Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 122 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 122: Two Years Later (Part 1)

In the late spring season, the grass was tall and the nightingales were up in flight as the drizzling rain drifted over, even the flowers became a ball of red mass. The entire Xiao Chun City was filled with the fragrance of the unique scent of spring, and even the windy sand had become smaller.

The raindrop fell onto the eaves and created little puddles on the green stone flooring. When a clear little drop splashed, it seemed very pitiful and adorable. In the birdcages that were hang on the beams, orioles were twittering and when that crisp sound mixed with the sounds of the rain, it was more wonderful than the best music played by a musician.

At the end of the corridor, a young female came running in full swing. That young female was wearing a peach pink embroidered long robe. The colour was bright and adorable but both her hands lifted the skirt up as she hurried over, making it somewhat funny. Her complexion was the colour of wheat and looked mischievous as she shouted out, “Biao Youngest Sister. Biao Youngest Sister.”

“Older Sister, slow down.” The youth behind her shouted out, “The ground is slippery, take care not to fall.”

As the voice landed, the lively young female running in front slipped and almost fell down, but fortunately she had some martial arts foundation, she could stabilise her body quickly when she slipped. She then complained loudly to that youth, “Luo Qian, shut your inauspicious mouth.”

Luo Qian stuck his tongue out, and two lean figures appeared behind Luo Qian before one unsatisfied voice sounded, “Luo Tan, if you are not careful you will not get married like this.”

“Older Brother Sa.” Luo Tan anxiously stomp her feet, “If one cannot marry then I will marry Older Brother Qiu.”

Luo Qian chuckled, “Older Brother Qiu will not take fancy at a tigress like you.”

“Luo Qian.” Luo Tan strike a posture to beat him.

“Alright, stop quarrelling.” The gentle youth walking at the back smiled and said, “Are not you looking for Biao Younger Sister to chat? Go in then.”

After noisily entering the innermost courtyard, one saw Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang arrange some flora and fauna outside and when they saw them, they quickly said, “Young Lady is in the room waiting for you.”

Luo Tan pushed open the curtain and called out, “Biao Youngest Sister.”

There was no incense lit in the room, but one did not know where did the servants found a few jasmine, as the entire room was filled with a light and sweet floral scent. In front of the window there sat a young female, she was wearing a deep black silk clothes with a purple tipped skirt. It was an entire body of dark colours, it did not look old-fashioned at all but instead made her skin fair and translucent like jade. The light rain was falling in front of the window and when she heard the sounds, she slightly raised her head, revealing a pretty and delicate face.

Black pupils, graceful brows, pearly teeth and pomegranate lips which were intoxicating like a new moon. It was strange to say that this young female’s appearance was very delicate, as if it was the morning glow of the snow that makes one feel pity, but her warm and smooth hair had an extreme beauty feeling. It was as if she was one who could withstand a great magnanimity. With such a calm bearing, there seemed to be a very different hard look to it, making her look seemingly weak but also a strong person.

She tilted her head and slightly smiled as her eyes moved, this made the other person’s heart tremble, as if this casual smile of hers made this simple study into a jade Palace, and she was a noble sitting at the highest position, looking down faintly at the crowd.

The few people at the door all were slightly startled. Even if one were to see this frequently, one would still be inadvertently surprised by this young female’s demeanour. The meaning of hovering around without any ability to lift a hand or move a leg, was roughly talking about this.

After being startled for a moment, Luo Tan was the first to response and ran inside, “Biao Youngest Sister, your robes are really good looking.”

After all one is a female and no matter how naughty she normally was, the interest in beautiful things would not change. Shen Miao lightly smiled, “If you like them then let the tailor make another one.”

Luo Tan mouth twitched, “I cannot wear this colour and can only envy with my eyes.” She sized Shen Miao up and exclaimed, “No wonder all the gentlemen in the Xiao Chun City, will inquire about you with Older Brother Ling and the rest all day. Biao Youngest Sister, you really look prettier as you grow.”

It was the seventy first year of Ming Qi. Two years had passed, and in these two years, Shen Miao grew up slowly. That slightly childlike face gradually grew out of that childishness, and her lovely adorable facial features became refined. It is just that the gentle temperament did not change, and even became more calmer but the more it was so, the more her presence became magnanimous. When she walked on the streets, her bearing was enough to attract others to turn back, and it was of no wonder that Luo Ling’s and Luo Sa’s good friends would privately inquire if Shen Miao have any marriage partners.

Even though there were beauties in the Xiao Chun City, but there was not such an outstanding and unique beauty like her.

“Of course, do not see whose Biao Youngest Sister is she.” Luo Qian triumphantly stepped forward and placed his hand on the table in front of Shen Miao, “Biao Youngest Sister, do you know that His Majesty send someone over to deliver money again.”

“Bestowed a reward?” As Shen Miao spoke, she was keeping the books on the table. Luo Qian squinted his eyes and saw the book’s title before asking curiously, “Qin Country Records. Biao Youngest Sister, why are you reading Qing country stuff?”

“Just casually looking.” Shen Miao answered without any care.

Luo Sa’s eyes flashed as Luo Ling stared at Shen Miao and said softly, “The multiple trips of bestowments in a year and recently that it is just too frequently. What does Biao Youngest Sister think?”

He very naturally discussed it with Shen Miao, as if it was not something to blush when discussing with a young lady much younger than him. Of course these four of the younger generation would not laugh at her, as it was worth exploring to know how much ability Shen Miao had. But the four persons had the tacit understatement not to tell the Luo family’s elders of Shen Miao’s secret, as they believed with confidence that no matter what secret Shen Miao had, she would definitely not harm the Luo family.

“When matters are not a norm, it is definitely of ill intention.” Shen Miao said, “The Heavenly one will have lots of suspicions and with the rapid rise of the Luo family’s army, one would only suppress without showing any signs, but to suddenly reward frequently? Then it means that there is something to request.” She pondered seriously, “His Majesty request for Luo family’s army, or the deliberate raise of the Luo family’s army’s status high up, one would know what exactly it is when the Ming Qi’s tribute start.”

Everyone was surprised for a moment as Luo Tan touched her chin, “Seems like it.”

“During the Ming Qi’s tribute, there will be people from the Qin country and the Great Liang coming. The Qin country and the Ming Qi are evenly matched in forces, but the Great Liang far exceeds the Ming Qi, thus His Majesty will be afraid.” Shen Miao said plainly, “The Shen family’s army is not around and the Xie family’s army is greatly injured, so how can the Ming Qi not have any Generals?”

“So His Majesty then lift the Luo family up to deter the Qin country and the Great Liang.” Luo Tan replied nimbly.

Shen Miao nodded her head.

“So it is as such.” As Lou Qian spoke, he looked at Shen Miao admiringly. She was clearly the same age as him, but Luo Qian often had the feeling that Shen Miao seemed to be much older than him, and even more mature than Luo Ling. With regards to the analysis of the Imperial court, Shen Miao would never avoid the taboo topics, and as compared to the elders who would twist and be tactful with their words, Shen Miao would be direct and to the point, just like mentioning that the Heavenly one was suspicious, the elders would never speak of it. The younger generation of the Luo family liked to play with Shen Miao and truly accepted her, naturally it was because there was something attractive within Shen Miao. Perhaps the Ding capital’s people are more knowledgeable than those from the Xiao Chun City, as Shen Miao would often know things that they did not know.

“This is not necessarily a good thing.” Luo Sa frowned, “The higher one is held up, the more painful the fall is.”

“Correct.” Shen Miao said, “But this is also an opportunity.”

“What kind of opportunity does Biao Younger Sister think it is?” Luo Ling asked with a gentle smile.

“The Luo family’s army is finally seeing some improvement in these two years, and the Emperor have the intention to hold it up. Although the bigger the merits gets the more dangerous it is, but the Luo family’s army already has enough strength that it cannot be bullied. The training of the Luo family’s army in these two years were done by the Luo family as the master, and not the Emperor. This is the Luo family’s own military strength, not Ming Qi’s. The Emperor will held up the Luo family’s people because of this point.”

Under the skies, there was nothing that was not the Emperor’s land and the officials who lead, no one were not the Emperor’s subjects. But Shen Miao clearly divided the Luo family from the Ming Qi into two different paths. If Luo Sui were to hear this, one fear that he would be so angry that he would faint. Such treacherous words clearly meant a preparation for rebellion. But when the younger generation of the Luo family heard this, even though they were surprised, they did not feel any anger.

Unlike the older generations, when the younger generations of the Luo family were born, the Luo family had already declined, and the Imperial family did not provide money to them, and had forgotten about the Luo family’s army in this small border town, thus the younger generation was not without complaints. The more the resentments there were, the lesser the loyalty to the Emperor there would be.

After a moment of silence, there was a touch of enthusiasm in Luo Sa’s eyes, “Biao Youngest Sister said it excellently.” He was impulsive and was very different from Luo Ling, thus would rarely praise anyone. Thus to praise at this moment, it was obvious that he very much agree with Shen Miao’s words.

Luo Ling had to be unflustered but in spite of that, there was no objection.

Luo Qian and Luo Tan had lively personalities, and were very convinced with Shen Miao for no reason and would not say anything bad. As for this round of bestowments that Emperor Wen Hui had provided, the younger generations of the Luo family reached a consensus that it was a good thing, and one do not need to advise against.

“Speaking of which.” Luo Tan leaned forward onto the table and looked at Shen Miao, “Biao Youngest Sister is sixteen this year, and yesterday one of my good friends came over to ask me if you have a family to be engaged to. If there is not, then one can take her Older Brother into consideration. Biao Youngest Sister, do you want to go take a look?”

The Xiao Chun City people were open minded, simple and honest. If one fancy any young lady, one would inquire about it through friends and family. Luo Qian said, “What nonsense is this, Biao Youngest Sister is only sixteen. It is of no hurry. On the contrary, you are already eighteen, why are you not worried about yourself?”

“What kind of worry should I have.” Luo Tan flipped her hair, “I am this pretty and smart, even if one is eighty, there would be a number of people who will want to marry me. I am worried about Biao Youngest Sister here, since she is such a delicate and weak female that everyone will be concerned about, so it would be better to find a husband to protect her. Luo Qian, if you continue to be so rough, in the future no young lady will want to marry you.”

“Who says that there will not be any young lady that will marry me?” Luo Qian remained unconvinced, “If it really is not possible, there is still Biao Youngest Sister. Biao Youngest Sister is kind hearted so if there is such a day, she will definitely marry me and help me to escape from the predicament. Correct?” He protruded his face up.

Luo Tan pushed his face away with her palm, “Do not even use your urine to see how you look like. If Biao Youngest Sister really want to marry, our residence’s Older Brother Ling and Older Brother Sa have yet to marry, and are all better than you. If you do not believe, then go and ask Older Brother Ling and Older Brother Sa if they are willing to marry Biao Youngest Sister.”

These words were accidentally directed to Luo Ling and Luo Sa. Luo Ling was surprised for a moment and his face turned slightly red, while Luo Sa lightly coughed twice and turned his head away, and the atmosphere was somewhat awkward for a moment.

Luo Tan was unaware of it and asked cheekily with a smile, “Biao Youngest Sister, out with it. What kind of man do you like? Good looking, wealthy, good martial arts or knows poetry?”

Shen Miao looked at Luo Tan, and even though the three male in the room were looking at different directions, their ears were perked up. Shen Miao said, “Can beat my Eldest Brother.”

With a crash sound, Luo Tan slipped on her foot and fell and shouted in grievance, “No way. No way. Older Brother Qiu’s martial arts is so good, who can beat him?”

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    • Oof, this is definitely one of my pet peeves. When I read, I usually take note of the dates so I could keep track of the characters ages. The story started with SM as 14 y/o, the school activity happened during the 10th month, then as the story progress, the end of the year happened, the next year they went to the country side, and the tie jue attacked on the 9th month. So somewhere in between, SM celebrated her bday riioghhttt??? So she must be 15 then. After the 2 year time skip, SM should be 17 y/o right now.

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      • To Taiyaki Pan

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  1. Well Shen Miao suspects there is another game afoot. To avoid marriage Shen Qiu is a good tool but considering XJX there are other stronger people around…

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  4. The irony, when the first come to the Luo family, Luo Qian asked if Luo Qiu the strongest in Ding capital which Luo Tan said ‘silly, there is still XJX, nowadays stronger than Shens” and SM didn’t refute. Now SM inadvertently said ‘can beat my Eldest Brother’ to Luo Tan and she said impossible. Wink wink (well let pretends no news of XJX death had occured)

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