Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 152 (Part 1)

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Chapter 152: Farce (Part 1)

Once Wan YiNiang heard that someone from the family of the Minister of Land came, she trembled as she looked outside. Even though she knew that this matter was not of Shen Dong Ling’s doing, but now all the dirty water was poured onto her. If the Wang family want to pursue the matter, they would definitely start from Shen Dong Ling. Wan YiNiang had only Shen Dong Ling as daughter so how could her heart not ache, but her words were lowly and carried little weight. Even though she wanted to save Shen Dong Ling from the fire and water, she could not do anything.

Everyone looked at one another before Old Shen Furen said, “Invite the people from the Wang family in.”

The Wang family’s people who came were a dark strong woman and a few maids that were of rather high status. That dark strong woman’s face was originally dark and when she entered through the door, her face was solemn, she had a wide and round waist and made others tremble in fear. It seemed that she was here to attack with condemnations.

Upon seeing Wan YiNiang crying on the floor in the Shen residence, she was not even moved by it and everyone had been made aware of that. Old Shen Furen frowned and just as she wanted to speak, one heard that dark strong woman saying, “One dare to ask where is Wan YiNiang of the Second household?”

Wan YiNiang’s heart jumped in shock and the more despair she felt, the more Chen Rou Qiu on the other hand was relieved. If the other party took it out on Wan YiNiang then the Shen family would definitely not protect her. Chen Rou Qiu’s heart kept thinking to torture this pair of mother and daughter to death, as they dared to set their crooked minds on Shen Yue. This was simply intolerable.

Thinking about this, Chen Rou Qiu went forward with a smile, “Not hiding from Mama, when one heard about the yesterday’s residence matter, we were extremely terrified. It is just that our family’s Yue-er was wronged for nothing, and your residence’s Eldest Young Master must be extremely shocked and angry. With regards to this matter, it is our Shen residence that did not properly discipline and caused such a big scandal. One wished that after the Master and Furen of the in-laws got angry, they would calmly think about it. I have already scolded Yue-er for being too trusting. This matter is truly very…”

That dark strong woman did not cared for Chen Rou Qiu’s words and asked again with a dark expression, “One dare to ask where is Wan YiNiang of the Second household?”

Everyone was startled. Chen Rou Qiu did not expect that this woman would actually give her such a face. But upon seeing everyone’s expression, she still had to maintain the gentle and demurred everyday look. Moreover, the Wang family were the victims, so it was hard for one to say anything. Old Shen Furen said, “The one kneeling on the floor is Madam Wan.”

Wan YiNiang’s face was filled with grief and tears, but that dark strong woman surprised everyone by reaching out her hand to help Wan YiNiang up. Not only was she not impertinent or blaming, she was instead rather respectful, “Eldest Young Mistress misses her Mother so Eldest Master let this servant fetch Wan YiNiang to the residence of the Minister of Land to stay. This servant especially made this trip, hoping that Old Furen would allow it.”

When the words were said, everyone in Rong Jing Tang was stunned.

What ‘Eldest Young Mistress misses her Mother so Eldest Master let this servant fetch Wan YiNiang to the residence of the Minister of Land to stay’?

Who was Eldest Young Mistress? Who is the mother of Eldest Young Mistress? Shen Dong Ling? Madam Wan?

Chen Rou Qiu already felt something was not encouraging when the dark strong woman held Wan YiNiang up and when she heard those words, she almost lost consciousness. Shen Wan’s face sank, “What is the meaning of the In-laws actions?”

That dark strong woman was smart to get what she desired and looked at Shen Wan’s face before saying puzzled, “This servant do not understand Third Shen Master’s words. Could one speak more clearly?”

Shen Wan and Chen Rou Qiu were somewhat irritated at the same time. This woman clearly understood but feigned ignorance, she clearly was aware of everything but acted confused. Could it be that she wanted them to speak about the exchanging of marriage?

Shen Wan and Chen Rou Qiu could not say it out loud, but Old Shen Furen did not have such a concern. She was not originally from a big and noble family, thus she did not know how to be embarrassed. Thus she stuck out her neck and said, “The In-laws are not correct with the words. Regarding yesterday’s marriage, the Third Young Lady and Second Young Lady of our residence were exchanged and since the bride was exchanged, this is the time to discuss how to resolve the matter. How dare a servant like you pretend to be confused?”

When Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Wan wanted to stop Old Shen Furen, it had been too late. Old Shen Furen always had this ability to always think that she is superior than others, and that everyone had to fawn her. Actually Old Shen Furen was somewhat looked down on the family of the Minister of Land in Shen Yue’s marriage as she wanted Shen Yue to marry even higher. But in actual fact, the Wang family’s position in court and network were all higher than what Shen Wan currently had. That dark strong woman was a servant on the surface but without the agreement of the Wang family, how would she dare to speak such things to the Shen family? Old Shen Furen scolding this servant meant that she was clearly scolding the Wang family. The Wang family would only feel that the Shen family had no eyes and relied on force to bully others.

When the dark strong woman heard the words, indeed she laughed. However that laugh was rather piercing when it fell into Chen Rou Qiu’s and Shen Wan’s ears. The dark strong woman said in doubt, “What does Old Furen mean by that? Where do one start on the changing of marriage? Yesterday Eldest Young Master married a wife and the new bride is considerate and sensible, thus gaining the adoration of the entire Wang residence. One wonder why Old Furen joke about it.”

Gained the adoration of the entire Wang residence? Wan YiNiang was originally somewhat stunned but after she listened to those words, there was an excitement in her heart. All of a sudden there was a birth of exuberant delight. Her Dong Ling was extremely smart and she had a good temperament and appearance. If she was able to firmly hold on to Wang Bi in one night had his protection, so what if Shen Yue enter? Being a concubine was better than being a nun in a nunnery. Moreover Wan YiNiang believe that Shen Dong Ling would one day make her mark.

Chen Rou Qiu almost got mad with anger when she heard that. This time she did not care if Old Shen Furen words were ruled and said to the dark strong woman, “What is the exact meaning of the Wang family? If one is angry then just say it directly, why the need of being eccentric? Could it be that one will really treat Third Young Lady as Yue-er?”

Shen Wan frowned and took a look at Chen Rou Qiu in somewhat of a surprise. Chen Rou Qiu’s words were no where better than Old Shen Furen at all. Unless it was only absolutely essential, Shen Wan did not want to offend the Wang family, especially when it was the Shen family that made a mistake in this matter.

That dark strong woman turned towards Chen Rou Qiu, “Third Shen Furen words are strange. What Second Young Lady and Third Young Lady? Yesterday Eldest Young Master married a wife and the person he married is this residence’s Second Young Lady. Second Young Lady is doing very well and there is no saying of any Third Young Lady.”

Chen Rou Qiu stood dumbly on the spot.

The meaning of those words was that the Wang residence recognise Shen Yue’s status and identity but the person was instead Shen Dong Ling.

Let Shen Dong Ling live using Shen Yue’s identity? What was this! Chen Rou Qiu had almost gone crazy!

Shen Yue, who was standing at the side and dared not speak, finally gave a sigh of relief when she heard those words. What she kept thinking in her heart was to let Shen Dong Ling marry into the Wang family on her behalf, and then paint herself as the victim party and cleanly get off. At the end the one who would be blamed would be Shen Dong Ling and the one who was at the disadvantage was Wang Bi. She, Shen Yue, would be a free person and perhaps could gain sympathy.

Although the Wang family did not make a ruckus, Shen Yue was somewhat unhappy that Shen Dong Ling did not suffer losses, but Shen Yue was already satisfied that she had completely got rid of this marriage.

Shen Wan’s brows wrinkled tightly as this dark strong woman’s attitude obviously represented the Wang family’s attitude. The Wang family now wanted Shen Dong Ling to live with Shen Yue’s identity but what about Shen Yue? The Wang family were not such harsh people normally. Could it be that Shen Dong Ling told Wang Bi something?

Chen Rou Qiu laughed coldly, “Alright then. As you said, the one married into the residence is Second Young Lady, then I would be Second Young Lady’s mother. Then why would Wan YiNiang be sent over without any rhyme or reason? Do not you think it is somewhat funny to sent a YiNiang over?”

Wan YiNiang looked towards the woman somewhat fearfully. That woman instead smiled, “It is like this, Eldest Young Mistress said that even though Wan YiNiang did not have any blood relations, she has always been very close with her. Now that one had married over to another family, one was not used to it thus wanted to bring Wan YiNiang over for a short stay. Eldest Young Master’s heart ached for Eldest Young Mistress, thus it was allowed.”

So many lies that were said without change of expression, and also they managed to slap viciously onto the face of the Third household, especially on Shen Yue. She initially thought that after Shen Dong Ling married over, the Wang family would despise and make life difficult for Shen Dong Ling as she was a Shu daughter, but one had not expected that Shen Dong Ling would thrive so well in the Wang family. To her, this was like a great big satire. You did not want to marry into the Wang family right? Sorry! The one that our Eldest Young Master liked was also not you. Eldest Young Mistress was loved and respected and without you, the Wang residence also lived on well!

Shen Yue bit her teeth and was somewhat irreconcilable. Originally she tried thousands and hundreds of way to let Shen Dong Ling replace her, but upon seeing that Shen Dong Ling had perhaps gained the Wang family’s favour, Shen Yue was not happy. Humans most likely had a queer heart, even if one did not want something, one would not want others to obtain it easily.

Everyone in the Shen family was stunned. Today they had expected that the Wang family would be furious upon discovering the matter and would look for the Shen residence to flip out, but they did not expect that the Wang family would have such attitude. Not only did the Wang family not hate Shen Dong Ling, from the looks of it, they were not happy with the Third household of the Shen family. There was nothing but mocking in the open and in between words.

Chen Rou Qiu still wanted to speak more but was stopped by Shen Wan, “Since that being the case, I will pay a visit personally tomorrow. Before that, one hope that the In-laws would be rational and not be dizzy with anger.”

The dark stone woman laughed, “What is Third Master saying? Currently the residence is bustling and filled with sweetness. Master and Furen are both happy and said that your noble residence raised an extremely good daughter. How would one be angry? One fear that Third Master have overthink.”

This dark strong woman was also a talent as she could make Shen Wan choke on one sentence. She then patted Wan YiNiang’s hands and smiled as she looked towards Old Shen Furen, “This servants will now bring Wan YiNiang back and hope to have Old Furen’s approval. Eldest Young Master is in the residence waiting for this servant to return and report.” She actually brought out Wang Bi’s name to use.

Old Shen Furen frowned as she looked towards Shen Wan and Shen Gui. She had also faintly noticed that what happened today was indeed queer, but Shen Wan was Shen Yue’s father and Wan YiNiang was the Second household people, thus she can only get the opinion of her sons.

Shen Gui could not make any decision whereas Shen Wan’s complexion turned solemn but he said, “Since that is the case, then Wan Ninag should follow. It is rare for a child to have such sincere thoughts.” His words were not positive or negative but made one’s back turn cold.

Wan YiNiang was half overjoyed and half in fear. Overjoyed as the Wang family seemed not to pursue Shen Dong Ling’s fault, and fear because she did not know if the current situation was deliberately played out by the Wang family, or could it be in order to express one’s dissatisfaction over the Third household intentionally, and at the end Shen Dong Ling was still the one that will be sacrificed.

The dark strong woman did as she said and brought Wan YiNiang away under the Shen family’s eyes. Rong Jing Tang fell into silence and after a moment Old Shen Furen said coldly, “What is going on exactly!”

This weird and strange attitude of the Wang family was more disturbing than if they dropped all pretenses. Chang Zai Qing moved her lips, seeming wanting to say something but after seeing Shen Wan’s face, she swallowed the words on her lips.

Shen Gui was a little awkward. Initially it was Shen Dong Ling that snatched Shen Yue’s marriage, and he also wanted to hand Shen Dong Ling and mother to the Wang family so that the Third household and Wang family would cool down, but he did not expect that the situation would be as such now. Shen Gui lightly coughed twice, “I will later write a letter to Dong Ling and ask her what kind of things she had done!”

Shen Wan smiled and looked towards Shen Yue before lightly speaking, “Yue-er, return with me to the room first.” He then turned around and looked towards Old Shen Furen, “Mother, this matter cannot be rushed. Tomorrow this son will personally go to the residence and apologise. One thinks that there are still ways to resolve it. It is this son’s fault for disturbing you.”

“How can one blame you for this?” Old Shen Furen sighed and her tone became displeased, “It is all this Third girl, follow that slut and learn all those things that cannot be shown in public!” She then reproached Chen Rou Qiu, “If you were serious in managing the matters of the house, then Third girl would not have been able to exploit them.”

Chen Rou Qiu was filled with a stomach full of anger because of Shen Yue’s matter and felt aggrieved, thus when Old Shen Furen criticised her, she retorted, “How could Mother blame me? I also did not think that Third Lady would have such thoughts. For Mother to blame the entire matter to me, is not it overly muddled?”

“You say I am muddled?” Old Shen Furen became very furious.

Chen Rou Qiu still wanted to speak but Shen Wan yelled, “Enough!” She was slightly stunned. For so many years, Shen Wan had never said such harsh words to her, and it was the first time he shouted at her. Shen Wan said, “Yue-er, follow me to the room!”

Shen Yue mumbled her comply.

An unreadable smile unknowingly floated on the lips of Chang Zai Qing, who was at the side looking at the entire scene.

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