Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 97 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 97: Evil Sao Arrived Again (Part 2)

In the Western courtyard, Shen Miao passed ten pieces of bank notes to Mo Qing.

“Go to Bao Xiang Lou and look for a Young Lady by the name of Liu Ying. I have already inquired that a hundred liang (ancient currency) taels would be enough to buy one night of hers. Take the money and sit with her for a night and do not do anything at all. Go back there once every three days.” Shen Miao said.

When Mo Qing heard the tree words ‘Bao Xiang Lou’, his face became somewhat green, and when he heard that Shen Miao wanted him to head there to look for that whatever Young Lady Liu Ying, his face changed from green to red and delayed in taking the bank notes and looked at Shen Miao, “Young… Young Lady, you are joking with this subordinate.”

“When have you seen me joking with others?” Shen Miao had a serious face on. Mo Qing thought a little, since he had known Shen Miao till now, she was very methodical and did not play any jokes on others before.

But… It was too outrageous to want him to go to a brothel. Mo Qing shook his head and whimpered as his face blushed, “Young Lady, This… Subordinate… Why does this subordinate need to go to Bao Xiang Lou?”

Shen Miao looked at him. Speaking of which, even after following her for so long in her past life, she had not seen Mo Qing involved with any young lady. After being a clean male for so many years, she had thought that it was due to the many palace rules, but who knew that this temperament of Mo Qing and his humming and hawing would be like a Commanding Guard?

She said, “Get you to go then you should just go. If that Young Lady Liu Ying ask you why do you do so, you should not say anything. In short, listen carefully, just be a mute.”

Mo Qing, “…”

Seeing that Mo Qing still had a look on reluctance on, Shen Miao said sternly, “You do not even listen to my words anymore?”

“This subordinate dare not!” Mo Qing quickly said. After saying that, he felt some frustration as he was an eight Chi (1 Chi = 1 foot) of a true man and considered to have little opponents under Shen Qiu’s troops. Why was his heart panicking when Shen Miao roared? It was reasonable to say that he was here to protect Shen Miao, but when he was under Shen Qiu, he was not so cautious with him. Could it be that after he had followed Shen Miao, his sense of servitude had become this strong?

One was still puzzled after much thought but heard that Shen Miao continued speaking, “I heard that Young Lady Liu Ying is heavenly charming, and have lots of tricks and means that there were countless who had fallen to the stones beneath her dress. Even though she was not considered the symbol of Bao Xiang Lou, she is still a very popular Young Lady. I selected you because one knows that you are an upright gentleman and also have a strong resolve. Letting you sit for a night meant sitting for the entire night. Do not take advantage of the opportunity to do other things. If the matter is mucked up then you no longer need to stay in the Shen family’s army anymore.”

Mo Qing’s face turned green and then red as he had never ever felt this hard-pressed before. Disregarding the fact that Shen Miao had said it that explicitly, she actually used a gaze to closely examine his entire body, and stopped for a moment at that particular area at his waist. If it was not that Shen Miao was the mistress, one feared that Mo Qing would have turned around and leave in a huff. He felt like weeping but had no tears, and did not know how did Shen Miao develop such a temperament. To look at him that openly, Mo Qing felt like he was a piece of pork on the chopping board.

Seeing that Mo Qing face has turned purple, Shen Miao then let him go with a wave, “Go then. Remember what I have said.”

Mo Qing ran out like a wisp of smoke. Jing Zhe was returning back from outside and spoke when she saw him, “What is with Guard Mo? He seems to be in great pain. What happened?” Mo Qing had always worked calm and composed and it was the first time seeing him in such tough straits.

“Nothing, just embarrassed.” Shen Miao said, “How about the matter of inquiry?”

Just as Jing Zhe was curious what Shen Miao was referring to when she said embarrassed, she heard her question and answered, “Have inquired clearly. The Biao Young Lady and Biao Young Master of Old Furen’s maiden family would be arriving two days later.”

“Really?” Shen Miao lightly smiled, “Is that Biao Young Lady’s name Jing Chu Chu?”

“How does Young Lady know?” Jing Zhe was surprised.

Shen Miao did not speak as she lowered her head to cover the killing desire in her eyes. Naturally she knew. She was her previous life’s… Eldest Sao.


Two days later the skies were clear, Shen Miao woke up early and saw Shen Qiu and Shen Xin sparring swords out at the courtyard. The day was cold but both of them were drenched in sweat, and the guards that were surrounding them were secretly applauding. Just as the spirits were at the highest, one saw Old Shen Furen’s maid, Xi-er, running over and mention that Old Shen Furen wanted everyone to head over to Rong Jing Tang quickly, as her maiden family’s Biao Young Lady and Biao Young Master had arrived.

Shen Qiu scratched his head and said oddly, “Which Biao Young Lady and Biao Young Master? Why do I not know.”

Luo Xue Yan on the contrary quickly understood, “It is the Old TaiTai’s side of relatives. Previously one had never heard of them before, one do not know why they suddenly came over.”

Shen Xin had no reaction to this. Old Shen Furen was his stepmother but Old Shen Furen’s background had determined that she could not be seen in public, moreover after so many years, there were no news of her maiden family’s side and one only knew that they were SuZhou people. But for the junior generation to come to the Ding capital from afar, and also to be valued by Old Shen Furen this much, they could only go up and put up a show.

Shen Qiu put down the sword and went back with Shen Xin to change to another set of clothes but when he looked back, he saw Shen Miao standing at the doors with a hard and cold look on her face. He could not help but walk over to ask, “Why is Younger Sister suddenly unhappy? Just now it was still all good.”

Shen Miao recovered to her senses and looked at Shen Qiu as she smiled, “It is of no matter.”

There were already people that reached Rong Jing Tang and one could heard Old Shen Furen’s laughter. Ever since Shen Qing’s accident, Old Shen Furen had been putting on a sullen face and had not been this happy, thus Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan were somewhat surprised. When the few of them stepped into Rong Jing Tang, they saw that Chen Rou Qiu’s and Shen Gui’s households were all present and at the moment there was a male and female standing in front of Old Shen Furen. When Old Shen Furen saw that Shen Xin and the rest came, she said to the two of them, “This is your Dao Bo Fu’s family.” And said to Shen Xin, “This is my Brother’s grandson and granddaughter, Guan Sheng and Chu Chu.”

Jing Guan Sheng. Jing Chu Chu.

When the two of them heard this, they quickly turned and greeted Shen Xin and entourage in a rush.

Shen Miao stood there without moving and calmly sized the two of them up.

Jing Guan Sheng was eighteen and Jing Chu Chu was sixteen this year. They were all at the peak of their youth. Jing Guan Sheng looked ordinary and was slightly fat but his complexion was fair and had some literary air. He wore a plain brown robe and the material was considered of a good quality, tailored fittingly and in good taste. It was just that his pair of eyes had some shrewdness in them which wiped off that little literary air.

However this Jing Chu Chu really looked not bad. Perhaps Old Shen Furen’s maiden family was naturally good looking, as Jing Chu Chu actually had some similarity with Old Shen Furen, like that look of a pretty daughter from a humble family, but the sharpness that Old Shen Furen had when she was young was much more restrained on Jing Chu Chu. The light green silk chiffon dress and the green lotus colour jacket were particularly exquisite. Those flowery colours and moonlight appearance made her look pretty but she was very shy and bashful. Even though she spoke and greeted, her eyes were always staring straight on the ground as she dared not raise her head to look at others.

When they were greeting Shen Miao, Shen Miao smiled, “Why is BiaoJie only look at the floor? My shadow is not on the floor.”

Jing Chu Chu was stumped and raised her head as she looked at her at a complete lost before looking at Old Shen Furen again. Old Shen Furen suddenly frowned and said, “Chu Chu just arrived here and is afraid of strangers. Fifth Girl be more courteous.”

Old Shen Furen did not have the least qualm to shield one’s shortcomings and at the same time Shen Xin and the few changed their expressions. They would not let Shen Miao feel wronged by unknown relatives that did not have a strand of blood relations, so their initial impression of Jing Chu Chu immediately cooled down.

Old Shen Furen was unaware of it but Shen Yuan frowned and quietly glanced at Shen Miao.

Shen Miao said beaming, “Afraid of strangers? No problem. Stay a few more days and one would not be afraid anymore. One would get familiar with this place after all.”

Her words seemed cordial and had some rare kind of warm but when heard by smart people, one would not feel that that was the case. Jing Chu Chu smiled shyly at Shen Miao before lowering her head again to twist the handkerchief in her hands. It seemed that she would blush if she took an additional look. However it was Jing Guang Shen, who was standing at the side, that faced Shen Miao and smiled in a cultured and refined manner.

Shen Miao’s gaze had never fell onto Jing Guan Shen. She kept staring at Jing Chu Chu but was able to hear the grinding of her own teeth.

Jing Chu Chu was always like this, shy and bashful. Not the least scheming and always kept her head down timidly, as if everyone was able to bully her. Thus when the incident happened and one saw her and Shen Qiu lying on the bed drunk, everyone then scolded Shen Qiu worse than a beast. But who could think that this kind of young lady who looked as pure as white paper, would at the end put a green hat on Shen Qiu (aka making him a cuckold) and because of the manslaughter of the adulterer, Shen Qiu was sent to prison. All the mistakes that were made in the army after the marriage and that Shen Qiu fell off the horse and broke his leg, most likely involved Jing Chu Chu. And at the end Shen Qiu’s corpse was found in the pond by others but Jing Chu Chu fled without a trace with the First household’s money.

Nothing was more poisonous that a woman’s heart. But Shen Miao found that this rabbit like docile face in front of her, was more poisonous and sinister than a snake. Even though Shen Qiu did not like her, after marrying Jing Chu Chu, he still treated her sincerely. With Shen Qiu’s character, he would absolutely not let Jing Chu Chu suffer.

But Jing Chu Chu was a out and out white eyed wolf (aka ingrate).

Shen Miao kept on staring at Jing Chu Chu that even Shen Qiu, who was a careless one, also felt that something was wrong and asked puzzled, “Younger Sister?”

Jing Guan Shen also said, “Why is Fifth Younger Sister keep on staring at Chu Chu?”

Jing Chu Chu took a step back and nervously tilted her body to let Jing Guan Shen block Shen Miao’s line of sight, seemingly afraid. Shen Miao gently smiled, “BiaoJie is just too beautiful thus one was not careful and had overlooked.”

Shen Yue bit her lips. Now that Shen Miao’s appearance was gradually developing, she had already seized much of her limelight. Now with an additional Jing Chu Chu, her heart was extremely uncomfortable.

Jing Chu Chu blushed and softly said to Shen Miao, “Younger Sister is the one that is beautiful.”

Shen Miao smiled and did not comment.

Old Shen Furen lightly coughed twice before saying, “Since Chu Chu and Guan Shen has arrived, they are our residence’s guests. Fifth Girl and Eldest Boy, do bring them around for a spin on normal days.”

Obviously there were still Shen Yuan and Shen Yue, otherwise there was still Shen Dong Ling. There were more than Shen Miao and Shen Qiu, two grandchildren in the Shen residence but against expectations she urged both of them repeatedly. Shen Miao’s lips slightly hooked up and she glanced over at Jing Chu Chu who had her head lowered before smiling very warmly, “I naturally would take care of Older Sister.”

Her face had been delicate and pretty but in this houseful of womenfolk, there was a kind of calm air and with that slow blooming smile just now, there was an unspeakable charm. It was still alright with Jing Chu Chu but Jing Guan Sheng looked till he was silly.

Seeing Shen Miao behaving as such, Old Shen Furen was extremely satisfied. She smiled, “That being the case, you all can withdraw. I still have some things to talk with Chu Chu. After so many years of not seeing, one do not know if the family is doing well.” Old Shen Furen had a kind and devoted expression but when it landed in Chen Rou Qiu’s eyes, there was additional meaning. But she only complied respectfully and followed everyone out of Rong Jing Tang.

Outside Rong Jing Tang, Jing Guan Shen faced Shen Miao and said, “What does Fifth Younger Sister like to do at home?

Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan walked in front and did not hear this conversation, but it was Shen Qiu who heard it and vigilantly walked over to Shen Miao’s side, and looked at Jing Guan Shen without speaking.

Shen Miao gently smiled, “Nothing much, just read some books.”

“Coincidentally, I too like to read books in the residence.” Jing Guan Sheng smiled, “Most probably can teach BiaoMei a little.”

Shen Miao glanced at him and the look of contempt in her eyes was so evident that Shen Qiu also felt it. He was surprised and felt it was unexpected how was Shen Miao so unfriendly to someone she met for the first time but he only heard Shen Miao speaking, “Forget about it. One think that there would not be much books at BiaoGe’s residence to teach me… One better send over some books to BiaoGe, they are all lone copies.”

To go as far as to not disguise the dislike for the other’s poor family background made Jing Guan Sheng’s face to suddenly stiffen.

In Rong Jing Tang, Old Shen Furen was pulling Jing Chu Chu hand and said benevolently, “To have such vivid and fresh appearance at such a young age. Not sure if one had already been in a match make?”

Jing Chu Chu said softly, “Replying Old Furen, not yet.”

“That cannot be.” Old Shen Furen’s smile got much deeper, “With this kind of looks and heart, it would be good if you are able to be my Shen family’s granddaughter-in-law.”

Jing Chu Chu head was lowered and her face was even redder but her hands gradually clenched. Her Jing family was only ordinary traders and hearing that Grandfather has a sister who flourished in the Ding capital, then let them both grandchildren head to the capital, hoping for them to be supported a little. Earlier on when they reached the Shen residence, Jing Chu Chu’s eyes were blurred with the Shen residence’s riches and if she was married into the General residence, not only would she not worry about food and clothes for the rest of her life, she would also be a Furen of a big household. How would Jing Chu Chu’s heart not be excited. It was just that it was not shown on the surface.

Old Shen Furen patted her hand and smiled, “Your age is very compatible with the First one’s Qiu-er. Our Qiu-er is a Deputy General and even better thing is that he does not have any partner to marry yet.”

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