Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Epilogue 2

The final part!!! This concludes the story for Qing Feng and also opens up the story for the next generation… ENJOY!!!

Epilogue 2

Sixteen Years Later

In the afternoon of the beginning of autumn at a huge side courtyard, three young girls were sitting under a tree. All three of them were very beautiful but each were a different type of beauty. The female that was sitting nearest to the door was dressed in a green white dress as her expression was as calm as water as she silently wipe the thin blade she was holding. The sword was very thin but it was extremely sharp.

By her side, the red clad girl was very different from her. As the crimson clothes outline her face, there was a cinnabar mole in the middle of her brows, as bright as fire. She sat tall and straight with her brows arched like there was some sort of noble atmosphere. As compared, the white clad female was much more lazy as she prop her chin with one hand and held a cup of tea with the other. There was a calculated smile in her eyes and she did not hide it, “Elder Sister Chen, Elder Sister Ning, after a few more days it would be my sixteen birthday. Do you… Have any indications?”

The red clad girl look at her and asked frankly, “What kind of indication do you want?”

“Oh. What you gift is your intention, why let the birthday star mention what gift to receive?”

“Intention?” Yan Ning frowned but she soon replied, “This is simple.”

Seeing that she ready did not continue questioning, Su Su was somewhat anxious and turn the subject around, “But nonetheless… Since I am so considerate, I will definitely not let my two elder sisters headache. I will reluctantly give my requests.”

Having known that she had something she want, Yan Ning smiled, “Say it.”

“Ke ke.” Faking a cough, Su Su said loudly, “I want to have…” The end of the sentence was dragged on but she did not continue for a long time. Yan Ning had a look of intolerance, “Speak!”

Su Su hesitantly replied, “I want an Lin Lang legendary luminous night pearl.”

Yan Ning frowned, “What do you want it for?”

Su Su snickered but did not answer. The person who was sitting at the side, carrying a sword spoke coldly, “I’m afraid the luminous night put in the military building is broken and she is trying to replace it.” The Su family’s military building was a place used to develop fire weapons and fire cannot be found near it. Lin Lang luminous night pearl is much brighter than ordinary luminous night pear and would be best for lighting purposes.

Su Su’s face turn red as she quickly said, “How can it be?!”

Lou Chen slightly glanced up at her and under her cold gaze, Zu Zu pouted and did not refute.

So actually she had already created a problem. Yan Ning laughed, “You have your Eighteen Lian Bu and you are still afraid of Youngest Auntie’s punishments.”

Talking about the Eighteen Lian Bu, it was truly the supreme Qinggong skill in the entire world. Faster and graceful than birds flying and it only require a blink of an eye for that figure to leap out of ten Zhang (1 zhang = 10 feet). With one breath one would be able to use much energy to jump up a ladder, much less ten Zhang.

If she really wanted to run, Su Ling would not be able to keep up. It was said that for Su Su to be able to master this skill, she would need to thank her dearest mum, Gu Yun. As the only daughter of the Su family, Su Su was never afraid of anyone, even with that high up above Emperor Uncle, she would also dare to talk back but to one person, she would immediately be like a mouse meeting a cat and droop down. But this Miss Su was not a well-behaved person since young and it would be impossible for her not to create trouble or laze around. So since young, she was always punished by Gu Yun. Because of Gu Yun’s sword skills were exceptionally good but she did not have any Qinggong (ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed) knowledge, thus in order to hide from Gu Yun, Miss Su other martial arts skills were mediocre but her footwork were not lacking. After practicing, after she was twelve years old, Gu Yun was unable to catch her in a fit of anger.

Just like… Now. Lou Chen and Yan Ning only felt that the scene in front of them blurred and a white figure flashed past. The teacup was left on the table was still turning but Su Su’s shadow was not to be seen. Both of them looked at one another and a smile appeared on their lips. Without saying anything, they knew that Youngest Auntie was here already and sure enough a voice called out from the door, “Su Su —“

No matter how fast she run, at the end she still need to be punished. Miss Su had do thirty laps of leapfrog round the field under everyone’s view. When she return back to her room, her legs were trembling like sieves and had to usher in her sixteen birthday on the bed as she laid on the bed for two days.

In the side room of one of the wings of the residence, Su Su laid lazily on the bed that even if others entered, she was too lazy to get up.

“Do you still want the luminous night pearl?” Yan Ning was playing with a fist sized luminous pearl. Even in broad daylight, one can see its glow, needless to say how it would be at night.

The person on the bed rolled her eye and turn over and humph, “Not needed. Already suffered the punishment, so why do I still need it.”

A fair hand suddenly stretched out and Su Su saw the small embroidered box in front of her. She happily sat up and opened it impatiently. There laid ten dark green pills with a medicinal fragrance. Su Su’s eyes lit up, “Nuan Xin Pills?! Elder Sister Chen is the best!”

In order to heal Lou Xi Yan’s health, Zhuo Qing devoted herself in learning traditional medicine and with the integration of traditional and western medicine, her medical skill were at a higher level. Lou Chen was naturally smart since young and with that influence, her medical skills was also not low. She would occasionally would make some blood circulation or pain pills. As for the kind of suffering Miss Su was suffering from, it was naturally a good thing.

Lou Chen faintly replied, “Take lesser.”

“I know I know.” As Su Su spoke, she threw two pills into her mouth to chew.

Yan Ning shook her head, already pained for a few days and it would be alright to just tolerate. She even ate two pills and this was considered taking lesser? Anyways Lou Chen did not speak more and just spoil her, so Yan Ning was also lazy to tell her off and handed the rectangular box over.

What thing was it? Su Su was filled with curiosity and open the box to take a look. It was a map of Hao Yue on a leather.

It was actually rare to have a map and if it was in a common family, it would be considered as a treasure but Su Su was not attracted to it at all as there were different kind of maps in the Su family. Su Su threw the map back into the box and asked, “Elder Sister Ning, why do you gift me a map?”

Taking the map out and spreading on the table, Yan Ning eyes fell onto a place somewhere on the map as her gaze heated up, “Don’t you all find boring being shut in the capital?”

“Of course bored.” Seeing the map on the table before looking at Yan Ning, Su Su was finally willing to get up. She propped her chin up and smiled, “Elder Sister Ning, have you thought of something fun?”

Yan Ning looked up and gave a rather mysterious smile, “Why not let’s make a bet.”

“What kind of bet?”

“The world is so big, let’s see who can find a treasure on their own abilities. Taking one year as the timeline, we will do the comparison next year this time.”

“One year? Does this mean running away from home?! My mum will definitely skin me alive.” Even Miss Su was saying that, her eyes were shinning with excitement.

“Then do you want to bet on it or not?”

“Bet!” That one word was able to show the world her lust for the world.

Yan Ning look towards the silent Yan Chen who was sitting at the side. Yan Chen has always had no expression and also did not have many words but her mind was exceptionally keen. Yan Ning was somewhat nervous, “How about you?”

Lou Chen glance at the map on the table and looked back at Yan Ning before a rare smile was raise on her lips as she replied, “Alright.”

In the third of the five night watch (modern timing: 11 pm – 1 am), three figures blotted to the city walls and actually climbed over the wall before leaping down. They fell at the other side of the wall lightly. This was considered nothing to them which showed their extraordinary martial arts skills.

The three person ran out ten Zhang (1 zhang = 10 feet) before stopping.

“The dateline is a year.”

“Take care.”

After saying those simple words, three of them ran towards three directions without looking back.

Yan Ning kept running ahead but she felt apologetic in her heart. Chen, Su Su, I am sorry, I must go to that place. Only upon deceiving you all out, it would then scattered the family’s resources and thus would not be able to bring me back that quickly. Forgive me. Forgive me!

As compared to Yan Ning’s urgency, Miss Su was much more leisured. She was ben on seeing the magnificent scenery of the sea and naturally chose the East Sea. Until she played enough, she would then go to Ju Ling Island to visit Uncle Ao and get a treasure conveniently. Maybe she would win the yearlong agreement!

Lou Chen had a cold look in her eyes as her expression was indifferent. Her pace was calm as she headed toward the west. Then… She will travel further away, how about Liao Yue?

Three person, three different thoughts. In any chase, their journeys would unfold. “Would there be any danger for the three of them to just run off like this?” In the tall city tower, there stood a few people watching three of them going away. Qing Feng was still somewhat worried.

Zhuo Qing looked very relaxed, “They are already this big, it is nothing to go out to tour around.”

Thinking of his own daughter’s negligent character, Su Ling whispered, “Should we send someone to secretly protect?”

“Not allowed.” There was a bit of pride in Gu Yun’s clear voice, “They have learned a number of skills in these years. What is the meaning of having people to protect when they go out.”

“That is true.” Zhuo Qing and Qing Feng thought about it and actually nodded. During the conversation, the three slim figure completely disappeared into the night. The females at the city towered turn to leave and left the three men who are currently in a dilemma. After all, they were their own precious daughter.

“Really don’t care?” Su Ling and Lou Xi Yan looked at Yan Hong Tian at the same time. He was the monarch and they are his officials so naturally they would listen to him. Yan Hong Tian shook his head as his lips formed a smile as he replied, “This is a family matter and base on that, Xi Yan the Eldest brother-in-law.”

Su Ling turn and looked at Lou Xi Yan unbothered, anyways it would not be his turn to make the decision and be blamed.

Lou Xi Yan black eyes slightly narrowed as he leisured replied in a moist voice, “Furens only said not to secretly protect and did not say that we can’t secretly ‘monitor’.”

This was alright?

Lou Xi Yan was indeed Lou Xi Yan…

Ten days later

In the large hall the General’s residence, there knelt three persons with full of shame on their face.

“This solider is useless, had lost Princess Ning in the Hei Shan Feng forest.”

“This solider is useless, had lost Miss Chen in Wu Men border.”

“This solider is useless, had lost Miss Su in Mao city.”

The brows of the three men who were sitting down wrinkled below it slowly released. There were some pride on their faces. Lou Xi Yan’s lips hooked up with a faint smile, “It seems that… We have underestimated them.”

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