Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 78 (Part 3)

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Chapter 78: Bustling With Activity (Part 3)

After the Crown Prince’s Consort was seated, the good friends she had from before she was married came over to chat with her. Over at the male side, Prince Yu had also arrived.

When Prince Yu arrived, some of the people at the female side were silent, especially those young females who were scared till their face turned pale.

In the previous returning banquets, Prince Yu would not participate. For so many years, he did not take into consideration the events that happened in court, and that was also why the paranoid Emperor Wen Hui would be extraordinarily tolerant of this younger brother. In it also includes the meritorious service of protecting his life when Prince Yu was younger but if Prince Yu did not meddle with the affairs of the court, no matter how big the life-saving event was, it would not surpass Emperor Wen Hui’s suspicious heart. After all, all the brothers of Emperor Wen Hui died under his hands.

The sudden appearance of the always absent Prince Yu in the returning banquet made the female guests to feel disturbed, the male guests felt puzzled but some of the princes were smiling as they were well aware of it. The women that were close to the Crown Prince’s Consort said, “For what reason did His Highness Prince Yu of the First Rank appear here?” There was some probing intention in the words.

Naturally the Crown Prince’s Consort was aware of the reasons behind and her lips raised as she smiled, “Royal Shu has been widowed for so many years. It is time to find someone to wait upon his life.”

When the words were spoken, the female guests were indefinitely surprised. Could it be that Prince Yu would be choosing a Wang Fei? But it was not a good thing to become Prince Yu’s Consort. At this moment the young females could not help but shrink their bodies.

“Daring to ask Crown Prince’s Consort.” A Furen asked with a smile, “Which Young Lady would have such a blessing?”

But the Crown Prince’s Consort was unwilling to speak and only shook her head and laughed, “One will know later.”

Because of the Crown Prince’s Consort’s words, the female guests were in an impasse and everyone were somewhat afraid. That position of Prince Yu’s Consort was like a seal to press one to death. It was to make one die faster, how was it considered a good thing…

Feng An Ning leaned nearer to Shen Miao and asked, “Who do you guess is going to be Prince Yu’s Wang Fei?”

Shen Miao said, “I cannot guess.”

“You are really not interesting.” Feng An Ning’s mouth twitched.

At the other side, Shen Qing was tightly clutching the end of her dress. From the moment she saw Prince Yu, her mind was overwhelmed by memories of the thousands of tortures that he gave to her. If it was not Ren Wan Yun who was tightly holding her, Shen Qing would have screamed out.

“Qing-er must not be afraid.” Ren Wan Yun spoke by Shen Qing’s ear, using a voice that only the both of them were able to hear her words, “Today Prince Yu is here to settle that female for you. Wait till she enter Prince Yu residence, naturally there would be means for her to neither live nor die…”

On the other side, Chen Rou Qiu saw the movements at Ren Wan Yun and Shen Qing side, and drank a mouthful of tea as she slightly smiled.

After Prince Yu arrival, one thought that other than the Emperor and Empress, everyone had already arrived but suddenly there was a burst of surprise. Feng An Ning was pulling Shen Miao to talk but looked over at the sound.

One only saw a person walking over from outside the hall. Purple gold robe, black silk boots with brows that were unspeakably handsome, and an unhurried walking pace that was lazily walking in.

The Marquis of Lin An was the first to call out in surprise, “Jing Xing!” Following which he thought of something and frowned before watching his figure without saying anything.

Everyone was surprised. What kind of influence did this returning banquet had that even Prince Yu who did not participate in palace banquets came, and now even the little Marquis of the Xie family, Xie Jing Xing, also arrived.

And the female guests had an obsessed and excited look that was no less than during Fu Xiu Yi’s appearance and in fact could even surpass it.

The youth’s figure was well ironed and even though his steps were taken leisurely, each step has its own force. He already had an extremely good appearance, with the purple gold long robe, there was a faint feeling of the need to watch him intently. Face was like snow, eyes were like lacquer, brows were like swords and that slightly hooked lips were like the red blossoms that bloom in the snow and had a brilliant peach colour to it. These brows that were more delicate than a females’ but there was no trace of femininity. Instead like the sun in the sky, his eyes were burning bright. He walked over along and all the civil and military officials became the contrast, as if the real dragon and Imperial family of Ming Qi and the golden Imperial Palace all encompasses in him as the nobility and arrogance that oozes out of him.

Indeed too handsome that the world paled in comparison. (Translator and editor rolling eyes…)

And this youth who had burning eyes like the sun, had also sharp eyes. That cynical smile when one look was also full of indifference and cruelty.

“This little Xie Marquis, since when was he this remarkable…” Feng An Ning murmured.

Although Xie Jing Xing also acted ostentatiously, as compared to today, he was overshadowed. It was as if the past visage of him was deliberately done to cover up the light, and now that the layers of covers had faded, the real him, his elegance was incomparable to Fu Xiu Yi. It was as if he was supposed to stand at the peak of the dynasty overlooking all living beings!

Once this idea came to mind, Shen Miao was shocked by it. She looked up towards Xie Jing Xing. That purple clad youth walked up in front, faced everyone’s surprised eyes and raised an eyebrow and smiled, “I am also here to join in the bustling activities.” After speaking, he walked to the middle of the banquet to sit but not next to Marquis of Lin An, Xie Ding, but next to Su Ming Feng. Su Ming Lang pursed his lips and reluctantly moved a little.

Seeing that Xie Ding’s expression immediately sank. When the surrounding people saw it, even though there was discussions, there was no obstruction. Xie Jing Xing had always been a frivolous character and one fear that today was only a moment of interest for him.

“The Xie family has brought out such an outstanding character.” Luo Xue Yan had a serious expression on. She always had been accurate on seeing if one was a dragon or worm. This Xie Jing Xing’s actions had a kind of magnanimity to them and there was no reason for one to feel a little dangerous. Those who had been on the battlefield were more sensitive to danger.

When Shen Qiu saw Xie Jing Xing, his eyes lit up and he almost stood up but he immediately scratched his head and covered it up by picking up the tea in front to drink. Such a rude behaviour like that made the surrounding people look at him weirdly as Shen Qiu quickly laughed awkwardly.

“This guy from the Xie family is indeed not bad.” Shen Xin was very satisfied. Towards Xie Jing Xing, who was able to stifle his old rival, he practically could not use words to appreciate. If the other person was not from the Xie family, maybe he would be friends with the other person.

The Fu family princes’ eyes however reflected some dolefulness.

This little Marquis of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An, looked overly outstanding. Even though he did not enter the court but he had the lawless attitude, and one could sense that he was not someone who would work under others. If one was unable to subdue this kind of person, it was best to kill them off early.

Seeing the growth of the Marquis residence that held military power due to have such a capable person, was not what the Imperial family was willing to consent.

Just at this moment, one could hear an eunuch voice shout’s lengthened, “The Emperor has arrived—— The Empress has arrived——”

The Emperor and Empress were long overdue by the awaiting crowd.

Emperor Wen Hui looked like he was in a good mood but the Empress was rather fierce. As a woman, her looks were considered beautiful and one could see the gracefulness when she was younger. But with age, her cheeks hollowed and she looked somewhat fierce.

Because the Crown Prince was sick, this Empress’s methods had to always been extremely severe. Previously Shen Miao stood by Fu Xiu Yi’s side and after marrying him, she was often put into difficult situation by this Empress, and suffered numerous times under this Empress’s hands. It was because of this Empress that set the example, that Shen Miao learned to see clearly what were the means to live in the Palace.

All the different things in the past were all unfounded now. She was here for revenge but the main goal in mind was to completely overthrow the entire Imperial family. A mayfly trying to shake a tree. Trying to put out a burning cart with a cup of water. They were like the distance between her and the Empress now.

But this Empress position belonged to her and there would be a day where she would sit back on that position.

Shen Miao’s pupils hang down as she gently picked up the tea in front of her to drink a mouthful.

Not far away from her, Shen Qing also revealed a trace of a smile as if to celebrate with her and she raised the tea up at the same time and took a sip.

That smile seemed to be more carefree.

Shen Miao black eyes got even stronger as the end of her lips suddenly bend. It was different from a sneer. This smile with her brows also bent looked sweet and was actually very moving. Even the male side of the banquet who noticed it was shaken emotionally.

Pei Lang kept staring at Shen Miao but he did not know why did he do that for. It was as if this young female had something that attracted him. It was only a few months ago where Shen Miao was just Guang Wen Tang’s only idiot. Pei Lan treated her warmly but it was only as the etiquette dictated as he looked down on her in his heart.

The Emperor and Empress sat down and the banquet began. This so called monarch and official celebration was in fact only an act. A monarch was still a monarch. An official was still an official. Everyone was making jokes that was of no great matter, as if the heavenly one was celebrating joy with the common people.

Su Ming Feng bumped Xie Jing Xing, “Why did you come?”

“To watch the bustle.” Xie Jing Xing’s lips hooked up and there was a collective sound of air being drawn out at where the female guests were seated.

“This is senseless, what bustle is there to see?” Su Ming Feng’s head ached.

As one was speaking, one could see Prince Yu of the First Rank opening his mouth to speak, “Imperial Elder Brother——”

His voice was neither high nor low but the hall immediately quietened down. Obviously everyone was extremely afraid of this demon.

“A few days back with regards to the promise for choosing a consort for this younger brother, this younger brother had thought of the matter clearly.” Prince Yu’s smile was queer. “Since there is a happy event today, why not have a double happiness.”

“This younger brother is interested in— Shen family’s young lady.” He spoke very slowly and his eyes were like a poisonous snake that was winding around, like maggots gnawing on bones, tightly climbed to the front of the purple clad young female.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    When Shen Qui saw Xie Jing Xing, his eyes lit up and he almost stood up but he immediately scratched his head and covered it up by picking up the tea in front to drink. Such a rude behaviour like that made the surrounding people look at him weirdly as ShenQui

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  2. It is an open secret that all Prince Yu’s brides die so if the Emperor grants his wish it is like telling General Shen to send his daughter to die. As if all his years of service to the country, protecting the country does not even allow him to protect his only daughter. I don’t think the Emperor would be so stupid. After all what does this brother do for him that the Emperor must please him over the General. Although his brother once saved his life yet by keeping the enemy out of the country, the General has saved his life many times over–as well as the lives of his family and his people. If the Emperor accepts his brother’s wish he has got to know he is declaring war on General Shen at the returning banquet no less. Prince Yu is putting the Emperor in a very bad position.

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    • Still, he is the Emperor’s brother. In position alone, he is second to only the Emperor. Of course, in terms of skill, personality, and looks, he’s beneath most of the entire country. And out of that entire world, he is a person that no one would miss and everyone can do without. I digress.

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    Prince Yu, Prince Yu, I wonder how the king will deal with it. Btn his vicious brother and the general who keeps his kingdom safe. And I really do wonder what our empress has in-store to deal with the situation.
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