Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Thoughts In A Whirl (Part 2)

Qing Feng did not have time to ponder when that familiar bright yellow figure appeared outside her door. Qing Feng greeted with a slight bow, “Long live the Emperor.”

Yan Hong Tian entered and used one hand to support Qing Feng up. His eyes landed on her protruding abdomen and there was a trace of anxiety that flashed across his eyes but it soon faded. Holding Qing Feng’s hands and smiling, “Didn’t Zhen said before that beloved concubine do not need to perform greetings.”

Letting the servant serve the hot tea, Qing Feng asked an unintentional question, “The Emperor has time to come over today?”

Taking the teacup over for a sip, it was not done as attentive as what Xiao Yu usually did or as careful as what Fu Ling usually did. Yan Hong Tian put down the cup, “Was recently busy with the affairs of the state and thus do not have time to see you. Why? You do not wish to see Zhen?”

“Chenqie do not dare.”

Both of them said a few more words but it was all useless talk which made Qing Feng’s doubts deepen. At this time Yan Hong Tian suddenly walked to the study room facing the chambers. Even though it was a study room but actually it was just a separating area. She likes to paint so there were not many books in the study room and the bookshelves are filled with many of her artworks and eight chi (1 chi = 1 yard) table occupied almost half of the study room. The table was filled with paper and ink slabs, a few half-finished paintings and a just completed painting of an auspicious Qílín which was place in the middle.

When Yan Hong Tian entered the study room, he was apparently attracted by the painting. It was almost the height of a person with one Qilin’s foot stepping on a cloud, mist coming out of its mouth, it’s whole black body was surrounded by colourful clouds, it’s eyes were as bright as bronze bell and two tusks were basked in coldness. It was half lying down like it was resting but also looked like it has accumulated enough energy and was about to pounce out of the painting. Yan Hong Tian touched the paper and found that the ink was dried so he rolled it up and place it aside as he flip through other unfinished paintings. He quickly found out that this beloved concubine of his likes to paint landscapes. Even though it was not as massive and grand as that painting of mountains, one could see the free and easy strokes in them.

Qing Feng stood there silently and watched and Yan Hong Tian did not asked her anything thus she did not say anything. At this time, Gao Jing brought a wooden box over and place it at the side before starting to tidy up her desk. In a short while it was tidied up. Then Gao Jing opened the wooden box and took out a dark red book and place it neatly on the right side of Yan Hong Tian. That book does not look like a report thus Qing Feng guessed that it was some memorandum on the affairs of state.

Yan Hong Tian pass the rolled up painting to Gao Jing and sat down in front of the desk and started to… Read through memorandums?

What was the meaning of these master and servant? This was not the Imperial Study. Qing Feng started to frown. Yan Hong Tian now occupy her desk and she is unable to stand long and could not leave him aside and retreat to her chambers to rest. She could only lay on the couch by the bookshelf and casually flip through a book but her heart was not on the book at all. She quietly look at Yan Hong Tian who was concentrating on evaluating the reports and Qing Feng started to be confused. Since it was dealing with affairs of the state, why did he come over to her place?

After about more than a sichen (1 sichen = 2 hours) of that, it was approaching lunchtime and Qing Feng back started to hurt as she kept laying down but Yan Hong Tian barely moved at all. Qing Feng cursed silently in her heart. Just as she stood up, Fu Ling panicked voice was heard from out the door, “Mistress, something happened!”

Pulling the curtains away, Qing Feng replied, “What went wrong?”

Running to Qing Feng’s side, just as Fu Ling was about to speak, she saw Yan Hong Tian sitting behind the desk and her knees buckled when she quickly knelt down, “Long live the Emperor.”

Yan Hong Tian continued to look down at the reports in his hands, as if he had not seen Fu Ling. Fu Ling was sweating and her heart was pounding. Prime Minister Lou just got in trouble but the Emperor was behaving like this in front of Mistress, was he lashing out? It does not look like it. Monitoring? It was not necessary. Fu Ling stood frozen and did not speak for a long time.

Thinking that she went to send out the wedding gifts today and came back looking like this, Qing Feng started to get anxious. Could it be… “Something happened with my Eldest Sister?”

Fu Ling shook her head.

Qing Feng hanging heart was settled down a bit. If it was not Eldest Sister that was in trouble, it was fortunate. Yan Hong Tian did not say a word thus Fu Ling dare not get up, so QIng Feng pulled Fu Ling’s hand and asked, “What exactly happened?”

Fu Ling continued to keep her head lowered and dare not speak but she quietly wrote three words, ‘Prime Minister Lou’, on Qing Feng’s palm with her finger. Just as she finish writing, Yan Hong Tian’s eyes was still on the reports but his deep voice sounded, “Your mistress ask you to speak so you should speak.”

Fu Ling thought for a while before replying, “General Su wiped out the Northwest rebels and captured the leader. The rebels confessed that they colluded with Prime Minister Lou, father and son, to steal the gold from the treasury and con…” Fu Ling hesitated and wanted to see the Emperor’s expression but she didn’t dare to do so. Qing Feng got more anxious, “Speak!”

Fu Ling bit her lips before whispering, “Conspiring against the state.”

Conspiring? Qing Feng’s heart jumped, this was an indeed large offence that can behalf on the entire clan. “How is Lou Xi Yan now?”

“Prime Minister Lou, both father and son, was arrested by Official Dan and General Su and is imprisoned in the Ministry of Justice’s prison.”

Qing Feng started to get angry, “How about the wedding? Who gave them such a courage to dare to storm into the Prime Minister manor to arrest?”

Fu Ling lowered her head and was afraid to answer. Qing Feng cursed her stupidity. Who else would give them that courage, of course it was that man behind her! Else no one in the nation would dare to arrest people in the middle of a wedding.

Secretly taking a deep breath, Qing Feng asked softly, “How is my Eldest Sister?”

“Mistress can rest assure and Lou Furen is all right.”

Lou Furen… Qing Feng sighed, “They had completed the wedding ritual.”

Qing Feng’s steps started to waft so Fu Ling quickly stepped forward but dare not get up and only prop Qing Feng on her knees. She said, “It was Lou Furen who insisted on completing the wedding ritual before letting General Su to take him away.” At that time, the situation was chaotic. Lou Furen took the veil off and insisted on doing the wedding ritual in front of everyone as she was determined to face life and death with him. That indifferent expression with a firm gaze and relaxed attitude made Fu Ling admire in her heart. No wonder Prime Minister Lou do not want to marry any other female.

Eldest Sister still married to Lou Xi Yan regardless. Qing Feng was unsure if she should be happy or sad and only waved her hands, “You can withdraw.”

The Emperor did not speak anything but Qing Feng thicken her skin and withdraw. She softly shut the door but dare not close it up and left a crack. She knows her Mistress’s temper well, on normal days it was already bad even though she had tone it down lately, but once it involves the Qing family, she was afraid that Mistress and the Emperor would have conflict. Her Mistress was currently pregnant and there must not be a slightest mistake.

When Qing Feng turn back, Yan Hong Tian had already place the book down and his eagle-like dark eyes was locked on her. It was not as cold like in the past but it was still like a bottomless pit which made one unable to read his mind. From Qing Feng’s eyes, this kind of look was examining, prying and also warning her.

Qing Feng coldly looked back at him, “Is this the reason why you stayed at Qing Feng Hall the entire afternoon?”

Every time when she does not refer herself as Chenqie and hypocritically called him Emperor, Yan Hong Tian’s mood would be better. Looking coldly at her, Yan Hong Tian did not say anything. He wanted to see how this kitten would unleash her claws. Qing Feng suddenly laughed but her laughter did not reach to the end of her eyes, “You really think highly of me. It is presumed that the Emperor would have a lot of state affairs to handle. So please!”

Yan Hong Tian’s brows raised, she has improved. Folding his hands in front of his chest, Yan Hong Tian laughed, “Zhen did not expect that beloved concubine would assess the situation like that, after hearing that Qing Ling is all right then start to chase people away. Have you forgotten that Lou Xi Yan has taken care of you and now he is your older brother-in-law, you do not plead for him?”

“Plead?” Qing Feng laughed again, but this time it was full of sarcasm, “Is the Emperor kidding? With regards to the affairs of the state, Chenqie is only a female and do not dare to critique. Prime Minister Lou and the Emperor grew up together and have been assisting by the Emperor’s side for so many years. He is already your arms and is dedicated his heart and energy to the Emperor. The Emperor knows his every move better than Chenqie. In the entire sky and ground, if the Emperor says guilty who not be not guilty?”

The clear voice and every single word clearly meant ‘you are an incapable ruler’. Yan Hong Tian’s sharp eyes froze, “Qing Feng!”

Qing Feng could not help filching her body but did not retreated a hairsbreadth

Qing Feng guessed that Yan Hong Tian should be in rage now but Yan Hong Tian ask her one question seriously, “In your eyes, Zhen is an incapable rule?”

“You…” Are originally one…

Both of them was separated by a large desk but that atmosphere weighted down on Qing Feng so much that she was unable to breath. His face was calm and his cold eyes were like a hawk’s but she continue to stare at him. She did not finish her words when Chen Zhen’s voice sounded in Qing Feng’s mind, “You don’t understand the Inner Palace, don’t understand him and don’t understand love.” She don’t understand and she also don’t want to understand, not even one bit… Her mind was thinking that but her heart felt bouts of pain.

“Ou.” A wave of nausea burst in her stomach and Qing Feng could not help but to turn to the corner. First it was just retching but after that she started to vomit.

Qing Feng was curled up in a corner. Just now she was snarling at him with her claws and now she was like a kitten. Yan Hong Tian closed his eyes in tiredness and called out, “Someone come!”

Fu Ling stood outside the doors and when she heard the retching sound from Qing Feng, she wanted to go it but because of the presence of the Emperor, she could only anxiously stand outside the door. Now that the Emperor called, Fu Ling immediately rushed in.

Fu Ling gave some warm water to Qing Feng, so that she could gargle and also help to pat her back but Qing Feng vomited more severely than usual. She did not eat anything this morning and now Qing Feng’s cheeks were red but her lips were pale.

“Summon the Imperial Physician.” Yan Hong Tian’s face was ashen when Fu Ling quickly explained, “Emperor, Mistress is suffering from morning sickness. It is useless for the Imperial Physician to be here.”

Qing Feng half knelt on the floor in a sorry state and vomited till she was unable to catch her breath. Yan Hong Tian frowned, “She vomit like this everyday?”

Fu Ling did not dare to look up and just nodded as she supported Qing Feng to a lounge seat by the side to rest.

Yan Hong Tian stood up irritably and walked a few rounds the main hall before exclaiming, “From today onwards, Qing Feng is not allowed to step out of Qing Feng Hall. If she take a step out, everyone’s heads will roll!”

“May the Emperor be appease!” All the servants in Qing Feng Hall was so scared that they all knelt down but Yan Hong Tian ignore them and walked out of Qing Feng Hall.

“Gao Jing, summon Huang Jiao over to take a look at her.” Reaching out of the hall, Yan Hong Tian walked toward the Northern Gates after leaving those words.

“Yes.” Gao Jing had expected that the Emperor would say that and started to walk towards the Medical Court. After taking two steps, he stopped and passed the drawing that the Emperor handed to him in the morning to the eunuch behind him and instructed, “Get it framed.”

The reason why Emperor came here to day was, first to avoid all the audiences from the officials on Prime Minister Lou’s rebellion and secondly he was afraid that this intense mistress would harm herself when things were still unclear. Gao Jing started thinking, since when did the Emperor start to truly felt for Qing Feng?

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  1. I’m not sure about these two awkward people.. to make it worse they are inside the palace where conspiracies are flying about as easily as breathing.. sigh… How many heartache these two have to go through in their lifetime as compared to Gu Yun and Zhou Qing’s stories~ 😥 Thank you for translating this.

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  2. “father and sun, to steal the gold from the treasury and con…” sun —> son

    “Prime Minister Lou and the Emperor grew up today…..” today —> together

    I actually pity bith if them

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  3. its always a pleasure to read your translation.
    their journey to knew and love each other is really a though one, with losses and gain that successfully tear my heart.

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  4. Slowly YHT show his affection to QF. It’s only a little bit now, but hopefully, he will show more of it later. I will not hope to see a warm romance in this series, since I know from the beginning, QF face the hardest and complex situation compare to two other sisters.

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    • Their love and concern for one another is not like the Gu Yun or Zhuo Qing. As a reader, sometimes I had to read between the lines cause their words or actions are disguised very well.


  5. He was so considerate T_T
    Her temper is quick and she is quick to judge so it may be a while before she understands the only way he can protect her is this way.

    Thank you for the update!

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  6. I don’t get this emperor
    One concubine whom he did atleast like, is in prison and he knows she is innocent and yet he does nothing
    Now he’s all concerned for this lady (whom he raped) no rhyme or reason but keeps on being hostile to her
    What’s so great about him and his intelligence if he can’t protect the people he loves ?

    Thanks for all the hard work translating but this character pisses me off

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    • You should know, even he got power to release the concubine. If ge didn’t get the proof the person is innocent, he can’t just release her. Intricate in palace n factions that followed, and they are a lot. So obviously the factions against each others and try to abolish againsts each other. If YHT just release chen zhen without proof,the empress n their faction will go againsts YHT with reason injustice (although they’re the one who is bad) and putting rebellion up which not good. That’s what to being an emperor. Even ya got power, you can use it careless when it involve politics

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  7. Thanking you for another update. Each chapter bring us a cliff hangar n LXY in his own way began to show some affection towards QF. Yet, he refrain from showing it. I do agree with Asu’s comment that QF has a bad temper and quick to judge.

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  8. Thanks for the translation – the part about the paintings was very descriptive. I think Yan Hong Tian needs someone to translate for him what a relationship actually means. I think he understands what it is to have power over someone (both Qing Feng and Prime Minister Lou) but not how to make them do what he wants because they like him. It sounds like this is going to be one long story!


  9. I started reading your translations on the go, so I have not been able to tell you how awesome I think you are and, for that, I am terribly sorry.

    As always, thank you infinitely for sharing your translations with us (me specifically but I’ll include everyone else).

    It’s still a difficult for me to accept Yan Hong Tian as the male lead after all he has done to her, but at least he seems more human now (a little bit?). Qing Feng being a tough, smart, and compassionate MC does help ease the dislike I hold for the novel’s premises. But irregardless, thank you for your hard work! I look forward to the story’s developments and your translations!


  10. Theirs is the tough and rough kind of love. Heh.

    As a reader we now see YHT showing he does care and has feelings for QF albeit in an overt way. Both of them are not the showy and openly affectionate way so I don’t expect them to be that obvious this early in the story.

    I think their characters are shaped and influenced by the environment and times they are in. The scheming and intrigues that abounds in the palace where power is actually a necessity if one one wants to stay in position. Of all people in the palace political system and being born into power, YHT understands that most because he yields the biggest power over everyone. That’s why he gave QF the imperial concubine position because there’s power in that position and with that she has a certain power to fight back against a he powerful forces in the palace.

    Actually IMO, the Qing sisters and specifically QF are in interesting positions because the three of them have connections to the 3 branches with executive and legislative, judiciary and military thru the men in their lives.

    Before I forget, thanks for this chapter. I’m looking forward to what happens next.

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    • You are quick to link their (Qing sisters) connections to their men… I am really impressed!!! There will be a part where it would be explained too which will also further explain the thoughts of YHT through another person… Stay tune…


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