Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 52

One bad thing about the names is that auto correct love to change them. ‘Xie’ becomes ‘Die’, ‘Chang’ becomes ‘Change’. LOL

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Chapter 52: Sneak Attack

During normal times, good looking and vicious would not be discussed in the same topic.

Just as those elders had said, flower fists with fancy footwork. Moves that were good to look at would definitely not be strong and the truly strong moves must be very ferocious.

However, it was not the case for Xie Jing Xing. He was born attractive and intelligent with an air of a player, but when he was on the back of a horse with a lance in front of him, he was as if a god of war. That predator temperament was learnt through experience in the battlefield and made one unable to look away. The strength and beauty, charm and ruthlessness, he was just like a beautiful wolf that made one feel the grandeur and courage.

The purple clothes were like a purple lighting cloud as the horse galloped with his lead. The blood of everyone in the arena seemed to have heated up as they followed the hoofs. He had a strange trait that could attract others to fly.

Xie Chang Chao’s and Xie Chang Wu’s eyes followed closely that purple clad youth and they also separated, one to the right and the other to the left to outflank Xie Jing Xing as they wanted to encircle him. This was really a shameless tactic as it was clearly two against one.

Everyone in the arena cried out in surprise repeatedly as Fu Xiu Yi said, “Xie Jing Xing is truly a good seed of the Xie family.”

“How could it be as incredible as you say?” Prince Zhou laughed, “So stubborn and obstreperous that even Xie Ding cannot manage. One is afraid that he is just a devil incarnate.”

Fu Xiu Yi smiled but did not speak. Although xie Jing Xing looked stubborn and obstreperous, he was not one who was easy to deal with. In the face of absolute strength, there was no alternative other than plotting and conspiracies. Xie Jing Xing rationale for putting up a cynical attitude on the surface, was that he had nothing to fear. And what made him this fearless… Was most likely self-confidence.

It was different from Prince Zhou’s arrogance and it was also different from Prince Jing’s cautiousness. When Fu Xiu Yi evaluated a person, he would see the entirety of that person. Thus he had many different types of advisors, those who were known talents, those that looked inconspicuous, high ranking officials who suffered a reversal of fortune and also some heinous criminals. Only use talents as to him, character, bearing and attitude were not important factors.

Such a dazzling person like Xie Jing Xing, one truly wish to take him for his own use. Unfortunately… He was from the residence of Marquis of Lin An. And as for the residence of the Marquis of Lin An, it will not exist in the landscape of Ming Qi for too long.

Putting down his regretful heart, Fu Xiu Yi continued to look up towards the youths on stage. Xie Jing Xing who was outflanked by the two Xie brothers could still nimbly move out of it. As if he was a snake. No matter how tight Xie Chang Wu or Xie Chang Chao besieged him, he could easily pass through. The two brothers who worked seamlessly with the two lances had now many holes in their actions with Xie Jing Xing’s few moves, making it look comical.

Only by contesting would there be differentiation between superiority and inferiority. In the process of fighting, which was higher or lower, which was better or worse, could all be seen in a glance. The two brothers of the Xie family were unable to withstand a single blow in front of Xie Jing Xing.

“Goodness.” Bai Wei covered her mouth and exclaimed, “It obviously looks like Little Xie Marquis is playing with the two Xie family brothers.”

“That is right. In comparison…” Yi Pei Lan also exclaimed, “The lancing of the two brothers of Xie family, looks like it was only for show.”

The females could all see the truth so how could the males in the banquet not see it. Xie Jing Xing could kill with one attack but was deliberately wearing Xie Chang Wu and Xie Chang Chao out. It was as if a lion had caught a rabbit but was not in a rush to devour it, and instead was tormenting it to amuse itself.

“The little Xie Marquis is truly an incredible person.” Feng An Ning said, “The two brothers of the Xie family are most proud of their lancing, but upon comparison today they are like clouds and dirt apart. Afraid that they would lose miserably today.”

Shen Miao looked down at the chess game in front.

Not at all. How could this be considered as losing miserably? This was just the beginning.

She slowly placed the white piece down and the two black pieces were instantly swallowed. A small empty patch appeared on the chess board.

Up on stage, Xie Chang Wu and Xie Chang Chao were finally angered. They were played like monkeys by Xie Jing Xing for a long time and felt anger and shame burning in their hearts. Xie Jin Xing clearly intended for them not to be able to back down and they knew how bad their performance was just now. A whiff of killing intent appeared in Xie Chang Wu’s heart. He stared fiercely at the purple clad youth.

The youth on that horse’s back was extraordinary talented and that smile yet not a smile look was very eye-catching. From birth, he was the pride of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An. But even so, he still showed disdain towards that residence. No matter if it was the heir status or towards Xie Ding’s biases… He was like the king of the jungle, the one overbearing tiger that blocked everyone’s way of life! How could one not be hateful towards him!

After much discomposure, Xie Chang Wu who had always maintained the perfect mask on his face finally cracked. He gave a roar and charged straight towards Xie Jing Xing with his lance but pierced it viciously to the body of Xie Jing Xing’s horse!

Everyone stood in, amazed!

In the lancing competition, there was never anyone who attacked the opponent’s horse. As they were saddle horses, by doing so, there was a possibility of injuring the opponent. Upon falling off from a horse’s back, a light injury would require rest for an entire month, a serious injury meant that arms or legs were broken and it was common that one could easily break their neck and die. After all, the academy examination was just a way to assess the students and there was no need to be any bloodthirst. Thus, there was no such situation like this before.

This kind of approach from Xi Chang Wu indeed was somewhat a villainous conduct.

Xie Chang Chao was shocked by Xie Chang Wu’s action but he quickly understood. Almost with no hesitation, he drove his horse directly towards Xie Jing Xing direction.

It was to trample Xie Jing Xing when he fells off to death!

These two brothers were crazy! The entire audience had only one though, not mentioning if this matter violated Ming Qi’s law, but in the Marquis of Lin An residence, if the Marquis know about the matter and if Xie Jing Xing met with an unexpected misfortune, could the two Xie brothers escape?

The females exclaimed but the males drew a cold breath and those who were timid had already covered their eyes. Feng An Ning, a delicate female, screamed in fright.

Shen Miao’s hand stopped as she looked up on stage at the youth.

Even though the two Xie brothers were not superior opponents, this part of the chess game was played extremely and utterly bad, and Xie Jing Xing… Will definitely not let go of this opportunity.

But one saw that black horse giving a long neigh and both of its hooves were raised up high suddenly as if it was standing up before struggling crazily. The purple clad youth made a beautiful stroke with the lance and it broke when it landed, the movement made the horse’s hooves twist and the horse fell onto the ground and it never stood up again.

Everyone had yet reacted but Xie Jing Xing had already jumped and flew over without a second word. His posture was as if he was a deity flying towards the skies elegantly. With a turn and stretch, the lance had flipped Xie Chang Wu onto the ground. The other hand, however, picked up some pieces of stones and with a casual flick, it landed the knees of Xie Chang Chao’s horse, making it collapse. Xie Chang Chao was unable to dodge and fell down in a moment.

Both brothers were knocked down of their horses and it was just in a short moment of time. However Xie Jing Xing lazily stepped on Xie Chang Chao’s shoulder and used the other hand that was holding the lance to point at Xie Chang Wu’s head and a shadow of a smile appeared, “Even dare to sneak attack this Older Brother, truly… Overestimated one’s capabilities.”

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  1. Cool… I’m hooked with the story. Shen Miao slowly put her plan to trampled down all her future enemies. But it worried me by altering the stream, does she not fear of the consequences? She prevent Xie Jing Xing from die in early youth. Also stop the perish that might happen in Sung’ family. Hope her plan will succeed and she can revenge all bad deed had happened in her previous life.
    By the way, I’d really love to know what big event Xie Jing mention to Sung Ming Feng in their bet. I smelled some fishy plan.

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    • That something worth celebration? It is this event!! Lol XJX said to Su Ming Feng that the wines from the bet will be used to celebrate something. And this is the ‘something worth celebrated’, where he finally trampled all over the hateful Shu brothers that he endured all this time 😆


  2. Truly they overestimated themselves…They should have thought that as someone who has been to war since young he would know all about sly tricks and dishonourable methods used in a war…. why would he fall because of their childish tricks.

    He was like the king of the jungle, the one overbearing tiger that blocked everyone’s way of life! …… Isn’t lion 🦁 the king of the jungle…. how come it’s tiger 🐯.

    Thanks for the translation update 😊😊

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    • Also

      “Such a dazzling person like Xie Jing Xing, one truly wish to take him for his own use. Unfortunately… He was from the residence of Marquis of Lin An. And as for the residence of the Marquis of Lin An, it will not exist in the landscape of Ming Qi for too long.”

      Does this mean the disaster heading towards our little marquis has still not been averted????
      I hope our empress can protect him.

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    • Thanks for supporting!! The novel said tiger… so… tiger it is 😛
      It seems that since she might have changed the future, she still have yet to change the Xie family future since they will have to go to war and it is not easy for anyone to change that

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      • That’s probably correct. A lion hunts in the plains, but jungle are more tiger habitat. In fact lion usually roams around savannah and dry forests only.

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      • Wow never considered that since lions do live in the jungle or to be exact a national park in my country. Thanks for giving a different view point. Then again I guess lions are called the king of the jungle more for their look than their strength .

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    • Lions doesn’t normally exist in China or anywhere in jungles of that part of asia. So over there , the king of the jungle is tiger. Since the ancient times, fierce warriors are either labelled as tigers or dragons.

      Personally, for me too, i think a tiger is more fierce than a lion😆.

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  3. It felt so short. Oh, well. Haha They resorted to low tactics and lost. I wonder how they thought that their brother was not that good. He must have acted too well for them to doubt his abilities. I like how SM stopped playing chess when Feng An Ning screamed. I wonder if she was worried for a second (hah), but it was probably to see what the fuss was all about.

    Thank you for the update and thank you to the sponsors!

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  4. Thanks for the hard work and for the sponsors 😘😘😘
    Is this the end of this academic challenge act?
    I’m happy to see our SM acted nonchalantly while her surrounding was being hype with what going on the stage.
    She really suits to be an empress.

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  5. Thanks for the new chapter!
    As I have thought, dishonourable people, tsk tsk. And I also know their mother is also up to no good or probably the reason XJX’s mother’s death.
    I hope Feng An Ning and SM are becoming real friends as the story progress 🙂

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  6. *sigh.xie jing gave me a good feeling since his first appearance i love him so much sometimes in other novels the male leads are overbearing and they just piss me off but xie jing is so💖 I have a good feeling about him.i hope SM and XJX have lots of parts together and i hope there are chaps about XJX cuz i love him. THANKS FOR THE CHAPTER!!! Im in love with this novel and whenever i see an update my heart stops

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  7. See.. Our ML won the challenge effortlessly.. Hohoho..

    And when XJX said “This Older Brother” to that shu brothers, I think that he sounds so majestic, it sound like he said “Benwang” to his brothers..

    Thank you for the additional chapters Zazajunnie and Tnyhy..
    Have a great weekend fellow readers..

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  10. XJX is so cool omg 💖💖💖 I love how he beat his brothers, they deserve it for being so shady hmph! And lmao our lovely empress is just so cool and collected about the fight, she knew XJX would crush them~ Thank you!!!

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  11. Both brothers were knocked down of their *houses* and it was just in a short moment of time. However Xie Jing Xing lazily stepped on Xie Chang Chao’s shoulder and used the other hand that was holding the lance to point at Xie Chang Wu’s head and a shadow of a smile appeared, “Even dare to sneak attack this Older Brother, truly… Overestimated one’s capabilities.”

    Should be horses right ?

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  12. Although I like Xie Jing but I cant help feel sorry for two brother , who never got their fathers attention or love .As the overcompensation he tires to give to Xie Jing. These step brothers suffer from their Mothers action …and dad egotistic error. No wonder their brains are messed… Sad for all of Xie family 😢

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  16. Commenting in 2022, not sure if you’ll see this but thank you for the translation! Amazing story so far, I’ve been practically reading this all night.


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