Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 96 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 96: Getting Closer (Part 2)

“Chen Rou Qiu, who are you cursing!” When Luo Xue Yan heard Chen Rou Qui’s words, she suddenly shouted angrily. She was an impatient one, it was nothing if one say anything about her, but she could not tolerate anyone saying anything bad about Shen Miao, and immediately she fell out with Chen Rou Qiu.

“Quarrel what quarrel!” Old Shen Furen who all the while had been silent spoke and glared at Luo Xue Yan, “You yourself was the one who lost Fifth daughter and still lose your temper at someone else! Second one’s family said wrongly somehow? Time has passed for so long, if Fifth daughter’s life is gone then what is the use of reputation!”

These words on the surface sounded like they were really thinking of Shen Miao, but Luo Xue Yan felt uncomfortable and subconsciously wanted to refute.

“That is correct Eldest Shen.” Shen Yuan also spoke, “Even if one do not report to the authorities, as the Shen family guards keep making such a big ruckus looking for people, one fear that by tomorrow there will be others that have guessed the truth. At that time, what is the difference between reporting and not reporting to the authorities?”

Shen Yuan already view Shen Miao as an eyesore and would be content with nothing less than her destruction. He currently had not yet take action and Shen Miao herself had encounter a misfortune, how could he get by if he did not pour oil onto the fire?

Shen Gui was even happier, but he was not used to standing out, and only showed some regret as he said, “Ai, little Five is a good child, how could one meet with such a matter. Eldest Brother, do you have any enemies?” The person Shen Gui hated the most was no other than Shen Xin. The more meritorious Shen Xin’s achievements were, the more it suppressed him thus if Shen Miao had an accident because of Shen Xin, then Shen Xin would feel guilty for the rest of his life, so Shen Gui pointed the sharp knife towards Shen Xin’s heart.

Wan YiNiang pulled Shen Dong Ling over and stood behind Shen Gui. She was just a YiNiang and had no place to speak. Even when she listened to the rest and did not say anything, her hands that were holding Shen Dong Ling tightened as she was secretly happy that Shen Dong Ling was not abducted. Shen Dong Ling lowered her head and one did not know what expression she had on.

“Enough, Eldest one. Be it left or right, it would be known to others. At present reporting to the authorities would perhaps let little Fifth to suffer less. Better to report it early.” Old Shen Furen said that but a radiant look flashed in her eyes. What she hated the most was Old General Shen’s YuanPei’s son that suppressed her sons in every matter. It was fortunate that Shen Miao failed to live up to expectation as it made her heart feel so much better. No one knew since when Shen Miao had been suppressing Shen Qing and Shen Yue, and in addition Shen Qiu was shaking the residence every day and that made her heart panic. Now it was rare to see Shen Miao fall into bad luck so Old Shen Furen was actually secretly delighted. She could not wait to report to the authorities and let the entire Ming Qi know that Shen Miao was abducted by kidnappers. Best was if she lost her innocence so the Shen family’s Eldest household would not be able to raise their heads, then this would be something to be happy about!

Before Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan spoke, Shen Qiu already clenched his fists tightly. He was young and impetuous but that did not mean that he could not observe the scene. These people on the surface all said to be thinking of Shen Miao, but their eyes were filled with secret delight and gloating as they threw rocks when one was down. It was of no wonder that Shen Miao changed so much in a year, and had now deep thoughts and was so mature that she was not like a child. This was all forced out by the Shen family. There was never a clearer moment like this for him to understand what kind of environment Shen Miao had been living in.

Luo Xue Yan and Shen Xin exchanged a look and their eyes were almost fierce and malicious. If one were to say that there were some misunderstandings regarding the fire at the ancestral hall, it was because they did not see the cause of the matter, but this scene was clearly presented in front of them. Luo Xue Yan was furious but Shen Xin was extremely shocked and disappointed.

He treated them with sincerity, respect and even helped them, but when his daughter was in trouble, what he saw was secret delight. Shen Xin suddenly felt that the past picture of loving and happy scenes were so mocking.

Shen Yue worriedly said, “Would these people do anything to Fifth Younger Sister? Fifth Younger Sister has a good appearance, and one heard that those good looking young ladies would be sold even further away by the kidnappers… If they were not kidnappers then to use such a great effort, they would not treat Fifth Younger Sister well.” As she spoke, two tears flowed down as if she was in a very sad state.

Shen Dong Ling who was quietly standing at the side saw the ironic scene in front, but still looked on blankly without speaking.

“Eldest Brother, to report the case to the authorities or not?” Shen Wan asked.

Just at that moment when the atmosphere was at a stalemate, suddenly one heard the voice of a footboy outside, “Furen, Master, Fifth Young Lady have returned!”

That footboy ran into the main hall and did not even rest, “Fifth Young Lady was brought back by the people from the Princess’ residence!”

Everyone first jumped in shock when the footboy said that Shen Miao had returned to the residence, and Shen Xin and wife were pleasantly surprised and have yet to recovered to their senses when Princess’ residence words was uttered. It was Shen Wan’s whose heart moved and took a step forward and asked, “Which Princess’ residence?”

That footboy panted heavily and said with excitement, “It is Her Highness Princess Rong Xin that sent a lot of people to bring Fifth Young Lady back to the residence. The guards are standing outside the residence’s doors!”

Princess Rong Xin?

Chen Rou Qiu’s footsteps paused and bit down on her lips all of a sudden.

Princess Rong Xin disregarded matters of the Imperial court and for the men, it was nothing much, but for women, it was not the same, especially to the circle of noble ladies in the capital. Now all the women folk in the Palace all would sell Princess Rong Xin a favour, but Princess Rong Xin was one who was difficult to get close. She was serious and old-fashioned and many noble Furens that wanted to fawn her would at the end suffer, and this legendary serious and old fashioned Princess actually personally sent Shen Miao back? Seeing the kind of disposition of forces, it was not low at all?

Chen Rou Qiu’s heart almost went crazy with jealousy.

Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan did not say a second word as they ran towards the residence’s door. The rest of the people saw that and also followed behind. One saw that there was a dense mass of people at the General’s residence’s door, and upon coming closer they then saw that they were all guards wearing armour and brandishing swords, which made everyone shocked. There was also a crowd of commoners who gathered to watch, most likely they did not know what kind of tricks the Shen residence was playing.

Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan were surprised for a moment as it was beyond their expectations to see that many guards. They later saw a person who looked like a female official walking to the horse carriage and supporting Shen Miao down.

Luo Xue Yang quickly went out and said worriedly, “Jiao Jiao!” Shen then looked up and down at Shen Miao and only when seeing that Shen Miao looked as usual, she then gave a sigh of relief.

That female official said smilingly, “Today when Her Princess Highness was travelling leisurely at the Wan Li Lake, as luck would have one saw Fifth Shen Young Lady who had stayed away. The Princess’s horse carriage accidentally knocked Fifth Shen Young Lady, and thus brought Fifth Shen Young Lady back to rest. One did not expect to have incited General Shen’s and Shen Furen’s worries. The Princess let this servant apologise.”

The words not only frankly explained how Shen Miao and Princess Rong Xin came together. Even though the matter was somewhat strange, but Princess Rong Xin had already concluded the matter so no one dared to question more. With so many guards that attracted so much onlookers, one fear that even if someone wanted to spread any unfavourable rumours, no one would believe them and that would truly verify Shen Miao’s innocence.

Behind the crowd, Old Shen Furen’s face turned green. After waiting for Shen Miao to be unlucky today, unexpectedly a Princess Rong Xin appeared so Old Shen Furen started to hate that meddlesome Princess Rong Xin.

“Her Princess Highness is too modest, this Shen person is thankful of Her Princess Highness for saving one’s little daughter.” Shen Xin replied and bowed.

That servant quickly moved sideways to avoid it and smiled, “One dare not receive General Shen’s bow. Since the person was returned, this servant would leave first.” Finishing speaking, she prompted the guards to move and when they were just about to leave, she suddenly seemed to have remembered something and walked over to Shen Miao side to say, “The Princess is extremely fond of Fifth Shen Young lady and had received too hastily today. Before leaving she had also said that in the future if Fifth Shen Young Lady is free, to visit the Princess’ residence. Her Princess Highness would definitely entertain well.” Only when the words were finished did she left with the guards and carriage.

Princess Rong Xin was very fond of Shen Miao? And also requested Shen Miao to visit the Princess’ residence when she was free?

The Shen family were all standing at the residence doors and were stunned with the last sentence of the female official. Shen Yue almost wring the handkerchief in her hands into pieces. She naturally knew about Princess Rong Xin and knew how difficult it was to get close with this Princess. One did not know what kind of demonic magic Shen Miao used that even Princess Rong Xin had a whole new level of respect for her, and to even built a relationship with the Imperial family. Like that would not one be able to have a relationship with His Highness Prince Ding in the future?

This time Shen Yue was genuinely anxious.

Shen Dong Ling’s eyes moved and she heard Wan YiNiang envious voice, “Fifth Young Lady is really lucky. This is actually the Princess.”

Shen Yuan scoffed and did not take one more look at the residence’s door and left with a brush of his sleeves. Shen Miao smiled gently to the Shen family, “One had made everyone worry today.”

Her words had lightly sketched out everything, but it immediately made Shen Xin and wife to remember the faces of the Shen family just now, and their expression became somewhat ugly. Seeing that Shen Miao was fine, the rest of the Shen family was disappointed and was so angry that they were unable to breathe. After Old Shen Furen reprimanded Shen Miao, they all departed with some excuse.

Shen Miao followed Shen Qiu and the rest towards the Western courtyard. Upon seeing Shen Qiu’s and the rest of their expressions, she evidently understood.

Previously she deliberated delayed and did not let the people of the Princess’ residence to inform the Shen family of her whereabouts. During times of adversity, sincere feelings could be seen and likewise, during times of adversity one could also see hypocrisies. Shen Xin’s view of the Shen family could not be changed overnight , just like in her previous life she still had a strain of hope on Fu Xiu Yi even at her last moments. People could not recover all their feelings overnight so in order to let Shen Xin totally change his view on the Shen family, a period of time was still required.

Just nice, one could take the advantage of this opportunity to let Shen Xin see clearly that the Shen family people were such a pack of wolves. When they were still in the residence, facing with Shen Miao falling into dire straits, how did the Shen family’s people hit someone when they were down, and what more Shen Miao had to suffer when Shen Xin was not in the Ding capital. Shen Xin was not a fool and naturally could guess.

Sure enough upon reaching the Western courtyard, Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan carefully asked in detail about some matters tonight and after confirming she was alright, then instructed Shen Miao to rest early. Both of them left and also called Shen Qiu along, obviously to discuss about some matters.

After all three of them left, Shen Miao took advantage that no one was around and folded her trousers up and exposed her calf. The wound was bandaged with a white silk cloth and it was as if it still had that someone’s hand temperature on it.

A night full of unexpected incidents but one seemed to have a better understanding of Xie Jing Xing but one also felt more dangerous. In the future… It was better not to have any contacts at all.


In the Eastern courtyard, Shen Yuan was sitting in the room with an uncertain and gloomy expression on.

After Ren Wan Yun went insane, he rarely went over to visit and was also faintly discernibly distant with Shen Gui. He was not one who valued relationships and loyalty, he could even kill his own Younger Sister, naturally everything was for his best interest.

Tonight one had thought that it would be hard for Shen Miao to escape from this one, but who knew that Shen Miao not only returned intact, but also had connected to the Princess’ residence. This made Shen Yuan feel a trace of danger. The opponent’s strength was not enough to bring about fear, but what was scary was that this opponent was getting constantly stronger.

From an idiotic young lady who could be bullied by anyone, to be one who no one dared to underestimate. Her deep thoughts, her vicious and cruel means, and that even Princess Rong Xin, who was such an old-fashioned person was also subdued by Shen Miao, made one cannot help but think that if in the future, if Shen Miao had the heart and mind, could she find an even more powerful person to back her up. The more people she draw over to her side, could it be that the next one she would be dealing with, was him?

It was considered a disgrace to Shen Yuan, such a proud person, to consider a little young lady as an opponent. However, he had to admit that because of this little young lady that just reached a marriageable age, his Second household fell into such a state. Shen Yuan had never let a future problem that would hinder himself go. Shen Miao had harmed the Second household to this state, obviously she would not be benevolent and would one day move the target to him.

Shen Miao was not difficult to deal with. The thing that was hard was that behind her there was Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan. One would still have to take that into consideration, but… Shen Yuan looked at the letter in his hands and suddenly smiled.

Even though the Shen family’s First household had military power but of there was no qualified successor to carry on one’s undertaking… They would only be a pile of mud. One did not know if after removing Shen Miao and Shen Qiu, this pair of siblings, would Shen Xin and wife be like Ren Wan Yun and go insane with pain.

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