Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 12

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Updated on 7 Sep 2019

Chapter 12: Gui Momo

When Shen Miao got out of the academy and returned to the Shen residence, the skies were becoming dark.

Shen Yue and Shen Qing did not return together with her and Shen Miao could not be bothered to care about them. Old Shen Furen had already gone to rest so she went back to the West courtyard.

Just as she reached the West courtyard, a warm voice called out, “Young Lady has finally returned. This old servant heard that Young Lady had fallen into the water and was very worried. Seeing that Young Lady is well, this one’s heart can finally be at ease.”

Turning her head to the side, Shen Miao saw a middle-aged woman walking over with a smile. This woman was about forty years of age, with a somewhat fat stature, slightly darker skin and wearing a green dress and a thick silver bracelet on her wrist. Even though it looked ordinary, the material used was good.

“Gui Momo,” Shen Miao faintly replied.

That woman did not think she had done anything wrong and continued preaching, “This old servant wanted to come over earlier but Ran-er was ill. After much tossing and turning and seeing there was no other choice, one could only pass Ran-er to his mother and come back to the residence first. Seeing that Young Lady is alright, this one’s heart can settle.”

The main point of these words was to say that Shen Miao’s position in her heart was more important than her own grandson. If it was as usual, after listening to these words, Shen Miao would be greatly moved and give Gui Momo some taels to get a physician for her grandson.

But after her rebirth, Shen Miao almost laughed at her own naivety when she saw the woman in front of her. In the beginning, how blind was she to think that such a person was a loyal servant?

Not long after Shen Furen gave birth to Shen Miao, she set off with Shen Xin. Since Shen Miao was too young and could not bear the difficulty of travelling, Shen Furen could only reluctantly leave her in Shen residence. Shen Furen hired a wet nurse for her, who was the current Gui Momo. Gui Momo was born on a farm on their estate and at the beginning Shen Furen saw that she was diligent and honest. Afterwards, when she saw Gui Momo treating Shen Miao very well, she then felt assured to leave her at Shen Miao’s side as a training Momo.

But, in this world people will change.

There were already very few people in West courtyard and the ones calling the shots were the two other households and Old Shen Furen in the East courtyard. Gui Momo initially took care of Shen Miao honestly, but after some time passed, she saw the power situation clearly and did not hesitate to defect to Old Shen Furen’s side. When Shen Miao was initially bent on marrying Fu Xiu Yi, Gui Momo fanned the flames with her flattering words i.

But the most detestable thing was that, in the beginning, when Old Shen Furen brought her grandniece from far away to seek refuge with the Shen family, that grandniece accused Eldest Brother Shen Qiu of ruining her innocence and insisted on getting him to take responsibility. She finally became her sister-in-law and created a mess out of Eldest Brother’s inner courtyard. And Gui Momo was supposedly the witness to the insult Shen Qiu inflicted upon this grandniece.

To think about it now, it was nothing but a bad show.

Once disloyal, one cannot be used for a hundred times. Moreover, with such a person as Gui Momo, who was a hundred times disloyal, Shen Miao naturally had to tidy things up. When dealing with a dog that ran to others, might as well kill it rather than continuing to rear it.

After Gui Momo waited for a long time without hearing Shen Miao giving out a reward, the loving look on her face stiffened. She could not help but look up at Shen Miao, but only saw looking indifferent, as if it was nothing special.

Her heart suddenly made a ‘kwang dang’ sound. She did not know why, but she suddenly felt guilty.

In the next moment she heard a short and bland answer from Shen Miao, “Oh. It is really hard for Momo.”

Gu Yu snorted softly and looked at Gui Momo with a sneer. She had always looked down on Gui Momo for being a flattering, vile person who relied on her identity as Young Lady’s wet nurse to throw her weight around in the West courtyard. But her own Young Lady was previously coaxed by this Gui Momo so well that she listened to much of what Gui Momo said and strained her relationship with many of the people in the West courtyard.

It was good now. After Young Lady had woken up from falling into the water, it seemed that she saw many things clearly and her lukewarm attitude towards Gui Momo brought a great sense of comfort to Gu Yu.

Gui Momo continued to smile stiffly as she was unable to figure out why Shen Miao was treating her with such coldness today. Thinking that Shen Miao was not happy due to the matter of falling in the water, she consoled, “This servant will say a word of advice to Young Lady. One must not be overly sad, protecting one’s health is the important thing. Young Lady is as pretty as a flower and His Highness Prince Ding will definitely like you. There will always be a day…” She would often say such pleasing words and would usually pick up on Shen Miao’s likes to achieve her favour. But when these words were spoken today, she saw Shen Miao’s face change.

“For Momo to say such words, is it to put a stain on my innocence?” Shen Miao coldly said, “Although father and mother are currently not in the General’s residence, I am the Di Young Lady of the General’s residence and the mistress of the West courtyard. For the reputation of one’s innocence, with what Momo had said, is it to deliberately trap me in the pits of fire and water?”

Gui Momo was surprised for a moment before she subconsciously said, “How can Young Lady say it that way? This old servant said it for your sake…”

“So this is saying it is my fault?” Shen Miao coldly laughed, “This is also good. Why not ask Old Furen if the innocence of a daughter from the General’s residence is as valuable as a cabbage? Even a cabbage is worth a few coins. Gui Momo, for you to be so honest, I want to ask if I was overly shameless.”

Perhaps she did not expect that Shen Miao would seize the momentum and take her bad mood out on her. Gui Momo was already used to being a tyrant in the West courtyard and normally she could control Shen Miao very well, but today, to be brought down a peg in front of Gu Yu and Jing Zhe, she was somewhat angry and could not help saying, “Young Lady’s words are making this slave look evil. This old slave has followed by Young Lady’s side for more than ten years. Why would Young Lady think that this old servant would deliberately harm others?”

“Insolent!” Jing Zhe loudly shouted. “Young Lady is the mistress, how dare Gui Momo speak to Young Lady like that?”

Gui Momo was so surprised and upset that she became too agitated just now. But words were like water that was poured out and could not be retrieved, and there were so many servants around watching the commotion. She could only treat Shen Miao as an easily coaxed young girl and quickly said in a soft voice, “Young Lady, this old servant truly does feel distress for Young Lady. This old servant has followed Young Lady for so many years and has already taken Young Lady as one’s own child. What this old servant said was not correct. Young Lady mustn’t get angry and cause harm to the body.”

Taken her as her own child? Shen Miao sneered in her heart. She felt that this Gui Momo was a genius. Usually she would receive a lot of gold from the West courtyard but treated the East courtyard as the official master. In the end, she made her Eldest Brother eat up such a huge disadvantage. If it was her previous lifetime in the Palace, she would have gotten someone to beat up and kill a servant like this.. But now… Since Gui Momo had the heart to join the East courtyard, how about using her hands to let them suffer a huge loss?

She raised her eyebrows as she spoke in a light tone, “Since Gui Momo knows, then one will only punish with three months of salary.”

Gui Momo facial expression stiffened as a smile appeared on Shen Miao’s lips.

What would Gui Momo do when there was no more money?

Naturally, pledge her loyalty to the East courtyard.

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  1. Damn, there’s are a lot of backstabbers in this story. Hopefully, the past won’t repeat itself. I really feel for her elder brother who was tricked into marrying a shameless woman. This time, I hope he find someone who is true and sincere.

    Haha. Shen Miaoand her play on words. 😀

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    For some reason I’m pitying her more and more because of her past… But to her defense, it wasn’t entirely her fault -I mean, it wasn’t her fault that her true family left her since born and trusted her care to the family who’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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    • I think so too. She was just a kid in her past life and mostly children believe what their elders tell them. Since her parents left her at their greedy family’s mercy, her life was bound to be a mess.

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      • That’s why never trust people as they can just betray you.

        Oh wait, I just remember, don’t they say that the weakest spot of a military family (ancient/stories) is that they’re not great at talking or inside business? I guess this also applies to here huh.
        Funny how being a General, it’s important to know the enemy yet her father didn’t even know the murderous aura their giving. XD

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  3. Thanks for the chapter as always..

    In the next moment she heart a short and bland answer from Shen Miao, “Oh. It is really heard for Momo.”

    I’m not sure but maybe–

    In the next moment she heard a short and bland answer from Shen Miao, “Oh. It is really hard for Momo.” ??

    I hope that her parents would regret leaving her alone in this snake-filled pit. They must have an idea how poisonous this place could be and they left their daughter there alone to save other people. But well, it’s time to do a massive extermination. Let’s clean up the place!!

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  4. Ahh this is so sad, to be surrounded completely by wolves….especially when it’s your own family and servants who take care of you since you were young >.< I kind of have to raise an eyebrow at the capability of her family – taking an infant along to the battlefield / borders isn't smart of course, but I feel the mother should've stayed behind. How can a young girl learn and grow properly without a close family member tending to her? Sure, she had a wet nurse and there were her aunts, but at the end she isn't their child, they're not going to treat her the same way a mother would /:

    I'm glad she can now get rid of this hypocrite servant – at the most switching to the other side is understandable, but being a witness to something as awful as that is not forgivable or excusable. I'm so glad Shen Miao can now right the wrongs of her previous lifetime and live the life she was meant to live ^.^

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    • It would be explained later… But her real family really really love her a lot and did not know that all these were happening to her… Shen Miao need to open up their eyes to these people…


    • Totally agree, what did her family expect? They are letting their child be raised and molded by those that hate her.

      As parents they can’t do much worse than they are doing at the moment, she didn’t even know she should be on her guard, truly pitiful.


  5. Question: If Old Furen’s grandniece was Shen Qui’s wife, then would she have been killed alone with the him when Fu Xiu Yi wiped out the first branch of the family? Perhaps they were able to protect her…. but it seems like it would have been difficult.

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  6. “This old salve have followed by Young Lady’s side for ten over years.”

    What amazing doctors they have to make salves that don’t expire for over ten years.

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