Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 136 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 136: Marriage (Part 2)

The sudden thunderstorm in the Ding capital made the weather turn cold on the second day. It was as if deep winter had reached over night, so when people was discussing about the heavy rain yesterday, they all mentioned that it was somewhat unexpected.

“One did not expect the rain to come like this, and had forgotten about the flora and fauna in the courtyard. When one thought about it, several pots were broke. Those flowers were usually looked over with utmost care. This is just a pity.” Chen Rou Qiu was tidying up Shen Wan’s clothes as she spoke about the rain last night.

Chen Rou Qiu had always paid attention to elegance, and would also find particularly scarce varieties of flora and fauna. Shen Wan was absent-mindedly listening, but his eyes were not on Chen Rou Qiu.

Chen Rou Qiu noticed Shen Wan’s expression and asked with a smile, “Does Master have any matters in one’s mind?”

Shen Wan recovered to his senses and looked towards Chen Rou Qiu, “I was thinking that Yue-er has reached the age to discuss about marriage.”

Chen Rou Qiu’s heart thumped but she still smiled, “I know. One had been looking for the right person for Yue-er, but one must slowly pick and not let Yue-er marry over foolishly, else Master will also be distressed.”

“This matter had been delayed for so long.” This time Shen Wan did not let Chen Rou Qiu skim past it and bluntly said, “Ever since Yue-er was sixteen, it is already two years. Even if those young ladies of other family were not married, they are all engaged. If Yue-er carried on like this, it would be difficult to find someone suitable in the future. A few days ago I have given you a few families that were all quite good. I have looked over it and the families were well-off and there are not to many complications in their residences, so Yue-er will not be in a disadvantage when she marries over.”

“However that being said,” Chen Rou Qiu grudgingly said, “It had been only for a while. One need to let Yue-er familiarise with it.”

“It has been two years. Every time the topic of marriage is brought up with her, she would decline and you as a Mother also let her be.” Shen Wan’s eyes sharpened, “Even though our residence is also not bad, but Yue-er expectations are too high. If she has an intention that she should not have and involved our household, it would not be worth it at all.”

Shen Wan’s gaze had an intentional implication and Chen Rou Qiu suddenly understood. Shen Wan was not a fool, so when Shen Yue kept saying she did not want to marry this or not, him being a Father would definitely be suspicious. Shen Yue was in love with Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi, and if Shen Wan knew about it, one feared that he would not spare Shen Yue.

“Some families are not for us to climb up.” There were hidden meanings behind Shen Wan’s words, “It is better to let Yue-er be down to earth and perish such thoughts as early as possible. Otherwise this mud would be too deep that it would be too late to come out of it.

Chen Rou Qiu broke out to a cold sweat. After being husband and wife with Shen Wan for so many years, at this moment she could almost conclude that Shen Wan definitely knew of Shen Yue’s wishes. But Chen Rou Qiu understood clearly of Shen Yue’s temperament. At the beginning when Shen Miao was still around, Shen Yue’s heart was all on Prince Ding and now without Shen Miao, Shen Yue would be even more hell-bent. To get Shen Yue to marry to others, one feared that Shen Yue would not agree to it till death.

“But Master,” Chen Rou Qiu still wanted to fight for Shen Yue. “Yue-er is still young and one cannot be impatient with some things. Previous you also dote her, so can not one empathise with her this time?”

Shen Wan took a deep breath, and looked towards Chen Rou Qiu with some disappointment in his eyes. He said, “Furen had always been understanding of the overall picture, but now why are you unable to see it? Prince Ding is one that looked simple on the surface, and when the Eldest household was still around and had the military power of the Shen family’s army, perhaps Prince Ding would have some fear. Now that the Eldest household has separated, Second Older Brother and I are both civil officials with smooth careers, Prince Ding would not attach any importance. When Prince Ding marries, it would definitely be with a wife whose family will be able to benefit him. Yue-er is of no significance to him, so he would not let Yue-er be the official wife and she can only be a concubine. Even if Yue-er gain his favour, how would a concubine be able to fight with the official wife? At that time the one that is at a disadvantage is still Yue-er.”

When Chen Rou Qiu heard this she broke into a cold sweat. She initially thought that Shen Wan did not agree to let Shen Yue marry Prince Ding, because he was not optimistic about Prince Ding in the fight of the heir position. But now it seemed that Shen Wan’s evaluation of Prince Ding was not from an ordinary man’s point of view, but from one who considered all pros and cons. It was difficult for this type of man to be sincere and even if there was sincerity, to let Chen Rou Qiu watch as her Di daughter yield and lower her head to other female, Chen Rou Qiu was unwilling.

She said, “Since that being the case, it is this wife that was not thoughtful. Master kept on thinking about Yue-er but I still blamed Master. It is me who is at fault.”

“You are also not at fault.” Shen Wan sighed, “Yue-er temperament is now more arrogant than before. You must get her to fix it, so that there would be less troubles in the future. I will let my subordinates write a book on all the sons of good family in the capital and send it to you. Pick a few and bring Yue-er to go visit them on another day.” After pausing, he said, “This matter cannot be dragged on.”

After Chen Rou Qiu learnt of the matter, this time she stood together with Shen Wan and immediately agreed. After Shen Wan went to court, that book was sent over and Chen Rou Qiu carefully looked through each one before making a mark with compatible ones, intending to let Shen Yue meet them.

But one did not see that in Qiu Shui Yuan, among the maids that were sweeping the courtyard someone quietly put down the task on hold and left.

The calligraphy brush in Shen Yue’s hand suddenly paused, and a long ink mark appeared on the unfinished painting. The painting was actually a well done autumn landscape, but the sudden appearance of an long black ink appeared on the blue skies. But she did not take it to heart at all and asked the maid in front angrily.

“What did you say? Mother is choosing a husband for me?”

“Replying Young lady.” That maid cautiously lowered her head, “Furen had already picked a few people from a book and sent some invitations. One guessed that in a few days’ time Furen will bring Second Young Lady over to pay a visit.”

“Scoundrel.” Shen Yue was so angry that she threw the brush. One did not know who was she scolding, and the previous appearance of gentleness and elegance had vanished. The maids that were in the area all dared not even breath loudly. Everyone knew that this Second Young Lady might look weak and gentle, but disregarded servants and would not have a bit of mercy when dealing with them.

Shen Yue displayed a look of irritation.

She was currently eighteen. Eighteen. Within the Ding capital, females of that age would have been married, and even those who did not marry would at most be engaged. But till now she was still not engaged. She was the limited talent female and had a good appearance, with a gentle and intelligent character. There were numerous males that liked her but she only wanted to marry one, and that was Fu Xiu Yi.

Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi, was the youngest of all the Princes, and was currently the only one that did not have a consort. Initially Shen Miao fell for Fu Xiu Yi at first sight because she was charmed by him, but who knew that Shen Yue also liked that type of man. Since he was made to charm others, he did not have the strange tempers of Princes, and was young and handsome. What was more than that, he was the descendant of royalty and was the most distinguished male other than the Emperor in Ming Qi. Shen Yue had always felt that only she was compatible with Fu Xiu Yi. So at the beginning, when Shen Miao shamelessly made her love for Fu Xiu Yi known to public, Shen Yue felt that she was insulting her sweetheart.

Fortunately Fu Xiu Yi was extremely cold towards Shen Miao, and now there was not anything between them, making Shen Yue relieved. At first she eavesdropped on Shen Wan’s and Shen Gui’s conversation, saying that there was a possibility that Fu Xiu Yi would suffer a wrong and marry Shen Miao in order to obtain Shen Xin’s military power. She had been on tenterhooks for a long time and wished that there was no Shen Miao in this world. It was fortunate that Shen Miao herself later gave up.

At the moment Shen Miao was not fighting with her, so why did her own parents force her?

“I want to talk to Mother. I am not marrying. I am not marrying.” Shen Yue stood up and swept the ink and paper off the table, apparently very furious. The maids around quickly got to their knees but none dare to persuade.

Over at Cai Yun Yuan, someone also heard the movements.

As compared to the ruckus two years before, Cai Yun Yuan was much more bleak. Ever since Ren Wan Yun’s death and Shen Gui’s descendants line was harmed, Old Shen Furen got furious and no longer allowed Shen Gui to bring a mess of females back to the residence. After Shen Gui’s pot has cracked, and knew that in this lifetime he was unable to have any child with any female, he feels upset when he returns to the residence, so he kept on lingering in pleasure quarters. Other than the servants in Cai Yun Yuan, the only remaining females were Wan YiNiang and Shen Dong Ling.

Shen Gui once had two sons and compared to the Third household, it was considered as thriving with descendants, but now unfortunately there was only a Shu daughter left. No matter what, Shen Dong Ling was Shen Gui’s only bloodline left, thus the servants treated Shen Dong Ling and Wan YiNiang with respect.

“What is the hustle and buzz outside about?” Wan YiNiang who was doing needlework looked up. These two years she had lived well and as compared to the past, she had become much more unyielding.

The maid at the doors said, “Replying YiNiang, it is Second Young Lady throwing a tantrum because Third Furen is selecting a husband for her. At this moment she is rushing over to Qiu Shui Yuan.”

With a sneer, Wan YiNiang laughed out and shook her head, “This Second Young Lady would actually be angry because of this matter.” She suddenly thought about something and her eyes darkened, “When growing up in happiness, one fails to appreciate what happiness really means.”

Her Shen Dong Ling was also a Young Lady of the Shen residence, and almost the same age as Shen Yue. However Old Shen Furen looked down on Shu daughters, and Shen Gui just simply did not care about matters of the courtyard. Shen Dong Ling’s identity was not high, thus there were very little people who came to ask for marriage. Even those who came for marriage were all those odd people that one know they were not good people with one look.

She was here worrying about Shen Dong Ling’s marriage but at the other end Shen Yue, who was managed, was not satisfied. Being reincarnated to which position was really a matter of merit.

Just as she was thinking, Shen Dong Ling who was sitting behind the screen stood up. She had grown up a lot, she had a slim and slender figure and her eyes were sharp, possessing the grace that Wan YiNiang had when she was singing.

“Where are you going?” Wan YiNiang asked casually.

Shen Dong Ling said, “Is not Wan YiNiang worried about my marriage constantly?”

Wan YiNiang was surprised for a moment, as she did not know what was the meaning behind those words.

“I have waited for two years. Now the opportunity has arrived.” Shen Dong Ling said.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!

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