Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 112 (Part 2)

So… The good news is that Part 1 is updated with the edited version and the bad news is the edited version for this post is not ready yet… It will be up soon…

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 112: Request for Commander (Part 2)

When Xie Jing Xing walked pass the courtyard, he happened to meet with Xie Chang Wu and Xie Chang Chao. Both of them saw him and immediately stopped and saluted him respectfully, “Eldest Brother.”

Towards these two people, Xie Jing Xing always turned a blind eye to them and it was the same today. Just as he was about to leave, he was stopped by Xie Chang Chao which spoke with some complacent, “Have not seen Eldest Brother for a long time and do not know what Eldest Brother is busy with. During the hunt a few days ago, one wanted to go with Eldest Brother but it was Father that let us follow the Liu Fu Daren’s banquet, thus one regret for not going.”

These days Xie Ding had been bringing Xie Chang Wu and Xie Chang Chao to many banquets of fellow official colleagues, and everyone knew that Xie Ding wanted to bring his two sons into officialdom.

Speaking of which Xie Chang Wu and Xie Chang Chao were Shu sons thus their qualifications were not as good as Xie Jing Xing. If it was not that Xie Jing Xing remained frivolous and refused to enter officialdom, everyone knew that it would not be their turn. But because of Princess Yu Qing, Xie Jing Xing has been in disagreement with Xie Ding for many years. If the father and son relationship was like ice, how could it be repaired?

Xie Chang Wu was more modest than Xie Chang Chao but even so, his eyes could not conceal the contentment, “Eldest Brother can also come along. With Eldest Brother’s virtues with both the pen and the sword, it would open the eyes of all the Darens and it would be much easier to enter officialdom.”

Xie Chang Chao and Xie Chang Wu had long understood Xie Jing Xing’s temperament and knew how haughty he was. The more they said such things, the more it was not possible for him to enter officialdom. It was not possible to exceed Xie Jing Xing in terms of winning Xie Ding’s favour, but civil officials cared more about appearance thus even if one was far from Xie Jing Xing, one can easily push Xie Jing Xing down and naturally could not help but wag one’s tail up high.

Xie Jing Xing heard him and smirked as he looked at them before suddenly questioned, “Very pleased with oneself?”

Xie Chang Chao and Xie Chang Wu were surprised for a moment but Xie Jing Xing had already left. The glare of contempt however landed in both of their eyes.

Watching Xie Jing Xing far away figure, Xie Chang Chao hatefully said, “What kind of thing this is! Who does he think he is!”

Xie Chang Wu expression was sinister, “There will be a day where I will step on him!”

When Xie Jing Xing returned to the room, there were two people waiting in it. One was a middle-aged man with a bearded face, and the other was a young one with straight eyebrows.

That middle aged bearded man asked, “Master, you really want…”

Xie Jing Xing sat down in front of the table and waved his hands.”

“Xie Chang Chao and Xie Chang Wu…” The slightly younger one said, “Why not…” Speaking till the end, there was a murderous look.

“No need. It would only complicate things if actions are taken now.” Xie Jing Xing interrupted his words, “Without me, Xie Chang Chao and Xie Chang Wu would not do anything to Xie Ding. As for Madam Fang…” He sneered, “Leave it be.”

Both of them bowed and complied. Xie Jing Xing brought a memorandum from his sleeves and that was the copy with the request for commander from today’s morning from His Majesty.

At the end he still have to take this step.


The first ray of sunlight shone through the carved window and onto the table. Shen Miao was sitting at the table without moving.

Jing Zhe carried a silver basin in and jumped in shock as she entered, “Why is Young Lady up this early today?”

Shen Miao did not speak as Jing Zhe walked over. The oil lamp on the desk was exhausted and on Shen Miao’s fair and clean face, there was a slight darkness under her eyes. Jing Zhe was stunned for a moment and exclaimed, “Could it be that Young Lady did not sleep the entire night?”

Shen Miao shook her head and pressed her forehead tiredly.

She had been sitting here the entire night.

Xie Jing Xing’s prompt made her feel more puzzled. She did not know what Shen Yuan had given to Fu Xiu Yi, but knew that it was something that was disadvantages to the Shen family. And that ‘retreat’ word was the route that she did not want the Shen family to embark. Thus how to be rid of this dilemma?

Jing Zhe said, “No matter how worried Young Lady is, one must not torture one’s body like this. Master and Furen will be in anguish if they saw this, so Young Lady better eat something before resting. Young Lady’s features looked not good, if Young Lady is the first one to collapse then what can be done?”

At this time Shen Miao felt somewhat empty in her tummy. She had been thinking for the entire night and was a little dizzy so she said, “Pour some porridge. I will sleep for a while after eating. Do not mention this matter to others.”

Jing Zhe complied and walked briskly out to the kitchens to bring Shen Miao’s meal over. Shen Miao stood up as she wanted to wash her face with the warm water. She was only done halfway when she heard footsteps outside as Jing Zhe ran back in.

“How come so fast?” Shen Miao was somewhat surprised. There was a distance between the little kitchen to here that even if Jing Zhe ran there, one would still have to wait for a few more moments.

“Young Lady, it is not good.” Jing Zhe was in some panic as she spoke, “Someone from the Palace came and summoned Master, Furen and Young Master to enter the Palace immediately!”

The handkerchief in Shen Miao hands fell into the basin. She settled her state of mind and said, “I will go and look.”

In the courtyard the eunuch who came from the Palace had repeated Emperor Wen Hui’s words, and was currently speaking to Shen Xin. These people would often be polite when meeting the Formidable Great General but today their attitude was not clear. Sometimes one was able to tell the master’s attitude through the messenger, and obviously this trip to the Palace was not a good thing at all.

When Shen Miao came out, there was not only Shen Xin, Luo Xue Yan and Shen Qiu in the courtyard but the other households were also present. Even Old Shen Furen brought Shen Yuan Bo out. Seeing such a scene, Old Shen Furen did not show any concern but looked on coldly, fearing that it would invite trouble for herself so she gave an appearance of avoidance.

It was Shen Wan who said to the eunuch, “One dare to ask what the matter is for His Majesty to summon Eldest Brother to the Palace?”

That eunuch gaze was up in the skies, “This one is acting accordingly to His Majesty’s words, and this one do not know what is His Majesty’s intention. Daren, it is better to quickly follow this one into the Palace.” He urged Shen Xin to quickly leave.

When Shen Qiu saw Shen Miao walking over, he was somewhat anxious and quickly pulled Shen Miao over and said, “Younger Sister, why did you come over?” Seeing Shen Miao looking over, he quickly comforted her, “Younger Sister rest assured, His Majesty is only summoning us to the Palace to discuss about military matters, and we will return quickly. Upon returning, Eldest Brother will bring you to eat candied fruit.”

He was afraid of scaring Shen Miao but did not know that in Shen Miao’s eyes, this kind of scenario was even more suspicious. To summon Shen Xin, Luo Xue Yan and even Shen Qiu into the Palace and even though she was not brought along, people would know that the people going were leading figures of the Shen family army, so the matter was related to the Shen family army. Now that the Shen family’s military power was a hot potato, everything must be done very carefully when military power was involved.

At this time, if Shen Miao were to show fear then it would only not help, but would let Luo Xue Yan and the rest feel more burden. Thus Shen Miao smiled, “Really? Eldest Brother must be true to one’s word.”

Seeing Shen Miao as such, Shen Qiu was then relieved. Shen Qiu knew that Shen Miao was smart, but did not want Shen Miao to be involved in matters of the court. Moreover the matter of the courts were never worth one person, and would often involve numerous casualties, thus how could it be that clear.

Luo Xue Yan and Shen Xin also comforted Shen Miao, “Jiao Jiao stay in the residence and do not go anywhere. When Father and Mother return, we will bring Jiao Jiao out to make new clothes for Spring.”

Shen Miao also complied and watched as that eunuch left with Shen Xin and entourage.

Chen Rou Qiu pulled Shen Wan’s hands and said worriedly, “Why suddenly summon Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao into the Palace? Is it that something happened?”

Shen Wan shook his head and Shen Gui said, “Eldest Brother’s limelight is too bright and unable to conduct himself with others in court. One fear that if a mishap happens, there would not be anyone who will speak for him.” This words were loaded with meanings. Shen Gui meant that if Shen Xin really got into trouble, Shen Gui and Shen Wan would not be sending charcoal in the snowy weather.

Shen Miao laughed coldly in her heard. One could only hear Shen Yue speaking timidly, “Then if Eldest Bo got into a mishap, it should be a big thing to take them all away. Will it implicate us all?”

“How would it implicate Yue-er?” Shen Gui smiled, “If this implicate Yue-er then the one who will bear the brunt of it is Little Five.”

Shen Gui’s words were malicious. After his son’s funeral, Shen Gui’s career was not smooth and he originally envied that Shen Xin’s rank was higher than him, and had more prestige than him. Now seeing Shen Xin in misfortune, naturally he was overjoyed and even hoped that Shen Xin would be overturned with this case, and would not appear in front of him.

A flash of rejoice in others misfortune appeared in Shen Yue’s eyes as she looked sympathetically at Shen Miao, “Would not Fifth Younger Sister be very pitiful?”

Shen Miao did not get angry but smiled instead as she spoke lightly, “The servants in the Palace do not know the intention of His Majesty, but it seems that both ShuShus are able to completely see through His Majesty’s mind.” She looked at Shen Gui, “Second Shu have such incredible foresight that if the matter is spread to His Majesty’s ears, His Majesty would appreciate Second Shu’s ability to understand other’s views. There are not many officials that have such connected thoughts, it can be comparable to Wei Daren of the previous dynasty.”

When the words were spoken, Shen Wan’s and Shen Gui’s face slightly discoloured. What was the most taboo thing of an Emperor? It was the nonsense speculation from the officials of the Emperor’s intention. Shen Miao’s words would be pushing that Shen Gui and Shen Wan could see clearly Emperor Wen Hui’s mind, and what kind of intention was this? She even insinuated the previous dynasty’s Wei Daren. Wei Daren of the previous dynasty was the confidant of the Emperor and with just a look from the Emperor, he was able to know what the Emperor wanted to do. When that Emperor’s position was not stable, he would jointly control many objecting ministers with Wei Daren, but at the end when the Emperor had a strong grip on power, Wei Daren was bestowed a death sentence.

Not one monarch would like to have their thoughts be understood clearly by officials. If one were to understand clearly, then there would not be any revering and without that, perhaps there would be a day when the knife would be on their throat.

This is the Imperial family and they are the most suspicious. Just one sentence could determine life and death.

Shen Miao’s sentence made Shen Gui’s and Shen Wan’s faces change colour, and they dared not even refute with an excuse, for fear that if these words were spread and heard by Emperor Wen Hui, they would not know how big a trouble they would be bringing to themselves. Both of them were secretly scared, as they did not know where did Shen Miao learn such a skill to be able to hang such a big hat onto someone, with just a sentence.

In the past such exaggerated words were usually Mei Furen’s means. At this moment Shen Miao was overtly anxious by Shen Gui’s words, and did not want to verbally spare with them here. The most urgent task on hand was to think of a solution to solve the matter.

Old Shen Furen had watched enough show, and was not willing to see her son be at a disadvantage and coldly scoffed, “Only give the Shen family trouble!” She kept thinking about the matter of Shen Xin wanting to separate from the family but now with this matter, the separation would be postponed. Old Shen Furen was thinking that even if Shen Xin fell into misfortune and only the First household was implicated, did it meant that the assets of the First household will fall into her hands? Thinking of them, a look of greed appeared on her face.

Shen Miao’s heart was extremely disgusted. This entire house of people were putting on a performance of ‘throwing stones at one who fell down a well’. In all the despicable people in the world, the Shen family would definitely be in the top ranks.

Wan YiNiang was pulling Shen Dong Ling’s hand and hiding at the back, not daring to say anything at such a situation. Even though Ren Wan Yun was awake, she did not come out of Cai Yun Yuan thus did not appear today. Shen Dong Ling said softly, “But how would Eldest Bo fall into any mishap? Eldest Bo is not in the Ding capital all year, so could it be because he had won the war previously, and there are additional rewards?” Shen Dong Ling’s words were to ease the situation, thus Shen Yue was not happy with her words. Old Shen Furen also displayed some unhappiness, and only Shen Miao was slightly surprised.

Not in the Ding capital all year round?

Yes, Shen Xin and wife and also Shen Qiu were fighting in the bitter winter in the Northwestern region all year round, and just returned to the Ding capital. So it was not possible that the criminal charge would be at the Ding capital. Moreover yesterday Consort Xu Xian and Consort Dong Shu were all asking about living in Xiao Chun City. Why would one ask about Xiao Chun City lifestyle without a good cause? Shen Miao would not believe that those delicate females in the Palace were interested in the remote Northwestern region.

There must be some relation. If it was not in the Ding capital then what were the charges?

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