Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 93 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 93: Missing (Part 2)

Everyone was first surprised for a moment before Shen Xin threw his head back and laughed, “Jiao Jiao said correctly. The rich and poor are unable to choose their birth and what kind of ability is that to look down on others!”

Luo Xue Yan also smiled. As the soldiers of the army that fight on the battlefields, some came from official’s families but even more came from ordinary commoners. Some of them could not even afford rice to eat and some of their families’ elderly almost starved to death, thus talking about family background, each had their own hardships. Thus they would never look down on the poor and Shen Miao’s words were in line with their minds.

“Younger Sister.” Shen Qiu patted Shen Miao’s shoulder, “Your tone is one who can bear the entire world in their mind. With this kind of vision, I as your brother am ashamed of being inferior.”

She obviously knew that Shen Qiu was teasing the words she used but Shen Miao was despondent. In her previous life she married Fu Xiu Yi and became the Empress and it was because of love, but as an Empress the responsibility that was placed onto her was not one less than anyone. The words of ‘motherly model of the world’ were to ensure that all the ordinary folks lived in peace and worked happily, and the person occupying that leading position must love one’s citizens. This was what Fu Xiu Yi taught her even though Fu Xiu Yi himself was unable to achieve it.

As they echoed one another at one side, Chen Rou Qiu’s face was however green and white. Was not Shen Xin praising Shen Miao’s frankness indicate her hypocrisy? Shen Wan’s expression was also somewhat gloomy, and Shen Yue had long burst into anger but held down the sarcastic words she had for Shen Miao.

Wan YiNiang thought that Shen Miao’s words were helping her and the next moment there was a hint of joy on her face. When Shen Dong Ling saw that, she slightly shook her head. Shen Yuan still had a cold smile on his face and Shen Gui was acting ignorant.

“Then let us go to Wan Li Lake.” Since Luo Xue Yan was used to being a female General, it was natural of her to give a command. Even if the rest of the Shen family was reluctant, because of the Shen family guards behind, they could only keep up.

Wan Li Lake was located slightly west of the heart of the Ding capital and the entire lake was embedded into the city. When it was spring, it looked like a piece of jade but during winter, when there was some snow descending, the image of the fluttering snow on the lake with boats floating by and one discussing about matter over wine was such an enjoyable thing.

There was also some snow today but under the many lights, those snowflakes had become crystal clear jade flowers that were lit as they fell onto the ground. The willow tree by the lake was covered with little snow crystals making one unsure which was snow and which were the lights.

But before one walked to the side of the Wan Li Lake, one was able to hear the sound of fireworks. Upon raising one’s head, one would be able to see in the dark skies large pieces of fireworks that made the people’s eyes flower. Below, people’s hearts were moved, lovers stood side by side and held hands and if an entire family was out for fun, when they looked up, they were able to see a moment of eternity.

“Young Lady, Young Lady quick look.” Jing Zhe said excitedly, “Those are the fireworks by Wan Li Lake. Heard that the fireworks would be lit the entire night tonight!”

“It really looks good.” Gu Yu also murmured.

“Ha. The Ding capital is indeed truly flourishing.” Shen Qiu said to Luo Xue Yan, “It is more fun than our Northwestern region.”

Luo Xue Yan also sighed as she walked.

After walking more, one suddenly saw the crowd run up brainlessly and no one knew what the rush was for. Shen Xin seized a male who was running by his side and asked, “This young brother, what is up in front that is making everyone run up?”

“The Jade Rabbit Fairy has arrived!” That person said, “Everyone is heading to take a look at the Jade Rabbit Fairy!” He took a glance at Shen Xin and suddenly said, “This brother is new around, the Jade Rabbit Fairy this year is performed by Liu Ying of Bao Xiang Lou. It better for this brother to quickly go!” Finishing, he happily ran away.

When Shen Xin turned his head back, Luo Xue Yan said lukewarmly, “Still do not go over and see Young Lady Liu Ying?”

“What words Furen is talking about.” Shen Xin wiped the sweat on his forehead, “I do not even see enough of Furen, what kind of person is Young Lady Liu Ying. She is certainly not as beautiful and magnanimous as Furen.”

Although it was said as such, they were already here and Luo Xue Yan would not be a wet blanket for everyone so they headed forward. As they waited in the crowded area, suddenly one heard someone shouting, “Young Lady Liu Ying is here! Young Lady Liu Ying is here!”
Shen Miao was small in size and was unable to see what was going on above, so Shen Qiu took her to the stone platform at the side and placed her there while he stood by her side. When Shen Miao raised her head, she was able to see a flower carriage approaching that was surrounded by people.

In the depths of winter this carriage was actually decorated with fresh flowers, showing the attentiveness of the person behind. The flowers were in such beautiful purples and brilliant reds that they did not seemed real, but just at this time one was able to see clearly the person in the flower carriage.

It was a young female who was sitting on the carriage wearing a moon white cotton dress with a velvet cloak. Her hair was styled into a flying immortal bun that made one desire to be one. Her forehead and brows were perfect and her teeth were like weaving shells, and the most moving feature was her pair of narrow eyes, which slightly hooked up at the end, making her look flirtatious without a cause. Cold but attractive, light but heavily smeared, as if with her entrance the wind beside had a trace of a warm scent. This Jade Rabbit Fairy was said an immortal but had the vibe and air of the human world, but to say that in the human world her enchanting coldness was not part of it.

Liu Ying was not considered as extremely beautiful and based on her facial features they were slightly modest as compared to Wan YiNiang, but there was a cold enchanting vibe in her bones which was able to hook the desires of the people. This Jade Rabbit Fairy was an immortal or demon, it was really thought provoking but for the ordinary men, it was a soul hooking death call.

Shen Miao’s gaze landed on Liu Ying for a moment but then she turned around to see the surrounding area, wanting to see if that person had come. After looking for a round and not discovering, Shen Qiu saw her actions and spoke curiously, “Younger Sister, what are you looking at?”

“Why is Older Brother not looking at this Young Lady Liu Ying?” Shen Miao directly turned the conversation around.

Even though Shen Qiu was not stupid, he would not think more when he talked to Shen Miao thus when he heard Shen Miao enquiring this, he answered, “I do not like this kind.”

Shen Miao raised her brows and said, “Then what does Eldest Brother like?”

Shen Qiu was unable to speak at all.

Shen Miao felt that this distressed look of Shen Qiu was very interesting and wanted to laugh. In the previous life Shen Qiu married that vicious SaoSao and had never met a lady he admired from the beginning to the end. Now reliving a lifetime, she did not know who would be fated to be her SaoSao in this lifetime.

“Let us go.” Shen Qiu stretched his hands out to Shen Miao, wanting to bring her down from the stone platform. Just now in order to let Shen Miao see that Young Lay Liu Ying, Shen Qiu brought her here, separating from Shen Xin by ten over Mi (1 Mi = 1 Meter). Now that one had seen the commotion, naturally it would be to return to Shen Xin’s side so as to go together to Wan Li Lake to set the lanterns off.

Just as Shen Miao was about to jump down, suddenly she heard a child crying. Shen Qiu also heard it and both of them turned around and saw that in a few Mis away, a three to four year old child had collided with the nearby shop stall. Most probably the child was mischievous and climbed to the tall beams to watch the commotion but at the end slipped and fell. Currently both hands were hugging the beam tightly and the other half was hanging out. If one were to fall down like this, it would definitely be a big problem. The surrounding people had gone to get a ladder but the child was unable to hold on much longer. Seeing his little hands slowly weakening, the child’s mother was clutching her face and cried.

“Younger Sister, wait for me here.” When Shen Qiu saw this, he quickly instructed Shen Miao, thinking that it was only a few Mis (Mi = Meter) away and he had martial arts so he immediately walked over.

Before one could reach, that child’s hands softened and he directly fell off. A burst of shock sounded from the surrounding people, Shen Qiu’s feet lightened and kicked the stall at the side and flew over to catch the child, saving his life. The people around erupted in applause and praised his good skills as Shen Qiu returned the child back to the mother. That child’s mother kept apologising with tears, making Shen Qiu somewhat embarrassed.

After appeasing this mother and child with great difficulty, Shen Qiu was ready to return to the stone platform to pick Shen Miao. As it was only a few Mis (Mi = Meter) distance, he was shocked when he turned his head around.

The stone platform was empty. There was no one there at all.

Shen Qiu’s heart tightened and three steps became two as he vigorously separated the crowd and ran up to the stone platform. There was no one there at all and not even a single trace of anything. Shen Qiu still had a wishful thinking in his heart as he looked around and called out loudly, “Jiao Jiao!” But no one answered him.

He grabbed a person who was not standing far from the stone platform and asked, “Where is the Young Lady standing here just now? Did you see the Young Lady here!”

That person replied impatiently, “What Young Lady? No no!” Finishing he looked at him, “Could it be that your family’s Young Lady has being kidnapped? There are many kidnappers in this Jade Rabbit Festivals, if there are no guards, those young ladies who strayed from the family would most likely be kidnapped!”

Shen Qiu’s body started to tremble. An eight chi (1 chi = 1 foot) tall big man who did not even blink in front of the enemies in the battlefield, at this moment, suddenly changed colour.


On the street by the Wan Li Lake, in the crowds of people who were rubbing shoulders and following in each other’s footsteps, there were two people walking. One was wearing a blue robe and jade headgear and had an impressive appearance while the other one was wearing a romantic purple, with picturesque eyebrows.

Both of them looked good, especially the purple clad youth whose actions had a kind of elegance and nobility. There was a faint smile hanging on his lips which made those females surrounding them to look over from time to time.

“When are you going to stop following me?” Xie Jing Xing asked.

Su Ming Feng shaked his head, looking pleased with himself, “With such a festival, as a good friend, naturally we will travel together. Why are you not happy about it?”

“I still have something on.”

“It is better to meet by chance than to intentionally invite each other thus since we have met, then lets travel together. We have not walked together during the Jade Rabbit Festival for a while.” Su Ming Feng was dissatisfied, “You are really getting more mysterious now.”

Today Su Ming Feng was traveling together with the Su family and by a lucky coincidence met with a lone Xie Jing Xing, so he forcefully pulled Xie Jing Xing along. The Su and Xie families’ relations had all the while been good thus Master Su would not say anything about it. At the moment Master Su and the rest were walking in front while Su Ming Feng and Xie Jing Xing walked at the back.

Su Ming Feng asked, “Your Father is not angry that you have come out alone today?”

It was usually an entire family travelling during the Jade Rabbit Festival but there was only Xie Jing Xing alone. One did not need to think to be certain that it was Xie Jing Xing who came out by himself. Most likely Xie Ding had blown up to one’s top but there was no way out of it. To have such a son like this, one would feel that one was returning debts from one’s past life.

“He has his sons as accompany so I will not join in the fun.” Xie Jing Xing casually said, “One is not that free.”

Su Ming Feng shook his head, “You are sure free and at ease.”

As one was speaking, one saw a group of people walking over in front. Su Ming Feng was surprised for a moment, “Is that not General Shen?”

Xie Jing Xing lifted his eyes and saw that Shen Xin was heading over here in a rush with Shen Qiu and Luo Xue Yan following him closely, and at the back was a group of guards and every one of their expression was very heavy and serious. Su Ming Feng touched his chin and said, “It seemed that the Shen family is in some sort of a trouble, else why would all of them have this kind of expression?”

For the Shen family people to have such expressions in a public area filled with joyous people, it was very abrupt. One did not need to think to be certain that it was not a good matter at all. Master Su also saw them and stopped to chat with them but Xie Jing Xing and Su Ming Feng did not go forward and only stood far away. As they were practitioners of martial arts, they were able to hear the conversation.

Master Su asked, “Where is General Shen going?”

“Ah, casually strolling.” Shen Xin said, “It is just that my wife suddenly felt some discomfort and had to go back to the residence. May Master Su stroll happily.” Finishing he cupped his hands in greeting and left without turning his head back.

The Shen and Su family did not belong to the same line in the political arena so when Master Su saw that Shen Xin did not want to talk to him, naturally his heart was not at ease but he was too lazy to meddle thus he just walked away. Instead it was Su Ming Feng that said, “General Shen is really that wild, but why does it seemed as though something big had happened? Even if Shen Furen was feeling some discomfort, there was no need to bring so many guards.”

Xie Jing Xing’s eyes swept across a group of guards and said, “Fifth Shen Young Lady is not there.”

“Ah?” Su Ming Feng was surprised for a moment.

“Shen Miao is not there.” Xie Jing Xing took a glance at the Shen family entourage. With Shen Miao and the other two households relationship, it was not possible that she would abandon her own mother and enjoy the lanterns with the other two households. Moreover there was no signs of Shen Miao’s figure in the entourage and it does not seem possible that Shen Miao did not even left the residence today. With such a big festive day like this, even if Shen Miao was unwilling, Shen Xin would not leave her alone in the residence.

Just at this moment, one suddenly heard a pliable wavy voice, “Shen Older Sister is missing!”

Xie Jing Xing lowered his head. It was not known when did Su Ming Lang slipped away from Master Su and ran over to Su Ming Feng and pulled his own Eldest Brother by the corner of his clothes and said repeatedly, “Just now I secretly ran over to them and heard that those people saying to find Shen Older Sister as soon as possible.”

Su Ming Lang, this glutinous rice dumpling seemed to be almost negligible when mixed in the crowd, but he had the guts as he was not afraid of being unable to find the route back after straying from the group.

“They said that perhaps the Shen Older Sister had been taken away by kidnappers.” Su Ming Lang continued, “Eldest Brother, let us go and save Shen Older Sister!”

“Missing?” Xie Jing Xing thoughtfully looked at the far away back views of the Shen family people and suddenly said to Su Ming Feng, “This matter must not be made public. I will take my leave first.” He looked down at Su Ming Lang again and smiled evilly, “The matter of Shen Miao going missing, if you say it out, I will sell you to the kidnappers.”

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