Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 64

Qing Feng should seriously stop painting so much or enjoy the arts so much… Cause its super duper hard to translate all those parts… I hope I translated in a way that you peeps understand… LOL

Chapter 64: To Hunt

The curtain of the night has fallen and Fu Ling was still helplessly watching attentively at the painter who was concentrating in the study room. Ever since returning from Yi Yan Palace, Mistress started to paint. Initially she thought that it was a moment of interest but she did not think that this would last for more than three shichen (1 shichen = 2 hours). She did not even take her dinner and just casually drank two mouthful of soup.

Sweeping an eye on the drawing paper, it seems that the painting would soon be completed. Fu Ling was just about to instruct Ru Yi to prepare some food when she saw a tall figure striding into Qing Feng Hall. The people in the courtyard quickly knelt down to greet, “Long live the Emperor.”

This was the second time the Emperor came without letting the eunuch announce his arrival. Fu Ling recovered herself and came forward to greet but Yan Hong Tian had already entered the room and waved his hands at her before saying softly, “Withdraw.”

Fu Ling looked into the study room at Mistress who seems to be unaware of it and then look at the Emperor’s expression before peacefully withdrawing.

The study room was brightly lit with candles, thus it was not difficult to see an elegant figure standing by the table near the curtains. Yan Hong Tian’s sharp brows slightly knitted as he walked in.

On the large study table, there were five to six different sized brushes lined up, two black jade pen wash (brush wash?) and a che (1 che = 1 yardstick)dark blue in-stone placed in the centre. The paper covered more than half the table and Qing Feng was standing behind the table and holding a wolf hair brush, with efforless strokes and intense concentration. He only saw Qing Feng’s paintings but did not see her painting. The battle energy was not small and in when she place the brush and spread the ink on the paper, it was like the she dominated everything under her brush. As Yan Hong Tian watched on he became entranced and an interesting look crossed his eyes.

Perhaps in order to facilitate her painting, she was only wearing a narrow sleeved long dress. Under the light and thin clothes, it made her abdomen conspicuous which made Yan Hong Tian frown again, “You are not feeling well and is still painting?” The voice was soft and deep but there was an evident displeasure.

Qing Feng was painting smoothly today and her mood was also quite good. Without even looking up, she smiled, “I was not unwell. It was just that the Empress was particularly interested with me recently and the Empress Dowager would be back after these two days. In order not to deal with them, I planned to feign unwell.”

Yan Hong Tian did not think that she would have said that and laughed, “You are indeed frank.”

Dipping the brush with ink and quickly washing the brush with water, Qing Feng was usually very casual with her painting and always used clear water with dripping ink. During her drawing she still looked at Yan Hong Tian with some innocence and some craftiness before replying, “Isn’t lying to you means committing the offence of lying to a monarch?”

It was rare that Qing Feng would be so relaxed and poke fun at him so Yan Hong Tian also did not bother about it. Yan Hong Tian held her and asked by her ears softly, “Did Jing-er hurt you?”

He indeed knew about it! Then why did he not discipline? Qing Feng kept quiet and changed to a smaller brush before she dipped it into the ink and scoffed, “With his standards?”

Hearing that that guy actually used a sword to point at her, it was no wonder Qing Feng was angry. It seems that all her pricks were standing up and Yan Hong Tian laughed out loud, “Zhen almost forgot that you have claws.” Ever since Qing Ling fell into the water, her claws seems to be moderated by a lot.

To such obvious mocking, Qing Feng just shrugged and pretended not to hear anything. Seeing her so focused on painting, Yan Hong Tian was curious to what she was painting. He lowered his head and it was a painting of… A hunt?

At the top of the large paper, there was a large patch of darkness and a crescent moon was shining in the paper. There were seven or eight wild wolves that were surrounded by arrows and half of the body of the arrows were buried into the ground. This reflects the hunter’s strength in the bow. The pack of wolves were trapped in the circle of arrows and a few female wolves were agitated enough to grind the sand below their feet and a male wolf stepped out. This should be the leader of the pack of wolves and compared to the rest of the wild wolves which were restless, he was cool and his moves were calm. It’s four limbs were well-built and filled with energy. That pair of wolf eyes was staring in front as if it could see directly into the heart of the audience and that pair of dark cold eyes was flashing his craftiness and calculation.

The pair of eyes were just staring at it and Yan Hong Tian had an urge to kill. The hand that was still holding Qing Feng unconsciously tightened, “How did you suddenly thought of drawing this?”

Qing Feng could feel the killing impulse from the man behind and she felt pleased. Her heart and blood was boiling as she drew it and if the person who sees it was unaffected, then it would have meant that she has failed in painting. Qing Feng smiled, “Today I heard an interesting piece of music and suddenly wanted to draw a painting of a hunting ground.” After entering the Palace, she had no interest in painting but after listening to the , a picture immediately form in her mind and once she return back to the the house, she cannot wait to paint the picture in her heart out.

Qing Feng tilted her head towards Yan Hong Tian who was standing behind and smiled, “Is it not strange why there are only games and no hunters?”

Meeting Qing Feng’s sprinted pair of eyes, Yan Hong Tian immediately smiled, “The hunters should be better in concealment then the preys. Zhen is curious what kind of hunter this is.”

“As the proverb says, seeing the servant knowing the master. Seeing these kind of preys, could it be that you are unable to see what kind of hunter this is?” If Yan Hong Tian cannot see it, then it means that she was not able to draw out the tension. In a perfect work of art, it would not only reflect what was drawn. Qing Feng sighed to herself, she had always felt that Elder Sister and Yu Han Dan was unable to bring out the true essence of and hope that her painting could render a thing or two out from it. But now it seemed that there was still something lacking.

There was a very tight and dense circle made from arrows on the ground. From that, it could be seen that it was not a difficult for the hunter to kill the game but only surround them and provocatively playing with them. Yan Hong Tian could faintly felt the minds of the hunter but it was still not enough. Glancing at that lead wolf, Yan Hong Tian’s dark eyes squinted and a cold gaze washed over it. Picking up the smallest brush and dipping a little cinnabar, Qing Feng eyes suddenly brighten and was a little eager to reach out to Yan Hong Tian’s hand which was holding the brush. Seeing the female in his arms getting excited, Yan Hong Tian’s lips raised as he place the brush in Qing Feng’s hands. He saw her lightly and quickly dotted the eyes of the lead wolf. Even though it was only a little, the originally dark black eyes were now had a gleam of red, like it had the eys of despair and hate interwine with extreme fear. Only the prey would have such eyes before they fight till death. Yan Hong Tian’s eyes darken and his heart unexpectedly surged with his bloodthirsty impulses.

The breathing by her ears seems to be heavier than usual which made Qing Feng satisfied. Withdrawing the wolf hair brush, Qing Feng dipped some ink and brushed on the paper freely and the night scene immediately became overcast. Seeing the female unrestrained in painting in his arms, Yan Hong Tian’s heart had a doubt. Qing Ling was said to have amnesia but was inept in performing autopsy and it was said that that Qing Mo was a investigation expert with meticulous thoughts. Even though it was like what it was said of their speciality in arts, the Qing Feng beside him like this kind of cool and chic style but to be presented as their reputation, these three sisters were truly a marvel. Did they encounter some unknown adventure? Yan Hong Tian asked in a seemingly random way, “All you three sisters are indeed very special. Do you often go out to play?”

Qing Feng did not know what did Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing who possessed the body of her sisters did what outside the Palace and took it that Yan Hong Tian was curious and causally replied, “We are after all females and cannot go out frequently. But my parents were very tolerant with us so we sister often have opportunities to go out. Eldest Sister loves Qin, Youngest Sister love chess and even if they love landscapes, they prefer to go to spiritual influenced places to feel a peace of mind.”

“Then, how about you?” Yan Hong Tian conceded that he was curious about her.

“Me?” Qing Feng smiled and generously replied, “I prefer majestic views but unfortunately there isn’t much opportunity to experience it.”

Yan Hong Tian quietly listen to her speak and that deep pair of eyes seems to be thinking of something. His hands naturally rest of Qing Feng’s underbelly. Ever since she said that the child would kick, he seems to be particularly fancy this position. It was late autumn and it was cooling at night, even though she was wearing a thin layer, she was not shivering. That unnaturally warm temperature made him frown again, “So warm, are you really all right?”

Her heart warmed but Qing Feng pretended to smile easily, “Rest assure. I am not that weak else I would have long be tortured to death by you.” When she just entered the Palace, that situation was considered as dire.

Yan Hong Tian’s eyebrow slightly raised. Can this be considered her complaining?

With a strong and generous embrace from the back and with his hands caressing on her belly constantly, even without touching, it had already made Qing Feng unable to concentrate. Taking a deep breath and placing the brush down, Qing Feng sighed, “If you are like this, how do I paint?”

Qing Feng thought that Yan Hong Tian would laugh overbearingly but he held on her shoulders and turned her around to look into her eyes. Because of she needs to paint, the entire room was specially lit brightly and the weariness around Yan Hong Tian’s eyes can be seen very obviously.

Both of them looked at one another eyes for a long time before Yan Hong Tian seriously said, “In the future, stay away from Jing-er.”

Qing Feng was slightly startled and felt a little angry, doubt, curiosity and speculation in her heart before saying, “All right.”

Seeming to be a little tired, Yan Hong Tian took two steps back to sit on the large mahogany chairs but his hands was still holding Qing Feng and he carried her up to place her on his lap. Qing Feng’s faced turn a little red and awkward. She wanted to struggle out of his hands but was held on even tighter. Yan Hong Tian’s chin was also lightly place on her shoulders and his eyes were half-closed. Seeing the tiredness between his brows, Qing Feng no longer move and let him hug her like that for a while before softly asking, “The matters on the celebration gave you headaches?”

Yan Hong Tian casually made an ‘en’ sound, originally the celebration would expend a lot of energy and effort but there were much more troubles this year that the previous. First there was a serial murder who dug out hearts, then there was a silver assailant who specifically pick who to loot. All the envoys have reached the consulate and the capital’s security was decreasing. If these matters were spread out, Qiong Yue will be thoroughly discredited.

Seeing that he did not want to talk more, Qing Feng did not ask. She got up slowly and pull his hands towards the chambers, “If it is too tiring, then rest earlier.”

He came over today was due to hearing Jing-er draw a sword to her and his heart was a little worried for her. After speaking to her for a while, he was still tired but his mood was significantly better. Yan Hong Tian himself was wondering, since when did he start to feel refresh when he talk or hug her to nap. Perhaps it was because she was not tangled with different families’ or clans’ interest or perhaps it was because she seems submissive but was in fact held a dismissive attitude.

Walking to the side of the screen, Yan Hong Tian stopped and looked at the comfortable and warm bed. He really wanted to lay down to sleep but unfortunately he cannot. “Zhen still have matters to settle. You should rest early.” Withdrawing the hand that Qing Feng was holding, Yan Hong Tian walked to the side of the door and stopped his steps again before saying, “When the Empress and Empress Dowager summon for you, just say that you are unable to get out of bed due to the foetus.”

Qing Feng smiled lightly, does this considered that she has the “Imperial permission to lie”? After sending him until out of the room, Yan Hong Tian lightly rise his hand to indicate that she did not need to send him off further. Qing Feng did not know what else to say and after some thought, she only said a sentence, “You… Don’t sleep too late.” Yan Hong Tian paused when he was walking out and he looked back at her but did not say anything before stepping outside the courtyard.

Qing Feng walked back to the study but did not have the mood to paint. However she liked to finish things in one time so she still picked up the brush and stood for a long time in front of the study table but she did not know where to put the next stroke of brush and thus finally put it down. Never mind. So be it.

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  2. hi again… thanks for the chapter dear.

    i already read the spoiler and convinced that they are indeed perfect for each other. not much speaks but their feeling are strong.

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    • Hihi… Thanks for supporting!! After finishing the novel, both of their feelings are indeed strong for one another, its just that both of them cannot express it out and stubbornly kept it to himself…


      • Thank you very much. As you said that their feelings for one another are strong yet he kept it to himself is because he is protecting her from the bad wolves so to speak.

        I wonder is YHT not going to discipline the crown prince n let it slide?!!

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      • Yeah… I think in his own way, he is protecting her… If he shows too much feelings to her, there will be more gossips and more ppl will target her…


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  4. No matter how arrogant and annoying Jing er is, he is still Yan Hong Tian’s son. It troubles me that he doesn’t bother disciplining or guiding his own son.

    I like how the author tried to make the changes in feelings between the male and female leads to be subtle because they don’t know each other that well and their history is pretty ugly.

    And while I can never forgive rape (even if it’s supposedly within his rights as a husband and emperor of the olden days), I’m glad that the Qing Feng is making the best out of an ugly situation. She’s bravely living for herself, for her sisters, and for her unborn child. Makes me want to cheer for her.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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    • It seems that YHT is very indifferent to Jing-er… In fact, from the other chapters, he is that indifferent to his other child… I was wondering was it because he is like this cause his father was indifferent to all his kids so YHT did not know any other reaction other than that? Thanks for supporting!!!


  5. The picture sounds so interesting and intense but I don’t really understand what it means to her and her situation. Is she the wolf ready to fight to the death while being toyed with by the Empress?

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  6. Hello! Thank you for all of your hard work! I recently found this series and have been unable to stop reading. So captivating!

    By the way, I think there is a possible typo here: “Qing Feng was said to have amnesia but was inept in performing autopsy”. I think that maybe this should be “Qing LING was said to have amnesia but was ADEPT in performing autopsy”.

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  7. I find these moments really cute, but I can’t seem to forget that Yan Hong Tian didn’t discipline his son (that he even has a son with another woman, though it is considered normal in that era), how he used Qing Feng (to diminish the power of the empress), and mainly that he has numerous other women at his disposal. It makes me quite uncomfortable, I can’t seem to be able to cheer them on.

    I don’t doubt he will eventually really love her, and that feelings are starting to surface even now, but they are all factors that are always at the back of my mind… Kind of like, Qing Feng putting her all in the relationship (at least being honest) and Yan Hong Tian having ulterior motives and, in lack of a better expression, sidebitches.

    Okay, I admit, there were better expressions, I just don’t like them. Teehee~

    I still really love the series though (Qing Feng is justice!) and thanks for translating!

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    • Unfortunately in that era, it is usually the case where one man-many many wives… And if there is only one son, that son will be spoilt to the max that even the father cannot discipline him.. Cause the grandma would ‘protect’ him since he is the only heir…


  8. Thanks for translation – this chapter had a lot about what they are willing to say aloud to each other and what they are only willing to think.

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  9. So far qing feng has gone through three different state of mindin regards to YTH:
    -hatred and wished for mutual destruction due to what she suffered
    -shifting to passiveness and tolerance for her sisters sake
    -trying to fogive YTH for their childs sake
    Haah, in all three she still isnt living for herself…


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