Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 108

Weirdly the raw source did not split the scene up when day(s) past, so I will be doing it else it would seem like everything happened in one night…

Chapter 108: Earth Shattering Secret (Part 1)

Ever since the last drunk moment, Yan Hong Tian did not go to Qing Feng Hall for half a month. Tonight when Haishi (modern timing: 9 – 11 pm) had passed, Ru Yi came over informing him that Qing Feng invite him over. Worried that something had happened to her, Yan Hong Tian quickly rushed over there. When he pushed open the door, he saw Qing Feng sitting on the swing under the tree with her ends of her dress and black hair fluttering inseparably.

Yan Hong Tian was instantly in a trance, as if he had seen the her a year before. That time she was also like this, with a smile on her lips and she sat quietly on the swing.

When Qing Feng saw him, she raise her hand slightly to call him over and said smilingly, “Tonight’s stars are very beautiful. Sit down with me for a while.”

He had not seen Qing Feng smiled like that for a long time. Like a spell that was put on him, Yan Hong Tian walked to Qing Feng and sat down. Qing Feng’s head was stretched up as she watched the skies infatuatedly. After a long time she then whispered a question, “Heard that when one dies, one will become a star in the sky. There are so many stars in the skies, do you think if one of it is Zhi-er?”

Yan Hong Tian’s heart suddenly throbbed in pain and he also profoundly knew that this moment was not like a year ago.

“Is there?” Qing Feng persistently asked.

“There should.” Yan Hong Tian answered chillingly.

“Which one?”

Yan Hong Tian’s hand that was holding the swing slightly tightened. This time Qing Feng did not wait for his answer and softly said, “That brightest one should be it. Don’t know if I would also become a star if I die. It would be good to be one near Zhi-er’s star.”

“You have too much words tonight.” In the past, she never mention Zhi-er in front of him and he was also reluctant to mention him in front of her. Zhi-er was both of their forbidden area, by not touching it, they could maintain the calm on the surface. Qing Feng was being strange tonight.

Qing Feng sure enough did not speak more and swung slightly on the swing. Qing Feng only slowly lowered her head when her neck start to hurt. After a while she then said, “There is something that I want to tell you.”

Indeed there was something. Yan Hong Tian was silent as he waited for her to speak.

“I am pregnant.” The light voice did not show any signs of joy or change and there was even a sigh in it. Yan Hong Tian thought that he hearing it wrongly. She said, she was pregnant? Yan Hong Tian initially had made the decision to get Qing Feng pregnant again with their child but he did not think that it would be this fast. He had not yet deployed…

“Fu Ling said that it is almost four months.” From the start when she knew that she had this child, she only felt fear because she felt that she was not able to protect him and that fear was a torture. She even thought about not bringing him to this world so that he will not suffer. But when the familiar foetus moment was felt in her abdomen, she could not bear and was truly reluctant.

After recovering to his senses, Yan Hong Tian hands went directly to Qing Feng’s abdomen and indeed the place where he touch was a little warm. This feeling was both familiar and yet unfamiliar.

Once again Qing Feng felt the warm that was emitted from that large hand. It was as warm as the last time but previously her heart throbbed when it happen, now that warm was unable to disperse the anxiety and fear of the future.

“How nice would it be if our child is able to grow up in an ordinary family and not as a Prince or Princess?”

Yan Hong Tian’s hand that was on her abdomen paused. That concealed wish and aspiration was like a needle hidden in the midst of cotton, pricking one who cannot see with pain. As his heart was stabbed heavily, his voice sounded much colder, “You obviously know it was impossible, why still think about it.”

Impossible… Qing Feng laughed again, “Yes. It’s impossible.”

That that, both of them did not quarrel and there was no tense atmosphere. Yan Hong Tian and Qing Feng did not have the heart to destroy the rare calmness. Both of them sat on the swing as it gently moved.


The moonlight was particularly bright in the late summer nights and in the flower clusters, the flower branches were quivering from time to time as if something inside was moving. Yi Yue was very depressed. She just wore this pair of earrings that she requested someone to buy for her in the morning. The earrings was still on her ears in the afternoon but after a few shichen (1 shichen = 2 hours) it was gone. She came to this garden in the afternoon to pick some flowers back and afterwards stayed at Yi Lan Palace. She had already search several times in Yi Lan Palace and the road here and if she was unable to find it here then it was truly lost.

The night had gone later and Yi Yue feet was already numb from the squatting but she was still unable to find it and could only give up. Just as she was ready to get up, she saw a male and female figure walking over. She heard vaguely a male voice calling older sister Shui Xin’s name and both persons seemed to be quarrelling. Yi Yue quickly bowed down and shrink her neck back and held her breath, waiting for them to leave before she slipped away.

Both person walked till they were seven or eight zhang (1 zhang = 10 feet) away from Yi Yue before stopping. Yi Yue was secretly relieved and shrink her body even smaller and lower.

“Shui Xin, I only want to pass a message to the old master. If you have any anger then vent it on him, why direct it to me!”

That male voice was somewhat loud and his tone was very forceful. Yi Yue looked up curiously. Even though the facial features of the male was not very clear, seeing the clothes that he was wearing and hearing his voice again, it seemed to be Guo Daren of the Imperial Guards. Could it be that… Older sister Shui Xin and Guo Daren had a relationship?! Yi Yue’s heart suddenly jumped, making her surprised and nervous as she kept her eyes on the other side.

“There are some things that you should speak and some things that would not have your turn to speak.”

Shui Xin’s voice was suppressed till it was very soft but it was as cold as an ice fountain with a trace of a demonic air. Yi Yue had never seen her like this and her heart became timid and at the same time it also aroused more curiosity as her ears pricked up.



Both voices were suppress very lowly when suddenly for some reason, that male could not control his anger stared at Shui Xin as he cursed, “What so great about you, you are just a bastard…”


There was an murderous look in Shui Xin’s eyes and she gave a heavy and fierce backslap to Guo Yi’s face. The strength was so large that a strong man like Guo Yi took two steps back and the ringing slap sounded extraordinarily loud in the silence of the night. At the same time, a gasp was heard from the flower bushes from a distance.

Shui Xin quickly turned her head and stared at the bushes of flowers to shout, “Who?!”

Yi Yue tightly covered her mouth. Her face was already pale and tears were already streaming down her face as fear tightly wrapped around her. Her mind was totally blank. What she heard just now… She did not believe her ears but she cannot not believe. Even though their voices were suppressed, she was sure that she heard it. She knew of Shui Xin’s methods, for her to know this secret, she… She had to die!

Shui Xin’s snapping words was like a hammer that landed on Yi Yue’s head that made her recover from the fear and panic. She dared not think more and turned around before drilling into the depth of the flower bushes.

The bushes of flowers suddenly shook violently and indeed there was someone inside. A flash of complex thoughts flashed across Shui Xin’s eyes before quickly disappearing before saying to the male standing in a daze behind her, “Still don’t chase!”

Just thinking of the content of the conversation they had, Guo Yi also panicked and did not care about his red swelling cheeks as he quickly chased.

Unfortunately behind the bushes of flowers was a trail that leads to various twists and turns to different palace roads. The dark night was also the best camouflage thus as Guo Yu went through the bushes to chase, the figure was long gone.

Yi Yue just ran ahead like mad. She was afraid to use the main roads and only used the trails and ran through flower bushes. She did not know how long she had ran but her back was soaked with sweat. When she saw lights in from of her, Yi Yue winced and wanted to turn around to run when a female voice suddenly rang, “Who is there?”

Yi Yue was startled and she looked over to see a palace maid holding a lantern and supporting another female. The candlelight was not bright enough to see the female features and Yi Yue initially wanted to flee but she stopped. Was it… Imperial Concubine Qing?!

Ever since she had decided to give birth to the child, Qing Feng often went to Yong Hua Palace to see Han-er and even remained there for dinner tonight. As it was fast approaching autumn, the weather was still quite warm but the moon at night was very beautiful thus Qing Feng took Ru Yi to slowly walk back to Qing Feng Hall. Not far away where they just left Yong Hua Palace, they saw the flower clusters trembling, like there was a little animal scurrying inside. Ru Yi and Qing Feng was frightened by the scene.

Both of them took a few steps back before Qing Feng shouted, “Who is there?”

After a while, a female dress as a palace maid crawled out from the flowers, as if she had hidden in the flowers for a long time. She was in a poor condition and when the female saw her, there was first fear written on her face before she ran over towards her quickly like her life depended on it.

The female abnormal response made Qing Feng somewhat uneasy and she was about to call for someone when the female, who had already ran to her, threw herself to her feet and cried anxiously, “Imperial Concubine Qing help… Imperial Concubine Qing help!”

Qing Feng saw her thin physique was still trembling and drew a conclusion that she would not be a danger to her before asking softly, “You are…”

“This servant is… Yi Yue, a palace maid of the Empress’s palace.” The female’s voice was very light and when she spoke she was also looking around alertly, as if she was afraid of someone chasing after her.

Xin Yue Ning’s people? Qing Feng’s expression turned cold and she replied coldly, “Since you are the Empress’s people, why would you need Bengong’s help.”

Fearing that Qing Feng will leave like this, Yi Yue grabbed onto her dress and urgently said, “This servant… This servant knows a secret! If your Ladyship agree to save this servant’s life, this servant will tell your Ladyship this secret.”

“Oh?” Secret? Qing Feng did not change her expression as she replied blandly, “What secret can you make in exchange of your life?”

Yi Yue raised her head slightly and with the moonlight, Qing Feng’s expression was cold and that face was stunning enough to make one dizzy. In the entire Imperial Palace, afraid that only Imperial Concubine could be able to protect her! Yi Yue bit her lower lips fiercely as made up her mind and decided to tell her everything that she heard tonight, “This secret is about…”

Under the moonlight, Yi Yue supressed voice sounded unreal. Qing Feng quietly listened to this so called ‘secret’ and froze on the spot. Ru Yi who was by her side was too stunned as she covered her mouth.


Xiao Yu carried the tray of tea out from the Imperial Study and gave out a long sigh of relief. These few days after the Emperor came back from morning court, his expression was not good and the people who were serving nearby was extremely careful. Even though the Emperor would not take it out on them but the oppressive atmosphere made one nervous.

Xiao Yu just went down the steps when she saw a slim figure walking over. Ever since Imperial Concubine Qing’s face was healed, she particularly favoured wearing white. There few who would dress like this in the Palace, after all white clothes look overly plain and bland and not at all eye catching or lovable. However because of her stunning looks and elegant air, this entire white dress looked not only refine and elegant but was also somewhat bewitching.

Ever since Imperial Concubine Qing’s news of pregnancy was out, other than going to Yong Hua Palace, she rarely went out. Why did she come to Zhen Yang Palace today? As Xiao Yu was guessing, she was already walking forward and bowed, “Greeting your Ladyship.”

Qing Feng smiled, “Dispense the ceremony. Has the Emperor ended the court?”

Xiao Yu glance into the Imperial Sudy and was a bit hesitant but she finally said, “It has ended and now the Emperor is in the Imperial Studying reading and review reports. This servant will now announce the arrival of your Ladyship.” Since Imperial Concubine Qing was here, the Emperor’s mood might perhaps be better a little.

Qing Feng saw Xiao Yu’s expression and she raised her hands to lightly grab onto Xiao Yu’s hand to say, “No rush. Don’t disturb the Emperor managing the affairs of the state. Heard that you have the best tea leaves in the entire Palace. Banging want to take a look and perhaps might even pick one or two types.”

Qing Feng’s fingertips touched her wrist very lightly but it was cold. Xiao Yu shivered a little as she retrieved her hand back secretly, “Your Ladyship, please.”

Qing Feng did not pull her again and smiled as she spoke in a slightly low voice, “Xiao Yu, you and I hit off well and need not be this polite.”

Xiao Yu slightly raise her head and saw Qing Feng’s smiling eyes. She was somewhat in a trance. Ever since Qing Feng’s face was healed, she always had a type of feeling of not daring to look directly at her. At this time, her smile made her think of the time when she was playing chess at the residence. It had a little sly smile in it and slowly her heart felt a little goodwill in it.

As both of them got ready to head over to the side hall, a eunuch rushed inside. Seeing that he was about to bump into Qing Feng, Ru Yi took a step forward and pushed him down very hard and scold angrily, “Such a servant who do not have eyes. If you were to bump into her Ladyship, how many heads do you have!”

Xiao Yu was also afraid that this person would bump into Qing Feng and had already pulled her nearer to herself. But seeing how rude and unreasonable Ru Yi was, Xiao Yu’s brows knitted together. As compared to when Ru Yi was at the other residence, she was swollen with arrogance. She was totally incomparable with Fu Ling. Why did Qing Feng keep such a person at her side?

The eunuch crawled up and when he saw Qing Feng standing there, he was so afraid that he quickly knelt down, “This servant deserve to die! This servant have something important to report to Steward Gao and did not pay attention thus had bump onto your Ladyship. Begging your Ladyship for forgiveness.”

With regards to his recklessness, Qing Feng seemed like she did not care about it and asked in a gentle voice, “What matter deserved such anxiety?”

The eunuch sheepishly raised his head up and looked around. He did not see Gao Jing and Imperial Concubine Qing was staring straight at him. That eunuch swallowed before replying, “Answering your Ladyship, in the wells… of the Eastern gardens… A female body was discovered!”


Xiao Yu cried out lowly in shock but Qing Feng only raised an eyebrow.

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