Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Banished to the Cold Palace (Part 2)

“Is Xin Daren referring to Qing Feng?”

Xìn Fu Cheng did not expect that she dared to enter the place so magnanimously at this time and was stunned for a moment. Qing Feng stood beside Chen Zhen and slightly bent her body to greet, “Qing Feng greets the Emperor and both Empress Dowager.”

Yan Hong Tian who was silent for a long time only said a word coldly, “Rise.”

Qing Feng slowly got up and her eyes met Yan Hong Tian’s cold dark ones. From it she could see his suppressed anger, especially when he saw that she was much more energetic. Qing Feng avoided his line of sight and did not look at him. It was useless for Yan Hong Tian to stare at her, this matter indeed has nothing to do with her and in fact she was also a victim to it.

The matter of Lou Xi Yan’s insistence on marrying Qing Ling had already made Lou Su Xin angry for a long time that even looking at Qing Feng, she would feel unhappy. Naturally her words to her were impatient, “Concubine Qing, what are you doing here? Do you not think that there are not enough chaos here?”

“Chenqie heard that the Empress honourable body is out of sorts thus specifically came to visit…”

Before Qing Feng could finish, Xìn Fu Cheng cynically said, “So Concubine Qing is saying that she does not know anything about what Imperial Concubine Hui has done?”

Qing Feng naturally and relaxedly nodded her head, “Qing Feng really do not know.”

“Imperial Concubine Hui uses witchcraft to do harm to the Empress and everyone in the Inner Palace know that Concubine Qing and Imperial Concubine Hui have close relations. Even if one do not know what was happening, one should avoid arousing suspicions.”

Expecting that he will use this reasoning, Qing Feng smiled and smoothed her dress before replying, “Last night, Chenqie was not feeling well and was with the Emperor all the time. Naturally the Emperor is clear whether or not a spell is cast to harm the Empress. Other than not meeting those that should not be approached, Qing Feng have nothing to avoid.”

She thinks that by involving the Emperor, she will leave here unscathed? Xìn Fu Cheng sneered, “Last night when the Empress was possessed, Concubine Qing was coincidentally unwell. It should not be likely that one will take the opportunity to deceive the public to facilitate Imperial Concubine Hui’s actions and can also absolve yourself in the act.”

He actually bully that much. She was not Chen Zhen and never believe that silence would be the best measure. She don’t even bother about the two Empress Dowager, could it be that she will be scared of him this kind of eloquent official? The smile on Qing Feng’s face was wiped off as she mocked, “It is understandable for Xin Daren to be like this since the Empress is in this condition, but Qing Feng’s health was not good and the Imperial Physician can be called upon as witness. For Xin Daren to speak without thinking and frame Qing Feng for harming the Empress, was there any evidence? Qing Feng Hall was just carefully searched and was there anything discovered?”

Qing Feng press back with every question and it made Xìn Fu Cheng speechless. This slut! Relying on her pregnancy to be that arrogant. Xin Fu Chen felt so much anger in his heart that he clashed his hands together and loudly spoke to the Yan Hong Tian, “Since ancient times, the art of witchcraft is malicious and evil and thus is forbidden in the Palace and is a punishable offence. Not to mention that Imperial Concubine Hui and her accomplice is trying to harm the Mother of a nation. In any cause this would not be left as it is! This official request the Emperor and the Empress Dowager to back the Empress.”

Qing Feng found it funny, the Xin family did not know how to observe the mood of the situation? The Empress was like this and the Gou Jiu (title used by Empress’s brothers) too? Didn’t he saw that Yan Hong Tian’s face has become so frosty cold and dark?

The two Empress Dowagers were both aware of Yan Hong Tian’s anger and both of them gave a look at one another before Yang Zhi Lan lightly said, “Emperor, this matter… Should be dealt by you.”

The entire huge hall was scarily silent and everyone was waiting for Yan Hong Tian to rule and Qing Feng’s heart was practically in her throat. The doll was found in Ling Yun Palace and whatever Chen Zhen now say would be useless and the most likely scenario was that she will be imprisoned in that fearsome Imperial Prisons awaiting for trial. Qing Feng was still thinking about it when Yan Hong Tian’s cold voice suddenly sounded, “Someone come, Chen Zhen’s title of Imperial Concubine Hui will be abolished and she will be banished to the Cold Palace.”

What? Banished to the Cold Palace? Qing Feng was shocked. She could feel that the person kneeling by the side almost collapsed even though she still put up an indifferent outlook.

When Wu-er, who has been standing in the corner in fear, heard Yan Hong Tian’s words, she quickly rushed towards Chen Zhen’s side and cried, “Emperor, it must absolutely not done like that, her Ladyship…”

“Shut up!” Chen Zhen who was originally kneeling suddenly yelled at Wu-er loudly and also push her away. Chen Zhen stood up as she look at the man sitting high up with a pair of tearing eyes. With a choking voice, she said each word slowly, “Since the Emperor finds Chen Zhen guilty, Chen Zhen have nothing to say.”

Qing Feng could not bear to see that face filled with tears. Maybe there was no hate but it could not suppress the pain in her heart. Why did Yan Hong Tian not conduct a thorough investigation and banished a female who has accompanied him for so many years to the Cold Palace just because of some weird doll? How can he be that emotionless?

He was indeed colder than what she has thought, until the moment when Chen Zhen was taken away by the guards, he did not reveal a trace of unwillingness, in fact not even disappointment was shown. It was as if the female that was taken to the Cold Palace was of no significant to him. Is this the outcome after being favoured by him for three years? At that moment, Qing Feng felt cold from her head to her toes. Yan Hong Tian does not have a heart.

Finally gotten rid of Chen Zhen, Xìn Fu Cheng was secretly proud of it. Now the biggest stumbling block for the Empress is Qing Feng and Xìn Fu Cheng was reluctant to give up, thus softly reminded, “Your Majesty, there is another doll…”

“The entire Inner Palace was rummaged through and Noble Officer Xin is still not satisfied?” Sharp eyes were approaching him and no matter how stupid Xìn Fu Cheng was, he can also feel Yan Hong Tian’s displeasure and quickly replied, “This official wouldn’t dare.”

Yan Hong Tian was extremely angry and no one else in the huge palace dared to mention about the doll and one can only hear the monks’ chants from the chambers. Yan Hong Tian suddenly stood up and walked down and everyone thought that he wanted to leave. Who knew that he walked over to Qing Feng and stood in front of her. Yan Hong Tian said out clearly, “Didn’t the Imperial Physician told you to rest well?”

Even though Yan Hong Tian did not scold her, Qing Feng felt an invisible pressure on her as if Yan Hong Tian was squeezing her neck. Secretly sweating, Qing Feng softly replied, “Chenqie is much better already.”

Suddenly her hand hurts and it was Yan Hong Tian who has clenched her hand and gently said, “Zhen will send you back.” From others’ view, it would seems that Yan Hong Tian pamper her in every possible way but only Qing Feng knew how much energy he has used.

“Emperor!” Seeing Yan Hong Tian holding Qing Feng and wanted to leave, Lou Su Xin could not help to stop it, “The Empress’s is frail and her vital energy is weak. The Emperor is of a heavenly body and should stay to accompany the Empress!” What was he thinking, there should be a limit on how much to favour a concubine.

The old monk finally finish writing the spell and when he heard the words of the Empress Dowager, he quickly stood forward to say, “Yes indeed, the Emperor has a yang energy and will bring benefits to the common people. If the Emperor is around to accompany, the Empress would be able to recover soon.”

Yan Hong Tian laughed lowly, “The Empress has the Empress Dowagers’ good fortune and shelter, the Master to wear off evil spirits and also so many Imperial Physicians. Is Zhen still needed?”

Lightly holding Qing Feng’s waist, Yan Hong Tian clearly said, “Feng-er is currently pregnant and Zhen is prepare to confer her as Imperial Concubine Qing. The Official of Rites will process the edict of the Imperial Concubine confederation for Empress Dowager to look over.”

Confer as an Imperial Concubine? Qing Feng’s entire body stiffen and the hands on her waist tighten thus Qing Feng obediently shut her mouth. Yan Zhi Lan could not sit still and anxiously spoke, “The Emperor wants to confer the title of Imperial Concubine to Qing Feng?”

“No way!” Because of them, Lou Su Xin almost died of anger. What exactly was going on that these children were head over tails over the Qing family sisters!

Yan Hong Tian coldly replied, “Why not?”

He actually dared to ask why not, Lou Su Xin pointed at Yan Hong Tian but was speechless due to the anger.

He did not drag Qing Feng down and instead she was conferred as a Imperial Concubine. Xìn Fu Cheng was getting angrier and angrier and he too wanted to object conferring the title of the Imperial Concubine but Shui Xin quickly went forward, acting like she was going to the inner chamber to take care of the Empress but was actually stopping Xìn Fu Cheng. Shui Xin shook her head and softly said, “Gou Jiu mustn’t rush indiscriminately into action. Go back and inform the Lord of the matter and let the Lord decide.” Xìn Fu Cheng thought about it and finally retreated back.

At this time, when the morning court was not even attended and due to this matter of the Empress, there was already a fire in the Emperor’s heart, to have a conflict with the Emperor, it would definitely damage the relationship between the mother and son. Xu Shu Ping lightly tugged on the sleeves of Lou Su Xin and shook her head at her as she tried to mediate, “Naturally there is nothing wrong for the Emperor to confer a concubine but it is not a trivial matter to confer a Imperial Concubine and one must not act carelessly. Furthermore the celebration is coming up thus the matter of conferring to a Imperial Concubine can be discussed after that.”

“Xu Mama, how long have you been in the Palace?”

“Forty years…” Meeting Yan Hong Tian’s slightly narrowed dark eyes, Xu Shu Ping suddenly broke into a cold sweat. Just now she was protecting her mistress wholeheartedly and had forgotten her position. At this kind of occasion, it would not be her turn to speak. She has watched the Emperor grow up and know his personality! Xu Shu Ping threw herself on her knees and hastily begged, “This servant deserve to die! May the Emperor forgive!”

The old mama that has been serving her for so many years was now in such a poor condition in front of everyone, Lou Su Xin was shaking in anger, “Is it that the Emperor also want to get rid of Aijia!”

Yan Hong Tian’s brows slightly draw back as his cold voice replied, “Xu Mama has been in the Palace for so many years and should leave the Palace to live in comfort.”

“No… No way!” Xu Mama accompanied her into the Palace and have served her for over forty years. She was practically the same as her family and if she were to leave the Palace, how would she live in the future?

Xu Shu Ping was an old mama in the Palace and was under the protection of the Empress Dowager, thus no one in the Palace dared to offend her. Even though she is a servant but she enjoyed the splendour that came with it and did not want to leave the Palace at this time. Xu Shu Ping indeed panic as she kowtow on the floor loudly as she cried, “May the Emperor have mercy–”

Yan Hong Tian remain unmoved as he led Qing Feng out of the hall. Qing Feng could almost still hear that thumping sounds of kowtow outside Yi Lan Palace.

The noon sun made one eyes blur when it was shining but at this moment, Qing Feng’s mind was very clear. With her head bowed slightly and letting Yan Hong Tian lead her when she walked. His steps was not fast but every step was heavy. Even though both of their hands were holding on to one another but it felt cold. Qing Feng felt that her palm hurts but it did not injure her and she felt the chill from Yan Hong Tian’s anger.

Two of them walked all the way back to Qing Feng Hall silently, Qing Feng initially thought that Yan Hong Tian would interrogate her regarding what had happen today and kept thinking of how to absolve herself but when they reached the doors, Yan Hong Tian released her hand and turned to leave without saying a word or looking at her.

“Wait for a while.”

What did she call him for? To protest unfairness for Chen Zhen? She was powerless to defend herself and was also not that great. To tell him not to confer the Imperial Concubine title? Isn’t fighting for favour and power was what she wanted in order not to be bullied? After calling out, Qing Feng immediately regretted it but it was too late to regret as Yan Hong Tian’s cold and dark pair of eyes locked onto her tightly.

Qing Feng felt a chill in her spine and she secretly took a deep breath before speaking out, “Chenqie has something to show to the Emperor.”

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!!! Things is heating up in Royal Palace… No wonder they said backyard is the most scary place in ancient China


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      did not expect that she dare to enter
      “dare” = she dares to

      only said a word coldly, “Raise.”
      “Raise” = “Rise.”

      but Qing Feng;s health was not good
      “Qing Feng;s” = Qing Feng’s

      Not to mentioned that Imperial Concubine
      = Not to mention that

      that she will be imprison in that
      “imprison” = will be imprisoned

      when Yan Hong Tian cold voice suddenly
      = Yan Hong Tian’s cold voice

      kneeling by the side almost collapsing even though
      “collapsing” = almost collapsed

      not conduct a through investigation
      “through” = thorough investigation

      in face not even disappointment
      “face” = in fact

      was of insignificant to him
      = was of no significance to him

      Palace was rummage through
      “rummage” = was rummaged through

      Sharp eyes was approaching him
      “was” = were

      he can also felt Yan Hong Tian’s
      “felt” = can also feel

      dared to mentioned about the doll
      “mentioned” = dared to mention

      only hear a the monks chants from
      “a the” =hear the monks’ chants

      and everyone though that he wanted
      “though” = thought

      From others view, it would seems that Yan Hong Tian
      = From others’ point of view, it would seem that

      but only Qing Feng know how
      “know” = knows

      and should say to accompany
      “say” = stay

      Lightly holding Qing Feng waist
      = Qing Feng’s waist

      Zhen prepare to confer her as Imperial Concubine
      = Zhen is to prepare to confer

      The Emperor want to confer the title
      “want” = wants

      Lou Su Xin almost die of anger
      “die” = almost died of

      and instead he was conferred
      “he” = she was (pertaining to QF)

      Xu Shu Ping threw herself on her eyes
      “eyes” = on her knees

      should leave the Palace to leave in comfort
      = to live in comfort

      have served her for forty over years
      = for over forty years

      did not to want to leave the Palace
      = did not want to leave

      Qing Feng mind was very clear
      = Qing Feng’s mind

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