on the side of him.

Shen Wan wholeheartedly wanted to dispel Shen Yue’s thoughts of marrying to Fu Xiu Yi, thus he picked the Wang family because in the fight for the heir apparent, the Wang family was not standing on Fu Xiu Yi’s side. At the end Shen Yue still adored Prince Ding and the Shen family Third household supported Prince Ding. If Wang Bi married Shen Yu, in the future it inevitably be troublesome. If the Wang family and Shen family’s Third household married, then there would be disagreement. Thus as long as the Wang family was not silly, they would not let Shen Yue come in. As for the change of marriage to Shen Dong Ling, it was fortunate for the Wang family. Was not it good to draw the line clearly with Prince Ding?

The destiny between Shen Yue and the Wang family was doomed to be broken. However Shen Dong Ling would not find it pitiful or be sympathetic to it. Whatever cause was planted would result in whatever fruits. Everything was Shen Yue deeds, naturally she had to swallow the bitter fruits.

It was the Wang family’s intention to make things difficult by letting Shen Yue marry in as a PinQi (aka equal wife) and even though Shen Wan agreed to it, would Shen Yue obediently follow? Shen Dong Lind did not think so.

Not only did Shen Dong Ling not think so, even Shen Miao also did not think so

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