Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 72 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 72: Getting Even (Part 2)

A room in the Western courtyard, was filled with the thick scent of medicine and all the servants inside and outside were up all in arms, making this desolated and barren courtyard unexpectedly to feel upgraded. And at this moment, it was also lively in the room.

“I handled Jiao Jiao over to both Younger Sisters, thinking that Younger Sisters would definitely help me to look after Jiao Jiao but from today, it seems that it is not the case. If it was not that I returned at the right time, I fear that Jiao Jiao would have died in that sea of fire without anyone knowing.” Luo Xue Yan crossed her hands and coldly laughed. She was naturally not a person that one could get along easily and was considered as ‘Luo Demoness’ on the battlefield. She was courteous in the Shen residence in remembrance of them teaching Shen Miao. But who knew that today it was as if the previous mask was torn away and with a heart filled with anger, words naturally were relentlessly fierce.

“Eldest Sao, it is not like this.” Ren Wan Yun explained with an apologetic smile, “Just now I had already called the guards to extinguish the fire. I see Jiao Jiao as my own daughter and how would I see her trapped in such a dangerous situation. Eldest Sao, you know clearly how I treated Jiao Jiao all these years, else how would Jiao Jiao be so close with us?” She was very anxious in her heart as Luo Xue Yan had never been so angry to others before. Most likely she was not aware of the matters in the inner courtyards and previously was easily coax, but when she did not overlook or spare anyone, her imposing manner was indeed shocking.

“Real daughter?” Luo Xue Yan sneered, “My Jiao Jiao cannot afford to have such a vicious mother like you.” She faced Ren Wan Yun and forced Ren Wan Yun to take one step back at a time but her tone had a cold chill to it. “I want to ask Younger Sister, since it is Old TaiTai’s birthday, why was Jiao Jiao alone in the ancestral hall?”

“Fifth daughter. Fifth daughter wanted to go to the ancestral hall to burn incense for the ancestors…” Under Luo Xue Yan’s intense gaze, Ren Wan Yun’s heart panicked and she used a clumsy excuse.

“Ren Wan Yun!” Luo Xue Yun snapped sharply, “You using these excuses to lie to me is taking me as a fool. What lock in the ancestral hall, what force marriage. This list of offences, I will count every one of it and not let the matter down easily. Ren Wan Yun,” Luo Xue Yun was naturally forceful and when she was vigorous there was a kind of overbearing air, “If my Jiao Jiao suffer any little misfortune, see how I am going to get even with you!”

She said everything in a single breath, shocking everyone in the room that there were some trembling. Luo Xue Yan was not in Shen residence most of the year and the servants had already not taken her as a true mistress. Moreover most of the people were Ren Wan Yun’s spies. When Luo Xue Yan came back, she would have a smiling face and as she was a broad-minded person and was candid, so everyone only took her as an easy person to deal with and had never see her this strict and severe before. Ren Wan Yun was unable to spit a word out and her face was turning purplish.

Shen Miao who was sleeping in the room turned over but her pair of eyes were very clear. She had cracked her brains to act this out and did not hesitate to leave a scar on herself. This was all to put an end to any possibility of forgiveness for Ren Wan Yun. The Shen family members were all good actors and with some good plays and words, it would make one soft-hearted, unless injuries were caused. There was no parents that could tolerate others harming one’s own children, just like her Wan Yu and Fu Ming.

Now Luo Xue Yan would not trust Ren Wan Yun and Chen Ruo Qiu as much as previously, and even now treated the Second and Third household’s people as enemies, making her burns not in vain. This was good.

Shen Xin, who was outside in the courtyard, was facing Shen Wan and Shen Gui with Shen Qiu at the moment.

“Eldest Brother, it is all a misunderstanding.” Shen Gui was somewhat in a difficult state, he did not know that Ren Wan Yun wanted to exchange Shen Miao’s and Shen Qing’s marriages, and Shen Miao was locked in the ancestral hall because she had committed an offence. Shen Gui had been brooding about the day in Rong Jing Tang where Shen Miao contradicted his words, and naturally had no opinion about Shen Miao entering the ancestral hall, but who knew that at the crucial moment this happened.

“Second Shu, this was not a misunderstanding.” Shen Qui stepped forward clenching his fists tightly, as he tried to control his impulse of going forward to turn both of them over before saying, “In Grandmother’s birthday celebration, only my Young Sister was locked in the ancestral hall alone. I want to ask what offence did she commit, why was there so many guards outside the doors, and why these guards did not even go in to save people and just look from the outside? Second Shu and Third Shu, could I understand that these guards were not there to save anyone but to block the way of others so as to take my Younger Sister’s life!”

Shen Qiu was after all young and vigorous, thus he would not think much about the consequences and speak whatever he thought, and he also did not disappoint Shen Miao’s expectations and even said more serious words than Shen Miao had expected. When these words were spoken, Shen Xin’s expression turned even heavier and Shen Gui and Shen Wan jumped in shock. Shen Wan quickly persuaded, “Eldest Nephew, how could you say so? Fifth daughter is our niece, how could we harm her?” He looked at Shen Xin, “Eldest Brother, this was all an accident today. Eldest Brother have lived with us for so many years, if we wanted to harm Fifth Daughter, why would we raised her up so big? Do not Eldest Brother believe us?”

Shen Wan was a scholar and with the look of a noble and benevolence, he was able to fool one’s heart as if in the entire world only he was the most upright and honest person. But Shen Xin did not fall for such a trick. If it was before, he would think that it was a misunderstanding since they had raised Shen Miao up so well that Shen Miao was also willing to be close with them. But after the events of today, when he see these people again, he only felt that under their gentle skins, the rapacious designs of these people were clear.

Thus, in Shen Gui and Shen Wan shocked eyes, Shen Xin cursed, “Your mother’s fart! You think this father is easy to fool? I handed Jiao Jiao over to you all, and you all wanted to kill her. Lock her up in the ancestral hall and force her into marriage? Shen Gui, Shen Wan, you do not think that because this father is not in the capital, this father’s daughter can be bullied by you all! Today I, Shen Xin, will put my words down here. Wait till Jiao Jiao wakes up, we will see!”

Shen Gui and Shen Wan were dumbstruck. Although Shen Xin was an unrefined General but for so many years, he had been exercising restraint on his own coarse character in front of them, even though it was not as elegant as those scholars. Now with this, they only then knew that Shen Xin was a gangster deep to his bones! Shen Gui and Shen Wan did not know how to continue the conversation with those words!

In fact, Shen Xin was also extremely angry, when he saw his daughter trapped in the sea of fire, his heart was filled with anger and pain, and when he heard the words Shen Miao said before fainting, it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. The more simple she said, the more one would imagine, so much so that it made Shen Xin suspicious of what kind of days Shen Miao had experienced in the Shen residence. The more he thought, the more he felt disgusted when he looked at his two younger brothers. If it was possible, Shen Xin would not wait to split these two bastards with his sword!

“Shut up!” An angry voice sounded from behind. Everyone turned around and saw Fu-er supporting Old Shen Furen over.

Old Shen Furen almost had a heart attack due to anxiety. She was one who was fond of her face in her entire life, but today in her birthday celebration she lost her face in front of all the famous and reputable people in the Ding capital. All the guests had seen Shen Xin’s and Luo Yue Yan’s denouncing appearance and knew that they could not stay any longer, so they quickly left in a rush leaving during half banquet. Now that all the guests had left, she quickly rushed over to condemn them, but who knew that she saw the scene of Shen Xin interrogating Shen Gui and Shen Wan and naturally spoke without hesitation.

Shen Qiu turned around and when he saw Old Shen Furen, he greeted but his attitude was not warm. Previously when Shen Yuan was around, Old Shen Furen would be biased towards him and everyone said that it was because Old Furen did not like fighting and killing. Shen Yuan went the civil official route so Old Furen preferred Shen Yuan. But no matter how old kids were, they would have a kind of intuition. Shen Qiu did not like to be close to Old Shen Furen and since he returned back lesser, he was alienated.

This time witnessing first hand that Shen Miao fell into a trap but the banquet could still continue, Shen Qiu felt distasteful and could not wait to immediately stick out for his Younger Sister.

Old Shen Furen eyes crossed from Shen Qiu to Shen Xin and still put up an attitude, “Eldest one, you just returned to the residence and put that kind of attitude to your two Younger Brothers? Why, you want to put up a General’s attitude in my Shen family?”

When Old Shen Furen was young she was a songstress and needless to say she knew a lot of underhanded means, but on the surface she was gentle and virtuous, thus she could serve the Old General well. Before the Old General passed on, he told Shen Xin that Shen Gui and Shen Wan took the civil official route and only Shen Xin would be inheriting the mantle, and must support both Younger Brothers and must live in harmony as a family. When Old Shen General was alive, both father’s and son’s relationship was extremely deep thus Shen Xin took his words to heart. So for all these years, the respect for Old Shen Furen did not change the slightest.

But in the future, one’s feeling would definitely go down. Parents loved their own children, children would love the next generation of children but there were very few that would love the parents more than their children. Shen Xin was also the same, with a mother without any blood relation and his own blood, Shen Xin would naturally not hesitate to choose his own flesh and blood. Old Shen Furen’s words were of no use in Shen Xin’s ears.

He cupped his fist in the other hand towards Old Shen Furen, “Mother, it is not I who is putting up an attitude in the residence but this matter today is truly suspicious. I as a formidable Grand General cannot even protect the safety of my own daughter, how would I have face to look at the forefathers of the Shen family and be worthy of the prestige and reputation outside. I will definitely investigate this matter till water recedes and rocks appear. Today is supposed to be Mother’s birthday but this son is not filial and cannot watch Jiao Jiao being trapped and still take it as though nothing had happen, so will only have to apologise in the future to Mother.” His words were sarcastically saying that Shen Miao fell into misfortune, but these Shen family people still had the mood to continue with the feast as though nothing had happened, it was indeed excruciating to the heart.

Old Shen Furen stood rooted on the floor as Shen Xin had always acted according to rules and regulations. When he was young, she had thought of using means to end Shen Xin, but the Old General doted and loved Shen Xin like his lifeline that there was no opportunity for her. When Shen Xin grew up, there was no way at all. However, Shen Xin treated her with respect and she was also happy to keep up the act. This was the first time Shen Xin used such hoarse words to refute her words and it shocked her that she was unable to say anything for a while.

Shen Xin then turned his head towards Shen Gui and Shen Wan and said with a sombre tone, “No matter what exactly happen, I would naturally investigate it carefully. Second Young Brother, Third Younger Brother, goodbye.” He turned and strode off. Without looking at any one of them, Shen Qiu quickly followed.

Only after they exited the Eastern courtyard, Shen Xin then said to Shen Qiu, “Later take the fire rat cloak in the carriage for your Younger Sister. I see that the dangers in the residence are comparable to the battlefield. Your Younger Sister needs it more than Old Tai Tai.”

“Yes.” Shen Qiu was pleased with the turn of events before he thought about something and said, “Father, Younger Sister mentioned about a marriage before fainting. Let us also investigate about it. These matters were not mentioned in the news to the North-western regions.”

“Heng.” Shen Xin said in a deep voice, “I see that there are a number of demons and monsters in the General residence. This time your Younger Sister almost lost her life. This father will give a big punishment to all those people who do not want their life!”


The residence of the Marquis of Lin An

When Xie Jing Xing returned back to the room, he saw a person sitting in front of the table, cladded in white blowing robes and lightly moving his fan while smiling as he looked at him.

“What are you here for?” Xie Jing Xing put the sword down and asked.

“Heard that you went to Shen residence to look for it. What is the result?” Gao Yang asked.


“I have long guessed that it is not in the Shen residence.” Gao Yang shook his head and a trace of disappointment flashed on his face, “Since it is not in the Shen residence, what are you planning to do next?”

“Like the Eight Immortals soaring over the ocean, each one showing their special prowess.” Xie Jing Xing sat opposite him and poured himself a cup of tea. “What else can be done?”

“But for Shen Xin to return to the capital at this timing, there may be new turmoil that would happen in Ming Qi.” Gao Yang looked at him and the fan in his hands slightly paused, “Will the Fu family, at this time…” He put his hands on his neck and showed a gesture of murdering someone.

The Shen family meritorious deeds covered the masters. It is adding oil to the fire thus there would be such a day sooner or later.” Xie Jing Xing drank a sip of tea and assessed in a normal tone without half a trace of sympathy.

Gao Yang shrugged his shoulders and suddenly thought about something. He pulled out a little bluish green bottle from his arms, “The last time Tie Yi mentioned that you hurt your arm. This is the medication prescribed for you.”

“Why need medicine for such a small injury?” Xie Jing Xing frowned.

“My medication will ensure scars are not left behind.” Gao Yang put the bottle of medication into Xie Jing Xing’s hands, “It is not good to leave a scar.”

“I am not a female.” Xie Jing Xing pushed the bottle back like he was avoiding a plague, “Take it back!”

“If you were a female, you would be crying and begging for my help.” Gao Yang said, “Take it, this medicine is very expensive. One bottle is worth a thousand gold taels.”

Xie Jing Xing glanced at him and a look of disdain appeared on his lips, but he suddenly thought about the scene where a young female in a sea of fire, did not hesitate to use the burnt ancestral tablet to burn her own arm.

Leaving a scar? That would not necessary be.

After pondering a while, he reached his hand out and kept the bottle of medicine.

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