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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 74 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 74: Variations (Part 1)

Both siblings, Shen Qiu and Shen Miao, had not talk for such a long time about matters in their hearts. Shen Qiu had especially found personnel from the army to guard outside the Western courtyard and no one else were allowed in. One Shichen (1 shichen = 2 hours) was not considered long or short and it was Shen Miao who was listening to Shen Qiu speaking. Most likely Shen Qiu was trying to make Shen Miao happy, so he kept talking about interesting matters in the army, and also tried to inquire on the side what Shen Miao experienced for the past year but was avoided by Shen Miao.

For some of the matters, it was still not the time to say it now. Moreover in today’s Shen family, it was still not like the past life where the First household was framed and no one were to believe if one were to speak of it. With the current situation if one were to take action, it must be a killing blow. Even it was using a blunt knife to grind flesh, one must ensure that one must be able to skin with it first.

After saying a few more words, Shen Miao’s face showed some tiredness. Shen Qiu was concern of his Younger Sister and quickly spoke after seeing it, “Younger Sister have yet to recover and I will not disturb you more. Go and rest first as Father and Mother will most likely return when the skies turn dark. When Father and Mother return, I will then come again to take a look at Younger Sister.”

Shen Miao nodded her head in agreement.

Shen Qiu got up to leave but he suddenly thought of something and hesitated for a moment before turning back to look at Shen Miao, “Younger Sister, you said that Shen Qing’s innocence was smeared by someone. Was that evildoer captured? Be it to protect Shen Qing’s reputation but the Shen residence has guards so it should have been investigated privately.”

Shen Miao looked at him and her eyes curved, “This evildoer is very cunning and managed to escape.”

“So it was like that.” Shen Qiu lowered his head thoughtfully before suddenly smiling at Shen Miao, “That being the case, I will leave first.” He strode out of the house. Once he walked out, the bright smile on his face was wiped away and what remained was a face filled with haze. When the servants outside saw it, they could not help but shudder, seemingly understanding at this point that under the smile, in the bones of this young military official, blood of steel were flowing through it. He ordered the guards beside him, “Find two people to take a trip to Wo Long Temple and also investigate what is happening in the capital.” He glanced at Shen Miao’s closed room and his fists clenched as he whispered, “Younger Sister, what exactly happened in this past year?”

In the house, Shen Miao said to Gu Yu who was walking over, “Bring some money for Chun Tao and also find a servant to send some money to Physician Chen. This is the most critical time and that unborn child in Eldest Sister’s belly must stay well.” She stroked the scars left by the burn on her arm. The scar was particularly unsightly against her fair skin, as if a portion of highly valued brocade was burnt. However she did not feel upset about it, as if she was satisfied with a business transaction, “The upcoming show will be totally depending on my unborn nephew.”

“Young Lady.” Jing Zhe asked, “Why not tell everything to Eldest Young Master just now?” Shen Miao still concealed some things from Shen Qiu. For example, the matter of that evildoer being Prince Yu of the First Rank. Jing Zhe said, “If Eldest Young Master was to take action, at least that side would not dare to act rashly. And if Master and Furen know about it, they would also protect Young Lady.”

“Even if I do not say, Eldest Brother will investigate himself.” Shen Miao looked out the window, “I’m afraid that by this time the circumstances in Wo Long Temple had already been inquired.”

“But can Young Master really be able to investigate?” Jing Zhe was worried, “If it was found it, at the end everything would be known so what is the use of Young Lady hiding it?”

“Prince Yu does things rigorously and if I guess correctly, the monks in Wo Long Temple had already cleaned thoroughly everything inside and out. Not to mention Eldest Brother, even if it was Father, they would not be able to find a single tiny hint at all.”

“Goodness.” Jing Zhe covered her mouth, “Does it means that the truth of the matter will never come to light in this lifetime?” The wicked heart of the Second household of the Shen family, the shamelessness of Prince Yu. Initially one thought that once Shen Xin and wife returned, they would be able to stand up for Shen Miao but with Shen Miao’s words just now, it was almost saying that everything that happened in Wo Long Temple had been buried deeply, and the truth would not be known to anyone at all.

“I originally do not intend to use this kind of fair method to seek justice for myself.” Shen Miao lightly said, “There are many different other ways in the world to achieve one’s goal.”

Justice and fairness was not even worth more than straws. Justice was restricted from the weak and for those who are strong, they were the justice. In those years in the Inner Palace, she understood lots of principles. It was not that there were not any kind and good females, it was that these females were like the flowers during winter, too weak and could not withstand the wind blowing and would be crushed into the soil. Since she was taking a dark and bloody route, then the means and methods used during that route would not necessarily be those that could see the light.

“But what Young Lady could do?” Jing Zhe said, “At least Master and Furen can protect Young Lady. If it was possible, even help Young Lady to vent some anger. Since Young Lady is an unmarried female, even if one were to take revenge, it would be inconvenient.” Jing Zhe wholeheartedly spoke with Shen Miao in mind.

“Father and Mother will be filled with indignancy and directly go against Prince Yu residence. Only by retreating can they protect me and make Prince Yu somewhat afraid of the consequences.” Shen Miao said, “It is not possible to let the Shen family not harm a single hair when going against the residence of Prince Yu of the First Rank. If it was only for the sake of intimidation, then it is not what I wish to have.”

The more Jing Zhe listened, the more she did not understand. Shen Miao’s meaning was not to let Shen Xin take his anger out of Prince Yu, and also not to let Shen Xin deter Prince Yu but make Prince Yu not put any intention onto Shen Miao. But looking at Shen Miao, it was clear that she would not forget about this matter. So what exactly was Shen Miao intended way of handling it?

Shen Miao smiled, “If one were to offend me, I will definitely exterminate the entire family.”

Jing Zhe was surprised and unconsciously raise her head to look at Shen Miao, but saw that the smile on the lips of the young female that was bathed in sunlight, was like the claws of a beast in the deep dark jungles, quietly showing their fangs.

Her heart was in shock and in that moment she felt terrified, and was unable to speak a single word as she quickly bowed her head in fear. Thinking the right words that Shen Qiu said, mentioning that in just a short one year, Shen Miao seemed to have completed changed. Not to even mentioning about Shen Qiu, even those maids that were by Shen Miao’s side all day were also unable to find any traces of the old Shen Miao.

Shen Miao closed her eyes satisfyingly. The people had returned and the chess match could begin. Shen Qing was a small soldier, Prince Yu of the First Rank was a chariot and Ming Qi’s Imperial family was like the white pieces. Whenever the carriage would be swallowed, chaos would descend into the match. Everything was up to the will of Heavens.

This time, it would be her that was controlling the will of Heavens.


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