Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 111 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 111: Encountering In The Palace Again (Part 2)

Upon reaching the Palace doors, there were palace maids long waiting to take over and upon seeing Shen Miao and Luo Xue Yan, they automatically led them in. On the way over, Luo Xue Yan asked the female official which Ladyship invited them over, but that female official only smiled and did not answer, indicating they would know once they reach.

At this moment in the Guang Yao Palace, there were two female dressed in magnificent clothes laughing and talking. The female at the left side had an immortal hair style with red embroidered gold palace robes. She looked gorgeous in it and her features were charming. Even though she was speaking as she smiled, her eyes were not distracted and were not at all respectful to the female at the side. Even though she had such gestures, the female by her side was not angry at all and instead smiled in reply. This female was wearing a beige plum long dress and her features were not as outstanding as the female on the left, but was gentle and polite thus she also looked elegant.

These two people were not others but the Palace Consorts that Shen Miao and Mother came to the Palace for. The female on the left clad in red palace robes was Consort Xu Xian and the elegant female on the right was Consort Dong Shu.

“It is fine for His Majesty to let us invite Shen Furen, why must the Shen Young Lady be brought over?” Consort Xu Xian was somewhat impatient, “Still not arrive after such a long time. Really putting up such an act!”

“The General residence is not far from the Palace.” Consort Dong Shu smiled, “Older Sister must be anxious.”

Consort Xu Xiang laughed, “Younger Sister is used to be a good person.” She suddenly thought about something and smiled narrowly, “Speaking of which, that Young Shen Lady is also in love with Ninth Highness. Can it be that you are very satisfied with her and thus is this protective?”

Consort Dong Shu’s expression slightly lagged before she laughed, “Older Sister really know how to joke. It is just that… Since His Majesty want both of us to come, it is best to do what is appropriate. That Fifth Shen Young Lady is only following her Mother, so the palace maid can bring her out after a while.”

Since Emperor Wen Hui’s name was used, the domineering Consort Xu Xian could not say anything more. Just as she wanted to say some sarcastic words, she suddenly saw her own female official coming in. Consort Xu Xian asked, “Arrived?”

The female official nodded and in a short while Luo Xue Yan and Shen Miao walked in. They first bowed to the two Ladyships before Shen Miao stood to Luo Xue Yan’s side her head lowered and not looking up. One could only hear a slightly timid voice, “Shen Furen, this must be your daughter, raise the head to let Bengong look.”

Shen Miao paused before slowly raising her head. Just as she met the gazes of the two female who were sizing her up, she saw who was sitting at the right side, her heart tightened and her blood could not help but start boiling.

Consort Xu Xian on the left was the Consort Mother of Prince Zhou and Prince Jing, and Consort Dong Shu on the right was Fu Xiu Yi’s birth mother. At this time Consort Dong Shu smiled and said to Consort Xu Xian, “What a neat child. So clean and tidy, with one look one can see the fortunate features.”

‘Fortunate features’. Shen Miao only felt her heart being blocked. Consort Dong Shu looked at her gently, and those who were not aware would put the vigilance of their hearts down with her attitude.

Consort Dong Shu was not favoured and there were innumerable females by Emperor Wen Hui’s side, those were with background, talent, beauty and personality. Consort Dong Shu was gentle, did not fight for anything, did not snatch anything and just by relying on a word ‘Stable’ she was able to sit on the position of the four consorts. On the surface it looked like the one with the lowest position among the four consorts was her, but Shen Miao knew that Consort Dong Shu was not in any means an innocent woman like her appearance said.

In the beginning when Shen Miao married to Fu Xiu Yi, Consort Dong Shu also praised her of having ‘fortunate features that bring prosperity to the husband’ but when Fu Xiu Yi was gradually assisted up, Consort Dong Shu started treating her lukewarmly, and when she returned from the Qin country, as an Empress Dowager, Consort Dong Shu stood at the same side as Mei Furen. In Consort Dong Shu’s eyes, she was only a chess piece that pulled the Shen family over, and it was also a vulgar chess piece that cannot be seen in public. So later when Fu Xiu Yi wanted to abolish the Crown Prince, Consort Dong Shu was the first one who came forward to push Fu Shen up.

She quickly lowered her head and covered the touch of hatred that appeared in her eyes.

Consort Xu Xian and Consort Dong Shu however thought that Shen Miao was shy, thus Consort Xu Xian casually asked, “How old this year?”

“Replying Your Ladyship,” Shen Miao softly said, “This female subject is fourteen.”

“Fourteen…” Consort Xu Xian thought for a moment before smiling, “Not long later, one can be married.”

This unthoughtful sentence made Luo Xue Yan nervous, and now she was most worried about Shen Miao. A female’s marriage was the most important for one’s entire life, so if Shen Miao’s marriage was controlled by the people in the Palace… Luo Xue Yan’s face became ugly. Seeing Luo Xue Yan being that affectionate, Consort Xu Xian laughed and said, “Shen Furen need not be this nervous. Is one afraid that Bengong will match make for Young Lady Shen?”

Luo Xue Yan quickly said, “This female subject do not dare!”

“Rest assure.” Consort Xu Xian said, “Even if Bengong really match make for others, it would not be anything like linking mandarin ducks together, and would definitely ask Young Lady’s thoughts. Speaking of which…” Consort Xu Xian looked at Shen Miao and smiled maliciously, “Young Lady Shen, is there someone you like?”

Everyone knew that Shen Miao was in love with Fu Xiu Yi, and to ask Shen Miao if she had anyone she like in front of Consort Dong Shu (aka Fu Xiu Yi’s mother) was to make Consort Dong Shu embarrassed. Consort Xu Xian relied on the favour of Emperor Wen Hui to be arrogant and domineering and among the four consorts, Consort Dong Shu was easiest to bully, so Consort Xu Xian took advantage of it and seemed to enjoy it.

“Thanking Your Ladyship’s good intentions, this female subject do not have anyone one likes.” Shen Miao said as her head drooped down.

Consort Xu Xian found that it was somewhat boring and also felt that Shen Miao was articulate, unlike the idiot that was in the rumours and not someone to poke fun at. She waved her hands, “Never mind. Do not have, then do not have.”

Luo Xue Yan became even more cautious. As long as it is relevant to Shen Miao, she could not help but pay a hundred and twenty percent more attention. Just as she was thinking, she heard Consort Dong Shu laughing words, “Furen need not have to be nervous, today us sisters invite you all to enter the Palace just to talk about the daily happenings in the family.” After pausing she then continued, “Us sisters would not go to the Northwestern region, and since it is a fairy tale that Furen followed the General during the expedition, we were curious of the Northwestern region and invited Furen to come over and speak about it.”

Consort Dong Shu’s voice was warm and gentle, as if it was a spring breeze comforting the heart. Luo Xue Yan however did not relaxed and Shen Miao was instead more suspicious. One knew that there must be other intentions to be entering the Palace today, and it might be that Emperor Wen Hui was trying to enquire about a method. Emperor Wen Hui found Consort Xu Xian and Consort Dong Shu useful, one of them was domineering, the other was gentle and soft. With a soft and hard approach, it would be easy to make one confuse and involuntarily spill some information.

Shen Miao’s heart was somewhat worried.

“Many thanks to Your Ladyship fondness.” Luo Xue Yan also smiled, “it is just that the northern area is boring and fear that Your Ladyships would not be happy hearing about it.”

“There is no harm.” Consort Dong Shu smiled, “Since we invited you over, then one will not be afraid of being boring.” Her voice suddenly paused and looked over at Shen Miao as though she suddenly remembered something.”

Fu Xiu Yi knew that the Emperor wanted them to sound out Luo Xue Yan, and also know that Luo Xue Yan was to bring Shen Miao over as a warning. He has briefed her yesterday that if Shen Miao was present, she had to send Shen Miao away during the discussion. Fu Xiu Yi was Consort Dong Shu’s son, so naturally Consort Dong Shu would not doubt but… In any case, she was unable to see what was worth guarding against this dauntless young lady.

Shen Miao’s head droop down and one was unable to see clearly her expression. She could only hear Consort Dong Shu speaking, “But it would be too boring for little girls to listen to the interesting things we talk about. Tong Yao, bring Fifth Young Lady Shen around the garden and to the dwelling area when one becomes tried to have some snacks. Take good care of her.”

Although Consort Xu Xian was somewhat surprised, she thought that it was Emperor Wen Hui’s intention and since there was no impact on her so of course she did not refute. Luo Xue Yan’s heart was restless as she felt that it was the most ideal for Shen Miao to be in front of her, but now she realised that the conversation with the two Consorts was not really a casual chat. At least… In the broad daylight, these people would not dare to do anything to Shen Miao.

After such thoughts, her heart settled as she smiled to Shen Miao, “Jiao Jiao, follow the female official around the gardens. Once Mother has finished speaking to Her Ladyships, Mother will look for you.”

Shen Miao did not decline but her heart was not happy about it, as why would there be a need to drive her away. She naturally could just be spoilt and not leave here but that would be too deliberate. Could it be that she had caused others to doubt her, so they did not want her to listen to their conversation? The person who was speaking was Consort Dong Shu and it was the first meeting between them… Could it be that Fu Xiu Yi had warned Consort Dong Shu? This thought flashed in Shen Miao’s mind.

But she did not say anything and respectfully got up to bid farewell to Consort Xu Xian and the rest, and followed Tong Yao outside.

Female Official Tong Yao brought her to the garden to walk. There were gardens seen everywhere in the Palace, probably because it was repaired for the Consorts, they were very beautiful. It was that Shen Miao had no mood to appreciate them. She was more familiar than anyone else of every inch of the land here, and even know which flower grew and how it looked, so how would she still be interested to listen?

Female Official Tong Yao saw she was inattentive and said, “If Young Lady Shen is tired, this servant will bring you to the dwelling area for a sit. There will be some snacks there.”

Shen Miao nodded her head. Halfway there, when the dwelling area was seen, a little eunuch ran out anxiously and said a few words to Tong Yao’s ears. Tong Yao then said apologetically to Shen Miao, “The dwelling area is in the room in front. May Young Lady Shen go in first. This servant will quickly return after sending some stuff.”

Shen Miao nodded her head and was not bothered by it. The dwelling area was just in front and there are guards everywhere in the Palace so she did not fear that something would happen. She herself did come here before and would be very clear about it.

Walking to the room, she opened the doors and walked in. When the doors closed by themselves with a ‘Pa’ sound, Shen Miao’s heart quivered and before she could react, a pair of hands covered her mouth from behind. Shen Miao did not even think when she bit down and fiercely ramped her elbow back.

One heard a hiss sound behind before a gasp of air, and her hands were held by the person so tightly that she could not move them anymore. A familiar voice sounded which a somewhat repressed anger, “Shen Miao, are you a shrew?”

Shen Miao was slightly surprise when the person behind loosened the hands. When she turned over and looked at the person opposite, Xie Jing Xing was touching his hands and looked slightly irritated. But… What Shen Miao cared was not this.

Different from his usual frivolous and dissolute manner, today he was actually wearing a crimson edged official attire with exquisite cufflinks and long green boots. The sharp arrogance look was very different from previous. Shen Miao had never seen him like this before and was staring blankly (Translator: Oh really?).

Xie Jing Xing locked the door before turning around, and crossed his arms to look at her with a look of settling scores at an opportune moment.

However Shen Miao was not afraid of him and only frowned as she spoke, “What are you here for?”

“Came out of the Palace, thought that it might be you, so one came over to take a look and it is really true.” Xie Jing Xing said it very easily, “The Emperor summoned your Father to the Palace?”

Shen Miao’s heart jumped, “What did that mean?”

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