Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 92 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 92: Jade Rabbit Festival (Part 1)

“They have arrived.”

With Xie Jing Xing’s words, Gao Yang’s joking expression was put away as he looked at him, “You are saying that they have arrived at Ding capital?”

“You guys should pay more attention these days.” Xie Jing Xing frowned, “The thing in Prince Yu residence might have spread out and perhaps had exposed your identity. Do not go out for these few days.”

“How can you do it alone?” Not waiting for Gao Yang to speak, Ji Yu Shu anxiously said, “You had already aroused their attention and now that they had entered Ding capital, they would definitely look for you and you cannot activate other people in the capital.”

“No need to worry.” Xie Jing Xing lazily stretched his waist and a trace of viciousness appeared in his smile, “I have waited for them to come for a long time.”

“Third Xie Older Brother, are you going to teach someone a lesson again?” Ji Yu Shu looked at him with eyes sparkling, “Can you take me this time?”

“Alright.: Xie Jing Xing casually said, “You can be a target then.”

Gao Yang, “…”


The matter about Prince Yu and the Shen family in the Ding capital was soon drowned in the joy of the approaching new year. It was after all the new year and everywhere was surrounded by a lively atmosphere. That tragic massacre on that stormy winter, as well as the gloomy despairing suicide in the prison was soon left behind of everyone’s mind.

Nothing was more important than welcoming the new year and time would not stop. New snow would cover the old snow, new conversations would replace the old ones and new hopes would always be preferred over the past.

The Emperor in the Palace also did not show any reactions and even spent a lot of money to hold a Palace banquet, and invited all the Ladyships and concubines to welcome the new year. Obviously the death of his blood Younger Brother had not caused Emperor Wen Hui to feel sad. This made the common people feel that the rumours of the ruthlessness of the Imperial family were indeed true, but the really smart people would know that Emperor Wen Hui had nipped the problem in the bud and it was handled so cleanly, thus was secretly happy. So even if the Government Office was unable to find out the perpetrator of the extermination of the entire household and the case became an unsolved case, Emperor Wen Hui did not pursue it.

Shen Qing was buried together with Prince Yu in the Royal tomb. But because Shen Qing committed suicide and her identity was overly awkward, the Imperial family did not give out any compensation. This made Old Shen Furen angry for a while.

In the Western courtyard, Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang were bringing the books out from Shen Miao’s room to bask in the sun.

Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan went early in the morning to practice drills with the new recruits, as there was a need for training due to the annual recruitment of new soldiers at year’s end. Shen Qiu also followed to join in the fun thus Shen Miao was left alone in the Western courtyard.

“A few days ago, Eldest Young Master once against sent a number of books over. How about bringing those over to bask in the sun too?” Gu Yu asked Shen Miao.

“I still have uses for those books so there is no need to sun them.” Shen Miao answered. Ever since Shen Qiu noticed the many military books in Shen Miao’s room, he immediately told Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan happily about it. Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan also thought that she was temporary interested and be it as it may, they still ordered others to search for several military books.

If one did not know, they would think that the Shen family intended to raise a little female General. Naturally Shen Miao did not have any intention of being a female General, but it was due to the many dangers that the Shen family army would face in the future, and she could only rely on the possible problems that the Shen family army faced in the previous lifetime. Thus there was always no harm to read more.

Bai Lu said as she flipped the pages of the books, “Tomorrow is the Jade Rabbit Festival and one heard that there would be a scene of tens of thousands of people lighting lanterns by the Wan Li Lake. Will Young Lady be going tomorrow?”

The Jade Rabbit Festival is a festival of Ming Qi. In every night of the eve of the new year, people would come out of their homes into the great streets and small alleys to look at lanterns and solve riddles written on lanterns, making it really lively. There would be an exceptionally big Jade Rabbit in the middle of the lanterns, blessing and protecting the entire Ming Qi to have a favourable weather in the oncoming year so that commoners would have a good harvest. This year’s Jade Rabbit Festival was different from previous years as the Jade Rabbit was on the lake, thus at that time the common folks can also place their own flower lanterns on the water and pray for their wishes. With the flower lanterns on the water, the image of it would certainly be very lively. Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang were also young females at the prime of youth thus it was common to love such fresh ideas.

“What nonsense are you saying.” Gu Yu scolded, “At that time the entire street will definitely be crowded and what if something happens to Young Lady?”

“But in previous years, did not one always went?” Bai Lu said, unwilling to submit.

“Previous years are previous years. This year is this year!” Gu Yu said fiercely. Bai Lu was not wrong, at this time in previous years, Shen Xin and wife would have already returned back to the Ding capital, and the Jade Rabbit Festival was when the entire Shen residence would all go out to watch the bustling occasion, but this year such a big matter happened to the Shen residence and Prince Yu residence and the mastermind had yet to be found. If there was one who took the opportunity to retaliate then Shen Miao’s situation would indeed be much more dangerous. No matter how big the excitement was, it was not as important as the safety of Shen Miao.

“It is of no bother.” Shen Miao gently smiled, “I originally also wanted to go and take a look at the excitement. With Father, Mother and Eldest Brother at the side, there would not be any danger.”

“But…” Gu Yu still wanted to persuade.

“It will be like this then.” Shen Miao interrupted her words and walked back to the room. Gu Yu could only restrain the worries in her heart. She did not know from when onwards Shen Miao had developed a temperament of standing by one’s words, and did not have any signs of wanting help from the people of the Second and Third household like previously. It was indeed good to have a mind of one’s own but when she got stubborn, it also made others feel helpless.

Shen Miao returned back to the room and walked toward her desk to sit down and her eyes fell onto the plum blossoms branches outside. The branches were dotted with little red spots but reminded her of the letter that she received before.

The Chen family brothers had returned to JiangNan and after the Prince Yu residence was eliminated, they did not have any other contact. Shen Miao was extremely cautious and all the communication exchanges with the Chen family was through the letters that Mo Qing and Feng Xian Pawnshop sent over. Mo Qing’s life contract was not in the Shen family thus others would not suspect her at all.

This time Mo Qing brought another news back to her. Previously she had entrusted Ji Yu Shu to make some inquiries about a Young Lady Liu Ying and finally there was some information. Her whereabouts were exactly in the biggest money squandering establishment in Ding capital, Bao Xiang Lou. Young Lady Liu Ying was Bao Xiang Lou’s number one beauty and one heard that on the day of the Jade Rabbit Festival, she would be playing the Jade Rabbit fairy to dance by the lake. She really wanted to take a look so she took advantage of this opportunity.

As for Gu Yu’s worries about the matter of people taking revenge, this mention did not seem to be of any worth to Shen Miao. The Chen family brothers were cooperating with her so where was the logic of revenge. As for the Shen residence, currently Shen Old Furen was so angry that other than her two sons and the Second household’s grandsons, she was not willing to see anyone else. The Second household of the Shen family was considered as collapsed and Shen Yuan was busy with fawning over the people of the court, and would not take any action on her at the moment. The Third household had always concealed their strengths and bided their time, so at such a critical juncture, they would not take any actions.

Now thinking about it, there was not a year that was actually more comfortable than this.

As she was thinking about it, Shen Miao’s lips slightly hooked up which made Gu Yu, who was looking at her, to could not help but be startled. But before she could recover to her senses, she heard Shuang Jiang’s voice. Shuang Jiang walked in from outside and said, “Young Lady, the Eastern courtyard’s Wan YiNiang wants to come over and see you.”

Madam Wan? Gu Yu frowned and softly said, “Why her again?”

“Why does this Wan YiNiang keep running towards our courtyard?” Shuang Jiang and Bai Lu also whispered, “This is already too much of a rush to fawn.”

Several of the maids were not welcoming toward Madam Wan. In fact ever since after Ren Wan Yun’s and Shen Qing’s matter, their disgust with the Second household increased. Regardless of what Wan YiNiang had, she was after all a Second household’s person and to keep running over here all day, made one feel really uncomfortable.

A few days ago when Wan YiNiang came to see Shen Miao, it was declined by Shen Miao by a various means. Today she however said, “Let her in.”

Jing Zhe was stunned for a moment before she complied and head out. It was Gu Yu and the few others who had a look of worry, afraid that Wan YiNiang had bad intentions.

After a moment, Wan YiNiang followed Jing Zhe in and Shen Miao raised her head to look at her.

Wan YiNiang was wearing a dark blue lined jacket and a green coloured skirt with a plain silver bracelet, looking like a very simple person. But upon a careful look, the lined jacket has white little flowers embroidered on it and the skirt was tailored to a waving form, and that pair of fair hands had a bright nail polish on, which was very captivating to one’s eyes. As for that seductive waist, coupled with the slim and lively body, it made one’s imagination roam. Looking upwards, she had an oval face, big eyes, fair complexion and red lips that when she smiled, there appeared some coquettish air on her.

This was a female who knew how to lie low, from how she was able to not appear for many years because of Shen Dong Ling, one was able see that, but she was also one who was unable to remain calm. Upon Shen Qing’s death and Ren Wan Yun’s craziness, she paraded herself ostentatiously around. In Shen Miao previous life, she had seen a lot of such people, with that little smarts and little good looks, one thought that as long as they were willing, they would be able to firmly control men’s hearts, not knowing that there were numerous fresh females in the world and that men’s hearts were the most elusive. If one was able to remain calm, then perhaps one would be able to have a special position in the man’s heart but once one was unable to remain calm, the little smarts they had would become too smart for their own good.

Wan YiNiang was obviously the kind of person that was too smart for their own good.

Wan YiNiang dashed to give a greeting and sat on the small stools in front of Shen Miao by herself. She sat down on her side with her legs slightly tilted. Her body line was very smooth and flexible, she indeed has the foundation of one who was a lead entertainer. Shen Miao calmly looked at her and did not say any superfluous words and directly went to the point, “For what reason did Wan YiNiang look for me?”

Wan YiNiang did not expected that Shen Miao would be so direct with her words and it made her choke a little. She had heard that right now in the Shen residence, Shen Xin and wife had the greatest power and that the previously idiotic Fifth Young Lady was also a powerful one. Thinking of her purpose of currying favour, she had not thought that Shen Miao would not bother about social courtesies, which made Wan YiNiang somewhat unable to predict if Shen Miao was one who did not understand the world, or was being deliberately mystifying.

In fact Wan YiNiang had thought as much, as Shen Miao could not be bothered about her because one Wan YiNiang was not worth it to be valued by her.

Wan YiNiang smiled obsequiously, “The new year is nearing, this concubine has come over to take a look at Fifth Young Lady and also to wish Fifth Young Lady a good year.” She said, “Seemingly because of Eldest Young Lady’s matter, one has cause Fifth Young Lady to be unhappy so this concubine represent Master and Furen to apologise to Fifth Young Lady.”

Shen Miao looked at her with a smile but not a smile, “Wan YiNiang, your ‘apology on behalf’, one do not know if Second Shu and Second Shen are aware of it?”

Wan YiNiang was slightly stung but continued to smile, “This lowly concubine’s words carry little weight and it was also said by Master to this concubine on some impulse. This concubine then acted on one’s initiative to come over and apologise to Fifth Young Lady.”

Shen Miao looked at her without blinking an eye at all. To be stared by Shen Miao like that, Wan YiNiang expression started to be restless but she quickly pressed it down and said smilingly, “In fact, Third Young Lady also wanted to come and see Fifth Young Lady, after all you are sisters but Third Young Lady recently caught some chills, and was afraid to encounter any wind and could only come over to talk to Fifth Young Lady after recovering.”

Shen Dong Ling? Shen Miao’s eyebrows raised.

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