Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Mesmerising

Yi Pei Lan’s mother, Yi Furen, had a better relationship with Ren Wan Yun and Master Yi and Shen Gui mutually took care of each other in court. Occasionally Ren Wan Yun would also bring Shen Qing to the Yi residence for a visit thus Yi Pei Lan and Shen Qing had the best relationship and was also good to Shen Yue.

At the presence of the women, the male side of the banquet all looked over.

Shen Gui and Shen Wan was busy with government affairs lately and most likely was unable to come. But the reason why they look over was not for Shen Gui and Shen Wan.

In any case, the formidable Great General Shen Xin was very high ranked in the Imperial courts. When the late Emperor was alive, the Shen family had a lot of privileges and was worthy of the name of being in the Emperor’s inner ministerial circle. Whoever had the military power was qualified to speak. Even if Shen Xin was often not in the capital, if one mention about the Shen family, everyone would be respectful, thus Shen Gui and Shen Wan had a smooth sailing career mainly because of their Eldest Brother’s power.

The men look at the Shen family, as they were watching a powerhouse family and the formidable military leader. The females look at the Shen family as though as they were a joke.

It was still alright among the Furens, after all even if they felt contempt in their hearts, they would still say some perfunctory words but the young ladies were different. Perhaps there was some jealousy as Shen Xin had only one Di daughter and thus Shen Miao as Shen Xin’s Di daughter, her status was naturally different. It can be said that it was comparable to a princess. And such a genuine noble Di daughter was an absolute fool. Stupid and ignorance and was so timid and weak and her love of Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi, had created a lot of jokes. Unfortunately, the falling flower yearned for love but the heartless brook ripples on and everyone knew about it.

Let alone standing together with such outstanding two TangJies, one would look more like a countryside girl.

“Don’t know what kind of good show we will see today. His Highness Prince Ding would be present so Shen Miao would definitely dress up ‘meticulously’.” Yi Pei Lan covered her lips and laughed.

“Don’t you not think that it would be even funnier during the academy examinations? With Shen Miao’s no brains, she would take the initiative to go up on stage. At that time, it would only be exciting!” Jiang Xiao Xuan followed up with laughter.

Bai Wei sighed and shook his head pretentiously, “Did not know what sins did General Shen did in his previous life to have such a daughter.”

Just as they were talking, one could see a group of people lead by a female servant walking into Yan Bei Tang

The people who was walking impressively right in front was Ren Wan Yun and Chen Rou Qiu. Ren Wan Yun was wearing gold gilt soft cotton robe. She was naturally on the plump side and with her hair up on a Yuan Luo bun, she had a dignified appearance of wealth and had the air of a matriarch of the family. Chen Rou Qiu was different, even though Shen Yue was sixteen years of age, she was still like a young married woman, she wore a light pipa green gauze dress and with one glance, she would be thought of being a gentle woman from a scholarly family.

Behind both of them was Shen Yue and Shen Qing.

Shen Yue wore a pair of light pink and plum long skirt and her long hair was up in a flying fairy style, decorated with pink pearls. The colour of the pearls are exceptionally good that could attract others glaze to it. Shen Qing, beside her, was wearing a peach blossom red robe that had flowers scattered, was an dazzling colour and coupled with a Bai Hua hairstyle, made her look energetic and cheerful. The jade pendant that was hanging on her waist was translucent and clear, one look and one would know that it was extraordinary.

Both of them were young, one was beautifully gentle, the other was magnanimous. The clothes they wore were worth a lot of money and they were already quite good looking but clothes make the man, thus many youths turn over to look. At the male side of the banquet, one Daren could not help but praise, “The daughters of the Shen family are all good looking.”

“There is still one.” Cai Lin saw his favourite Shen Yue and was delighted but he could not help but sneer, “Shen family still have a daughter from General Shen, who is the best looking.”

That Daren did not seem to care about the rumours circulating and did not know about Shen Miao’s critique so when he heard Cai Lin’s words, he thought that it was true, “General Shen’s daughter would certainly not be lacking.”

“Ah.” Cai Lin could not help but laugh and pointed readily towards Shen Yue’s group, “Isn’t that…”

He did not finish his words but swallowed them down.

He saw that there was still one person walking behind Shen Qing and Shen Yue. She did not walk together with Shen Qing and Shen Yue but walk behind alone. This originally would not look good and one would cower and tremble in fear but for unknown reasons, there wasn’t the slightness of insignificance.

Dark gold embroidered silk with a moon tail, there were large embroidered Begonias on the skirt like they were blooming beneath her feet. As the young lady walked, flowers bloom with each step as she move elegantly.

And this young female most likely felt cold as she was covered with an lotus purple silk cloak, which instantly contained the flower patterns and highlighted the majesties of it.

As she walked nearer, everyone could then see her face clearly. It was just a fourteen to fifteen year old young girl who had her hair up in a simple cloud bun and there was only one silver hairpin that was inserted in it. At the end of the silver hairpin was a small begonia which brighten the outfit instantly with a touch of colour which made her quite moving.

Her complexion was naturally fair thus when she wore the lotus purple dress, it made her skin look creamy and that pair of eyes was crystal clear and shinning like they belong to some young cub. There was a light smile on her lips but it does not seem to be a laugh. There was some meat on that small cute nose and her mouth was rosy red. It was a somewhat adorable look but when everyone look at her, no one seem to think that this was a young little lady.

Some people were naturally beautiful but had no temperament, whereas others might not be beautiful or have a good temperament but was moving. This young lady’s appearance was delicate and cute, one would not say that she was exceptionally pretty but that air around her made one could not help but lose themselves in. That kind of majestic and dignified air came from the noble elegance found in the bottom of her heart. It made others not dare to do anything rash around her.

And her walking posture, a slightly lifted chin as the beginning of her skirt did not move as her hand was overlapped in front of her was done correctly, neither stiff nor consciously, like she has done such actions for thousands of time and thus there was no loophole at all.

This kind of noble temperament and the majestic air that came out from her heart made her not look like a fourteen or fifteen years old young little lady but a noble and high ranking married woman that had gone through the vicissitudes of life. Shen Yue, Shen Qing, Ren Wan Yun and Chen Rou Qiu in front unknowing became this young lady’s background, like the four maids that she brought along. Moreover by walking lastly, she was clearly their mistress.

“Who is that?” Yi Pei Lan murmured. Even as a female who saw this young lady, could not help but loose oneself. How could someone at such a bearing?

“Is this… Shen family’s guest?” Bai Wei asked, “It seemed to be someone who has not seen the others before.”

At the male side of the banquet, there was absolute silence. The way male look at people were different from females. Everyone present were people in the official circles and naturally could see that distinct aspect that this young lady had. It was not the appearance but her bearing, like the calm of one who had experience the great winds and high waves and in front of everything maintain a noble attitude but made others feel her disdain from the inside out.

It was like a leopard who ran into a flock of sheep, there was a completely inharmonious feeling.

“Is this the daughter of General Shen?” The person who was talking to Cai Lin now spoke with some excitement, “This is indeed a good appearance! Good sense of presence! The student has surpasses the master!”

“Shen Miao?” Cai Lin was stunned for a moment and took a closer look before crying out, “It’s Shen Miao?”

A stone caused a thousand ripples and soon everyone sitting quieten down before an instant uproar followed.

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