Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 91

Hi all… Would like to apologise for something… Apparently I have miscounted and thought that there was 114 chapters in the novel but I was wrong. There are 115 chapters in total. Sorry about it!!!

Please also note that I will be splitting 2 epilogues from the last chapter too. Cause the last chapter is just too long (its still very very long after the epilogues are removed) and I felt that it would be better

Chapter 91: Sounding Out (Part 2)

It had long past the time for the changing of guards, but Ming Ze was still waiting outside Qing Feng Hall. The more he thought about the black cladded person, the more he felt that it was not right but he did not caught him and there was nothing abnormal in Qing Feng Hall thus he did not report it up. He had waited overnight, just to tell her to be careful but the more he stood outside the hall, the more ridiculous he felt. As only a bodyguard, how could he speak privately to her Ladyship? Better forget it!

Ming Ze straightened up and was just about to leave when a familiar light blue-clad figure quickly walked out. Ming Ze called out without much thought, “Wait.”

Fu Ling’s footsteps paused and asked unsurely, “You called me?”

What expression was this? Ming Ze was complaining in his heart if his call for her deserved such a surprise look, but he still maintained a cold look, “Last night, I discovered that there were black-clad persons around. You should let her… Imperial Concubine Qing be more careful.”

When Fu Ling heard the words black-clad persons, she got shocked and did not pay attention to the ‘her’ that Ming Ze softly said. She anxiously asked, “Did he broke into Qing Feng Hall?”


It seemed that he did not catch him if he were to subtly remind her like that. It would seem that the black-clad person know who and where to go clearly. “I understand, I will be careful.” Remembering Mistress’s instruction, Fu Ling was afraid that she would leave the Palace late so she gave a bow and smiled at him after she spoke and quickly left.

Ming Ze’s brows slightly knitted. Fu Ling’s smile was gentle like the spring breeze and anyone would feel very comfortable but he could not forget that absolutely beautiful but in a sorry state smile in that rainy night.


The child’s body temperature seems to be getting higher and higher as Qing Feng held him as she anxiously paced around the room. At this time Ru Yi lead the two Imperial Physician, Wang Zhi Yang and Lin Feng, quickly in. The two of them immediately knelt and gave their greetings when they entered, “Greeting Imperial Concubine Qing, long live your…”

Qing Feng was not bothered by these formalities at such a time and urgently said, “Alright, dispense the ceremony. Quickly diagnose and treat the Prince. His body is so hot like it is burning up.”


Qing Feng gently put the child down on the big bed and watched as the two Imperial Physicians took his pulse individually. She really wanted to know the child’s condition but dare not interrupt the Imperial Physicians. Her eyes kept looking at the child and the Imperial Physician back and forth that if the physician gave a frown, it would enough for her to jump out of her skin.

Finally, Wang Zhi Yan kept his medical tools and left the edge of the bed. Qing Feng quickly asked, “Imperial Physician Wang, how is the prince?”

“May your Ladyship be assured. Prince Zhi was a preterm baby and his body is naturally weak. This time he should have caught a pathogenic bacteria influence and the heat was not fully emitted thus the fever came strongly and fiercely. This official will brew a few doses of medicine for Prince Zhi to use. It ought to be fine.”

Ought to be? Qing Feng was still not assured and turned around to ask Lin Feng who was still taking the pulse, “Imperial Physician Lin?”

Wang Zhi Yang was the Emperor’s personal physician and was the personally taught disciple of old Imperial Physician Huang. Lin Feng naturally did not refute his diagnosis and the Little Prince’s pulse was strong. It was only a persistent high fever and since Imperial Physician Wang said that it was of no matter, it would be of no matter. Lin Feng withdrew his hands and echoed, “As per Imperial Physician Wang said, your Ladyship need not be too worried.”

Qing Feng gave a gentle sigh of relief, “Ru Yi, go with the Imperial Physician to retrieve the medication.”


After receiving the assurances from the two Imperial Physicians, Qing Feng’s hanging heart could finally rest a little. She sat down to rest and carried her son in her arms. Qing Feng stared at his red little face and did not even think about anything and just quietly looked at him.

“Your Ladyship… Your Ladyship?”

Qing Feng did not know how long had passed when that voice called her a few times. She looked up with a stunned look and saw Shen Yao pointed outside the screen. It was then when Qing Feng found out that two persons had been standing outside since don’t know when. Both of them waited for quite some time but she did not reply. Fu Ling’s soft voice floated from the other side of the screen, “Mistress, Lou Furen is here.”

Qing Feng’s body could not help but shivered, no longer did she have the joy and anticipation of seeing her family. Now she felt that her heart was pounding and she was so nervous and uneasy. Qing Feng took a deep breath quietly before replying, “Come in.”

When Zhuo Qing entered the inner chambers, she felt that Qing Feng was a little strange. She just sat on the bed staring at her and her face was so white as she never seen her before. Comparing the full month banquet yesterday, her expression was like she was in a trance and looked very haggard. Even though her current situation seems bad, she was still carrying the child in her arms, Zhuo Qing shook her head and advised, “Taking care of children is very tiring, you must pay attention to your health.”

Eldest Sister’s unique clear voice sounded in her ears and Qing Feng’s eyes turned red. She quickly bowed her hand and covered emotional waves that she felt and softly replied, “En. Last night the child was making a fuss, thus I did not sleep well.”

Taking care of a baby was truly not an easy thing to do. Zhuo Qing only took it as Qing Feng was so tired and lethargic and did not dig any further on her strange behaviour today.

When she looked up again, Qing Feng was much calmer and turned to Fu Ling and Shen Yao to speak, “You all can withdraw.”


Both of them followed the instruction and withdraw. Zhuo Qing looked at the baby in Qing Feng’s embrace, the child’s eyes were closed but the small eyebrows were wrinkled and both little hands were clenched into fists, moving from time to time. Zhuo Qing smiled, “There are a little of Yan Hong Tian’s shadow in this child.”

Qing Feng did not continue on her words and was silent before she suddenly said, “Let you carry a while.”

“Alright.” Zhuo Qing did not think more about it and carried the child over. In her view, children were crossbreds of Angels and Demons, they would appear to be cute but they can torment others a lot. When she took the child over, Zhuo Qing felt that he was soft but very quickly she could feel that there was something wrong with the child. Through the thick clothing, she was able to feel a wave of heat. Zhuo Qing look at the little fellow in her arms, just now she thought that the child’s complexion was reddish but now when she look closely, the redness on the child’s cheeks and forehead was not normal. Zhuo Qing’s hand reached for the forehead of the child and said, “He is running a fever.”

Fever? Qing Feng guessed that she wanted to talk about the child’s fever and plainly replied, “En.”

“Have you called upon the Imperial Physician to take a look?”

“The Imperial Physician said that it is common for babies to have fever and it was not serious.”

Qing Feng’s tone did not seem to be serious which made Zhuo Qing frown, “Although it is common for babies to have fever, it is also very dangerous. If his temperature soar rapidly in a short time span this would cause cramps. He is also a preterm baby and his resistance is originally weak, you mustn’t take it lightly.”

Zhuo Qing placed the child flat on the bed and gently untuck the tightly bound clothes. The child’s neck was much redder than his face and there were some red spots. The child was able to breathe through the nose without the assistance of the mouth and Zhuo Qing bend down to ear the child’s chest for a while. There were not much noise in the lungs so it seems that it was not a fever caused by the common cold and seems to be caused by inflammation.

“Then what should I do?” As Qing Feng asked, she carefully watched her. Qing Feng did not miss any single action or any single expression.

Zhuo Qing did a preliminary examination and thought that there was a possibility of an inflamed tonsil that caused the high fever but since there were so many Imperial Physicians in the Palace looking after, the child should not be in any danger and so she casually said some common knowledge on children’s fever, “Get rid of all the braziers in the house and don’t shut the windows too tightly. Also let him drink more water. When a child have a fever, even if it subsides in the afternoon, it would easily go back up at night. You all have to be troubled a little more and pay him more attention. If the temperature at night was too high then use warm water on his head, neck, armpits, palms and soles. Remember not to use too cooling water.”

When Zhuo Qing finish speaking, she was almost done with her check. As she fasten the child’s clothes, she asked, “Did you remember it?”

After a while, Qing Feng still did not reply to her. Zhuo Qing looked over strangely and saw Qing Feng still staring at her, with her gaze much more focused than when she just entered as if she was able to see through her. Zhuo Qing did not say anything and just let her continue staring but that pair of eyes started to well up a little. Zhuo Qing was surprised for a moment and asked in concern, “What is wrong with you?”

They grew up together since young and there was nothing they couldn’t talk about. They were very close with one another. Perhaps others would need to verify the word on her chest to prove that she was not Qing Ling but she didn’t need to. No matter how exquisite the tattoo was, if mother could do it, there would be someone else who was be able to do it. But there was many things that cannot be forged. Every tiny mole on Eldest Sister’s face, every laugh lines, to the curves of her nails and palms, she was very clear about. Qing Feng was very sure that the person standing in front of her was her Eldest Sister! But she was no longer smiling gently, excluding the slightest of warmth from her eyes. Now this person, speaks frankly and straightforwardly and her expressions were cool. That kind of feeling was like… Was like in this body, it was holding another person. The familiar voice still sounded by her ears but Qing Feng felt that the person in front of her and the memory of her Eldest Sister had overlapped but that cool eyes made them different. Like she was asking herself and was also seemingly asking the person in front of her, Qing Feng whispered, “Why are you different from before?”

Zhuo Qing’s brows slightly knitted, she seemed to know the root of Qing Feng’s strange behaviour today. After some thought, Zhuo Qing calmly replied, “I really don’t know how Qing Ling previously was like. I am sorry for making you disappointed and doubtful.”

Couldn’t remember? Just forget due to amnesia? Can all her changes be explained with amnesia? If it was not amnesia, how could this person face her that calmly? Qing Feng did not want to think or scrutinise. Qing Feng just look straight into this strange yet familiar female and asked seriously, “I only want to know, if you exactly… My Eldest Sister or not…”

That pair of eyes was anxious and in panic and at the same time was especially clear. Zhuo Qing knew that this time Qing Feng had rejected all deception. Actually she had never wanted to deceive Qing Feng but in the past she did not know how to talk about the subject and how to explain it. Since she had felt it now, won’t today be a good opportunity to be frank?

Qing Feng waited with bated breath, “I…” Zhuo Qing just said a word when a burst of cries sounded from a distance, “Fire! Fire!”

The sudden incident from outside interrupted Zhuo Qing words. Qing Fend did not know if it was disappointment or… Rejoice? Because at this moment she was worried that if this person said “I am not”, what should she do then?!

“Mistress!” The tightly closed doors were pushed open by Fu Ling with a flustered look. Without waiting for Qing Feng to reply, she had already headed to her side and softly said, “The Cold Palace caught fire!”

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