Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 82

This is the chapter where Shui Xin unleashed her dark side. Just a glimpse of it… But anyone can see that she is a psychopath…

Chapter 82: Feelings Grows in the Dark

In a short while, the houseful of people left and Qing Feng took a long breath to only find out that the quietness in the room was somewhat frightening.

“Beloved concubine not only know how to fake an Imperial decree and also improved your storytelling skills.”

The two words ‘beloved concubine’ made goose bumps rose up all over Qing Feng’s body. This settling of scores at an opportune moment came a tad too soon…

Qing Feng lightly coughed and quietly looked up and saw Yan Hong Tian’s pair of deep black eyes. Qing Feng deliberated for a period of time before deciding to refuse to acknowledge it, “Chenqie is fearful as passing a fake Imperial decree is a death penalty. The Emperor must not scare Chenqie.”

She would be fearful? Who was staring at him again? Yan Hong Tian lightly snorted, “You did not?”

His voice got deeper but that dark eyes had a faint trace of a smile. Evidently Yan Hong Tian did not really want to make things difficult for her so Qing Feng secretly gave a sigh of relieve and smiled, “Of course not. It is the Emperor who promised Chenqie to let Imperial Son to stay by Chenqie’s side for a year and as for the so called fortune, it was just said so that the Empress Dowager and Empress would be able to accept it and so that the Emperor would not be in a difficult position. Since everything was done in accordance to the Emperor’s will, how is it passing a fake Imperial decree?”

She acted on her own initiative and now it had become for his sake? Yan Hong Tian felt that he could not help to cry or laugh, “Previous you had a razor sharp mouth and now you also learn to shift the blame. Good. Really good!”

Qing Feng shrugged her shoulders, “The Emperor taught well.” If he did not ignore the entire night, she won’t need to weave a story.

“Zhen sees that if the child follow you, he would not learn anything good.” Eccentric, crafty, bad temper and stubborn.

Qing Feng was not afraid of anything as she continued to reply, “The Emperor has flattered.”

She had already decided that no matter what he say, she would treat it as praises. Yan Hong Tian broke into laughter as Qing Feng sat on the bed with her two legs hanging over the bed and a faint smirk on her face. Both of them, one sitting on the bed, one sitting on the deck chair, spoke some senseless things but it made him want to continue it on. However the reports in the Imperial Study was still waiting for him to be reviewed. Since it was late, Yan Hong Tian got up and said, “You should go to bed early.”

They were just talking happily and now seeing him turning around to go, Qing Feng blurted, “Just came and now leave?” She thought that he would stay tonight and just now gotten Shen Yao to carry the child out. It turned out… That he did not have the intention to stay.

The disappointment in Qing Feng’s words made Yan Hong Tian stop and in a rare sight, he explained, “Lately there are more state affairs and there are also reports to be dealt with. You also had a hard day today so rest well.” Qiong Yue was a vast place so there were a lot of state affairs to deal with. The most trouble issue that made his head ache recently was still the pirates. Unfortunately Qiong Yue’s navy was not strong and so he sent Su Ling there hoping that he could use his military experience and formidable reputation. If the pirates continue to go rampant, Qiong Yue reputation will go down which would cause a bigger headache for him.

“Did you specially come over?” Haishi (modern timing: 9 – 11 pm) had passed and he still needs to deal with state affairs. Qing Feng thought about what Xiao Yu had mentioned that day that he was usually busy till after Zishi (modern timing: 11 pm – 1 am) before he rested. It is indeed hard to be an Emperor. Qing Feng suddenly find that no matter whether it was the Empress Dowager, the Empress or herself, kept bringing the Inner Palace issues to bother him. No wonder he was fed up with it.

Yan Hong Tian’s brows slightly raised and spoke with a deep voice filled with ridicule, “Wasn’t it you who send someone to invite Zhen over?” That girl by the name of Ru Yi actually stood outside the Imperial Study for a Shichen (1 shichen = 2 hours).

“Me?” Qing Feng’s face redden but when she thought about him and the Empress coming together, Qing Feng’s heart quickly felt blocked and said sourly, “Isn’t the invitation from the Empress? Chenqie’s face is not that big!”

When she finish speaking, she saw the corner of Yan Hong Tian’s lips raised and Qing Feng’s face slightly warmed. Is she… Did this considered as her being jealous? Previously she would never be as such!

Qing Feng wanted to defend herself but it seemed that whatever she would say would not sound correct so she kept quiet and did not look at Yan Hong Tian’s quizzical eyes.

Seeing that a usually articulate female would also become speechless made Yan Hong Tian laugh out loudly and his mood was very good when he stepped out of Qing Feng Hall. Of course he only cared about making fun of Qing Feng and naturally did not notice that when the other concubines were this jealous previously, he would be impatient and disgusted by it most of the time. Today, however, his mood was exceptionally great that there was a smile on his face all the way back to his palace.


Today the person who had the most emotional ups and downs was Xin Yue Ning. When she was on the way to Qing Feng Hall, she was filled with joy as she was waiting for Qing Feng to fall into the trap and not she was so angry that she was grinding her teeth. Xin Yue Ning’s footsteps got faster and her hands was still clutching Shui Xin. The more angry she is, the harder she grasped. Shui Xin frowned and spoke loudly, “All of you withdraw.”

The few eunuchs and palace maids that were accompanying had long felt that after the Empress left Qing Feng Hall, her mood was very bad and thus they were on tenterhooks for the entire way back. Now hearing Shui Xin’s words, those people were relieved and seeing that the Empress did not refute, they quickly bowed and left.

As the footsteps slowly soften, Xin Yue Ning could not hide that anger any longer and turn her head around to stare at Shui Xin angrily, “Why did you stop Bengong just now?!”

Shui Xin’s head was slightly lowered and thus she was unable to see her expression but her voice sounded as calm as usual, “With regards to the Little Prince’s life, the Empress Dowager would definitely agree to Qing Feng requirements and since the Emperor had already agree to it, your opposition would be useless.”

Thinking of the Empress Dowagers concern and protection and Yan Hong Tian’s shielding and indulgence, Xin Yue Ning could not control the jealousy in her heart, “Why did everything good go to her only!”

“The ending result would be the same, why now care about these things with her.” Shui Xi’s voice was still soft but her eyes showed a trace of impatience.

“But…” Xin Yue Ning looked around and determining that there was no one around before whispering to Shui Xin’s ears urgently, “Like this, won’t it… Be harder? The child would always be by Qing Feng’s side and the Emperor also sent Imperial Guards to stand guard in Qing Feng Hall. It would be difficult for anyone to get close to the child, how to get rid of him without anyone knowing?!”

Shui Xin coldly smiled, “It doesn’t matter to me where the child is.” Just a few guards would be nothing, she did not even take it to heart. What she felt interesting was that Yan Hong Tian’s attitude. He had set his heart on this child and this was truly interesting. The old man would definitely not be able to sit still. If that child died, would this Emperor, who has been concealing his strength and biding his time, be furious or will continue to play a fool? Zezeze (sound of clucking one’s tongue)… Thinking of it makes her excited.

“But…” Xin Yue Ning felt that this time it would not be successful and wanted to say more when Shui Xin suddenly raised her head and saw in the bloodthirst and excitement in that pair of bright moist eyes. “Don’t you find that by letting her child die in her palace, die in her arms, to watch his breath stop would be much more interesting?”

Interesting… Xin Yue Ning did not know how to describe her feelings. Shui Xin’s smile was like the cold ice that was biting into the skin a little at a time and Xin Yue Ning felt her flesh crawl that she immediate let go of the hand that was grabbing on to Shui Xin’s hand. Even though she refuse to admit it, she felt that facing this side of Shui Xin, she would feel… Afraid.


Winter was thicker and the night wind was getting colder. Perhaps the wind was too strong that there was not a trace of clouds in the sky and under the unmasked moon, the pale moonlight coated everything with this luminescent which made everything look colder. Ming Ze folded his arms in front of him as he leaned against the tall wall of the hall door and stared at the bright glaring white moon with his mind empty.

Tonight was actually not his duty but because the wife of the guard on duty fainted, so he let him go home. Anyways he was unmarried nor need to worry about anyone, so there was no difference if he were to be on duty or stay at home. Perhaps during his duty, as there is a need for conscientious person, so his heart would not feel empty.

“You did not eat anything at night. Eat a little something then.”

Ming Ze long heard the faltering footsteps behind him and guessed that Fu Ling would have some words to speak to him. But he did not think that she came with a square container of food. Ming Ze brows slightly wrinkled as he replied coldly, “I am on duty.”

Fu Ling slightly red face stiffen and her hands that was holding the food container tightened. She only replied softly after a long time, “It is already in the middle of the night, no one will know.”

This time Ming Ze did not even reply and just turned away.

Looking at this indifferent figure, Fu Ling was somewhat angry. How can this man unable to recognise her good intention? If he did not helped her before, if she did not see him eat anything since his afternoon duty, he would not have find snacks for him in the middle of the night. Because he was scared others would see it and gossip, she also removed the eunuchs and palace maids on night vigil and do it herself. At the end he did not even say thanks and return with a look at her. The more she thought about it the more grievance she felt. The usually good-natured Fu Ling raged and walked to Ming Ze and threw the snacks to Ming Ze’s arms and did not care if he caught it or not as she coldly said, “Up to you to eat it or not!”

Ming Ze did not expect that Fu Ling will do that and after he froze for a moment, he quickly caught the falling food containers. Ming Ze caught it embarrassingly that whatever he caught fell out of his hands and onto the floor with a clutter.

Fu Ling bent down to pick it up and saw that it was a piece of polished oval jade pendant that was slightly larger than her thumb. What was different from normal pendants was that it was extremely simply decorated and it was tired with an ordinary red string.

Only after catching the food containers, Ming Ze then found something feel from his arms and when he saw Fu Ling holding that jade pendant scrutinizing it, Ming Ze panicked and shouted, “Return it back to me!”

Other than the usual coldness in his voice, it was also mixed with a little anxiousness. Fu Ling was a little stunned. It was only a piece of jade pendant. For him to be this to be that anxious, was it… A gift from a lover?

Fu Ling’s hand that was outstretched unknowingly shrank back and when she was caressing it, Fu Ling felt that there was some irregularities at the back of the pendant. When she flip over to the back, she saw two words. Even though the moonlight was bright, the words on the jade pendent was too small so Fu Ling could only see a word “Qi” (meaning tall or tall & slim) when her hand suddenly lighten and the jade pendant was back in Ming Ze’s hands.

She saw him rushing to put the jade pendant back to his pocket, as if afraid to let anyone see it and when he looked up, that sullen look in his eyes startled Fu Ling speechless for a moment.

That pendant was this important?

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  2. I really do not like that person. I hope she dies in a horrible way to match her twisted personality.
    I fear for QF and her son so much now. 😦
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    • Ever since a lot of people took a peak at spoiler, all they think about is this. I’ve read the spoiler too but I don’t want to think about it that much. All it did is take away the magic that is currently at the present. Its still in the future, let’s just enjoy the precious moments, savor it and prepare ourselves in what the future holds.

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  3. I don’t think QF give MZ anything let alone a pendant. I hope that FL n MZ pair off together. I also hope that QF’s n her little prince will be alright too. SX need to be torture then into the mental ward or the back of the Imperial prison.

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