Translating my thoughts one post at a time…


Please note that I will be taking a vacation and this has affected the translation posts.

The last chapter that will be posted before the break would be on the Apr 18th and updates will be resumed on Apr 27th. 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Notice

  1. Happy holiday…

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  2. Grenn on said:

    Happy vacations!

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  3. Enjoy your holidays and have lot of fun.

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  4. hoang on said:

    thank you for being so kind as to keep us updated with your posting schedule. Have a great vacation!

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  5. ororomunroe90 on said:

    Hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

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  6. Ohmu! I envy youuuuuu~ You’re going on a summer holiday??? Beach? Wish I could go too. Anyway, have fun and take care! (^_^)/

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  7. okey,….Have a great holiday….Xd

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  8. thanks junnie for your notice, hope you will have a wonderful vacation…

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  9. Have a great vacation
    Thanks for all the translation

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  10. opi2207 on said:

    It’s not so long, just enjoy the trip. Happy vacation !

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  11. Happy holidays ^v^ and thank you for the translations.

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  12. zskyfish on said:

    Have a lovely vacation.

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  13. thank you for the notice..
    happy holiday >.<

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  14. Marchair on said:

    You deserve a vacation. I hope you have a lovely time with lots of refreshing moments. Thanks and much appreciation.

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