Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Danger (Part 3)

“Bang bang bang!”

Other than the almost unconscious Chen Zhen and the innocent baby in her arms, everyone’s face turned white and their eyes landed on Qing Feng.

“Bang bang bang!”

The person outside the door seemed patient and listening to the proper knocks, Qing Feng guessed that it was most likely Gao Jin outside the door. Taking a deep breath, Qing Feng tighten the arms around the soft baby. If it was Gao Jin then it would not be too difficult to deal with. As long as he doesn’t enter, even if he was very observant, he would definitely unable to see anything.

“Qing Feng… Qing Feng… Qing…”

Qing Feng was about to tell Fu Long to answer the door when the just given birth Chen Zhen who was in a semi-conscious state suddenly cried out. Even though her voice was not loud, it was incessantly calling out.

Qing Feng quickly walked to the bed and replied, “I am here.”

“The child… The child…” Unsure if Chen Zhen was truly awake or not, or her heart was still holding on to her child and call out subconsciously. Qing Feng raised the child that she was carrying to let Chen Zhen see the baby’s face and softly reply, “The baby is all right, it is a boy.”

The weak eyes squinted and squinted and it could focus on the child’s face. Chen Zhen reached her hands out to touch the baby’s face but her hands reach out a little and it did not have the energy to maintain her position. Qing Feng saw that a little movement like that would be that difficult for her and wanted to place the child by her bedside when she suddenly saw a slight smile in Chen Zhen’s lips. That smile of contentment made Qing Feng inexplicably frighten. Sure enough, in the next moment, Chen Zhen slowly closed her eyes like she was truly exhausted. Qing Feng urgently questioned, “Chen Zhen? Chen Zhen, what is wrong with you?”

“Bang bang bang!”

The person outside the door consistently knocked on the door and the person on the bed fainted. Qing Feng’s heard was in disarray but she did not show it out.

“Lin Feng, quickly see what is wrong with her?” Carrying the child away from the bed to let Lin Feng better diagnose, Qing Feng instructed Fu Ling who was beside her, “Fu Ling, go and see who is it. If it is Gao Jing, say that I am all right and that I am tired and want to rest.”

Fu Ling nodded her head as she thought of how to deal with it. Qing Feng suddenly said, “No matter who is it, they must be block outside the door and do not let anyone enter.”

Hearing the impatience in Qing Feng voice, Fu Ling whispered, “Mistress rest assure.” The celebration has yet to end so the person outside the door would definitely not be the Emperor, the Empress or the Empress Dowager. As long as it was not these three people, she would be able to block anyone else.

Lin Feng gave Chen Zhen an acupuncture needle and after a short while, she work up but when she woke up, she began to call, “Qing… Feng…”

Afraid that she will call out louder, Qing Feng hurriedly got to the bedside and spoke urgently in a lowered voice, “Stop calling, I am here.”

Chen Zhen slowly turned to look at Qing Feng who was by the bed and saw her carrying the baby tightly, Chen Zhen’s eyes welled up with tears. She tightly bit her lower lips and said, “If… If… I die, I beg of you to help me take care of this child…”

Was this considered entrusting to her? Staring at Chen Zhen, Qing Feng did not think and replied in a cold anxious voice, “Not possible. If you were to die, I would not care for this child.”

“You…” Chen Zhen did not think that Qing Feng would rebuff her that coldly. Not wanting to say more as her weak body could not bear any longer, she could only breathe deeply as her pair of teary and hopeful eyes continued to plead Qing Feng.

Qing Feng turn her face the other side so that she did not see her. Lin Feng had taken out a small bottle out and poured its content, a thick black concoction, into a bowl and handed it over to Wu-er, “Give it to her to drink.”

Wu-er propped up the week Chen Zhen and used the porcelain spoon to feed the medicine to her mouth but even though Wu-er spend a lot of energy and she still did not swallow any of it down. The black concoction flowed out of her mouth, down her pale neck and onto her already stained clothes. Wu-er looked at Lin Feng at a loss. Her mistress did not even have the energy to swallow, how to feed her?

Lin Feng also got anxious, “Must find a way to feed her.” This medication was specially prepared before he came here and its purpose was to boost up post-natal deficiency and make up for blood loss. If Chen Zhen did not take it, there was a possibility that she would not live pass today.

“Carry this.” Qing Feng placed the child into the hands of the mid-wife before using one hand to take the bowl of medicine from Wu-er and use the other hand to hold Chen Zhen’s chin, “Wu-er, prop her head up.”

Wu-er followed her instruction and Qing Feng held firmly the bowl of medicine. Not caring of her pregnant self, she sat on the cold floor and lean close to Chen Zhen and said bitterly into her ears, “Chen Zhen, let me tell you, I put in so much effort not to adopt an orphan. If you live, he will live. If you die, he can only die!”

She knew that using the child as a threat to a almost dead person was shameless but she had to do it. To save both of them, she had already brought trouble to herself. If Chen Zhen die, she still need to prove that this child belonged to Yan Hong Tian. And to have a concubine from the Cold Palace lay dead at her bed, no matter how much explanation there was, it would be useless. She really did not know what do to with the child so Chen Zhen must not die.

Qing Feng threat was obviously very effective. The originally weak person who could not even open her eyelids suddenly shuddered, “No…” Not giving Chen Zhen any opportunity to speak, Qing Feng poured a little medication into her mouth. Just as she saw that the medication was about to flow out, Qing Feng urgently said, “If you don’t want to see him die, swallow it!”

Qing Feng lifted her stubborn chin and did not let the medicine flow out. After a long time, Chen Zhen throat moved a little and Wu-er surprisingly whispered, “She swallowed it!”

She finally swallowed it and Qing Feng’s forehead was also soaked with sweat. As such, she managed to feed her half a bowl.

“Mistress.” Fu Ling’s voice sounded outside the screen. It was gentle and one was not able to hear any sentiment from it.

“Take care of your mistress.” Qing Feng handed the remaining half a bowl to Wu-er and walked out quickly. Exiting the chambers, she saw Fu Ling standing quietly there. Qing Feng’s heart was relieved but tiredly asked, “What is it and who was at the door?”

“It’s Lou Furen.”

“Ah?!” Qing Feng did not think that the person outside was actually her own Elder Sister.

After pausing a while, Fu Ling continued speaking, “And… Shui Xin.”

Her just relaxed heart tighten again as Qing Feng frowned, “How did they got together?”

“Shui Xin said that the Empress saw that you left sickly and was worried about it. Since Lou Furen rarely enter the Palace, she let Furen come over to accompany you.”

Could it be that Xin Yue Ning could see anything abnormal? Qing Feng palms was filled with cold sweat. If today it was Yan Hong Tian who came, she had a way of handling it. After-all this child was his flesh and blood and Chen Zhen was someone who served him for so many years. Even if she herself were to be punished, as long as the mother and child were safe, Yan Hong Tian would not do much to her. But if it was the Empress who knew about it, then it would be the biggest crisis.

Qing Feng clasped her hands and was silent for a long time. Fu Ling whispered, “They are still outside the door and Shui Xin insisted on accompanying Lou Furen to come in and see you.”

Come in? Qing Feng look towards the chambers and saw that Chen Zhen was laying on the bed more dead than alive and that small baby was so fragile that it could break with a touch. There was also three basin fully filled with bloody water and all the cloth stained with blood all over. Even the bed was filled with so much bloodstain. But if Shui Xin did not see her then Xin Yue Ning will be suspicious.

Fu Ling was very impatient but had no idea and only saw Qing Feng suddenly enter te chambers and said to the mid-wife sternly, “Don’t let him cry!”

The mid-wife quickly nodded her head, “Yes.”

“And Chen Zhen too. Don’t let her talk.” Regardless of Lin Feng and Wu-er stunned expressions, Qing Feng tell Ru Yi, “You stay here to look after things.” After that she did not look back as she walked out the house.

Fu Ling understood and followed Qing Feng out to the courtyard. Qing Feng look down at herself. Her clothes were a bit wrinkled but it was not peculiar so she walked to the tree and lay on her side on the deck chair. Qing Feng gave a look to Fu Ling before closing her eyes.

Reaching the doors, Fu Ling took a deep breath, they can only play everything by the ear. Gently opening the door, Lou Furen and Shui Xin was standing there quietly like how they were previously but Lou Furen’s eyes were filled with concern while there was a calm smile on Shui Xin face.

Both of them entered the courtyard and was surprised to see Qing Feng actually laying on the deck chair under the tree. She only open her eyes lazily when she heart movements and smiled, “Elder sister is here.”

Walking to Qing Feng’s side, Zhuo Qing squatted down and asked, “How are you?” Just now a self proclaim female official of the Empress suddenly told her that Qing Feng came down with an illness and wishes to see her which scared her. But it would seem from now that it was not as it was said and that female official still stood naturally behind her with ease as if she did not lie previously. What exactly is going on?

Zhuo Qing did not portray any look but she took the initiative to hold Qing Feng’s hands. Ice cold fingers and damp palms did not reflect Qing Feng’s portrayal of calm and leisure.

Qing Feng just say there without moving and politely replied, “What matter can there be, it was too noisy outside and I wanted some quietness so I came back to hid.”

It sound like she was acting spoilt to her Elder Sister and Qing Feng’s expression did indicated that she did not feel well but it does not seem to be anything serious. As Shui Xin was listening to both of them, she kept looking around the courtyard discreetly. Except for the sedan outside the doors, there was not much different as usual. If one were to say that anything was wrong, it would be that the Qing Feng Hall was too quiet and desolate.

Feeling that Shui Xin line of sight landed on the sedan, Qing Feng slightly got up and called, “Shui Xin.”

Shui Xin took a step forward and slightly bowed as she said softly, “Greeting her Ladyship, Imperial Concubine Qing.”

This Shui Xin had to be dealt with carefully as she examined her place with such unbridled and when discovered, she could still remain clam and natural. Qing Feng settled down her mind and gently said, “Bengong still want to talk to my Elder Sister, so you can go back and help Bengong to thank the Empress for her concern.”
Such an unbridled examination of her place

Shui Xin did not answer Qing Feng and deliberately looked around. She asked in concern, “Your Ladyship do not look that good. Why is the physician not there to diagnose and treat.”

“Imperial Physician had just look through and it was nothing serious.”

Just as Qing Feng finished speaking, there was suddenly a sound sounded from the house. It was very light, like something was knocked over. Such a small sound was actually insignificant but Zhuo Qing felt that the hands that was holding hers suddenly shook. Shui Xin’s bright eyes looked directly at the closed window as if they could see into the house.

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  2. Thanking you so much for another translated chapter. I try to delay reading this chapter until Monday but…the rest is history…I also hope the nosey person can be gone too n hurry YHT come quick n rescue QF from the clutches of your evil empress.

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  3. I’m not a patient person. If I was Fu Long and only Qing Feng, Zhuo Qing and Shui Xin are in the courtyard – well, I’d see it my duty to protect my mistress and make sure Shui Xin had an “accident” later that evening. Thanks for the translation!

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    • In addition to zazajunnie’s point, understand that SX is the Empress’s person. No matter how favored QF is now, to kill or injure her would be an obvious declaration of a war in which she’d be at disadvantage. The Empress has more people, and she could use the attack on SX as an excuse to accuse QF and exaggerate it as much as possible to make her punishment as severe as possible…

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