Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 78 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 78: Bustling With Activity (Part 1)

“He cannot marry, even before suggesting it.”

Gao Yang looked towards the direction of Xie Jing Xing’s sight, and saw that in the bushes of flowers Shen Miao’s personal maid had instructed the young eunuch with some stuff. The young eunuch agreed and most likely it was the first time for him to receive such a large amount, thus he looked very happy and respectfully said some stuff to the maid before leaving.

When the young eunuch left, Jing Zhe stood at the original spot and there appeared a trace of doubt in her expression. Shen Miao specifically instructed her to pass the things to that particular young eunuch, but this young eunuch was obviously new to the palace and had no dealings with Shen Miao. So why the need for specific selection?

Unable to think the reason behind this, Jing Zhe shook her head. Since the goal has been reached, she turned around and left.

“This young lady from Shen family has a really huge courage.” Gao Yang commented, “Even dare to take action in the Palace and it seems that Shen Xin is not aware of it.”

Xie Jing Xing declined to comment. A person who dared to burn down their own ancestral hall in a fire would not be considered as timid to him. As for what kind of place to take what kind of action, in Shen Miao’s eyes, most likely there was no difference at all.

“Come on.” A weird smile appeared on his lips, “We should also go and watch the show.”

“I will not go.” Gao Yang winked, “Now one must prioritise carefulness in one’s action. Not to mention, there are changes in the plan thus one must be more cautious.”

“As you like.” Xie Jing Xing said lazily. Suddenly he thought of something and said casually, “If there is time, go to the Imperial Physician Court and inquire if there is anything going on from those old folks.”

“Order accepted.” Gao Yang cupped his hands in obeisance and slowly walked towards the other direction.


The time passed like a stroll and it was time for the returning banquet to begin.

The female guests sat at the lower section of the great hall, and the left side that was nearest to the highest seats, at the middle, belonged to the princes. Prince Zhou, Prince Jing and Prince Ding had arrived first. Afterwards Prince Li, Prince Xiang and Prince Chen entered.

Prince Zhou and Prince Jing were brothers so naturally they were a faction, whereas Prince Xiang and Prince Chen were led by Prince Li and they were another faction. As for His Highness the Crown Prince who has yet to arrive, he had the support of Prince Xuan’s and Prince Chu’s support. As for the ninth prince, His Highness Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi, he did not help any faction and looked to have the weakest power and also the most neutral faction.

With the emergence of the three princes, the hustle and bustle in the hall gradually quietened down.

Emperor Wen Hui was also eccentric, he had nine sons and every one of them were extremely outstanding. If it was an ordinary household, one would burst out of joy with so many outstanding sons but in the nobilities, the more outstanding the sons were, the more intense the competition was. The most unfortunate thing was that these nine outstanding sons were born in the most ruthless Imperial family. This meant that their outstanding qualities would become the nails in one another’s eyes, and one would not be content with nothing short of the other’s destruction.

Now that all the nine sons were grown up, even though the position of the Crown Prince had been established, but all of the other forces did not curb. Emperor Wen Hui was still present and could maintain the balance in it, but there would be a day that this enormous dragon will get old and at that time, one was afraid that it would be another reign of terror because of the Imperial family of Ming Qi that had already begin to stir.

Between the Prince Zhuo’s faction, Prince Li’s faction and Crown Prince’s faction, the Crown Prince’s faction looked as though its power were the greatest, but the Crown Prince’s health was weak and Emperor Wen Hui would not allow a weak son to sit on the throne. So the Crown Prince’s ability to influence was actually following along and could not be considered as in vain. If his health suffered, then it would only benefit Prince Xuan and Prince Chu. In Prince Li faction, because there were more people, there was also a larger ability to influence. In the hundreds of officials, there were many who were secretly under his wing. Even though the brothers, Prince Zhuo and Prince Jing, were not as legitimate as the Crown Prince and their influence was not as great as Prince Li, but they had a mother that had much of the Emperor’s favour, Consort Xu Xian and the Xu family was considered a strong support.

And Prince Ding was the remaining one which was not taken into consideration. With regards to influences, it was like a joke to fight alone. With regards to background, his birth mother Consort Dong Shu was very low-key and if she had not give birth to Fu Xiu Yi, she would not be sitting in the position of the four consorts. Even though Fu Xiu Yi was outstanding and modest, there was a limit to a person’s strength thus people did not think highly of him. Although Fu Xiu Yi performed that he was not interested in the fight of the heir position, in this deep dark palace, it was necessary to have a defensive heart so his brothers were still keeping an eye on him.

But the womenfolk did not see others as profoundly as men. The young females that were present were secretly checking out Fu Xiu Yi’s handsome face and whispered with blushing faces.

In all fairness, the Fu family members all have good looks and Fu Xiu Yi was the most outstanding in this regard among the nine princes. The Imperial family gave him an extraordinary air and he always had an indifferent attitude but did not have an aloof air nor did he raise his chin up to heavens. For the young females, this kind of ‘cordial’ and ‘exceptional’ male was covered with elegance.

“His Highness Prince Ding is indeed too handsome.” A young female’s muttering was heard. Shen Miao turned over and one did not know when did Feng An Ning came over to her side and laughed before putting on a serious face, “Since you have already arrived, why did you not come over to look for me and put up the air of a high and mighty lady, so as to make me look for you?”

Shen Miao was unable to fathom her words. Shen Miao had some frustration as to why and when did this high and mighty young lady, Feng An Ning, begun to stick to her like a milk sweet. She did not even know when did Feng An Ning turned around her attitude towards her. Shen Miao was after all not a true budding young beauty, and she was unable to be intimate with Feng An Ning like peers could be. Even so, she was unprepared to accept other’s goodwill so she did not know how to deal with Feng An Ning. Finally she shook her head and found an excuse, “I did not see you.”

Shen Miao naturally did not know that if it was the former her, Feng An Ning would definitely not take an additional look, but the current Shen Miao was the Empress who was bathed in the bloody rain and wind in the Inner Palace of Ming Qi, and people would have a kind of feeling to worship and follow others that were stronger than oneself. Feng An Ning could faintly sense that Shen Miao had a strong heart and naturally unconsciously followed her.

“Qi.” Feng An Ning’s lips curled and suddenly whispered in a teasing manner, “Anyways His Highness Prince Ding has arrived and in any case he was a person you are happy with, why are you not even looking at all?”

As if to verify her words, Feng An Ning just finished her words, one could hear Jiang Xiao Xuan laughing loudly, “Fifth Shen Young Lady, His Highness Prince Ding has arrived!”

She did it to make a fool of Shen Miao and also knew that under everyone’s eyes and in front of the Imperial family, Shen Miao would not dare to get angry and even Luo Xue Yan would have to endure. This kind of words can be used as a joke since the past Shen Miao was in love with Prince Ding and it was something that the entire court of Ming Qi knew. Once her words were spoken, not only the female guests, even the male side of the banquet also looked over.

Luo Xue Yan gritted her teeth. She knew that this person deliberately angered Shen Miao, although Shen Miao said that she was no longer in love with Prince Ding, Luo Xue Yan knew that it was not easy to just renounce the like one felt for a person just like that. Shen Miao looked as if nothing has happened but who would knew if her heart was painful. Luo Xue Yan was angry that Shen Xin was not present at the moment. She turned to look at Shen Miao and was worried that Shen Miao would be hurt and sadden by it and softly said, “Jiao Jiao…”

In the male side of the banquet, everyone’s eyes showed excitement. Cai Lin’s lips were pulled up, seemingly to rejoice in others misfortune. That day during the academy examinations, Shen Miao made him lose face and now Shen Miao herself would also repeat his mistakes, so the mere thought of it made him feel happy. Su Ming Feng and Su Ming Lang sat side by side as Su Ming Lang pulled Su Ming Feng’s sleeve and said in a pleasantly surprise tone, “Eldest Brother, Shen family’s older sister has also arrived?”

His head was too small and the table had blocked his entire line of sight thus it was not possible for him to see Shen Miao. Su Ming Feng shook his head. He did not know when and how this Younger Brother of his had good feelings for the Fifth Young Lady of the Shen family. If it was not because of Su Ming Lang’s young age, Su Ming Feng would have thought that this Younger Brother of his has some other inclinations for Shen Miao.

But… He also turned his head to look at Shen Miao. How would Shen Miao face Prince Ding with this kind of close encounter?

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    • Or another situation… She will actually see XJX and ignore PD, then walk and greet towards XJX, shocking all including both of their families… Like when will that XJX give the medicine!!!!

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      • LOL! That will be a good slap to their faces too.

        As for the medicine, XJX had already destroyed it because he knew our empress wouldn’t take it. She will happily bear that battle scar to bring down her enemies and save her family by shedding light on the real situation within the courtyards.

        On another note, I kind of do wish he had actually saved it to give to our empress instead of she wouldn’t be left with a scar.

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  1. Based on the description, Prince Ding couldn’t have succeeded in becoming the Emperor without the Shen family’s help. At the very least, his struggle would have been much harder and fiercer.

    In Filipino, one of the worst insults (aside from curses) is ingrata or walang utang na loob. In a society that used to run on gratitude and returning the good will done, ungratefulness is an attitude that repulses others in the community.

    Prince Ding in the past life would not have enjoyed the life he had as Emperor without her. But he had the gall to make Shen Miao suffer and even kill off her loved ones. If she does her revenge in a way that would utterly destroy him, no witness would pity.

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  4. I wonder how Prince Ding managed to get the throne in the past life if he had no support. The Shen household couldn’t have been enough to support him to get the throne.

    Of course, he’s not going to get her support this life, I don’t have a clue who’s going to come to power.

    Also, where’s Prince Yu? Need his ass kicked soon before he tries to get closer to our Empress.

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    • Though it may seems like he doesn’t have any support, he has a lot of plans and he’s quite good in putting them on action. The only thing that he lacks might be the love for our empress. I know a lot of readers hate him, but I pity him myself. It’s hard to survive in a royal family, so a heart of stone is in need, but he failed to soften his heart to his own empress and chose that b**ch of mei furen instead. I wonder if that furen didn’t appear, will SM still die?

      PS. If given a choice will she still choose to become an empress in her second life?

      I love this story. Thanks for the chapter and to the sponsors.

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