Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 134 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 134: Invitation (Part 2)

Chen Rou Qiu took the lead and picked up the teacup to take a sip before looking at Chang Zai Qing with a smile, “I was originally thinking that our Shen family was short of a sister to experience the delicateness of the tea with me, but one was unable to search for one. Now that you are here, I am very happy.”

“Third Furen has treated with great kindness.” Chang Zai Qing also smiled.

“Young Lady Qing’s temperament is a delight, anyone would also like.” Chen Rou Qiu said, “I feel like old friends at the first meeting with you, and also know that you are an intelligent and elegant person. You and me are kindred spirits, but do not know a few days back how was it with my Eldest Sao?” After pausing, Chen Rou Qiu lamented, “My Eldest Sao is from a military lineage and do not know these tea stuff, but she is straightforward and has a good heart. One do not know if you were scared?”

These words had some meaning of sounding out. Chang Zai Qing lightly stroked the teacup lid and replied docilely, “Eldest Furen is very good, and also spoke to me of many interesting things that one had never heard before. Zai Qing is very grateful as she did not refrain due to Zai Qing’s identity.”

“I just knew it.” Chen Rou Qiu nodded her head, “You are this sensible and Eldest Sao is candid and straightforward, naturally you will get along. Did Young Lady Qing meet Eldest Brother?”

Chang Zai Qing shook her head, “It was already very late that day and General Shen had yet to return, so I returned back first. One thought that it would not be late to go visit on another day.”

Chen Rou Qiu’s smile became somewhat deepen, “It is good to visit another day, after all we are all one family. Now that one is also living in the Ding capital, it is much nearer and everything is also very convenient.”

Just as they were talking, one saw a maid holding an invitation coming in from outside. Her seeing that Chen Rou Qiu was present, greeted Chen Rou Qiu first before handing the invitation over to Chang Zai Qing and said, “Young Lady, this is an invitation that was received from the main door.”

Chen Rou Qiu’s eyes flashed and she smiled, “Young Lady Qing had only come to the Ding capital since a short time, and had already made such good friends that one actually send an invitation over. One do not know which family is it?”

Chang Zai Qing opened up the invitation to take a look and smiled, “Third Furen thoughts has strayed off. The people that I know in the Ding capital are only people from the Shen residence, how would there be friends? This invitation is from the Eldest Shen Furen.”

“Eldest Sao.” Chen Rou Qiu was startled for a moment, and her gaze that was on Chang Zai Qing contained some traces of surprise, “It seemed that Eldest Sao really likes you. Originally, when Eldest Sao was staying in the residence, one rarely seen her sending an invitation to others.” As she said, she looked very happy for Chang Zai Qing, “It seems that you both are destined to be familiar at first sight. I am somewhat jealous.”

Chang Zai Qing smiled, “Third Furen is making fun of me again.”

“The day in the invitation is today.” Chen Rou Qiu took a look at the invitation in Chang Zai Qing’s hands and said in shock, “Why not Young Lady go over now to take a look?

“One fear that it is too early at present.” Chang Zai Qing was somewhat hesitant.

Chen Rou Qiu smiled as she patted her hands, “Why are you being shy? One need to know that we are all one family, and you should just regard it as dropping in. Moreover with Eldest Sao’s character, for you to push and pull, she would feel unhappy and will cause a misunderstanding.”

Chang Zai Qing looked at that invitation as Chen Rou Qiu continued speaking, “In fact, not to hide it from you, I have also some selfish motives. I was thinking that if you have a good relationship with Eldest Sao, in the future it would be easier on the misunderstanding with Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao. This will have to be depended on you.” After speaking, she gave a sigh.

“Third Furen must say that.” Chang Zai Qing quickly said, “The Shen family sheltered Zai Qing, One’s heart is filled with gratefulness. Moreover a few day back when one when to see Eldest Shen Furen, she was an open-minded person, so one think that it was only a temporary misunderstanding. I will go, and if there is an opportunity, one will help to explain. Third Furen need not mention it, as I will also do it.”

Chen Rou Qiu was very pleased when she heard this, “I just knew that you are sensible.” When she was speaking, she smoothly took off a bracelet and forcefully put it on Chang Zai Qing’s hands. Chang Zai Qing wanted to decline but Chen Rou Qiu said, “This bracelet is not worth much money, it is just that the workmanship is great. I see that you are not a greedy person so if things are too expensive, you will not accept. Accept this bracelet, in the future, you would not go wrong to dress up when visiting Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao. One cannot let others look down on the Chang family. If you do not think about yourself, you have to think of the the Chang family.”

These words were said as if they came from the heart. Chang Zai Qing took every word and sentence into consideration. Chang Zai Qing no longer refused and only said, “Third Furen good treatment of Zai Qing, One would remember in one’s heart.”

“What are you talking about? We are all a family.” Chen Rou Qiu stood up and looked outside, “Young Lady Qing first tidy up, I would not disturb. Taking advantage that the snow is not heavy yet, go out first so that one can return earlier at night.” She then instructed the two maids waiting on Chang Zai Qing on some matters before leaving the room.

After Chen Rou Qiu left, Zhao MaMa put away Chang Zai Qing’s invitation and said, “Young Lady really want to go and meet that Eldest Shen Furen.?”

“Yes.” After Chen Rou Qiu left, Chang Zai Qing’s smile lighted. Even though it was still gentle and elegant, but it was as if she was a different person, not as sincere as she was just now.

“That Eldest Shen Furen.” Zhao MaMa was somewhat hesitant.

“She is a good person.” Chang Zai Qing sat in front of the table and opened a small box of rouge and dapped it on her lips. The colour of the rouge was very light and with a thin layer, it was like there was a light pink colour on her lips, making her appear even more graceful.

“A good person. This time this old servant can rest assured.” Zhao MaMa sighed in relief.

“Yes.” Chang Zai Qing looked at herself in the mirror but one did not know if she was talking to herself or others, “I am also relieved.”

Outside, Chen Rou Qiu returned to Qiu Shui Yuan and held a hand warmer. When she turned around, she meet Shen Yue.

“Mother.” Shen Yue said, “Why do you keep going to Chang Zai Qing’s courtyard these days? One did not see you for a few times.”

“Looking for me for what?” Chen Rou Qiu caressed Shen Yue’s head. Shen Yue was getting older, and even though the countenance of a flower and face like the moon has appeared, her expectations were high and it was a problem to just leave it alone, since by delaying, one would be a spinster. Chen Rou Qiu knew that her daughter adored Prince Ding in her heart, but now even if she had a method to let Shen Yue marry Fu Xiu Yi as a concubine, Shen Yue would not be willing. Because of Shen Yue’s marriage, Shen Wan had been angry with Chen Rou Qiu for a few rounds. Chen Rou Qiu loved her daughter dearly, so all the aristocratic disciples and sons that Shen Wan found, Chen Rou Qiu thought of several ways to refuse them.

“The embroidery workshop has come out with new clothing styles.” Shen Yue said, “One wanted to let you take a look to see which is better looking.”

Looking at her daughter who was like a flower, Chen Rou Qiu had somewhat of a headache, “What is the use of these flowery patterns? You are already very beautiful. If you have energy to be bothered about these, then go and learn from that person in the Western courtyard.”

“Western courtyard?” Shen Yue was puzzled, “Is Mother talking about that Chang Zai Qing? What can be learnt from her?”

Chen Rou Qiu shook her head, “There is so much to learn. If you had one-third of her ability, I would feel assured.”

What kind of person Luo Xue Yan was? Even though she treat others enthusiastically, she was not one who would send an invitation over after one meeting. To be unable to hold back and request a meetup, it was the first time Chen Rou Qiu had seen this after being sisters-in-law with Luo Xue Yan. Chen Rou Qiu knew that Chang Zai Qing made others feel comfortable and would not raise any hostility, but to be able to get so close with Luo Xue Yan like this, was indeed too much of a surprise for her.

However this was a good thing for Chen Rou Qiu.

She pointed at Shen Yue’s forehead and said with some resent about iron for not becoming steel, “In short, you should learn from her in the future. It is more useful than you looking at the different styles of clothes.”


In the Shen mansion, Gu Yu was styling Shen Miao’s hair as she spoke, “Young Lady, to use Furen’s name to send an invitation to that Young Lady of the Chang family, would one be in trouble if Furen knows about it?”

“What is the difference to use my mother’s name or mine?” Shen Miao lightly said, “One is after all, family.”

“But why did Young Lady not used one’s own name?” Jing zhe was cleaning the table and was curious when she heard this. Shen Miao had stolen Luo Xue Yan’s seal and sent an invitation over to the Shen residence, making all the maids in the room so shocked that their jaws dropped. It was alright if she was posing as Luo Xue Yan on other stuff, but to pose as Luo Xue Yan and invite a Young Lady that one was not even remotely close? One felt that it was somewhat a waste of resources.

“I have no relations with her so with no cause and no reason, why do one invite her over for?”

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu glanced at one another, both did not know how to continue with that. Yes, it was correct that Shen Miao and Chang Zai Qing did not have any relations with one another, so when one stole Luo Xue Yan’s seal to send an invitation to Chang Zai Qing to visit today, one did not see Shen Miao happy at all.

Shen Miao’s eyes hung down. Luo Xue Yan was not in today, so it was ideal to send the invitation earlier. She eventually have to meet up alone with this Young Lady of the Chang family. Luo Tan was drawn away very early in the morning, and there was only Shen Miao in the entire residence that could make the decision.

Just as one was thinking, one heard a young servant coming over to report that the Young Lady from Chang family had arrived.

“So fast.” Jing Zhe was somewhat surprised.

Shen Miao gently smiled. People who had things to request naturally would not be able to hide the ambitiousness in one’s heart. One was unable to see it in the past because one was in a situation, and one did not care about all the matters in the Shen family. But the past and present could not be compared. She wanted to see how profound could Chang Zai Qing’s abilities and skills be.

Chang Zai Qing was led by the young servant to the main hall of the Shen mansion to wait. The servant brought a cup of hot tea as Chang Zai Qing quietly sized up the Shen mansion.

The Shen mansion and the Shen residence were different. The Shen residence was the official residence of the Old General, and particular attention was paid to the Feng Shui of the place. Add in Old Shen Furen’s habits, and it was somewhat extravagant. At the other side perhaps because Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan were martial arts practitioners, the courtyards of the Shen mansion were spacious and the main hall was also square shaped, looking very awe-inspiring. Even though the ornaments placed were simple, one did not know why, but there was a dignified feeling. When Chang Zai Qing came over the first time, she did not sized up carefully but now upon looking, she felt a layer of fine sweat appearing on her body, as if one could not just sit around voluntarily upon coming to this place.

The servants all minded their own cleaning and no one talked to her. Chang Zai Qing’s manners had always been good so there was no reason for her to urge. She waited until her tea had gotten cold, but there were no movements from outside. Chang Zai Qing then got hold of a servant to ask why was Luo Xue Yan not coming, and if something had happened.

That servant was all smiles and had a polite attitude. After saying that he will go and ask, he disappeared without a trace, and one did not know what was going on. It continued to as such for several times in succession, making Chang Zai Qing somewhat unable to sit still. During the first time meeting with Luo Xue Yan, she was not far off from her expectation of the other person. She was a frank person and was very enthusiastic in treating others, but why would one make things difficult this time?

For the first time, Chang Zai Qing’s heart was uncertain. The servants coming and going seemed to be watching her, but yet seemed not to be looking at her. She finally could not sit still and just as she wanted to get up to leave, she heard that someone behind her laughed, “Qing Yi had waited very long. Really sorry about it. Just now one had gotten the clothes wet and had to re-groom again, thus the delay.”

Chang Zai Qing was startled and quickly stood up, and saw Shen Miao walking in from the door with a few servants following.

The young female was wearing a jade green patterned brocade cloak and holding a hand warmer. Most likely she had felt warm upon entering the room, the cloak was taken off, revealing a flower embroidered purple long robe. The rare thing was that she did not look old wearing it but there was an air of nobility. That shade of purple contrasted with the young female’s jade-like complexion, delicate but was as if one was walking in the Palace, each step was taken with a smile on her face, looking very noble.

All of a sudden, Chang Zai Qing’s brain was spinning for a moment.

She had met many people and also seen a number of females with elegant and graceful presence and bearing, including Shen Yue who was kept calm and collected by Chen Rou Qiu. But it was only Shen Miao that gave her a feeling of exclaiming in surprise. That day it was still alright beside Luo Xue Yan but now that she appeared alone, she grabbed all of the limelight immediately, and actually gave others a compelling pressure.

“Fifth Young Lady.” Chang Zai Qing glanced behind Shen Miao.

“No need to search.” Shen Miao gently smiled, “It was me that sent you the invitation, Qing Yi.”

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