Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 65 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 65: No Loss (Part 1)

Shen Gui did not even removed his official uniform and strode into the hall. It seemed that he had been given notice of Shen Qing’s news and came over in a rush.

When Ren Wan Yun saw him, she immediately cried more miserably, “Master… Qing-er…”

Ren Wan Yun’s and Shen Gui’s relationship was not necessarily deep, else Shen Gui would not have filled the courtyards with concubines. In spite of that, Shen Gui was still respectful to Ren Wan Yun, not because of anything else but because Ren Wan Yun was able to manage the entire Shen residence and had good relationships with Shen Gui’s colleagues’ Furens. As his other half, Shen Gui was rather satisfied with Ren Wan Yun so he gave her face and would not fall in comparison.

“Shen Miao!” Shen Gui turned his head and looked at the young female in the hall. He knew the reason why Ren Wan Yun brought the three Di daughters to the Wo Long Temple. But bringing the three Di daughters of the Shen residence out, was only to prevent others from talking. Who knew that the one that would be in trouble was his daughter Shen Qing. The servant who went and transmitted the news secretly told him that everything was Shen Miao’s doing. Even though he felt that it was unfathomable, but one would need to take out the anger on someone. Since it was not possible to vent on the Second household, then all the crimes and responsibilities were pushed onto the First household.

“You harmed your sisters with such evil means and since Eldest Brother is not here today, I will teach you well on behalf of Eldest Brother!” After he said that he loudly shouted, “Bring the rod!”

Bring the rod? Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Wan looked at one another. Ever since Chen Rou Qiu entered the Shen family, she had never seen this Shen family’s rod. From what Shen Wan said, the rod was usually used on Yiniangs that committed some wrongdoings and have never been used on the descendants of the Shen residence.

Moreover the Shen family was of a military lineage and the rod would naturally be unusual. The servant quickly took out a long wooden box over as Shen Yue looked over curiously. When that long wooden box was open and the thing inside was taken out in front of everyone, she could not help but to suck down a mouthful of cold air.

It was a long whip and no one was sure what the whip was soaked in for so many years that it looked black and shiny. Moreover it was as thick and coarse as a fully grown man’s wrist. With one look, one would know how strong and powerful it was. If one was to be beaten by that whip, most likely half one’s life would be gone. If one’s was to use more strength then it would be easy for a life to be snuffed out.

“Exactly.” Old Shen Furen put back on an arrogant air. Seeing that her son had returned, her back was even more straightened. She after all treated Shen Qing with some sincerity, thus when she saw her granddaughter fallen to a mishap, she was angry in her heart. Since Shen Gui had spoken, she naturally would push the boat with the current.

“Fifth Girl had made mistakes and you as a younger brother will naturally teach her on behalf of one’s Eldest Brother. Our Shen family’s rules are in order and those who committed a wrong will be given the rod. Fifth Girl, you should rejoice for your Second Shu’s good heart else it would not be as simple as just bringing the rod out. If the family elders in the ancestral hall investigate, you will be expelled from the Shen family.” Saying this, her eyes suddenly moved. Yes. If Shen Miao was expelled from the Shen family, would not that be good?

Seeing Old Shen Furen’s expression, Chen Rou Qiu secretly scolded her a fool. If Shen Miao was expelled from the Shen residence then with Shen Xin’s personality, he would definitely leave together with the entire First household. Even though they did not like seeing the First household well, there were many matters that required the name of the First household. This old woman really think it was that simple. Her thoughts truly originated from a songstress that could not be seen in public.

Ren Wan Yun was also startled when she heard it as she had roughly guessed Old Shen Furen’s hidden wish. She however did not wished for Shen Miao to be expelled from the Shen residence. Not because of anything else but because this would be letting Shen Miao off too lightly. She now could not wait to let Shen Miao remain in the Shen residence then there would be lots of tricks to use to take revenge on her. Once she was expelled from the family, how would it be easy?

But everyone had their own thoughts and when they heard Shen Miao’s light cough, she was looking at Shen Gui.

Shen Gui was shocked by her inexplicable move and looked at her with a frown. He often put up on airs in the official circles and his official rank was not low. If he was stared at by normal people, they would have been week in their knees as they see his anger.

But Shen Miao did not make the slightest move. Her calm demeanour and undisturbed eyes even projected an illusion to Shen Gui. As if Shen Miao was high above others and he was just a subordinate.

This kind of illusion was broken by Shen Miao’s words. She said, “Second Shu indeed has a good heart. Eldest Sister is bedridden and Second Shu was not in a rush to check on her condition, but was busy with teaching me on behalf of my father. It is probably Second Shu truly caring for me, even much more than for Eldest Sister.”

When the words were out, everyone in the house fell silent.

There was a flash of sarcasm in Chen Rou Qiu’s eyes while Shen Wan frowned. Old Shen Furen’s facial expression changed and Shen Yue’s mouth was opened, whereas Ren Wan Yun’s head was lowered as she secretly clenched her fist tightly.

If one were to talk about the three masters in the residence, although Shen Xin neglected Shen Miao, he really truly loved her. Shen Wan cherished Chen Rou Qiu and loved Shen Yue, who was born from Chen Rou Qiu, like treasured stones. And there was Shen Gui.

Shen Gui was one who coveted wealth and lusted for women and probably had not done his role of a father. The treatment to his two sons were much better but towards Shen Qing, his daughter, he had never disciplined her. Most likely in Shen Gui’s eyes, Shen Qing would be married into some nobility and it would be best that she was able to give a boost to his power. This time Shen Gui was this angry since Shen Qing fell into a mishap, and that was not because he was distressed that his daughter had a bitter experience, but because he resented that the plans were disrupted and feared that if Prince Yu were to know of the matter, he would be furious. He was also furious that because of Shen Miao, he had wasted the possibility of using his daughter to gain power for his official route.

It all boiled down to the word ‘benefit’.

If a father were to truly love his daughter, after knowing of the matter, one would definitely return to take a look at his daughter’s condition and would not have rushed back in a hurry like this, to ‘discipline’ the person who initiated the entire thing. So to say, one would feel some pity for Shen Qing.

A touch of awkwardness flashed on Shen Gui’s face. He could not help but be a little embarrassed to be found out by Shen Miao’s words. When he looked at Ren Wan Yun again, she had indeed turned her head and did not looked at him. Shen Gui’s heart was shocked and when he looked back at Shen Miao, he pondered. One sentence was enough to make a couple be at odds. This kind of instigation was so accurate and ruthless. Shen Qing was the one that Ren Wan Yun’s cherished the most but to Shen Gui, she was just another thing that could be exploited. This made the couple who shared the hatred for the same enemy to be displeased with one another. This approach of Shen Miao’s was like from a wily old fox in the official circles.

The young female had delicate features and looked extremely pleasing to the eyes, but one did not know why there was a faint flash of majesty that made one dare to not watch intently.

Suppressing his surprise in his heart, Shen Gui said, “Shen Miao, you still have not reflected upon yourself till now. As such, if I do not teach you today, I would be ashamed to be a man and ashamed to face your father.” He raised his hands to take the whip.

Shen Yue stared fixedly at Shen Gui’s actions with both rejoice in other’s misfortune and some nervousness. Would Shen Gui really beat her? Shen Miao was so overbearing that even facing such a scene she would still not admit to a loss.

“How would Second Shu teach me? Use this whip to murder and silence this one? Or to beat half to death before sending to court.” Shen Miao suddenly spoke.

Shen Gui’s action paused in surprise.

Shen Wan was also stumped for words. Probably they did not think that Shen Miao would be that hostile. Even though Shen Miao had changed these days, but everyone felt that that was only a strong act, but now in front of everyone in Shen residence, she did not bother to camouflage herself and just shed all pretense of cordiality.

“Evil girl, what kind of words are you saying!” Old Shen Furen was the first one who shouted angrily, “Is it possible that you are saying that your Second Shu wishes to murder you? You are really rebelling against the Heavens!”

“Yes. Fifth Lady, how could you say it like this.” Chen Rou Qiu also finally spoke but still poured oil into the fire quietly, “You had harmed Qing-er but how could you make bogus accusations against the victims. Where were these learnt from?”

Chen Rou Qiu thought that if Shen Miao and the Second household fight till both sides suffer then her Shen Yue would truly be a fish back in water in this Shen residence. After all in their Third household, Shen Wan’s power was not comparable with the First household, heirs were less than the Second household so if one did not use some underhanded means, one would fear that there would not be any benefits in this huge Shen residence.

Ren Wan Yun cried as she kowtowed towards Old Shen Furen, “Look that this. Fifth Lady hated us this much. She had harmed Qing-er but still do not know regret and even want to dirty Master’s reputation. Such arrogance was clearly because she relied on Eldest Bo’s power to bully us. Could it be that this was learnt from Eldest Bo. Fifth Lady is a young lady and how would she understand this much. It must be someone behind that taught her to do so. We have supported Eldest Bo, how could Eldest Bo’s family do such a thing…”

Ren Wan Yun’s cries were very dynamic as she put herself in a weak position. On normal days she was strong but at this moment her weak appearance would only make one believe that everything she said was true.

Unfortunately, she involved Shen Xin.

Dragons could reverse their scales and Shen Xin was the topic that would rub Shen Miao the wrong way.

Her eyes swept across everyone at Rong Jing Tang. They were all glaring like tigers watching its prey. They were a family and could talk and change black to white and turn death to living. They surrounded her, like facing a piece of fatty meat that fell at the side of a hungry wolf.

But what is the use of having such glib tongues. There were so many females in the Inner Palace that could speak with great reasoning but how many were left and how many more became fertilizer for the Imperial Gardens’ greenery?

“Second Shen kept saying that I have harmed Eldest Sister then one would like to ask a couple of questions to Second Shen. Will Second Shen be able to clarify my doubts?”

Ren Wan Yun was surprised for a moment as she did not know why she felt some guilty conscience when she meet Shen Miao’s clear eyes. After seeing the surrounding people, she put her heart down since all those who were standing were her side of people and how would Shen Miao have the ability to reverse Heaven and earth?

“Question then.” She wiped her tears.

“Alright.” Shen Miao’s lips hooked, “I would like to ask, that day Second Shen was staying in the next door to Eldest Sister’s room and was extremely close. If anything were to happen, how would Second Shen not able to hear it?”

Ren Wan Yun was stunned.

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