Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Danger (Part 1)

“Then… Let’s take a risk!”

How to take a risk in such danger? Qing Feng’s expression became cool and Fu Ling’s heart was filled with unease. Mistress has a fierce temper and was also quick to fare. The last time stealing the Empress Dowager’s seal was such an dangerous thing she also did not say take a risk. This time… What does she want to do?

When Fu Ling was still worrying, Qing Feng had already tilted her head and spoke softly in her ear.

Qing Feng’s voice was soft and she did not speak fast but Fu Ling’s started to break out a cold sweat as she listened. The soft and gentle words were like a soft-edged hammer, knocking into her fragile heart. Fu Ling was fortunate that her head was lowered as she thought that her face must be whiter than hers.

When Qing Feng finally finished, Fu Ling only felt that her voice was like her heart, trembling terribly. “Mistress, this risk absolutely cannot be taken…”

“Quickly go.” Qing Feng did not let Fu Ling finished her words. She naturally know what was Fu Ling worried about but if she did not care about the matter with Chen Zhen now, then even though she and her child die in the end, the matter would not reach to her. But if she were to intervene, if there were any slips, her offences would be heavier than that of Witchcraft. Just the offence of doing harm to the Imperial Line would be enough to kill her a few times. But… This was a matter of two lives? Even if it was an unborn child, for Chen Zhen, for herself and also for… Yan Hong Tian, this risk was worth taking!

Fu Ling did not move for a long time until Qing Feng softly sighed and firmly said, “Go.”

Facing the calm and certain eyes, Fu Ling could only compromise. Qing Feng’s decisiveness and determination was the qualities she appreciated and admired. Now she only felt powerless and helplessness. Fu Ling got up and headed towards Qian Yang Palace.

“Where is Miss Fu Ling going?” Fu Ling only took a few steps when a hand stopped her path.

Fu Ling raised her head and gave an apologetic smile to Gao Jing before replying, “Mistress is not feeling well and was afraid that she would not be able to walk back. This servant is going to prepare the sedan.”

Fu Ling knew that Gao Jing was looking at her and she did not dare to meet his eyes, fearing that he would see any clues with her slight movements. After a long time, Fu Ling’s back was already wet before Gao Jing finally put down his hands. Fu Ling was secretly relieved and gave a slight bow before rushing off.

At this time, Lin Feng was brought over by the eunuch. He was just a fifth ranking Imperial Physician and his forehead was filled with sweat as he ran up from the crowd. After being brought to Qing Feng, Lin Feng quickly knelt down and greeted, “Your Ladyship Imperial Concubine Qing.” He was not sure if it was an illusion or not but Lin Feng felt that the there was a pair of eyes from the main seat that was staring right at him. That made his already restless heart shiver and chills ran up his spine.

Qing Feng was actually rather indifferent and did not allow him to get up but just placed her hand gently on the table in front. Lin Feng quickly took her pulse. Her pulse was quite calm but it was slightly faster than usual and there was nothing wrong with it. But to call him to take her pulse during the celebration, there must not be no reason to do so, so what do he have to say? Lin Feng’s heart was in a knot as his brows were knitted and his hands did not leave from her wrist.

Lightly coughing, Qing Feng took out a handkerchief and covered her nose and mouth before softly saying, “Lin Feng, listen well. Imperial Concubine Hui is going to give birth and now is experience a difficult birth. You had better rush back to the Medical Court and bring the best medicine and tools to Qing Feng Hall.”

Imperial Concubine Hui… Difficult birth…

Because he was still kneeling down, Qing Feng’s muffled words could fall into his ears. Lin Feng’s entire self numbed and he could not say a single word.

The colour of Lin Feng’s face was like ashes and Qing Feng was already impatient. She took her hand back and coldly said, “Whether you can live or not would depends on today. Don’t need Bengong to tell you what you should do.”

If Imperial Concubine Hui died in the Cold Palace because of the difficult birth, Qing Feng will be able to wipe her slate clean. But he was Imperial Concubine Hui’s physician, no matter what happen he would not be able to be scot-free! Not daring to hesitate for one bit, Lin Feng urgently replied, “Yes. This official will go and prepare now!”

Lin Feng just got up and Gao Jing don’t know when was already standing not far behind, “Imperial Physician Lin, how is Imperial Concubine Qing’s health?”

Forcing himself to settle his heart, Lin Feng replied with worry, “Her Ladyship is frail and should rest. The celebration today is too crowded and it is afraid that she had been frightened and the foetus energy was interrupted. It would be better to send her Ladyship back to rest. This official will head back to the Medical Court to gather the tools and head to Qing Feng Hall to treat her Ladyship.”

Seeing his actions, it seemed that it was not as simple as the fetus energy was interrupted. Gao Jing did not make things difficult for him and let him leave.

Cup was smashed and Imperial Physician was summoned, before the celebration’s performance was finished, Qing Feng had already attracted too many attention. Slightly looking up to the person sitting at the top, Yan Hong Tian’s face was still call and his dark eyes was looking straight ahead as though he did not care for what had happened to her. Qing Feng’s heart was somewhat clogged but she refused to acknowledge the disappointment.

Qing Feng was unable to catch Yan Hong Tian’s eye but saw Xin Yue Ning’s look of pride and envy. Qing Feng did not want to be bothered about her and spoke, “Ru Yi, support Bengong back.”

When Fu Ling was by the side, Ru Yi would not be able to stand beside Qing Feng and would always follow behind Qing Feng by a few steps. She had carefully seen some curious things but did not know what exactly it is. Now that she heard Qing Feng calling for her, she did not dare to neglect it and quickly step forward.

Ru Yi had some difficulty in supporting Qing Feng up. In order to look like she was unwell and had to leave the during the midway of the performance, Qing Feng’s hand was clutching her stomach and her pace towards Qian Yang Palace was very slow.

Zhuo Qing was sitting with the womenfolk not far from Qing Feng’s position. When she stood up, Zhuo Qing had already known it. Seeing her soft footsteps like she was feeling unwell, Zhuo Qing immediately looked at Yan Hong Tian and only see that Steward Gao Jing saying something to his ears and Yan Hong Tian’s expression gradually turned dark. But he did not make any movements and only instructed a few sentences before continuing to stare at Yu Han Dan on the stage without any expression. Gao Jing retreated and started to chase after Qing Feng.

Zhuo Qing smile lightly, she thought that Yan Hong Tian treated Qing Feng with some affections and Qing Feng would be hating and loving him. Unfortunately one was cold and one was stubborn, it would be destined that it would not be easy for them to be happy.

Qing Feng just withdrew from the celebration midway like that. The Emperor actually let her be and even the Empress Dowager also allowed it. Xin Yue Ning in a moment of annoyance, cynically said, “It’s too much. If so, she should have stayed in Qing Feng Hall to rest, why the need to come over to spread the bad luck around.”

As for Qing Feng suddenly withdrawing from the celebration, Lou Shu Xin was not happy about it but at this moment she was carrying the Royal Line and even if she was more wilful, she could still tolerate it since she was not happy with Yan Hong Tian’s heir. With regards to the Empress’s dissatisfaction, she would take it as though she did not heard it.

Shui Xin quietly stood behind Xin Yue Ning and looked towards the direction that Qing Feng left thoughtfully.

Finally escaping with great difficulty from the celebration site, Qing Feng did not have any time to relax as Gao Jing chased up, “Your Ladyship Imperial Concubine Qing, there are sedans in Qian Yang Palace. Please wait up…”

Qing Feng shook her head and pretended to look worried, “Its not needed. The sedan in Qian Yang Palace is for the Emperor to personally use. There are also significant number of people going in and out of the Palace for today’s celebration. It would not look good if anyone were to see it. Fu Ling had already left to prepare so Steward Gao do not need to worry about the arrangements.”

“This is the Emperor’s intention. May your Ladyship not worry.”

It’s… His intention? Qing Feng slightly cease her anger. Just now she was a tad angry because of Yan Hong Tian’s ignore but now it was a little faded. However Gao Jing’s words made Qing Feng unsure how to carry on and fortunately at the same time, Fu Ling managed to rushed over with a eight-manned sedan behind her. The sedan was very big, like a horse carriage that was big enough to let Qing Feng lie in it. Qing Feng secretly relieved at the sight of it but her heart was also at her throat. Fu Ling did not reach Qing Feng when Qing Feng told Gao Jing, “Fu Ling is here already so Steward Gao need not be troubled. The Emperor should have also other orders, do go ahead with them.”

Gao Jing did not say anything else and went back to report. Ru Yi strangely discovered that after Steward Gao left, Fu Ling who walked over from a distance increased her walking pace until she was practically running over to her Ladyship’s side. The stranger thing was the sedan just stopped and Qing Feng immediately open the curtain and stepped in to sit down. Fu Ling was also instructed the bearers impatiently, “Quickly go.”

The bearers of the eight-manned sedan had strong leg muscles and Ru Yi had to jog to catch up with it. There was only left with a turn before they reach Qing Feng Hall. Ru Yi was panting but her legs did not slow down one bit as she headed forward but she saw Fu Ling in front suddenly stop. Ru Yi looked up and saw a team of twenty senate guards heading towards them and blocking the path of the sedan.

“Who is in the sedan?”

The lead guard looked seemingly calm as a long sword hung at his waist as he eluded a valiant air. He spoke with an resounding voice and it would appear that his grade was not low.

With one look Fu Ling saw Ming Ze standing behind the lead guard. Initially she was secretly delighted as even though he was indifferent, he always seem to be biased towards them but this lead guard was much more formidable. Her worries filtered from her heart and Fu Ling calmly stepped forward to reply, “Her Ladyship, Imperial Concubine Qing.”

“Imperial Concubine Qing?” That lead guard did not give way and started to speak disrespectfully, “Didn’t your Ladyship know that because of today’s celebration, sedans are not allowed to be used in the Palace?”

Fu Ling’s brows furrowed, she did not know about it but at this moment it was not something that can be passable with just a ‘didn’t know’. Fu Ling was silent for a long time when Ru Yi who was standing behind softly said, “Her Ladyship’s foetus energy was interrupted during the celebration and it was the Emperor who ordered the sedan to send her Ladyship back.” She heard Steward Gao just saying it to her Ladyship to let her to use the Emperor’s sedan to go back. It would not be considered as passing a fake Imperial decree if she said like that.

“Is there a physical edict?” Guo Yi actually asked for it and just as Fu Ling was thinking about how to deal with it, Ru Yi did not care about seniority and rushed to say, “No, it was Gao Daren who passed the Imperial decree orally. If this Daren have any questions, do question Gao Daren. Her Ladyship has a noble and treasured body and if diagnosis and treatment is delayed, I am afraid that Daren would not be able to bear it.” This words sounded aggressive but since it was said by Ru Yi, such a little girl, it did not make the lead guard embarrassed.

The face of the lead guard turned dark. He was unable to make things difficult since she was after all, a concubine carrying the Imperial line. As he was thinking whether to release them, the people at both sides were standing stiffly on the Palace road.


A low cry was heard from the sedan and it was not heavy but more like a cry after tolerating for a long time. The performance had ended thus the sound of drums have weaken and since everyone around had high level of martial arts skills, this light cry could be heard by everyone.

“Who is outside?” Qing Feng’s somewhat weak voice sounded from the sedan.

“Third rank Senate Guard, Guo Yi.”

“Bengong is not feeling well and will be heading back to the palace to rest. You all should get out of the way. If there is anything improper about it, Bengong will be responsible for it.”

Qing Feng had already spoken so Guo Yi stepped back and the group of guards immediately pulled aside and made way for her.

They got out of the way and the sedan immediately headed to the direction of Qing Feng Hall in the fastest speed.

When he heard the her voice, Ming Ze felt that something was wrong. When the sedan passed him, he was able to smell a faint scent of blood. Ming Ze looked over without anyone noticing. At the position where the sedan stopped, he saw a dark red droplet lay there.

Ming Ze’s heart tighten. Is that… Blood traces? Why was she trying to hide? Was it true that only the foetus energy was interrupted? Or was it…

Ming Ze had no leads at that moment but the guards had to continue to patrol. Walking to the drop of blood, Ming Ze purposely stepped onto it and used force so that the dirt and the blood drop would mix and there was only left with a small fingernail size of dirt stain on the ground.

When the senate guards walked a number of Zhang (1 Zhang = 10 feet) away, an elegant figure that was behind the tree by the side of the Palace road walked over and stopped at the spot of the small inconspicuous dirt stain. Bending down to touch it and raising her hand to smell it, there was a faint smell of blood mixed it in. Shui Xin slowly got up and stared at the back of the disappearing sedan and the ends of her lips hooked up.

What exactly was the secret in the sedan? She looked forward to know.

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  4. I thought only QF was in the sedan and she cut her hand or something to make it seem like she was having a miscarriage for the people who would notice the blood, but I went back and saw she sent the doctor to her hall…so I agree with the above commenters! The pregnant concubine is in the sedan!!

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  5. Huh. So that servant is hoping to get a scoop on Qing Feng for the Empress… I think she is in for much more than she expects. Makes me very worried for Qing Feng though if she really has managed to get Hui (it sounds like the crime of bringing someone out of the Cold Palace is a lot heftier than the crime causing someone to be sent in). I really hope everyone makes it through this ordeal okay!

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    • You are along the correct line… It is actually a hefty crime to go out of the Cold Palace (if you are sent in) and whoever that help to get the person out. And as for Shui Xin… When the chapter comes (still far away), you can see how evil she is…


  6. I’m commenting backwards and reading back to the chapters I missed and commenting on this latest chapter so pardon me if I missed some of the details. I would bet and the likelihood is very high that Chen Zhen is in that sedan and the blood that Ming Ze is trying to cover is hers. I may have to go back and read previous chapters, but how far along is Qing Feng? I remember someone mentioned that Chen Zhen’s baby is going to be raised by QF. Now if QF also gives birth at the same time as CZ and irregardless of CZ making it, then QF may have Lin Feng make it so that she gave birth to twins. With this scenario it’ll be convenient to ward off Shui Xin and thereby the Empress from any suspicions. Hence, it buys them (QF et al) time to help CZ and her baby. I bet the Empress would be apocalyptic in her reaction as QF now have 2 children in running for Imperial power. Now I’m wishing for a girl and boy with both children raised by QF and YHT. That would be an interesting dynamic.

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    • If I remember correctly, I believe that CZ is like 2-3 months ahead of QF, so it would he hard that for the twins thing to work but it is a good try… This plan may be used in the future:P

      And the entire setup of CZ is actually completed pretty seamlessly considering that QF only thought of this plan like on the spot.

      As for who is in the sedan… It would be disclosed the next chapter…So I wont want to spoil it 😛


      • And the plot thickens…..some the blood drop is a ruse to divert the evil forces of the Empress eh?

        I’m a bit worried about Ming Ze though. I hope he does not get implicated for covering up attempt of that drop of blood from the sedan.

        As to YHT, he seems to be cold and unfeeling but he has his ways of showing he does care and is aware of QF and cares for her welfare and the baby.

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  7. Mmm…. there’s no way Concubine Hui is in that sedan; she couldn’t be moved from the cold palace in the middle of the birth… So was the blood Qing Feng’s? Why??

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  8. I’ve been reading this story for hours and couldn’t stop at all but I had to comment this time. OMG, this was soooo tense. I couldn’t start reading this chapter right away because this is a matter of life and death. I think it was wrong that QF helped hide the matter of the baby from the Emperor.

    Now everything’s so complicated and I’m not so sure it would be easy to attribute the baby to the Emperor if it survives. As far as everyone knows, CZ was not pregnant when she was sent to the Cold Palace and the normal reaction of someone sent there and pregnant would be to use the pregnancy as a shield. Everyone would be able to doubt the baby’s father. O_O Maybe the timing of the pregnancy would help? Ahhh! I can’t. Must continue reading.

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