Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 121 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 121: He Died! (Part 1)

Shen Miao was drinking tea unhurriedly.

At this time, the wind outside was blowing strongly while she was sitting at the corner of the hall, as she waited for the hot tea that Jing Zhe handed over before slowly sipping it. It was as if she was an innocent and delicate Young Lady, who was waiting for the slices of mutton to be prepared by the kitchens for the meal later.

Luo Ling’s expression darkened. Luo Sa noticed that he was not right and followed Luo Ling’s gaze to Shen Miao, and his expression also got somewhat serious as he asked, “What had happened?”

Luo Ling ignored him and also did not instruct the guards on any action, but instead got up and walked over to Shen Miao, “Biao Youngest Sister, would like to have a word with you.”

“Older Brother Luo can say whatever words needed to be said here.” Shen Miao set aside the teacup from her hands and smiled slightly at him, “If something really happened, it cannot be hidden.”

When Luo Qian and Luo Tan saw the situation, they also walked over. This time the actions were rather big and Madam Ma and Madam Yu noticed. They thought that Shen Miao and Luo Ling had some dispute and at this time, they naturally would be biased towards the female. Madam Yu immediately went over and glanced at Luo Ling before shaking her head with disagreement, “Ling-er, do not scare Jiao Jiao.”

Luo Sa heard this and laughed loudly, “Who is scaring who?”

“Eldest Brother, what exactly happened?” Luo Qian was the youngest and normally spoke whatever was on this mind, so he asked whatever doubts that were in his heart.

Luo Ling looked at Shen Miao and Shen Miao smiled gently at him, as if she was crystal clear as to what he was going to say. That kind of confidence and calmness made Luo Ling slightly startled. After a moment he sighed and said in frustration and helplessness, “The guards had come with news that the Tu Jue almost entered the city.”

“What?” Luo Tan exclaimed loudly and then seemed to be aware that her voice was a bit too loud, and quickly covered her mouth. When they spoke, the servants were further away and thus did not hear. The most taboo thing in this work was the morale of the troops, at this moment everyone was gathered here to hide from the hailstorm, but if others were to know that the Tu Jue people had entered, one fear that the morale of the troops would be affected. Even if Luo Ling and Luo Sa were not up in chaos, there would at least be panic.

Madam Yu and Madam Ma were born in ordinary families and naturally had no natural abilities to protect themselves, so they blanked out when they heard the information. Madam Ma immediately said, “Ling-er and Sa-er, is it that now we need to first protect Jiao Jiao and the rest. How long can our Luo family withstand and when would your Father and the rest return?”

No matter how smart or capable a woman was, in the face of such a situation, one would not be able to help but panic. Even the words were somewhat incomprehensible, Madam Yu still unconsciously said, “Why not go and hide first?”

Luo Tan’s and Luo Qian’s faces turned somewhat white. They had been living in the Xiao Chun City since birth, and even though they had heard stories of the battlefields from Luo Sui, they felt that those were things that were very far away from them. The Tu Jue had never entered the city before, and novels would not indicate or elaborate what happened to a city when they were attacked. Even when the Ming Qi captured a city, there would be a massacre at times, much less with the cruelty of the Tu Jue.

“Biao Youngest Sister’s words really came true.” Luo Qian murmured.

Madam Ma and Madam Ye were startled. Madan Yu looked at Shen Miao, “Jiao Jiao hit the target.”

“Previously Biao Younger Sister mentioned that it was possible that the Tu Jue would attack the city.” Luo Ling looked at her and an unknown feeling appeared in his eyes, “One think that Biao Youngest Sister presumably have countermeasures and if one do not mind, please tell me as this is a time between life and death.”

Luo Ling had placed his bearing to the lowest, perhaps the Luo family would not be like other families that put up airs. But with Luo Ling’s seniority and status, he did not need to put himself so low to consult with a little girl.

When Luo Ling’s behaviour was seen by Madam Ma and the rest, they were very surprised. Luo Ling was the most outstanding of their younger generation, but now actually had to consult Shen Miao.

Shen Miao said, “Older Brother Ling also have not told me about the current situation.”

Luo Ling waved his hand to the guard who came over to report. The guard felt a bit surprised upon seeing Luo Ling asking an unfamiliar young lady but still replied honestly, “Replying to Young Lady, someone at the Guards saw that the Tu Jue are gathering outside the city gates, the Generals are not back yet and the city guards are short-staffed.” At the end of it, he was so embarrassed he could not continue.

Shen Miao ignored his embarrassment and asked, “What is the number of troops? Are the Tu Jue scattered or uniformed?”

Luo Sa’s gaze was still staring at Shen Miao. That guard thought for a moment before speaking, “There are a lot of people. Even though they are scattered but there are horses neighing, so there would be backup.”

The few people present suck in a mouthful of cold air, and Luo Ling’s and Luo Sa’s faces suddenly became extremely ugly. At this moment the seriousness of the matter sunk in. Horses meant army and the army that could contend with the Tu Jue was currently fighting in the grasslands, so there was almost no real force in the Xiao Chun City, but at this time another Tu Jue’s army had caught up.

What Shen Miao said was true, make a declaration for the east and strike the west, and moving the tiger away from the mountain. These Tu Jue had eventually became cunning and even secretly developed another army, it was perhaps not as strong as the one Shen Xin was facing, but it was more than enough to wash the Xiao Chun City with blood.

Madam Ma and Madam Yu realised that matters were not good and Madam Ma said, “Why not recall all the help that can be used, and protect these younger generation first.”

The Luo family’s tradition since ancient times, was to let the younger generation leave first during times of trouble and sacrifice the older generation, leaving hope with the younger generation. Luo Tan’s eyes immediately turned red and tugged onto Madam Ma’s sleeves, “Mother, I do not want.”

“If it does not work then just fight them to the end.” Luo Qian gritted his teeth and was so angry that his eyes were spurting out fire, “Our bones are flowing with the blood of Generals, so one is not afraid of those Tu Jue. The very most, either the fish dies or the net splits.”

“Qian-er.” Madam Ma angrily said, “What nonsense are you saying? Do you want to die?”

“If it does not work then Eldest Brother and me will cover your escape.” It was Luo Sa that spoke and said seriously, “There is still a horse carriage in the residence, flee from the back doors of the city, there is a mountain road that is hidden and would not be found.”

“No.” Shen Miao interrupted their conversation.

Luo Sa looked at her, “You have a way?”

Shen Miao shook her head.

A trace of disappointment flashed on Luo Qian’s and Luo Tan’s faces. They did not know why, but they had always think that Shen Miao had great abilities. Even though she look delicate and gentle and also had a tender appearance, but every time she speaks it was comforting, as if she had more knowledge and made others have a peace of mind. But to see that Shen Miao could not think about a method now, Luo Qian and Luo Tan felt some despair.

“Then do accordingly to what Second Younger Brother had said.” Luo Ling said, “First send you all up on the horse carriage, and all the guards in the residence will follow you. Just leave Second Younger Brother and me in the residence. We will head to the guards.”

This was to sacrifice the two brothers to gain additional time for the rest. Madam Yu’s tears fell in a short moment as she held on Luo Ling’s hands and almost fainted.

“How could both of you stay here?” Madam Ma shook her head, “We are a family, if we leave, we leave together.”

This deadlock was not going anywhere. Shen Miao shook her head again, “No.”

“Biao Youngest Sister, what exactly do you mean by ‘no’?” Luo Qian could not help but ask.

Shen Miao swept her eyes at everyone, “In the Xiao Chun City, the one with the largest military force is the Luo family. The head of the city guards are also Older Brother Ling and Older Brother Sa. The Tu Jue are well aware of this so if they really entered the city, in order to inspire morale, the first they will deal with is the Luo family. As long as the Luo family is wiped out, the folks in the Xiao Chun City would inevitably lose their fighting spirits, and would have their hands tied waiting to be captured. Destroy the leader and the gang will collapse, so if I am the Tu Jue, even if all means are exhausted, one will deal with the Luo family first. It is simply impossible for the Luo family to retreat without any losses.”

To reveal such a terrible reality without any cover up at all, made Luo Tan trembled before looking at Luo Ling, “Eldest Brother, is what she say true?”

Luo Ling stared at Shen Miao, “Correct.”

Luo Sa’s anger suddenly burst out, “This cannot, that also cannot. Since one cannot escape and the Tu Jue brought troops over, then may as well let the Luo family fight to the end. Think we are afraid of them?”

“One do not need to be that anxious.” Shen Miao suddenly spoke.

The entire hall fell silent for a moment. Luo Ling looked at Shen Miao and said softly, “Does Biao Younger Sister have an excellent idea?”

“It is not considered as an excellent idea.” Shen Miao’s eyes were calm. She had a delicate, pretty and pleasant appearance since birth and in a crowd of people with anxious emotions, only she had a faint expression. It was only now that everyone found out that from the beginning till now, Shen Miao did not presented any other emotions. The Xiao Chun City was a place at the border, and one would panic at the face of a sudden Tu Jue’s attack but only Shen Miao, this free of worries and delicate young lady, was not surprised with it at all.

“The Tu Jue brought troops but delayed in entering, apparently hesitating, and with some apprehensions. I think that for so many years, even if the Luo family’s army had been dispersed, the prestige still exist and would deter others three tenths. Their hearts are hesitating and they only try to probe, but dare not come forward. That means their Commander is also unsure, thus one can make use of that.”

Madam Ma and Madam Yu did not understand Shen Miao’s words, but seemed to think that Shen Miao spoke very reasonably, thus they did not utter a single word and quietly listened to her. Luo Sa frowned and questioned, “How can it be used?”

“To delay for time.” Shen Miao replied lightly, “My parents, WaiZu and JiuJius are not ordinary people, and should have discovered that things are not right at their end, and when they discover this, they would quickly rush back to the Xiao Chun City. Before that happen, one will only need to delay the pace at this end.”

“But how to delay?” Luo Tan had an impatient character and could not help but ask, “As you said, the Tu Jue are so smart, they would also know that time is running out, and would quickly attack.”

“Just show them what they are scared about.” Shen Miao smiled lightly, “What they fear is nothing more than that the Luo family’s army still have residual force, so just let them see the residual forces of the Luo family’s army.”

“Biao Youngest Sister.” Luo Qian anxiously said, “Where are we going to get the Luo family’s army?”

Shen Miao smiled gently, “This will require everyone’s cooperation. But before that, one do not know if both Older Brothers trust me.” He looked towards Luo Ling and Luo Sa with an obvious gentle and humble attitude but a faint viciousness.

Luo Ling looked at her seriously, “I trust you.”

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