Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Stirring (Part 3)

“Your Ladyship, Beauty Yu is here.”

What was she doing here? She did not have any interaction with her at all. Qing Feng let Shen Yao carry the baby into the inner chambers before ordering Fu Ling to bring the person in.

“May Imperial Concubine Qing have innumerable fortune and safety.” Yu Yue Ying was clad in a light yellow robe and her soft voice sounded somewhat sheepishly. The appearance of a female that entered the Inner Palace would naturally not be bad but it was a pity that her demeanour was somewhat petty. Qing Feng smiled and replied, “Don’t stand on ceremony. Do sit.”

Yu Yue Ying was seated a chair by the side and the palace maids served refreshments. Qing Feng only cared drinking and did not speak. Yu Yue Ying nervously took a wooden box from her waiting maid and gently opened it. There was a red satin pouch sitting in it. Yu Yue Ying got up and took a step forward before softly saying, “This is Yue Ying’s self-embroidered sachet for the Little Prince. Hoping that heavens would bless the Prince with peace and fortune.”

Ru Yi went forward to take the wooden box and brought it to Qing Feng. Qing Feng took a glance at it, the fabric was the most expensive red satin and the embroidery was not bad. Qing Feng slightly nodded, “Thank you.” Both were little pouch but this did not have the luck of being of Qing Feng’s liking. She only slightly waved her hands and Ru Yi closed the wooden box and withdraw.

The living room suddenly quieten down. If it was before, Qing Feng still had the leisure to play with the concubines in the Inner Palace but now she only want to accompany her son. As Yu Yue Ying almost tore her handkerchief by wringing it but still did not say a single word, Qing Feng patience finally ran out, “Is there something the matter for Beauty Yu to come here today?”

Yu Yue Ying’s shoulders shook a bit and it would seem that she was scared of Qing Feng. Qing Feng slightly frowned and was about to call someone to send her away when Yu Yue Ying finally spoke, “Yue Ying is here today to disturb your Ladyship to seek a request.”

“There is no harm in saying what one thinks.” Qing Feng also wanted to know why she had come over.

“Imperial Concubine Hui…” After Yu Yue Ying said those words, she felt that it was inappropriate and only continued after some thoughts, “Yue Ying knows that Chen Zhen had made mistakes that the Emperor punished her to reflect in the Cold Palace. But she is after all my older cousin and had taken care of me previously. Now seeing her suffer, I really want to help her but during the times that I had gone to the Cold Palace, I was being blocked by Wu-er at the door, saying that the concubines in the Inner Palace cannot go near to the Cold Palace and scared that it would implicate me. Yue Ying is not afraid of being implicated and only hope to see her. For the period that she is in the Cold Palace, there was no news of her at all. I am truly afraid that something would have happened to her.” Saying that, Yu Yue Ying suddenly ‘thump’ down on the floors kneeling and tears that were welling flowed out, “Begging Imperial Concubine Qing to allow Yue Ying to visit her. Begging of you!”

The person kneeling on the ground spoke sincerely and was like a pear blossom bathed in the rain (aka weeping beauty) but Qing Feng’s expression got darker and her originally warm voice became cold, “Bengong and Chen Zhen initially had some friendly relations but when she perform witchcraft the last time, it almost implicated Bengong to be misunderstood by other and now you come to beg Bengong. If Bengong permitted it, won’t others think that Bengong is still involved with Chen Zhen. Not only that, issues regarding the Inner Palace should naturally be decided by the Empress. Bengong will not help you in this matter, go and beg the Empress.”

“But…” Yu Yue Ying wanted to beg her but Qing Feng had already gotten up and said coldly, “Ru Yi, send the guest out.”

Ru Yi, who was standing by the door, walked up to Yu Yue Ning. She was not as polite as Fu Ling and just pulled Yu Yue Ying up and said, “Beauty Yu, please.”

In the time where they were pulling and dragging, Qing Feng had already went in to the inner chambers. Yu Yue Ying quietly stared at the cold back and her tears fell after a long time before she bowed and left the living room.

When Ru Yi came back from sending the person out, she saw Qing Feng coming out from the inner chambers again and was standing by the wide open window with the cold wind blowing till her hair were dancing. The bright eyes had seen the long withered begonia. Ever since her delivery, she had never seen that cold look return on her face. Ru Yu shivered unconsciously and that made her recover to her senses. She quickly went over to close the window and urgently said, “Your Ladyship is still in confinement thus health is still weak and mustn’t have wind blowing.”

“Send someone to follow her.” Chen Zhen had block her at the door, it did not matter it was out of mistrust or protection of Yu Yue Ying, Qing Feng did not want to investigate or guess. The most important thing to her was not to let anyone know of the existence of the child in the Cold Palace! Once the matter was leak out, she would be burnt by it.

After the low voice sounded from her back, Ru Yi’s heard trembled a little and she immediately replied. “Yes.” These matters were used to be managed by Fu Ling. She knew that she would never replace Fu Ling in her Ladyship’s heart but if there was a chance to climb, she would not let it go.


The residence of the Senior Imperial Censor Xin Sui, needless to say, covered a large area. Each of the sons of the Xin family had that own courtyard and usually would not interact with one another. This day, Xin Yi Heng was in the study room reading when a large roar sounded from outside the door.

“Xin Yi Heng!”

As the roar faded, Xin Fu Cheng sturdy figure appeared in his study and there was a light intention to attack in his sneer.

Xin Yi Heng raised his head slightly and glance at him, “Second elder brother is here. What a rare guest.” He then lowered his head to continue reading, excluding an wave of arrogance.

Seeing himself being ignored, Xin Fu Cheng got angry and slam his hand down on the book that Xin Yi Heng was holding as he yelled, “Regarding the matter with Li Ming, I said that I will follow up on it but you insisted on showing off your ability in front of father, saying that since I am in the Board of Punishments, it would not be ideal to directly intervene in the matter so you will follow up instead. And what is the result?!”

Pushing away Xin Fu Cheng’s that was pressing on the book, Xin Yi Heng impatiently replied, “At the end he also died.”

“Dead?” Xin Fu Cheng scoffed and said in a gloating manner, “Li Ming is not only alive and is also held in the prison where punishment is served!”

When Xin Fu Cheng finished speaking, he got his wish in seeing Xin Yi Heng’s face turning pale. “Not possible!” He had clearly arrange the matter properly. Li Ming was seriously injured and was not sent back to the prison in the Board of Punishments. How… How would he still be alive.

“Not possible? Go and check yourself.” Seeing the rarely panicked Xin Yi Heng, Xin Fu Chen could finally blow off some steam, he proudly spoke, “You really did a good thing. The things done are not even done efficiently.”

Xin Fu Cheng said it with certainty so he must have check things out before he came over. Li Ming was unexpectedly alive. If the army ration case was investigated again, he would be the key witness. Even though he may not know much, but it would be hard for Dan Yu Lan not to follow on… At that time, how would he explain it to father? Xin Yi Heng really became anxious and tugged on Xin Fu Cheng’s sleeves as he quickly asked, “Second elder brother, Dan Yu Lan held him where punishment is served. Does this meant that he will be reinvestigating the case?”

Xin Fu Cheng’s face was filled with disdain. A youngster was truly young. Just a small matter and he panicked till like this. Smacking Xin Yi Heng’s hand away, Xin Fu Cheng replied, “Panic for what. It should not be that. Board of Punishments had not heard of anything about a retrial.”

If it was not for a retrial, why would Li Ming be locked up in the prison where punishment was served? Why would he receive the news of Li Ming’s death? The more he thought about it, the more it sounds fishy. Xin Yi Heng urgently spoke, “This matter cannot be taken lightly. It would be ideal to discuss with father before the next course of action.”

“Coward.” Xin Fu Cheng pointed at Xin Yi Heng and laughed as he scolded, “If father is disturb by the matter, won’t you appear to be more incompetent?” On normal days he had tolerated Xin Yi Heng’s temper, how would he vent it out if he did not take the advantage of taunting him today.

Xin Yi Heng’s eyes darken as he bit down his teeth. He then slam his hand on the large desk and his face was full of remorse, “Second elder brother’s lecture is correct! If it was not Eldest brother who let this younger brother snatch it to do, how would I dare to

“What? It’s him?” Xin Fu Cheng, who was initially rejoicing in other’s misfortune, immediately flew into a rage, “I should have guessed earlier that he was the one causing it!”

Even though Xin Fu Cheng was not ranked senior among siblings but was given birth by the legal wife and thus think too much of himself and did not always get along with Eldest brother. Xin Yi Heng saw that he was hooked and quickly continued, “Second elder brother, you must find a way to help me. In the future, I will always listen to you. When this matter is successfully concluded, you mustn’t forget to put a word for me in front of father.”

Xin Fu Cheng was naturally got angry easily and seeing that Xin Yi Heng took a lower stance, he thought that even though Xin Yi Heng was the youngest son, he was favoured all the time. If in the future he would to stand on his side, he would have a better chance when dealing with Xin Ruo Zheng. As he calculated that, Xin Fu Cheng patted Xin Yi Heng’s shoulders forcefully and laughed, “Don’t worry, I will take charge in this. As an elder brother, I would not make things difficult for you.”

“Thanking second elder brother.” Xin Yi Cheng responded back with a bow and smile with Xin Fu Cheng. Xin Fu Cheng had a scheme and Xin Yi Heng was not a fool. The case of the army ration was a thorn in their father’s heart. If this matter was screwed up, the least were to happen was a scolding. Since Xin Fu Cheng gave himself in a silver platter, he cannot blame him at all.


In the Imperial Study, Yan Hong Tian was reviewing memorandums and Xiao Yu was by the side brewing tea. The did not like to place braziers in the hall thus once winter comes, the Imperial Study will be icy cold and freshly brewed tea would cool down quickly. Xiao Yu can only wait by the side to change his tea for him.

After changing the third cup, Yan Hong Tian did not drink a sip of it. Xiao Yu secretly sighed. To sit like that the entire day would not be good for the body. Xiao Yu looked up and gave Gao Jing a look. Gao Jing quickly nodded his head and Xiao Yu rolled her eyes. As she carried a new brew of hot tea and snacks over to Yan Hong Tian, she said softly, “Emperor, please have some snacks.”

Yan Hong Tian nodded his head lightly and that made Xiao Yu and Gao Jing relieved. Seeing that the Emperor was about to have snacks and wanted to let him rest longer, Gao Jing quickly took out the thing that Fu Ling had sent over, “Emperor, this is sent over by Miss Fu Ling.”

Yan Hong Tian took a glance and saw a painting tube. Guessing that it should be a new painting that Qing Feng had done, Yan Hong Tian casually said, “Open it up to see.”

“Yes.” Gao Jing took the paper out and unroll it gently…

Yan Hong Tian took a sip of tea and looked over before he was stunned for a moment. What… Was that?

In the two Chi (1 chi = 1 foot = 1/3 meter) of paper, there was a dark print of a pair of hand and footprints. Yan Hong Tian stared at the paper for quite some time before speaking in a very light voice, “Bring… It over.”

Gao Jing carefully place the paper on the table and Yan Hong Tian stared at the small handprints for quite a while. Suddenly he stretched out his hand and place it beside the small handprints. One large. One small. Such a stark contrast. Yan Hong Tian could not help but laugh out. The small little handprints were only a third of his palm.

Yan Hong Tian picked up the painting to compare and there was a trace of smile on his lips. Xiao Yu and Gao Jing looked at one another as they secretly admire, other than reviewing reports, there was no other matters that could attract the attention of the Emperor for such a long time. Imperial Concubine Qing only used a few small footprints to easily achieve it.

Seeing the creases on the paper, Yan Hong Tian’s brows wrinkled, “Gao Jing, get it framed up immediately.”


When Gao Jing place the painting into the painting tube, Yan Hong Tian said, “Wait. Get the best technical expert to do it. Don’t spoil it.”


Seeing the Emperor this excited, Xiao Yu smiled, “Emperor, tonight’s dinner should be located in…” Qing Feng Hall?

Before Xiao Yu could finish, Yan Hong Tian’s deep voice interrupted her words, “Located in Zhen Yang Palace.”

“Yes.” Xiao Yu shrugged. It seems that she had invited a snub. Yan Hong Tian picked up the memorandum and there was no traces of excitement. Just as she thought that it was her illusion, Yan Hong Tian suddenly called out lowly, “Xiao Yu.”

“This servant is here.”

After waiting for a long time, Yan Hong Tian did not speak. Xiao Yu curiously looked up and saw Yan Hong Tian’s eyes still staring at the reports and only asked after a long time, “That… Ji Pin Liu Yue is really that nice to drink?”

What? Xiao Yu took a while to react to it and she thought that the Emperor was deep in concentration. Actually his heard was still thinking about Imperial Concubine Qing. Seeing the Emperor putting on a look of seriousness, Xiao Yu wanted to laugh but dare not laugh out. She lightly coughed and replied, “This servant will brew a cup now. The Emperor can try it.”

Even the blind could see Xiao Yu’s shaking shoulders and it made Yan Hong Tian feel a little embarrassed. His voice lowered a lot, “Brew it.”

He had indeed not seen her and the child for a long time. Once the full month feast was over, he would go visit both mother and son. Yan Hong Tian put in great effort to concentrate on the memorandums but his eyes unconsciously stared at his own large hands. As it turns out a child’s hands was really so small. The next time he want to compare them.

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