Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Character List

This character list will be updated as the translation continues.

Last update: 24 Dec 2016

Shen Family
Old Shen Furen – Concubine of Old General Shen – Promoted to wife after giving birth to Shen Gui and Shen Wan

1st Household
Shen Xin – Master – Son and only child of Old General Shen’s lawful wife
Lou Xue Yan – Eldest Shen Furen – Lou Sui’s third child
Shen Qiu – Eldest Young Master
Shen Miao – Fifth Lady – Di daughter
Gu Yu – Shen Miao’s maid
Jing Zhe – Shen Miao’s maid
Bai Lu – Shen Miao’s maid
Shuang Jiang – Shen Miao’s maid
Gui Momo – Shen Miao’s momo
Mo Qing – Shen Miao’s bodyguard

2nd Household
Shen Gui – Second Master
Ren Wan Yun – Second Shen Furen
Shen Yuan – Second Young Master
Shen Qing – Eldest Lady – Di daughter
Shen Yuan Bo – Seventh Young Master
Wan Yiniang
Shen Dong Ling – Third Shen Lady – Shu daughter

3rd Household
Shen Wan – Third Master
Chen Ruo Qiu – Third Shen Furen
Shen Yue – Second Shen Lady – Di daughter of Shen

Xie Family
Xie Ding – Xie Marquis
Princess Yu Qing – Xie Ding’s deceased wife, mother of Xie Jing Xing
Xie Jing Xing – Little Xie Marquis – Di son of Xie Ding
Madam Fang – Concubine of Xie Ding, mother of Xie Chang Wu & Xie Chang Chao
Xie Chang Wu – Second Young Master – Shu son of Xie Ding
Xie Chang Chao – Third Young Master – Shu son of Xie Ding

Imperial Family of Ming Qi
Ming Qi Emperor – Emperor Hui Wen
Prince Yu of First Rank – Younger blood brother of the Emperor
Consort Xu Xian – Mother of Prince Zhou and Prince Jing
Consort Dong Shu – Mother of Prince Ding
Crown Prince – Empress’s Son
Fu Xiu An – Prince Zhou – Fourth Prince
Fu Xiu Xuan – Prince Jing – Fifth Prince
Prince Li – Sixth Prince
Prince Xiang – Seventh Prince
Prince Chen – Eighth Prince
Fu Xiu Yi – Prince Ding – Ninth Prince
Prince Chu – One of the 9 Princes
Prince Xuan – One of the 9 Princes

Lou Family (Lou Xue Yan’s family)
Lou Sui – Head of the Lou family – Lou Xue Yan’s father
Lou Lian Ying – First son of Lou Sui
Madam Yu – Wife of Lou Lian Ying
Lou Ling – First son of Lou Lian Yin (older than Shen Miao)
Lou Sa – Second son of Lou Lian Ying (older than Shen Miao)
Lou Lian Tai – Second son of Lou Sui
Madam Ma – Lou Lian Tai’s wife
Lou Tan – Only daughter of Luo Lian Tai (older than Shen Miao)
Lou Qian – Only son of Luo Lian Tai (same age as Shen Miao)

Other Ming Qi characters
Pei Lang – Tutor in Guang Wen Hall
Feng An Ning – Shen Miao’s new friend from Guang Wen Hall
Master Su – Court official
Su Ming Feng – First son of Master Su
Su Ming Lang – Second son of Master Su

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  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work translating this wonderful novel! I thought I would leave a link to my relationship diagram here since its a character reference page.

    The relationship diagram is kept updated to that last translated chapter and might have spoilers if you have not read to the most recent translated chapter.

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  2. Err.. isn’t the pinyin for 罗 spelled Luo? Also, you sometimes uses Rou Qiu instead of Ruo Qiu in the translations 🙂

    Crown Prince’s name is Fu Xiu Yan

    And this point keeps bugging me: where is the 4th xiaojie and 3rd-6th shaoye? The daughter might be simply glossed over, but what about the sons? Since Shen Xin only has Shen Qiu, and Shen Wan doesn’t have any sons, are all of them fathered by Shen Gui? But we haven’t heard (and won’t hear) of them in the story.

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    • This is just my speculation, but the other young masters and young lady are probably children of Shen Gui from his other concubines. Because it was mentioned previously that Shen Wan only has Chen Ruo Qiu as a wife and that they only have Shen Yue as child.

      The other kids were probably all killed by Ren Wan Yun. There’s a hint somewhere back when Wan Yiniang first appeared, that Wan Yiniang has some ability to have born and raised Shen Dong Ling despite Ren Wan Yun’s cruelty.

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      • Yes, just like there is no Fourth Young Lady, Third to Sixth Young Master must have died along with Fourth Young Lady. It seems all the unfortunate sons and daughter were fathered by Shen Gui and fall victim over their mothers and Ren Wan Yun’s conflict of interest.


  3. Thanks for the character list! I love reading your translations~

    Just dropped by here to say, I was reading up on Chinese dates and found out that Shen Miao’s maids’ names seem to be from the 24 solar terms (I was reading the list and found some of the names very familiar haha)! Idk if you’ve mentioned it before, but I found it interesting hehe
    Jing Zhe, Gu Yu, Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang (

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  4. this is my second chinese novel so remembering names and terms is really hard for me.. but still, the story’s really good so i’ll have to endure it!


    • Right!? And all the other young masters, since there’s a first, second, and then SEVENTH?? Like what happened to literally all the others??


      • I’m pretty sure the author just made a mistake and put shen miao as the fifth lady bc she is the fifth child and same with shen yuan bo
        1 shen qiu
        2 shen yuan
        3 shen quing
        4 shen yue
        5 shen miao
        6 shen dong ling
        7 shen yuan bo

        Even if it says sdl is older than shen miao the author just didn’t think about it maybe
        That’s how I understood it when I was reading the novel


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