Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: The Third Arrow

On and off stage, everyone was frozen as if the entire scene was a painting.

The person who broke the painting was Cai Lin. He raised his hands and touched his left cheek. The arrow that just brushed pass left a little trace of dark red blood behind.

Everyone was stupefied.

Shen Miao actually dared to shoot and not to let the arrow fall halfways nor purposely missed it way off. She shot it not far away nor near the fruit but just brushed it exactly past Cai Lin’s cheek.

Cai Lin shouted out loudly, “Shen Miao, what are you doing!” His voice hardly left when the second arrow was released and it swept pass leaving a slight wind. It also exactly brushed past his right cheek, not even slanted a little. Cai Lin suddenly felt a burst of fiery pain in his right cheek and when he raise his hands to touch, he was surprised to find that there was a trace of blood.

He has almost gone crazy. He stared at Shen Miao incredulous and even Cai Daren also wanted to stop it but Prince Yu of the First Rank was sitting in front, so he did not dared to move.

Ren Wan Yun suddenly stood up, “Has Fifth Lady gone crazy? How could she dared to injure the Young Master of the Cai family?”

“Your residence’s Fifth Young Lady is really powerful.” Yi Furen pretended to be surprised, “How would an ordinary female have such courage? To injure the Young Master of the Cai family, would not both Shen masters because of this, have poor relations with some colleagues?”

These words spoke into Ren Wan Yun’s and Chen Rou Qiu’s hearts. They were previously thinking that it was only Shen Miao making a fool of herself, and who knew that Shen Miao not only did not embarrassed herself, but she also injured Cai Lin. If the Cai family started to criticise the Shen residence because of this, since the Cai family took the literary official route, wouldn’t the two brothers, Shen Gui and Shen Wan, be any better after offending the Cai family? Thinking of this, Ren Wan Yun became incredibly anxious and wished to immediately drag Shen Miao to the Cai family to apologise. Just as she wanted to shout out to shop Shen Miao’s actions, Chen Rou Qiu’s hands pressed her down.

“Younger Sister, what are you doing?” Ren Wan Yun spoke unhappily, “Just watch Fifth Lady causing trouble? Later when Master questions, who can take this responsibility?”

Chen Rou Qiu practically admired this Second Sao. Her identity was much noble than Ren Wan Yun and self-boasted to be from a scholarly lineage. Thus would not have performed such secular actions and naturally was not on board on Ren Wan Yun’s idea of stopping this in front of everyone. She said, “Second Sao’s thoughts are not bad, but just now one would have also heard that even Prince Yu of the First Rank had also spoken. Else why would Master Cai not say a single word till now and only watch his own son being injured? Even if Second Sao speak, can it be decided? Instead it is better to wait and see and if questions were asked, just take it as kids playing around.”

“Don’t tell me that one can only just watch as it unfolds?” Ren Wan Yun’s heart knew that Chen Rou Qiu’s words were rational but she could not help to worry, “If Fifth Lady does not know the severity of it and create a big mess? Life and death agreement is one thing but Ding capital’s rumours are another matter in itself.”

“What is there to be afraid of? Did you not see how Fifth Lady’s shot?” Chen Rou Qiu laughed, “She obviously know how to pull the bow and did it only to bring him down a peg and retaliate. But she should know the seriousness and propriety of the matter, else it would not be just a simple scratch of the cheeks.” Chen Rou Qi sighed, “Anyhow people would be offended and since that is the case, let nature take its course. If Fifth Young Lady is really ruthless, one would fear that she would bear a reputation of being vicious and malicious.”

The sisters-in-law words were heard by the two sisters, Shen Qing and Shen Yue, without missing a single word. They were still young and do not understand things of the official circles thus they only heard the last sentence. Shen Yue looked at Shen Miao who was wearing a wide sleeved dress and saw she was cool and composed today and had created a stir that was very hateful. She was thinking that if Shen Miao shot Cai Lin to death, it would be good. Then Shen Miao would have to pay for it with her life. With such a vicious person, who would dare to marry or get closer to her?

Now this kind of scratch was only powerful but not vicious at all.

While thinking thoughts like this, something flashed across Shen Yue’s eyes. The safety of Cai Lin, who single heartedly made things difficult for Shen Miao because of her, had been thrown to the back of her mind as she was wishing for Cai Lin to use his own life to solidify Shen Miao’s vicious reputation.

Although the audience below the stage was discussion, but because of Prince Yu’s face, they did not dare to speak out, even the husband and wife of Cai family, was at the moment so anxious like their hearts were burning but could only watch their own son standing on the stage, becoming a target.

“Shen Miao, what exactly are you trying to do?” To shoot two arrows successively and scratch the cheeks, making the entire face burning up in pain, Cai Lin felt that other than anger towards Shen Miao, there was also a trace of fear. He suddenly discovered that there was nothing that Shen Miao didn’t dare to do. She was evidently mad, she dare to do anything!

Even though there was a distance, Shen Miao’s voice was a little vague and did not flow out to the audience but was enough to be transmitted to Cai Lin’s ears. Her voice was light and flowy, as if it came down from the clouds and made one not dare to look up.

She said, “Teaching you a lesson.”

Suddenly Shen Miao raised her voice, “There still the last arrow!”

Everyone in the arena was staring straight at the arrow. Cai Lin’s legs was almost soft and he had to bite himself to not fall. Because he had seen that Shen Miao’s arrow was aimed at his head.

He was very scared and that was a life fearing trauma of the Shen family. This kind of fear was so menacing that it grabbed all his attention at the moment. He really wanted to flee from this academy examination’s stage but Shen Miao’s arrow was aimed at him as if it will chase him to the ends of the earth.

“Young Lady of the Shen family is just too competitive.” Even though the darens at the male side of the banquet admired Shen Miao calmness, they were also distraught by her current performance. One had to know that it was not a good thing for a female to be too competitive. Now she hang onto Cai Lin and not left go, just to take the revenge of the provocation that Cai Lin gave to her. But Cai Lin did not create any harm to her, whereas Shen Miao was currently injuring Cai Lin’s face. Even though males are not as pampered as females and it would not be any issues of having a scar, but to have it on one’s face… It was after all not good looking.

“This is then like General Shen’s daughter.” There were some who were cheering on Shen Miao, “If one only know how to be bullied by others and not retaliate, then if General Shen knows he would be so angry.”

“But look at her now, the tip of the arrow is aiming straight at Cai Lin’s head. This is an intent to end Cai Lin’s life and is just too vicious.”

Both Cai Lin’s legs kept trembling as he viewed that purple clad young female afar like the devil. Her looks were gentle, warm and beautiful and her eyes were clear with some touches of naivety. But the actions that she took did not have any hesitation at all.

Shen Miao lightly said, “The third arrow.”

Her hand loosen and the arrow projected forward as the sharp killing intent charged towards Cai Lin’s forehead, frightening Cai Lin so much that he knelt down with a ‘pu-tong’ sound as he scream out, “Help!”

“Lin-er!” Cai Furen and Cai Daren simultaneously shouted out in shock.

Everyone stood up and stretched their necks to look at the situation on stage.

Cai Lin collapsed onto the ground and there was that fruit rolling around that had and arrow shot through, cleanly making a hole in it.

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  1. I feel like even though she might’ve used arrows and stuff in her past life; she didn’t use it in her current life.

    I’ve pulled a bow before and without sufficient strength it can be super hard to even pull the bow. She would need sufficient training beforehand just to build up her strength to pull the bow.

    Also, I like how everyone thinks she’s insane and not CL. I mean he was the one that suggested everything. All that is happening is his fault. How is he not the insane one? What SM said is right. If CL thought that she was incompetent, then there’s a serious chance that he’ll get hurt. If he wanted to embarrass her, he should’ve picked one of the four arts or something not this idiotic.

    Thanks for the good work!

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  2. I don’t want to nitpick but I’ve drawn the bow before and it was just the compound bow… the first few times it took me a lot of strength to get used to it and I had to train my arms continuously to hold the bow in check, I wonder if she did train her muscles before to be able to draw the bow, or else with that child’s body of hers, she wouldn’t have been able to draw and shoot even if she did so in her previous life.

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  3. One thing I hate is, it’s like the people are indirectly saying Shen Miao was in the wrong to accept the challenge. But now seems scary, for a female to be like that, the prejudice against daughters, tsk. SM be like “teaching you a lesson”, you reap what you sow, Cai Lin. Those 2 aunts of Shen Miao are afraid of the Cai family to vent anger on their husbands, but didn’t think what would happen to them if Shen Xin were to found out they let this happen and did not do anything about it.

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  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He got fully served!!

    Also those good for nothing people trying to fault SM at every point. When she was being shot not a soul said a single word, but at that CL’s turn they had plenty to say. What nonsense!!!

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  5. So the major reason, I’m into this type of transmigration novels right now is because of this moments where the MC face slaps the adversaries who are expecting to triumph over them but I wish the challenge had not been archery because no matter how much she trained and became proficient in her last life, pulling the bow as everyone was saying requires strength that her older body had been trained for but her current pampered body without any training does not have. I still loved the face slapping but it requires you not to think too deeply.


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