Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 135 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 135: Nightmare (Part 2)

Because of Chang Zai Qing’s matter, Shen Miao heart was focussed excessively on it that even during dinner with the family, she was also thinking of the matter. Everyone saw that she had a heaviness in her heart, so Shen Miao said that she was a little tired. Luo Xue Yan instructed others to make some sweet milk for Shen Miao, and let her rest early.

Laying on the bed, Jing Zhe and Gu Yu tucked her in and blew out the lights before putting down the gauze curtains. Shen Miao then closed her eyes.

The skies darkened and her breathing gradually became smooth and steady. As the heavy night skies enveloped the entire Ding capital, Shen Miao’s body floated.

Suddenly the sun was shining brightly outside. She opened her eyes and only felt that it was somewhat glaring. The air seemed to have dried up as if it was summer.

It was the beginning of winter so how would there be a summer day? Shen Miao got up and felt a surprising headache. As she looked down, she found herself sitting on the couch in the room and there was a female voice sounding from inside the room. A whiff of an extremely bitter taste spread over.

The scent of medicine was actually somewhat familiar.

Shen Miao stood up. There was not a single servant in the room and that female voice inside became more clearly. She thought for a moment before walking into the room to look.

One only saw that in the spacious room, the windows were closed. The weather was originally very hot and with the windows closed, it made one breathless. Additionally to the annoying bitter medicine scent, it was as if her chest was blocked by something and made it exceptionally stuffy.

Shen Miao took a few steps forward as she wanted to open the windows, but she then heard someone saying, “Go open the windows, my heart feels very stuffy.”

Shen Miao was surprised for a moment. The female laying on the bed was haggard as she swore a dark beige cotton gown. Most likely it was too warm as her hair was soaked with sweat, and even the clothes were also mostly drenched in sweat. Her face was filled with defeat and her eyes revealed the colour of death. Shen Miao’s eyes widened. That was Luo Xue Yan.

When did Luo Xue Yan had such a haggard appearance?

“It is better for Older Sister to lay down.” The female sitting by the bedside comforted, “It is not good to catch a cold in this kind of weather.”

Shen Miao turned her head towards that female, clad in simple light blue clothes but the materials were expensive. She was plainly dressed in a scholarly vibe and was at her prime age, a stark contrast with Luo Xue Yan’s air of death. Other than Chang Zai Qing, who else could it be? Chang Zai Qing rolled up the woman’s hair and held Luo Xue Yan’s hand, “It is better for Older Sister to get well.”

“I cannot make it.” Luo Xue Yan weak voice was like the fine strand of a thread, and there was no more vitality in her eyes, “My child is gone and one does not have any prospect. It does not matter if one live or not live on. It is a pity that these herbs are wasted.”

“Older Sister must not say that.” Chang Zai Qing said, “If Fifth Young Lady know you think like this, she would be very sad.”

“Jiao Jiao.” Luo Xue Yan’s gaze turned painful. Shen Miao took a step forward and wanted to hold Luo Xue Yan’s hands, but her hands passed through Luo Xue Yan’s.

It was as if she did not exist.

“Jiao Jiao hates me.” Luo Xue Yan closed her eyes, “But what other way do I have? The Shen family cannot be tied to Prince Ding. He can hide it from Jiao Jiao but cannot deceive me. Jiao Jiao now hate me and Ah Xin already know that she is not even willing to take a look at me. With Prince Ding current actions, what can Jiao Jiao do in the future? There is no more route to go.” The more she said, the more heartbroken she became. She suddenly used the handkerchief to cover her mouth and coughed a few times. When she opened the handkerchief again, there was a burst of bright red blood in it.

“Older Sister must not think about it.” Chang Zai Qing comforted her, “Fifth Young Lady is currently temporary strayed off. Perhaps His Highness Prince Ding really treat her very well. Moreover, there would not be any long animosity between parents and children, so Fifth Young Lady would understand in the future. This hate is only temporary.”

Shen Miao glared at Chang Zai Qing angrily. Chang Zai Qing’s words were reassuring but it was in fact adding fuel into the fire, as it made it true that Shen Miao hated Luo Xue Yan. In her previous life, she married Fu Xiu Yi and even though she wanted the Shen family to help, Shen Xin did not allow thus she was somewhat resentful about it but it was not considered hate. Currently Luo Xue Yan was in her dying breath, and upon hearing the words that Shen Miao hated her, how would she not be heartbroken?

Shen Miao’s eyes faded black for a moment and then she looked opposite Chang Zai Qing again. That female clad in light autumn colour was sitting at the chair with some look of impatience. That female was young and had defined features but wore a very heavy makeup, making her look strange. Shen Miao’s mouth opened, this was no one else but her.

Chang Zai Qing said with a smile, “Fifth Young Lady must not be annoyed with Furen. It is just that this is a matter of the military so naturally it is very important. The General and Older Sister most likely have their own thinking thus they be like this.”

“We are all one family. Since I am married into Prince Ding’s residence, the Prince is also half a Shen family’s person. Why does Father and Mother still treat him as an outsider? I know that Father and Mother do not like me since young, so they threw me in the Ding capital and not care at all, thus His Highness is also implicated”

Chang Zai Qing smiled again, “Fifth Young Lady, what are you saying? Even though General and Older Sister are not as close to Young Lady as they were to Eldest Young Master, blood is still thicker than water.”

“I do not care.” The young Shen Miao said arrogantly, “It is said that Qing YiNiang is the smartest, can you help me to think of a way to let Father and Mother lend a hand to His Highness.”

Chang Zai Qing seemed to be in a difficult position and only replied after a while “Since Fifth Young Lady is Furen’s daughter, Furen will definitely dote on Fifth Young Lady. Do not talk about other things, if Fifth Young Lady complain to Furen about some difficulties, perhaps Furen will agree to Fifth Young Lady’s condition. If it still does not work, then one can be when young and make a fuss.” She said with a smile, “But this is all me saying some nonsense, Fifth Young Lady do deliberate over.”

Shen Miao, who was standing at the side watching, had long turned pale. Chang Zai Qing was not mediating a quarrel, she was clearly provoking one.

Shen Miao had recalled that in the previous life Luo Xue Yan did not tell others of her pregnancy to her miscarriage, as she thought to only inform others when the foetus had stabilised. Who knew such an accident occurred midway? Just at the right time, Prince Ding wanted to borrow military from Shen Xin, and naturally Shen Xin was not willing. Shen Miao looked for Chang Zai Qing to complain, so Chang Zai Qing led her to act out rashly.

Shen Miao did not know Luo Xue Yan had a miscarriage at that time and just went down. Perhaps at that time Shen Miao only seemed to be talking about some common things, but Luo Xue Yan was at her weakest and it was tantamount to wearing down Luo Xue Yan’s vitality. To Luo Xue Yan’s viewpoint, Shen Miao said that she hates her, and no mother wishes to be hated by her own children. And at the same time when Shen Miao stabbed Luo Xue Yan’s heart, she still talked about Prince Ding not treating her well and have contradicting views from her, making Luo Xue Yan worried.

After thinking about it, Shen Xing was not in the Ding capital at that time and Luo Xue Yan was in heartache and worried. After sending off one child after another, no matter how hard-hearted a person was, they would not be able to stand such a blow.

Shen Miao hated that she could not go up and scratch that hypocritical smile off Chang Zai Qing’s face.

The scenery flashed and then it was another courtyard. That courtyard was restored till it was very elegant. Chang Zai Qing was wearing a jade green long dress, and there was a maid slowly fanning her. The summer winds were still warm but the fan was immersed in ice, so the wind from the fan was very cooling.

“Heard that Furen almost cannot make it.” The MaMa beside Chang Zai Qing said, “The physician said that it would most probably be in these few days’ time.”

“Let the people serve better.” Chang Zai Qing said, “Do not give others a handle to speak about.”

The MaMa agreed and also said, “YiNiang have finally break clear of all hardships.”

“Yes.” Chang Zai Qing picked up the purple grape in the jar to eat, “After so many years, finally all hardships have been broken clear.”

“One just do not know about Master’s side.”

“The General love Older Sister deeply, naturally he would be sad.” Chang Zai Qing gently smiled, “But what does this got to do with me? I only need to sit at the only female position in the Eldest household. It is alright if the General does not recognise me, as long as the servants do.”

The MaMa also nodded her head, “YiNiang said it correctly. One originally thought that Furen would hold on for a longer time and did not expect to so quickly…”

“The heart is already broken and still worry all day long. With it boiling till now, it is counted that her life is very long.” Chang Zai Qing said lightly, “Luo Xue Yan originally had a good life to be able to marry to such a good family like this, and there were no other females in the residence. Unfortunately she gave birth to Shen Miao, that kind of daughter that spoiled all her good fortune.”

Shen Miao was startled and heard Chang Zai Qing continued, “Trust whatever one says. His Highness Prince Ding’s methods are also so high level, that Shen Miao committed herself so deeply to him, that she even does not want her own parents. But if Shen Miao was not stupid, how would my good fortune be fulfilled?”

Shen Miao stood opposite of Chang Zai Qing. It was a hot summer day, but her heart was as cold as an ice cellar.

“Shen Miao let people from Prince Ding’s residence to sent over New Year’s gifts and food, and it was all compromised but she did not know at all. She herself was stupid but Luo Xue Yan dote her so much, and ate all the medicinal cuisine up. But she did not know that what her own daughter sent was poison. That day you also saw Shen Miao feeding Luo Xue Yan medicine. That every spoonful that she fed were all poison, but Luo Xue Yan was filled with joy.

Shen Miao’s body trembled and she almost fell down.

At that time, in order to persuade Shen Xin to help Fu Xiu Yi, she wanted to please Luo Xue Yan so she ordered people to purchase medicinal herbs and learnt medicinal cuisine, so that she could make it for Luo Xue Yan to eat when she returned to the Shen residence. Luo Xue Yan had always felt that Shen Miao treated her coldly, so naturally she was very happy at her sudden enthusiasm and ate all of it without leaving a spoonful. As it turns out those things were already compromised.

Luo Xue Yan would not suspect her own daughter would harm her, but Shen Miao also did not think that at that time the person beside her, had already taken the opportunity to take advantage. She suddenly felt very cold and uncomfortable as her mind was in chaos.

From an onlooker’s view, how stupid and vicious was she at that time. She did not have the qualification to be forgiven at all. It was her own hands that pushed her own Mother into the road to netherworld. She was the most unfilial person.

“Luo Xue Yan was strong in her entire life but lost in her own daughter’s hand. Speaking of which, I actually want to thank Shen Miao.” Chang Zai Qing laughed freely, “For handing me her mother’s life. From now onwards, whatever I say goes in this Shen family’s inner courtyard. Luo Xue Yan’s life was not a failure, if one were to talk about the one matter that she did wrong, it would most probably be giving birth to Shen Miao. Shen Miao is indeed one who harms others.”

From afar a servant came running in. Her shadow was drawn out to a long line under the summer’s sun. Her voice was also sluggish and filled with sweat.

“Chang YiNiang, Furen had just breathed her last.”

“Furen is gone. Furen is gone.”

A rumbling from a thunder was heard spreading out, illuminating the night skies of the Ding capital. As the sound and lighting struck, it covered up all the cries that the person made in the room without a trace.

Shen Miao’s face was filled with tears as she screamed, “Mother. Mother. I am wrong. I am wrong. I should not like Fu Xiu Yi. I will no longer like him anymore. I am wrong. Mother, I am wrong.”

On the edge of the bed, the lightning during the winter day shone on her pale face, making her look more mournful. The purple clad youth stood by the bed and had a complex look on, as he stared at Shen Miao as she kept on struggling in the nightmare.

After a moment, the person who came sighed slightly and reached his hand out.

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    The way I see Chang Zai Qing after this chapter is as an opportunist who took advantage of a bad situation that she did not create. She may have fanned the fire but she did not set the fire. She can not be given all the blame. Of course if she had something to do with adding the poison then that would change everything but it sounds like this is just more reason why Fu Xiu Yi should die a painful death.

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