Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Mother and Daughter

After Gui Momo left, Shen Qing walked out from behind the dividing screen.

She climbed up to Ren Wan Yun’s side and cling onto her mother as she spoke with a tone that was unable to hide the anger, “Mother, Shen Miao is not willing to give up His Highness Prince Ding. What should I do?”

Among the three household in Shen family, the First Household was undoubtedly holding the highest official position and it is very possible if Shen Miao would ask Shen Xin to request a marriage for her. But she also love Prince Ding so what was she considered as if Shen Miao succeed?

His Highness Prince Ding was such a handsome and talented person, how can he be possessed by a stupid and ignorant Shen Miao. Every time she thought about this, Shen Qing could not resign her heart to it a hundred times.

“Rest assures. In this Shen residence, no one can be bigger than you.” Ren Wan Yun said, “Shen Miao has a stupid character and there is nothing to fear about her. Your mother naturally has ways to let her not marry His Highness Prince Ding, but it is you…” She sighed, “There is no harm in seriously looking at the people from Qiu Shui Yuan. You really think that the Second Girl is a good person? You have such thoughts but Second Girl may not have it.”

“Shen Yue?” Shen Qing wrinkled her brows, “She also love His Highness Prince Ding? How is it possible?” Shen Qing said, “Even if she truly likes His Highness Prince Ding, Third Shu’s rank is not higher than Eldest Bo and naturally would not be able to say anything. No matter how one see, it cannot be anything to fear from.”

Ren Wan Yun pointed at Shen Qing’s head as she rebuke, “How can I rest assure with you. Your Third Shen is a formidable person, in the beginning your Third Shu…” Seemingly realising that these words should not be said in front of children, Ren Wan Yun suddenly kept quiet. She only said, “In short, you need not take Fifth Girl at heart as Mother will naturally handle the matter.”

“Thanking Mother.” Shen Qing sweetly said. Both mother and daughter smiled.

Inside Qiu Shui Yuan, Chen Rou Qiu was sitting at the table writing.

She was a female from a scholarly family and had unbounded talents. Even though she was a married woman, she still often like to read books and calligraphy. Shen Yue stood behind her, clad in a yellow dress that make her body slim, just like a younger version of Chen Rou Qiu.

“Mother, why did you said that to Gui Momo?” She could not help to ask after a long time.

Gui Momo came over once but unexpectedly Chen Rou Qiu did not only prevent Gui Momo from stopping Shen Miao to continue to be in love with His Highness Prince Ding, she also let Gui Momo advise Shen Miao that His Highness Prince Ding was a good place to be married to.

“Won’t this make her more determined to marry His Highness Prince Ding?” Shen Yue complained.

Chen Rou Qiu place the brush down and gently sighed before pulling Shen Yue’s hands to the couch to sit and said, “Yue-er, didn’t Mother tell you before that whatever things that one does, especially within this house, must be done in a big round. This is that if anything would to happen in the future, one would blame the heavens and earth but would not blame you.”

Shen Yue shook her head, “Mother, I do not understand.”

Chen Rou Qiu smiled. This daughter of hers was gentle and talented and she was also not stupid but she was after all too young. It was most likely Third Master Shen doted on her too much thus she did not know how dangerous the inner courtyard was. It was unlike her in the beginning, when she was in the minister’s residence, there were a bunch of older and younger sisters, Yiniangs and concubines. Which one of them was easy to deal with? That was why after she was married, she firmly grasp Third Master Shen in the palm of her hands.

But the most regrettable thing was that she was unable to give birth to a son. No matter how much Third Master Shen dote on her, if there was no son, it meant that there was no weight at her side. Sooner or later the Third Master Shen would need to give the concubines soup to ensure no birth. At that time… What a scene would it be?

So she must educate this daughter very well.

“Yue-er, what do you think of Little Five?” She asked softly.

Shen Yue thought for a while and replied, “She doesn’t know anything about accounting or current affairs, not good at the four scholarly arts and she is stupid and ignorant and is not articulate. If it was not for Eldest Bo’s reputation, no one would give her any face. Even it is Shu daughters would also have more bearing than her.”

If anyone where to hear it, they would be shocked. These words of demeaning Shen Miao to be worthless actually came out from her gentle and soft TangJie. From what everyone knew, Shen Miao’s best friend was Shen Yue.

“Perhaps it was like this in the past.” Chen Rou Qiu shook her head, “But after falling into the water, from the way I see, Little Five has changed a lot.”

“Why does Mother say that?” Shen Yue was puzzled.

Chen Rou Qiu also did not know why there was such a feeling. Perhaps it was the pique words that a little girl said in a moment of anger but Chen Rou Qiu had seen a lot of people and thus as compared to her self-declared astute Second Sister-in-law, she saw it clearly that Shen Miao became smarter.

Her dialogue with Old Furen at Rong Jing Tang, as well as the appearance was very much different than before. Could it be that the matter with Prince Ding had gave her such a big blow or was it that there was an expert helping her?

In any case, one must not take it lightly at all.

“Perhaps it was because of the attack from Prince Ding. But Yue-er, mother has spoken to you before, a smart female would not deal with other female. She would only deal with men.” Chen Rou Qiu’s voice was soft and gentle like she was singing, “Since you are committed to His Highness Prince Ding, why should your sights be on Shen Miao? No matter how much power your Eldest Bo has, in this world, there was no logic that a man would adore a stupid and ignorant female. His Highness Prince Ding is a royalty and if he were to really marry such an unbearable female, won’t that be the greatest joke under the skies?”

“But…” Shen Yue felt some grievances.

“Listen to mother’s words. You must not only not alienate from Little Five but also be friends with her like before. You have to double up the hard work so that everyone can see your talent and beauty. The more outstanding you are, it would appear that she is more stupid and foolish.” Chen Rou Qiu smiled as though she was saying general things but each word exposed her hidden motives, “I let Gui Momo persuade her to continue to be in love with Prince Ding so that the stupid girl would whole-heartedly dive in and that would me her a laughing stock. Thus His Highness Prince Ding would only be doubly disgusted with her.”

“So in this way…” Shen Yue seemed to understand a little.

Chen Rou Qiu stroked her head, “You are a clever child and should be able to understand mother’s intention. So you have to persuade her to continue to love Prince Ding and also make a fool of herself in front of Prince Ding. It is only by doing so, His Higness Prince Ding would notice the more outstanding you. Even if everyone under the skies wants His Highness Prince Ding to marry Little Five, you will still win if the person in His Highness Prince Ding’s heart is you.”

“Mother…” To say such a thing out loud, Shen Yue embarrassingly buried her head into Chen Rou Qiu’s arms, “I understand.”

Chen Rou Qiu smiled. In the beginning, there were also many obstructions to the marriage to Third Shen Master and that time Third Shen Master was considered handsome and talented, thus there were many matchmakers that went over to discuss about marriage.

Why she was only selected? It was because there was an encounter at the temple where she was wearing a white dress playing qin under a tree and Third Master Shen heard it. Third Master Shen took her as a celestial being and insisted on marrying her as his wife when he returned.

Third Master Shen loved to listen the qin and his favourite colour is white.

See. So many females were fighting but it was her that became the final winner and it was because she knew from the beginning that she was only dealing with one man.

So what of the three Di daughters of Shen family? Only her Yue-er can deal with His Highness Prince Ding.

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  1. Thanks for the update!!!❤️❤️❤️
    Yes, yes, yes please deal with the prince so that he does not get into Shen Miao’s way. Our Shen Miao has many business to attend to. Of course, that is if they actually have the ability to deal with him.

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    • Thanks for supporting! Lets wait for it to happen!!!! They would not know what is coming to them and even if they know, they would not believe it would be true… Let the games begin!


  2. They’re all a bunch of snakes. So awful. Shen Miao needs to make it very clear that she’s not interested in the prince so that the rumors about her just stop. She’s already done it before but it seems no one has taken it seriously. Sigh.

    Thank you for the update!

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  3. Thank you for the chapter !! ^.^ lmao….at least the third household seems to be smarter than the second household. I still can’t wait to see how our girl is going to slowly get her revenge, luring them into her traps hehe….

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    • Unfortunately the exams is in chap 30 but the banquet starts at chap 25… The exams are like one arc of the story as many things happen and there are a lot more small characters popping up. I think I need to lower everyone’s expectation and stop raving abt this novel… Hahahaha…


  4. I love this story and thank you for laboriously translating the book for us. I think out of all the recarnation/transmigration/rebirth stories I’ve read I like this the most. I went ahead and read the raw which I’ve never done before since I can’t read Chinese. But the story propelled me to continue reading it.

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  5. LOL, yes, give those witches to the ungrateful b*stard xD They would make one great family… unfortunately I’m afraid that the dumb guy will fall for the renewed heroine… because that’s how those stories usually go… :<

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  6. …. Her immediate family is so stupid.

    Her Mother left her when she was young in the hands of a stranger. Her Father was busy and never home. And her Eldest Brother followed after his father and mother to the battlefield.
    They left her alone and defenseless. Relying on pathetic strangers. Even MC’s wet nurse was a random farmer woman who lived on their land. Like wtf. They didn’t leave behind anyone important and powerful to watch over her. Just young maids. THAT WAS IT.
    To be honest, her immediate family do not need saving. They are rather cruel to her. Our MC deserved better. And she was tricked and innocent her whole life. Her own mother wasn’t there to help her out with the internal court affairs. I seriously hate mc’s family. And strongly believe they deserve what happened. They left their only daughter alone and defenseless.
    So annoying.
    Even now MC has no one who truly loves her by her side. She is alone in this life like her last.


  7. Looking at all of his/her comments, it seems as though the translator can speak English well enough, so why is the translation utter garbage??? Lazy as hell.


  8. If you don’t mind… there’s a bunch of typos in this chapter and an innumerable sum of grammar mistakes. The quality steeply dropped from the previous. I know that this chapter is already posted and everything, but I can still edit it for you, for future readers. Because really… I had a bit of a headache reading this chapter.


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