Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 119 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 119: Luo Family (Part 1)

On the second morning when the day just broke out, Jing Zhe and Gu Yu came to wait upon Shen Miao. When they entered they saw Shen Miao sleeping on the couch, and the quilt was gone with a fox fur coat covering her.

Both of them were suddenly stupefied. Yesterday when they left, there was no fox fur coat so where did this come from? Jing Zhe woke Shen Miao up and after she woke up, Shen Miao looked at the fox fur coat at a loss.

Even though the effect of the plum blossom wine was great but just like the farm’s mistress said, there will not be any dizziness the next day. One’s head was not dizzy but one was unable to recall anything that happened the night before. She could not even remember how she came to this room.

Gu Yu held that snow white fox fur coat and said, “Young Lady, where does this fox fur coat come from?”

Shen Miao took the fox fur coat and shook her head.

“The chest for Young Lady’s coats are all here, is it that Young Lady took it out when one was drunk yesterday night?” Jing Zhen asked probingly, “But why is it that it seem that is one’s first time seeing this fox fur coat?”

They actually did not think towards any other direction since Shen Miao was after all here last night, and there were guards on duty outside and nothing happened. It was just that this fox fur coat is strangely here. Shen Miao said, “Bring it out and ask the farmer if it is theirs.”

When they saw the farm’s owner, the owner shook his head, “Our family do not have such a good fox fur. Lady must have mistaken.”

Shen Qiu fished the fox fur over, “This fox fur does not seem to be an ordinary thing. Younger Sister, no matter where this comes from, it would be worth a lot. From the handiwork, it look gorgeous but the cutting was not done very good, as one feel that it is too big for you to wear.”

Shen Miao took the fox fur coat, and her heart wondered as she could not remember when she had such a cloak before. But hearing Shen Qiu mention that it was worth quite a bit of money, she naturally took it back and lied without changing her expression, “Speaking of which, it seem that it was bought previously in the the Ding capital. Jing Zhe, keep it.”

Jing Zhe was racking one’s brain recalling when did Shen Miao bought this cloak but when she heard her say so, she did not continue pondering and immediately complied before keeping the cloak in the chest. Shen Miao shook her head, not caring where the cloak came from but in this trip to the Xiao Chun City, one fear there would be many places that will require money, and that now Shen Xin was not like previously, if there was really a hard-pressed day, one could exchange this cloak for a lot of money to spend. Thinking of that, those messy conjectures became dispensable.

Time as always went exceptionally fast.

Looking at scenery with a different state of mind would also be different. Even though one had to go all the way to the Xiao Chun City, the route was bumpy and muddy and one would be fatigued with the journey, Shen Miao did not even mention a word of tiredness. Those of the front section of the Shen family’s army that were implicated and Shen Xin’s confidants that came along, all became closer with one other due to the shared joy and hardship on the road.

Since leaving the capital at the second month, the start of spring, one finally arrived in the Xiao Chun City at the early days of the eight month.

The Xiao Chun City was located at the border of Ming Qi and was indeed a very small city. If one were to speak about the highest ranked official in the city, it would be the guarding General Luo, Luo Sui. All the while, Luo Sui protected the Xiao Chun City’s people to live and work in peace, but because this city and the Ding capital were far too apart, everyone knew that this job was not considered an ideal position. Moreover after so many years, the Luo family army’s was almost dispersed, and the Luo family had nothing more than just military glory in the Xiao Chun City.

When the guards at the city gates saw Luo Xue Yan’s Luo family placard, they were suddenly in awe and got someone to send the news to the Luo family. The Xiao Chun City was only that big, so when the Shen family brought such a large group of people into the city, the commoners immediately noticed and all came forward to inquire. When they heard that the Luo family’s married daughter had brought her entire family over, in shortly it was bustling.

Jing Zhe quietly parted the carriage’s curtains and looked out before saying to Shen Miao, “Young Lady, this is the Xiao Chun City.”

Shen Miao took a glimpse outside.

The Xiao Chun City was not as unbearable as like the noble young ladies had spoken about. Even though it was small, it was also lively. It was just that the sandy winds were greater and because of the bigger sandy winds, the female complexion would normally become slightly darker, and not as delicate as like those females in the capital. Perhaps locals are more open-minded or perhaps the people are very lively and active, they had a unruly appearance which made others feel full of vitality. There was no lack of things to buy at the stores by the street.

As Jing Zhe looked, she became happier and the apprehension that she previously had were swept away, “Young Lady, there is not much difference between the Xiao Chun City and the Ding capital.”

“Does Jiao Jiao like this place?” Luo Xue Yan asked uneasily. She was most afraid that Shen Miao was not used to this place. Luo Xue Yan grew up in the Xiao Chun City so there was no problems for her. Shen Qiu and Shen Xin were generals that experience battles, so one need not say anything more. It was only her delicately raised daughter that need her to worry.
Shen Miao smiled, “It is rather good here.”

Only with that Luo Xue Yan’s heart settled down and smiled, “Let us go to your WaiZu’s (aka maternal grandparent) house. Ever since you were aware of things, you have never seen her before. You still have two JiuJiu, three Older Brothers and one Older Sister. They are all good people so they will definitely like you.”

Luo Furen passed away very early and Luo Sui has been single for all these years. The Luo family has three siblings and Luo Xue Yan was the Youngest Sister. When Shen Miao was born the Luo family travelled all the way to the capital to see her, but after that because of the far distance between the Xiao Chun City and the capital, and since the other side cannot leave, Shen Miao and the Luo family had never met before. In the previous life Shen Miao’s impression of the Luo family was also vague so when she heard Luo Xue Yan speak of them, she smiled.

At the moment in front of the Luo family’s residence’s door, there was a crowd of people. There were commoners who came to watch the activity and also the Luo family’s people.

Luo Sui stood right at the front with two middle-aged couples behind him, and there were three youths and one young female behind the couples. Those youths had upright features and awe-inspiring presence. Even though they were young, they had the bearing of valiant Generals. That young female’s complexion was a healthy wheat colour, her eyes were almond shaped and had diamond shaped lips that with one look, one could tell that she has a bold and aggressive character. She tugged the youth beside and asked, “Eldest Brother, what do you say of the kind of person that Biao Younger Sister is?”

The youth that she was pulling had a good temper and warmly said, “Of course she is not a bad person.”

“What not bad? Can not you speak clearer?” The young female was unforgiving, “Only look pretty. You look at all those Young Ladies that came to our Xiao Chun City from the Ding capital, each one of them were beautiful but their character was so delicate that it made one feel hateful. Furthermore, the Young Lady who came to this City to visit said that she knew Biao Younger Sister.” Her voice was lowered down but one was able to hear her crisp voice, “One heard that Biao Younger Sister’s reputation is not good.”

“Tan-er.” A strict voice interrupted the young female’s words, it was Luo Sui who spoke and fiercely glared at the young female, Tan-er. The young lady quickly stood up straight and stuck her tongue out and no longer spoke.

She did not speak but the youngest youth, who seemed to be more lively, came over and pulled Tan-er’s hand, “YeYe (aka Grandfather) is biased. This Biao Younger Sister has just come and he is already protecting her to this level. I want to see what kind of character this Biao Younger Sister is.”

Shen Xin was often at the Northwestern region fighting battles and would often pass through the Xiao Chun City on the way, thus they would come over every year so Shen Qiu and the Luo family were acquainted. If one were speak of what the Luo family was interested in, it would most probably be Shen Miao, who they had not seen since her birth. The vastness under Heavens was big and also small. Occasionally there would also be officials that were demoted that would come over, so they were also aware of the Ding capital’s rumours. In the course of time, what kind of person Shen Miao was, that idiotic Di daughter as the rumours said, it was spread all over in this Xiao Chun City.

Knowing one by reputation was not as good as meeting the person. To finally have the opportunity to meet today, many commoners surrounded the area, and it seem that majority of them wanted just to see how did Shen Miao actually look like.
Just as this young female and youth were whispering, an entourage and a carriage slowly came over and the one leading was Shen Xin, with Shen Qiu and the rest following while behind them was a troop of soldiers.

“Father.” Shen Xin dismounted and Shen Qiu also quickly followed and ran over to Luo Sui with a smile, “WaiZu.”

Luo Sui’s eyes gave the father and son a swipe before landing on the horse carriage. After all when one see too often one will not relish it, what Luo Sui wanted to see the most was still his granddaughter.

A slightly rounded Furen smiled and said warmly, “XiaoGu (aka husband’s younger sister) and Jiao Jiao should be in the horse carriage. One fear that they are very tired after such a long journey.”

When the voice sounded, one saw the curtain of the horse carriage opening and Jing Zhe and Gu Yu supported Luo Xue Yan out, before Luo Xue Yan held her hand towards the carriage and brought a little young lady out.

That young lady bend over and disembarked from the horse carriage. When she raised her head, a charming and pretty face was revealed and when she turned around she was already dragged to the front by Luo Xue Yan, “Jiao Jiao, we have returned home.”

That young female, by the name of Tan-er, opened her mouth but did not speak.
Xiao Chun City’s sandy winds were large and dry, thus the females’ complexion would be darker. It was rare to see a fair complexion, not to mention this fair young female. That young female had very delicate features and because of her snow white complexion, she was like a painting. Black brows and eyes, small nose and red moist lips.

But the thing that made others amazed was her bearing. Luo Xue Yan held her hands and she looked like a very delicate young lady. Under Luo Xue Yan’s valiant and formidable air, she did not look at all weak but even seemed more dignified and noble, as if she was the leading character instead.

The surrounding commoners and the Luo family’s people were somewhat dumbfounded.
When one saw another it was to see the other’s bearing. Appearance was important but aptitude was the most important for women aside from beauty. This Shen family’s young lady’s bearing was much more impressive than her appearance.

She took each step with Luo Xue Yan forward till they reached in front of Luo Sui. Luo Sui was tall and big and had deep features. As compared to Shen Xin’s ruggedness, he appeared to be much more serious and unreasonable. He frowned as he stared at Shen Miao. With this kind of cold appearance, if those young ladies who were a little less courageous saw it, they would directly cry in fear. Shen Miao looked like a delicate young lady from the Ding capital, so everyone thought that she would certainly be frightened. Tan-er and the youth beside had their lips hooked up as if watching a show.

Shen Miao raised her head and looked face to face at Luo Sui. Her facial features were smooth and her body was soft, apparently not nervous because of Luo Sui’s reaction. Her gaze was calm and she even slightly smiled like the attitude of a superior to a subordinate, and startled Luo Sui for a moment.
‘Like the attitude of a superior to a subordinate’.

The Luo family was like the city lord of the Xiao Chun City, where would there be a superior?

Luo Sui froze for a moment before suddenly laughing. His laughter made the surrounded nervous people surprised. Luo Sui patted Shen Miao’s head and said with a loud warm energy, “Girl, why are you not greeting me?”

“WaiZu (aka maternal grandparent).” Shen Miao gently answered.

Luo Xue Yan then was relieved. Luo Sui was different from Shen Xin, Shen Xin spoiled Shen Miao to Heavens, but Luo Sui has been a stern father since forever. Even she was a bit afraid of Luo Sui when she was young. Now that Luo Sui was much older, he was not as dignified as before but his habit of scaring young ladies was unchanged. One fear that he would scare Shen Miao, but fortunately Shen Miao’s response was not that big so Luo Xue Yan’s was somewhat proud.

Not only Shen Miao’s attitude made Luo Xue Yan feel relieved, but at the same time it made the surrounding people surprised. The young ladies from the Ding capital seemed to only know how to weep endlessly and lead an extravagant life. Tan-er said unconvincing to the youth beside, “Must be pretending not to be afraid.”

The oldest youth of them, who also had the best temper, was however looking at Shen Miao thoughtfully and did not speak.

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