Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 61

Long chapter ahead… 🙂 And this chapter marks where the 1st Novel ended on Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan.

Chapter 61: Palpitations

“Mistress.” When Fu Ling came back, she was just in time to see Ru Yi slightly lowering her head and standing by Qing Feng’s side obediently. Having guessed the outcome, Fu Ling’s expression was as usual her eyes expressed the clarity and cool. However it was Ru Yi that felt nervous.


Ru Yi greeted Qing Feng and when she passed by Fu Ling, she also bowed slightly before slowly backed out.

When Fu Ling walked to Qing Feng’s side, Qing Feng took her hand and let her sit on the couch but Fu Ling felt awkward to be seating by her Mistress and squatted beside Qing Feng before whispering, “Today in the morning court, the Emperor announce two matters. First the Northwest rebels colluded and frame Prime Minister Lou Xi Yan and Dan Yu Lan eventually broke the investigation open before the rebels’ plans succeed. Thus the case of the missing Gold is closed. The second matter is… The West Emperor Dowager would be residing in the Imperial Tombs to pray for the Yan’s ancestors’ blessings.”

Yan Hong Tian did not mention the private letters from Empress Dowager and the Liao Yue Prince, which was considered as preserving Yang Zhi Lan’s face. With no more backing from the Empress Dowager, the Yang family no longer have any capability left.

“How about Lou Xi Yan?” Remembering what Eldest Sister had said, he was ill in prison and was unsure how he was now.

“Prime Minister Lou return to the manor last night and the Emperor allowed him to rest at home for two days. He was not in court today.”

It was good that he was back in the manor. Qing Feng’s hanging heart finally felt settled after these two days. Just as she was thinking to head to bed to sleep for a bit, a shrill cry was hears from outside the courtyard, “The Emperor has arrived.”

It was just the end of the morning court, for Yan Hong Tian to come over here at such a timing, Qing Feng have a bad feeling about it. FU Ling supported Qing Fing up from the couch when Yan Hong Tian stepped into the room.

“Long live the Emperor.” Fu Ling knelt down to greet but Yan Hong Tian only gave a light ‘en’ reply. Walking to Qing Feng, he said, “Zhen will bring you to a place.”

The usually could voice had a smiling intention. It would seemed that his mood was good, Qing Feng curiously asked, “To go where?”

Yan Hong Tian did not answer her and both of them left Qing Feng Hall. He took her up the carriage and the carriage took off. After going for a long time, there were noisy voices outside the carriage. Yan Hong Tian brought her out of the Palace? Qing Feng’s heart started to palpitate. This was Qing Feng’s first time out of the palace and could roughly guess where he would bring her to but dared not keep thinking about it, fearing that she would be disappointed and hurt because of her wrong guess. Qing Feng looked towards Yan Hong Tian and saw that his cold eyes were closed like he was resting but Qing Feng knew that he was not resting but did not want her to ask.

During the period of anticipating and fearing disappointment, the carriage finally stopped. Yan Hong Tian had opened his eyes and jumped out of the carriage. When Qing Feng opened the curtains, she saw Yan Hong Tian waiting by the side and before she could react, Yan Hong Tian grabbed her hand and used the other hand to support her waist and lightly brought her down the carriage. His expression was normal but Qing Feng’s face was red. It was because their carriage stopped in front of a residence and there were five to six servants at the door. And one of them even took a stool meant for alighting a carriage. Apparently it was not needed now…

Struggling to stand from Yan Hong Tian’s arms, Qing Feng looked up at the main door of the house in front and saw “Prime Minister Residence” three words. The servant who was waiting by the door went forward to lead the way. With Qing Feng being pregnant and her desire to see where would her Elder Sister stay at, she walked very slowly. Yan Hong Tian was really in a good mood today as he accompanied her and walked slowly.

Two of them were looking around as they walked and when they approached the reception pavilion, they heard Dan Yu Lan’s voice from it, “Is there other valuable guests coming?”

Yan Hong Tian laughed, “Zhen is not considered as valuable guest?”

The three persons in the room heard the voice and immediately stood up to greet, “Paying respects to the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Qing.”

With a pleasant smile on his face, Yan Hong Tian waved his hands and laughed, “Raise. Today it is Prime Minister Lou’s household banquet. These over-elaborate proprietaries should be avoided.”


Qing Feng looked at Lou Xi Yan, other than looking somewhat worse than usual, he was considered fairly spirited. When her eyes swept the spacious main hall, Qing Feng did not see Zhou Qing at all and naturally asked, “Older Brother-in-law, where is my Eldest Sister?”

Older Brother-in-law?! Yan Hong Tian lightly raised an eyebrow. The words of Older Brother-in-law was truly warm and affectionate, she seems to have forgotten her own identity. She called Lou Xi Yan as Older Brother-in-law, then what should he call Lou Xi Yan?

Lou Xi Yan was also surprised for a moment before he smiled and replied, “Qing Mo and her are in the room.”

Mo-er was also here! The anxious expression were undisguised on Qing Feng’s face. Lou Xi Yan faced the servants by the side and spoke, “Some one come and show Imperial Concubine Qing the way to Lan Yue Building.”


Qing Feng gave a grateful smile to Lou Xi Yan and immediately followed the servant to the back courtyard.

After Qing Feng left, the remaining man in the main hall were much more at ease.

A faint wine scent was released indoors and after Yan Hong Tian smelt it, he frowned with dissatisfaction and waved his hands lightly. The disguised Imperial Guards brought seven or eight wine jars in and Yan Hong Tian smiled, “Today is a joyous occasion. Zhen specially brought Chen Nian Xi Feng. Tonight no returning without getting drunk.”

Chen Nian Xi Feng? Su Ling’s eyes brighten and was wearing an eager look but Lou Xi Yan and Dan Yu Lan had a stiff expression on and look at one another with a bitter laugh. Chen Nian Xi Feng was indeed a rare vintage wine but it was because of its potency that it was so famous. If one does not have the alcohol capacity, one small cup will be able to make one sleep the entire night, not to mention the filled jars of wine. It seemed that it was not possible not to be drunk tonight.

Qing Feng followed the servant and walked deeper into the manor. Turning to a small trail, they reached a courtyard. Qing Feng silently sighed. This cannot be called a small courtyard as there was a charming wooden building facing a large pond. Even though it was incomparable to the Palace’s lotus pond, with regards to the landscape of a courtyard, it was stunning enough.

Qing Feng was still lamenting when she heard the servant standing ourside the door and calling out softly, “Furen, Imperial Concubine Qing is here.”

In a short while the doors to the room opened and Qing Feng stood outside the door. When she saw Zhuo Qing, she immediately smiled, “Eldest Sister.”

Zhuo Qing waved her hands to the servants beside and held Qing Feng’s hands, “Come in quickly.”

“Mo-er!” Seeing Gu Yun in the room, Qing Feng excitedly went up to clasped her hands tightly and for a short period of time she was speechless. Gu Yun was also embarrassed but she did not withdrew her hands and just stiffen there.

Qing Feng lightly place her hand on Gu Yun thin face as she asked with a pained heart, “Mo-er, you are thinner. Is Su Ling bullying you?”

Gu Yun felt really awkward when she was being caress on her cheek and she took a little step back before replying, “No one bullied me.” It would be good if she don’t bully others.

Qing Feng’s hand stiffen, Youngest Sister treated her that unfamiliarly? She was even unaccustomed to her touch? Slowly placing her hand down, her heart felt painful but Qing Feng still continued to question concernedly, “During these half a year, did you live well?”

Gu Yun could see the pain in Qing Feng’s eyes but for her the female in front was a stranger that was seen for the first time. She truely was unable to show any deep feelings. Lightly coughed, Gu Yun replied concisely, “I am good.”

“Mo-er, what’s… What’s with you?” Qing Feng was somewhat confused. The female in front of her had a polite yet alienating attitude and her aloof brows revealed a light of determination. This was not her memory of her well-behaved and timid sister? Qing Feng’s mind panicked as she quickly said, “Did you also suffer memory loss because of that damn knock-out drug?”

“I…” Gu Yun paused a while, this kind of irresponsible excuse, only Qing, this kind of lazy female, could think it out. Staring fiercely at the trouble maker Zhuo Qing, Gu Yun look back at Qing Feng’s worried eyes and forced a laugh, “I am fine. It is just that we have not meet for a long time and thus I got excited and had no idea what to say.”

Excitement? She did not see any excitement in Youngest Sister’s eyes at all. Mo-er and Eldest Sister’s eye contact and gestures showed familiarity and intimacy. It would seem that Younger Sister was distancing herself from her only. Never mind. Since young, Youngest Sister have been closer to Eldest Sister and since Elder Sister was taking care of her, she was also relieved.

Qing Feng expression was bleak as Zhuo Qing supported her to sit down. She smiled and said, “Sit down and talk. One must be care for the first trimester.”

Looking at her slight protruding stomach, Qing Feng chuckled, “It has been more than four months.”

Over four months? It was so fast.

After being with contact for a few times, in Zhuo Qing’s eyes, she was someone who cherish her loved ones and had a stubborn and strong personality but was an ill-fated female. Thinking about her situation in the Palace, Zhuo Qing worriedly asked, “Did Yan Hong Tian found out about me asking you to steal the Empress Dowager’s seal?”

Qing Feng’s eyes froze as she smiled indifferently, “I don’t know, perhaps yes. Actually he was using the fact that you were eager to save Lou Xi Yan to achieve his own ends. Each takes what they need. What is the difference between finding out or not? Everything was planned in order to weaken the power of the Yang family and we were used by him.”

The frustration and disdain from her words made Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun worried. Even though they are not Qing Ling or Qing Mo and could not understand the suffering that the Qing family went through or lived in that huge Palace before, thus unable to understand her suffering and hardship, they did not wish to see any misunderstanding between her and Yan Hong Tian since she still have to carry on living in the Palace.

Zhuo Qing softly explained, “That year to support Prince Hao rebellion, the Empress Dowager colluded with the rebels from the Northwest to steal the gold from the treasury. After that Prince Hao was kill during the failed rebellion attempt and the gold was held hostage by the rebels. This time Su Ling went there to retrieve the gold but who knew that because the matter with Princess Chao Yun, she was not dissatisfied with Xi Yan and thus took the opportunity to collude with the rebels and frame Xi Yan. Initially Yan Hong Tian’s plan was most likely to use the rebels to uncover all the different power that was related to the missing gold but I cannot wait for it and so I made a risky move.”

Qing Feng was rather confused, “Weren’t all these arranged by Yan Hong Tian?”

“You have misunderstood him. He only beat them at their own game and as for the Yang family and Yang Zhi Lan, he was already considered merciful.”

Qing Feng quietly listened as waves in her heart raised. The Empress Dowager actually supported Prince Hao to rebel and because of her own enmity, framed the minister of court. What kind of position did she put Yan Hong Tian in? No wonder he said that he did not understand the connection between a mother and child. No wonder he was that sorrowful and disappointed, one was his twin brother, one his birth mother. He was truly betrayed by his beloved.

It seemed that she had really misunderstood him.

Qing Feng was so immersed in her own thoughts that Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun was not able to disburb her and the room fell into silence. After a long time, Qing Feng suddenly recovered and smiled, “Today is your big day, let’s not talk about such depressing things. Let me style your hair to your previously favourite fairy styled bun.”

Pressing her shoulders, Zhuo Qing shook her head and smiled, “No need to be so troublesome.” This was not a banquet filled with guest so there was no need to be formal, she too did not like that.

Holding Zhuo Qing’s hand, Qing Feng insisted, “It was of no trouble at all.”

Pulling Zhuo Qing to the dressing table to sit, Qing Feng gently tidied her fine black hair, just like when they were home, they often comb each other hair. Most likely they would never be able to go back to those times as just a trip to see them was not easy at all.

“Eldest Sister and Mo-er. It is an unchangeable fact that we have to stay in Qiong Yue so you must be happy, all right? Your happiness is my greatest fortune.” Qing Feng carefully and attentively style her hair. Each movement was gentle and sincere and Zhou Qing could also feel her treasuring and lingering. Even though she is not her Elder Sister and did not have any common happy memories, the tenderness she felt for her increases little by little.

Her words about happiness made Zhou Qing’s heart ache. Turning around, she held Qing Feng’s hand and place it on her own stomach before advising softly, “Feng, you must make yourself happy. Perhaps Yan Hong Tian may be disappoint people but you have a baby. Because of him, you must be happy too, all right?”

“En.” Qing Feng’s hands lightly caressed her own protruding abdomen and a soft smile finally appeared on her face. Yes, she still have them and the baby in her belly.

“Furen, master invite you, Imperial Concubine Qing and Miss Qing over for dinner.”

When her hair had been styled, the servant’s voice was heard outside. Qing Feng pulled Zhuo Qing’s and Mo Yun’s hands and smiled, “Let’s go.”

Three of them just reached the reception hall when a handsome man walked over. He was dressed all in white and did not have any literary airs. Instead there was an flirty air. “Sister-in-law, this little beauty beside you…” His words were directed at Zhuo Qing but his eyes was staring intently at petite and sweat looking female.

Qing Feng frowned, who was this man speaking so frivolously?

“Qi Tian Yu, long time no see. You are still the same but I would advise you not to provoke her.” Zhuo Qing lost her smile. This person was truly a rouge. As long as it was a female, he will want to have her.

Qi Tian Yu puzzledly asked, “Why?”

Zhuo Qing looked pointedly behind him at the currently the face of Su Ling, whose face was covered with dark clouds. Qi Tian Yu turned around and saw Su Ling’s cold eagle eyes and laughed understandingly. It would seem that the beauty was taken.

Qing Feng also saw that terrifying and sinister face and wanted to laugh. She had heard that General Su was not interested in the opposite gender, but now it would seem that the rumours were not believable.

Lightly coughed, Qi Tian Yu smiled accommodating, “It would seem that I am late by a step.” Lifting his wine cup, Qi Tian Yu faced Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing and toasted, “Did not attend the wedding dinner the last time. This time we must toast to it!”

Lou Xi Yan raised his glass too and laughed, “Everyone do it together.”

When everyone toasted, Yan Hong Tian took away the wine cup in front of Qing Feng and placed the tea cup onto her hands before whispering, “You drink this.” Finishing, Yan Hong Tian drank the wine from his cup in one gulp and also finished Qing Feng’s wine.

This scene did not escape from Zhuo Qing’s and Gu Yun’s eyes and both of them looked at one another. It was a good thing that there was still feelings from Yan Hong Tian towards Qing Feng.

A group of people were drinking while talking and as the meal dragged on, the moon was already high up and it was nearly midnight. As a new bridegroom, Lou Xi Yan was being poured lots of alcohol and was so drunk that he could not walk any more and finally it was Mo Bai and Zhuo Qing who supported him before he could stagger back to Lan Yue Building.

Outside Lan Yue Building, Qi Tian Yu wanted to play pranks at the bridal chambers but was stopped by a cool face Jing Sa at the courtyard, “Master is already drunk, may Gentleman Qi return.”

As his ruffian hand rest on the shoulders of Jing Sa, Qi Tian Yu smiled and said, “This will not do. We have yet to haze the newly-weds.”

Yan Hong Tian initially intended to leave but when he saw Qi Tian Yu inisted on playing pranks in the bridal chambers, they was not in a rush to leave and surrounded Lan Yue Building.

Jing Sa remained unmoved and coldly replied, “The night is late, may Gentleman Qi return.”

Qi Tian Yu rolled his eyes. Why did Xi Yan find a wooden brain person as a steward, who did not understand anything interesting. Forcefully whacking Jing Sa’s shoulders, Qi Tian Yu did not give up and continued to say, “Jing Sa, don’t be so serious. Hazing the newly-weds is part of the celebration! Xi Yan wouldn’t have minded.”

Jing Sa took a step back, this time he simply ignore him and the tall figure in the courtyard continued to block, determined not to let him enter.

Standing by Qi Tian Yu’s side was Lou Xi Wu and because of drinking a few cups, her face was bright red and her steps were shaky but she was still laughing, “Yes, yes. We want to haze the newly-weds! Haze the newly-weds!”

Seeing her unable to stand stably but still playing and shouting, Jing Sa helplessly went forward to support her and softly scolded, “Don’t make a scene.”

Qi Tian Yu amusingly watched the rare scene of Jing Sa showing tenderness and could not help but laugh, “Zezeze… (sound of clicking one’s tongue) This is truely favour one and discriminate against the other. To think that the Prime Minister’s residence is filled with peach blossoms in the three months I am not here.” (Peach blossoms means love or infatuations in this sentence) This stone finally broke open and he had chosen a wrong time to leave and missed out lots of shows.

Hearing such an obvious ridicule, Lou Xi Wu gently broke away from Jing Sa’s hands, “Older brother Qi! What nonsense are you talking?”

“Nonsense?” Qi Tian Yu’s was still wrapped around his chest as he cast sidelong glances at Jing Sa and chuckled lowly, “I thought I would be able to attend a wedding dinner soon. So it was me who saw it wrongly?”

Even with such an obvious ridicule, Jing Sa was not red in the face or stuttering and maintain his cool.

Mo Bai just came out from the courtyard and saw this group of people with obvious intentions and know what they wanted to do. Without saying anything more, Mo Bai and Jing Sa stood side by side. Both of them blocked the not that big courtyard door by standing there.

Lou Xi Wu was thin-skinned and after what Qi Tian Yu said, her already bright red face was currently burning up. Angry with him, Lou Xi Yu shouted, “You only know how to poke fun with others. If you have the ability, just think of ideas to pass these two door gods!”

Qi Tian Yu lightly raised his eyebrows as it was not possible to pass both of them. Talking about martial arts, if there was only Jing Sa, he could at least try but now with Mo Bai, he was definitely not their adversary. Looking back at the group of them waiting to watch a good show and not willing to help at all, Qi Tian Yu lamented, it was still better to depend on oneself.

After thinking for a moment, Qi Tian Yu suddenly smiled slyly, “I have an idea!”

Finishing his words, Qi Tian Yu turned and ran towards the backyard. Everyone looked at one another as they did not know what he wanted to do but seeing how confident he was, they were somewhat curious and started to anticipate it.

Out side Lan Yue Building’s courtyard, a group of nothing better to do people could not go in and were not willing to leave, thus they stood in front of Lan Yue Building to see what exactly was Qi Tian Yu’s ‘idea’ was.

In a short time, Qi Tian Yu hugged two tubs over and in his hands there were some finger thin branches while he walked over with all smiles. Everyone was confuse at the sight. What method was this?

Placing the wooden tub on the floor, Qi Tian Yu stuff the branches in his hands to confused Su Ling and Yan Hong Tian and proudly smiled, “We can’t enter so they will come out!”

Gu Yun squinted her eyes at Qi Tian Yu and with a foolish expression said, “Come out? How to come out?” A moment in spring’s night was worth a thousand gold. At this kind of timing, it would be odd for Lou Xi Yan to come out. Qing Feng find that this person was quite interesting.

Qi Tian Yu laughed and in front of everyone’s eyes, he raised the branch and starting beating the wooden tub as he shouted from the top of his voice, “The fire is burning! Quickly put the fire out!”

“Someone quickly come! Put out the fire!” An unexpected cry pierce into the silent night.

Seeing with wide eyes and dropped jaws at Qi Tian Yu who was beating the wooden tub and shouting, Gu Yun supported her forehead as she lamented, “Heavens…” How did Lou Xi Yan make friends with such an idiotic ruffian friend?

Lou Xi Wu was looking perplexed. Is this the idea older brother Qi said?

Even though this so called method was nonsensical and idiotic, but for two man who had been drinking wine the entire night, this crazy idea seemed quite attractive. After Su Ling and Yan Hong Tian looked at one another, they actually waved the branches while they beat the tubs and shouted. Both Gu Yun and Qing Feng did not to know whether to laugh or cry. Qing Feng had never seen this Yan Hong Tian before and did not think that he would be so crazy and thus laughed uncontrollably.

Hearing the cries and shouts, the servants and guards in the Prime Minister’s residence rushed over and some even carried buckets and tubs filled with water but once they saw clearly the situation, every one could not help but be dumbfounded.

Head Steward Qi’s and Bodyguard Mo’s expression turned dark as they saw the few people screaming and shouting in the courtyard but they did not go forward to stop them. The ‘troublemakers’ were the Emperor, General Su and master’s good friend, Gentleman Qi. What can they do?!

Therefore in front of Lan Yue Building, a few man was making a ruckus and a group of servants did not know what to do, creating a buzz Prime Minister’s residence in the middle of the night.

They had made a ruckus but Lou Xi Yan still did not make an appearance. A moment in spring’s night was worth a thousand gold. They only had some fun only. Once they played enough, they all dispersed.

She was distraught the entire day yesterday, slept on the lounge chair for the entire night, woke up very early this morning and was so excited about seeing her sisters in the afternoon that she did not feel tired. Now that she was nested comfortably in the carriage, Qing Feng felt that she was so tired that she could pass out. She wanted to lay against the carriage window to nap for a while and just as she was leaning over, her shoulders was grabbed as Yan Hong Tian had embraced her. His entire body smelt of alcohol and it was fortunate that he did not carried Qing Feng into his arms and only let her lay on his legs while he lean against the carriage and closed his eyes.

Yan Hong Tian drank a lot of win today but scent of it was different from last night. She dared not go close to him last night but now, she was able to lean against him to sleep at ease. Perhaps Qing Feng was too tired, she did not think about anything and just fell deeply asleep.

“Gao Jing, slow down.”

Hearing the purposely lowered voice, Gao Jin gently pulled the reins and the four horses that could run a thousand li (1 li = 500 meters) trotted on the quiet streets. To be precise, they were walking…

Qing Feng did not thought that she could sleep this soundly in the carriage and only slightly woke up when Yan Hong Tian carried her out of the carriage. Fu Ling had be waited at the main door and quickly went forward to welcome them when they returned. Seeing Mistress quietly letting the Emperor carry her to the courtyard, Fu Ling did not know where they went today but both of them seems to be closer than before and no longer confrontational.

Fu Ling walked in front and pushed the doors to the room open but the Emperor did not carry Mistress in. He instead carried her to the swing under the big tree and Fu Ling broke into a cold sweat. Mistress current body condition was not suitable to be on the swing! Just as she was contemplating to go forward to warn, she saw the Emperor standing by the side of the swing, leaning against the trunk with one hand pushing Qing Feng lightly. The soft force was controlled well and the swing only slightly swinging around.

Qing Feng guessed that Yan Hong Tian was drunk else why would he help her to push the swing? Maybe it was because she saw Eldest Sister and Lou Xi Yan finially completed their wedding, so Qing Feng’s mood was exceptionally good. She sat on the swing obediently, the end of the dress was fluttering, her hair was flying and a faint smile bloom on her face.

Under the moonlight, both of their figures were somewhat vague. One was sitting, one was standing and both of them was not looking at one another or communicating but they appeared to be in sync. Fu Ling quietly saw it and withdraw, not willing to disturb this rare peaceful moment.

“Oh–” Qing Feng suddenly called out softly. Seeing her body suddenly stiffen as she stared at her stomach differently, Yan Hong Tian supported her shoulders and made the swing stop moving before asking, “What happen?”

Yesterday there was no movement appeared but it seems that the movements were stronger and numerous. Qing Feng was startled for a moment before she replied, “He kicked me…”

“He knows how to kick?” Zhen will feel it.” Saying that, his big hands landed on Qing Feng abdomen. Yan Hong Tian only felt warm in his hands, unlike the normal soft and silky feeling. It was a bit tight but he did not feel any abnormal movement. Yan Hong Tian frowned, “There no more?”

His hands was tightly stuck on her abdomen, like he was seriously feeling it. He was completely different from the past when he was sleeping on the bed. Qing Feng actually blushed and murmured, “He doesn’t kick often…”

“He really knows how to kick?” Yan Hong Tian did not apparently believed it, “Does it hurts?”

“It doesn’t… Doesn’t hurt.” Yan Hong TIan was staring at her stomach and his fingers were also caressing the top. Qing Feng’s face got redder and reached out to grab Yan Hong Tian’s wrist as she wanted to take his hand away from her stomach.

Yan Hong Tian did not move and his hands was firmly pressed against Qing Feng’s abdomen. After a long time of not feeling anything, Yan Hong Tian frowned, “Why is he not kicking?”

Qing Feng flew into a rage out of humiliation, “He doesn’t kick all the time!”

Yan Hong Tian thought for a while. That was true, if he was kicking all the time then how would Qing Feng live? Obviously he did not know what it means when the child in her womb kicked. Putting his hands away embarrassingly, Yan Hong Tian asked again, “Then, what time does he usually kick?”

Yan Hong Tian questioned seriously but Qing Feng was between laughter and tears, “How would I know.”

“Even you don’t know?” Yan Hong Tian slightly frowned, “Will summon Huang Jiao tomorrow to ask.”


She saw it clearly today that Lou Xi Yan really treated her Elder Sister whole heartedly so Eldest Sister will not suffer with him. Even though Su Ling is not as considerate as Lou Xi Yan, he was a devoted person. If he felt something for Youngest Sister, he would definitely be in it whole heartedly. Youngest Sister would not need to face the jealously between wives and this was a blessing. As for her… Qing Feng looked at the man beside her who was staring at her stomach, she unconsciously smiled. Yan Hong Tian was not someone who can be entrusted with a beloved but was also not how she initially thought out to be. If the future could be spend like this, it would be not bad…

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