Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 33

The title says it all…

Another long chapter… But I think many of you will hate Yan Hong Tian after this chapter. And may even drop the book… 😦

Chapter 33: Leaving A Spot of Red

“The Emperor has arrived!”

The loud shrill voice outside the hall informed the arrival, Fu Ling can feel Qing Feng’s body stiffening. Her brows knitted tightly and she took a deep breathe before getting up to walk out of the inner chambers. With heavy steps, she stood in front of the doors for a long time, unwilling to open it up.

“Long live the Emperor.” Soon the palace maids voice can be heard from the courtyard. Fu Ling stepped forward to open the doors but was stopped by Qing Feng. Fu Ling looked worriedly at Qing Feng, the Emperor has already reached the doors but she doesn’t go out to receive, it is can be seen as a charge of disrespect!

“I will do it myself.” Qing Feng low voice trembled as she raise her hand and tightly clutching the door latch. That slender pale fingers started to show her veins when she take another deep breath and Qing Feng pushed open that heavy wooden door.

Outside the door, Yan Hong Tian stood below the steps in a black robe, and when the doors opened, that dark sharp eyes locked onto her. Qing Feng continue to keep her head raised and tried very hard to oppose his cold look. But she herself know that her heart was trembling. At this moment, she is afraid.

Yan Hong Tian’s dark eyes slightly narrowed and size up the female who dared to obstruct him outside the door. With long black hair draping her back and flying as the wind blow and that plain white gown was wrapped tightly around her, which look colder and more arrogant than the previous red dress. Her red lips, which was so red as blood, stood out the most as it was the only colour on her.

Even though the doors are open, Qing Feng still did not perform a greeting and wearing a pale white plain dress, she looked face to face with Yan Hong Tian, scaring everyone till they broke in a cold sweat and waiting in bated breath. Yan Hong Tian’s lips suddenly raise and form an elusive smile and did not blame Qing Feng for the disrespect before striding into the room.

Yan Hong Tian did not say anything making Qing Feng unsure if she should be relief or her caution level should be raised. Until Yan Hong Tian’s figure has pass her and held her hand, Qing Feng recovered from shock. Yan Hong Tian swept his eyes over to Fu Ling, who was behind Qing Feng, and Fu Ling broke into a cold sweat and did not dare to stay. She quickly retreated out and even when she closed the doors, her heart was still pounding. She started to admire Qing Feng, that fierce monarch’s air suppressed anyone who was looking at him, don’t even mention of exchanging looks.

In the room, there was only two persons facing off in a room filled with candlelight.

Yan Hong Tian pinched Qing Feng’s chin and lifted her face. Under the flickering candlelight, her skin looks elastic and her bright red lips are moist and plump. The bright eyes started to shine uneasily as he came closer. Yan Hong Tian chuckled, “Still considered as a beauty if you dress up properly.”

His big hand slide over her supple black hair as the mischievous glint appear in Yan Hong Tian’s eyes and he asked, “Where did you hide the knife this time?”

The two bodies were tightly affixed together and the summer clothes did not obstruct the warm from one another’s body. Qing Feng’s hands was on Yan Hong Tian chest and his hot body temperature made her flustered. She tilted her head the other side. Qing Feng did not see him and do not want to want to hear him speak. She only wish that this night be over quickly. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ignore Yan Hong Tian’s presence. Qing Feng’s waist suddenly tighten as if it could almost strangled her and Yan Hong Tian’s hateful cold voice rang beside her ears, “Qing Feng, did not think that there will be a time that you will act as a mute.”

She obviously told herself to not argue with him and endure everything but once she saw his overbearing egoistic manners, Qing Feng could not help but ridicule, “You know that I can no longer assassinate you so why bother saying something useless. If I want to kill you now, I will presumptuously use a knife again.”

“Oh?” Yan Hong Tian laughed softly and loosen his hand around her waist a little. Qing Feng could finally breath and Yan Hong Tian took that time to close the gap between her face and made her suffocate again. That pair of dark eyes was filled with interest and he said in an extraordinarily pleasant voice, “What will you do? Poison?”

Qing Feng was stunned a moment, how is there such a man so temperamental? Discussing with another how to kill him and also be able to laugh so easily and be so relax about it, like it was an interesting topic. Qing Feng finally understood that Yan Hong Tian is here to poke fun at her.

Looking at the female in his arms, who was obviously gnashing her teeth in anger but chose to remain silent, Yan Hong Tian’s brow unconsciously wrinkled up, “Are your sisters really so important to you?”

Why ask a question when he knows the answer! Qing Feng bit her lower lip and made up her mind to not be bothered about him. The worst is just her being strangled by him. Qing Feng mentally prepared herself and the pain at her waist was no longer there. Qing Feng looked down and did not see the flash of admiration in his eyes. She only heard a light disdain scolding, “Unfortunately… You are now as weak as an ant, anyone will be able to pinch you to death.”

Those words undoubtedly have stepped on Qing Feng. Qing Feng snapped her head up and sneered as she replied, “My life is just like an ant, like a mantis trying to stop a chariot, but so what of it? You don’t understand what is mutually dependent for life and blood is thicker than water.” In the six nations, everyone knew that the changes in Qiong Yue these years. Yan Hong Tian was forced to abdicate by his own younger twin brother in a coup and he was eradicated by him. He is such a person, how would he know what is familial love?

“You really know how to make Zhen angry.” Yan Hong Tian’s voice is very light, so light that Qing Feng’s hand could not help but tremble. She knows that she is afraid of him but she was fascinated by provoking him again and again, as if to justify her exsistence.

Yan Hong Tian’s dark eyes and voice made Qing Feng unable to guess his mood. The previous moment it seems that he wanted to eat her up but the next moment he loosen his hands around her waist. Unsure of what he wanted, Qing Feng stared at him alertly, and only saw Yan Hong Tian seated on the wooden chair nearby and uncharacteristically whispered in a relax manner, “Prime Minister Lou is cultured and refined. He also treat females tenderly and thoughtfully. The females who want to be Prime Minister’s wife is like the number of carps in the river. Don’t know if Miss Qing Ling could endure the future loneliness?”

Sure enough, Qing Feng’s brows were knitted and although she tried to remain calm, an obvious stagnant breath disclose her current feeling. Yan Hong Tian did not feel that it was enough and he continued saying, “By contrast, your younger sister will never be lonely, the General Mansion do not have a single female in it. Even if General Su don’t like her, she will be wanted by many others.”

What? There is no females in the General mansion? How… How would Youngest Sister live? Thinking of Mo-er being surrounded by men, Qing Feng’s face instantly paled.

Very satisfied with her reactions, Yan Hong Tian sneered, “Worried about them? Let Zhen teach you how to protect them.” When he finish speaking, Yan Hong Tian carried her by her waist. When Qing Feng could exclaimed in astonishment, she was already carried to the inner chambers and trapped on the embroidered bed.

“The first step is to become Zhen’s woman, the best is to be the most favoured woman.” Both of her wrists were tightly held by Yan Hong Tian, his breathe has been mixed with hers as Qing Feng cried out, “Yan Hong Tian, you are shameless! Let go of me!” She just had a moment of uncertainty, thinking that he would really tell her but this man do not deserves any hope at all!

Yan Hong Tian covered her body with his weight and his burning temperature. The strange experience of his body crossing hers made Qing Feng fearful, so fearful that she use her strength to struggle. Yan Hong Tian lowered her hand and both of their forehead and nose were touching and they were breathing each other breathe as a restless and dubious atmosphere charged around them.

Qing Feng’s breathe was chaotic but Yan Hong Tian surprisingly coldly said, “Little kitten, your claws are very sharp but trying to claw at anyone and showing all emotions on your face can only lead to you losing badly. As someone who is struggling for her life, you are not qualified to care about the life and death of others.” Just a rose with thorns, it would only provoke others to pick and is of no use.


Yan Hong Tian with one hand holding both of her arms and the other hand ripped the purple veiled drapes. The drapes landed on her face, leaving Qing Feng incomprehensible.

“Qing Feng, the most incorrect thing that you did in your life is to destroy this face!”

The veil covered her face and in her eyes, Yan Hong Tian cold and heartless voice sounded more vivid in her ears. At this moment, Qing Feng’s heart felt like it was hammered by something and her mind was never clearer. She finally understood. Yan Hong Tian did not care if there is one more or one less female, either did he care about her admirable face or body. He came here only to humiliate, possess and conquer her. This is the most cruel revenge he can do on her. Don’t even talk about her pride, her basic dignity was trampled under his feet. Qing Feng no longer struggle and she did not move at all…

She can no longer tell if her vision has blurred that the thing in her eyes are tears or veil.

The red candle continue to burn and crackling but on the embroidered bed and hot bodies were riddle with wounds on that cold heart.

This night was the hottest summer night and it should be a quiet night due to the low calls of the cicadas, which seems to be extraordinary restless. When the Emperor was attended by the concubines, the people in the palace can only wait in the courtyard and not go near the inner chambers. The candle light was swaying and there were crushing sound occasionally but due to the distance, one cannot hear clearly. With the setting of the moon, the soft cicadas sound made one doze off, except for the guards standing outside the hall with swords, a few eunuchs and palace maids who were on night vigil lean again the doors and started dozing off.

Fu Ling stood by the bed of flowers and rest her hands on her knees with her head bowed, not knowing if she was deep in thought or catching a nap. Feeling a light pat on her shoulders, Fu Ling turned her head and heard a soft female voice in her ears, “Fu Ling, you are not accustomed to be on night vigil and was worn out the entire day, go and rest. I will wait upon from outside.”

Xia Yin stood behind her and smiled as she look at her. Her eyes were clear and bright without a sleepy or tired look. It was already the third of the five night watch (modern time 11pm – 1 am), for Xia Yin to still be that refreshing, Fu Ling was marvelled. She was really impressive for the Imperial Household to train the palace maids to such a level. In the female medical courtyard and Laundry Bureau, even though it was exhausting but night vigil were rarely needed. Even though she was sleepy, it was still her duty today so how would she let someone else do it. Furthermore, there will still be more night vigils in the future and she cannot keep troubling others. Fu Ling got up and softly replied, “I am not tired, you can go and rest.”

Looking at her rather persistent manner, Xia Yin smile and said nothing more as she heading towards the side courtyard.

Fu Ling lightly yawned, afraid that she will fall asleep, she did not sit down again and instead walk to the big tree next to the courtyard, walking round the thick tree trunk. After walking for quite a while, she then realised that this strange move of hers in the middle of the night has attracted the looks of the guards standing outside the hall.

Fu Ling awkwardly smiled. The seven to eight guards outside the hall was staring at her, save for one person who looked straight ahead but was watching alertly all around. That person… Looks very familiar. Using the bright moonlight, Fu Ling look for a long time before she could see clearly that he look like the guard that they meet in the afternoon, by the name of Ming Ze.

Angular facial features, aloof alienating temperament, its seems that a person that is not easy to get close to. Her mind suddenly thought of her Mistress bright and warm smile and Fu Ling’ heart trembled unknowingly and her legs unconsciously walk round the tree.

Not knowing how long she has walked, until her feet start to hurt, Fu Ling then recovered and look up to the skies. The skies has turn marble white colour of the dawn, with the orange rays glowing through the grey clouds. Fu Ling was stunned, the night already passed?! Looking back, the candlelight has already been extinguished and there was total silence.

Gently stretching, Fu Ling mocked at herself, she actually walked the entire night?

Far off the palace road, there came an entire group of people. Fu Ling squinted her eyes to look, the person right in front was Wu Gonggong and behind him there was a few eunuch carrying some currently unidentified things. They walked very quickly and reached Qing Feng Hall in a short moment time.

Fu Ling slightly bowed and lowly greeted, “Wu Gongong.”

Wu Zhi Qiu glanced at her and saw her appearance before he pause in his steps. Its her? That low ranked palace maid that was serving Qing Feng in the beginning, he didn’t think that she was also in Qing Feng Hall. Qing Feng was let out of prisons and was immediately conferred as a Concubine, and also have the ability to make the Emperor stay for the night, she is presumably a formidable female. For her to keep Fu Ling at her side, it would meant that she see her as her trusted aide. Wu Zhi Qiu calculated in his heart and put on a gentle smile and replied, “Oh, its Fu Ling. In the future, you need not stand in ceremony.”

Fu Ling did not exchange conventional greetings with him and just smiled.

Seeing that she does not know about ways of social relationships, Wu Zhi Qiu did not bother about here. He walked to the front of the door and gently knocked twice before softly calling, “Emperor, Chensi (modern timing – 7 am to 9 am) is approaching.”

With Wu Zhi Qiu’s soft voice, will the people inside, who are still asleep, heard it? Just as Fu Ling expect that no one will respond, a male voice responded, “Come in.”

“Yes.” Wu Zhi Qiu waved over a few eunuch and they followed him into the room. Only one eunuch holding up a tray, covering an unknow object with a bright yellow silk, remained behind.

Fu Ling secretly sighed, that voice was soft but it did not seem like it was just woken up. Does the Emperor have to be so vigilant at all times? Fu Ling was thinking about it when Yan Hong Tian’s tall figure have reach out of the courtyard. Fu Ling quickly performed a bow and only saw the the bright yellow boots passing off quickly.

Wu Zhi Qiu followed Yan Hong Tian with a bowed back and carefully asked, “Emperor, to keep or not to keep?”

“Don’t keep.” Yan Hong Tian commented without hesitation before striding out of Qing Feng Hall.

“Yes.” After getting the answer from the Emperor, Yu Zhi Qiu did not follow him. He brought the eunuch who was holding a tray, into the room.

Don’t keep?

Suddenly understanding the meaning behind those words, Fu Ling’s facial expression slightly change. She quickly got up and followed Wu Zhi Qiu into the room.She quickly retreated out and event when she closed

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  1. Hmmm… What does it mean when the emperor said “don’t keep.” Is the eunuch going to force Qing Feng to drink something to prevent any possible pregnancy? So he’s not taking a chance that she may get pregnant with his child? 😡
    Thanks for the translation! I’ve been lurking on this blog for a while trying to decide if I want to follow along or wait until I’m done reading the first book.

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  2. Thanks for the update. YHT makes all the comments on QF’s sisters. Bet he will be shocked as they are not as helpless as he thinks they are. Can’t wait for QF to prove him wrong.

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  3. Yup….kinda knew this will happen….I won’t drop tho!!! Even if the male lead is trash 8D at least Qing Feng is good!!! I wanna know how she will grow out of this and become a stronger person later on :3

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  4. huhu…😭 Qing Feng stay strong!!!
    I’m very curious to how he will redeem himself now and will it get more worse from here on? 🤔
    thx for the update 😊

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    • I actually am willing to trust that won’t be the case with Qing Feng. I mean, Qian Lu wrote two AMAZING characters in the prequels; why would she break her record and write a moron who’d let this deed go just because she’s not a modern woman? Especially with the story taking place in the same universe as the other two?

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      • I also don’t think Qing Feng is idiotic at all. I think she’s the strongest compare to the other two sisters (even though I like the story of Qing Ling & Lou Xi Yan the most). I’m glad that the writer actually “killed off” & switched the two sisters with the modern souls of Zhuo Qing & Gu Yun. Unfortunately for Qing Feng, she ended up being sent to a palace and had to suffer more than her two other “sisters.” But she’ll definitely survive this and since we know the ending will be a happy ending, I’m rooting for this gal. Can you imagine if Qing Ling/Zhou Qing ended up in the palace instead of Qing Feng??? I don’t think Qing Ling/Zhou Qing will survive the ordeal… So kuddo for this writer!!

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      • I agree with you. QF is the strongest in terms of willpower. If you think about it, ZQ and GY are modern souls so their mindsets are the same as us, if they suffer as QF does, they may have already left the Palace.

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      • I also agree that I don’t think Qing Feng is idiotic at all. I think she’s the strongest than the other two sisters even though I love Qing Ling/Zhuo Qing & Lou Xi Yan’s story the most but Qing Feng and this dopey emperor’s will be my second favorite. Unfortunately, she will have it harder considering she has to live in the dark back palace. 😂 Can you imagine if one of the modern soul lady (Zhou Qing) ends up in the palace instead of Qing Feng? I don’t think she’ll survive but Qing Feng will definitely rise up from this and make that dopey emperor regrets everything that he did to her in the past.

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  5. Donkey hole or no donkey hole, I still stay and read the novel because I am far too curious on how the emperor redeem himself to Qing Feng. Also what did QF sees in the emperor for her to forgive him.

    Thanking you for doing a marvelous job in translating this novel that full of angst..

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  6. Twin brother? Will he come back into play later on? I think I must be a masochist because I kind of like Yan Hong Tian. I kind of like my guy characters to be dark every now and then. But that doesn’t mean I’m not hoping Qing Feng will teach him a lesson later on. She’s so tough, he can humiliate her all he tries, but he won’t break this girl. So I’m looking forward to seeing the power dynamics change.

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    • Thinking about it… It is actually not that cruel. He needs to control the number of heirs he have else it would be seeing his sons fighting one another for his throne and he may not be able to ensure that his kids would brought up properly.

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  7. Ohhh~ I’m actually relieved to read the comments that whatever that eunuch was carrying might just be a birth control concoction. Earlier, I couldn’t help thinking if it was “poisoned wine” and if they were talking about “keeping or not keeping” her life.

    I will still keep reading this book because I know the more vile the male lead is to the female lead, I’m sure the more brutal his retribution will be. And I bet he’ll regret having her do the birth control in the future. LOL.

    Thankies for the update~

    She quickly retreated out and event when she closed
    “event” = even

    summer clothes did not obstruct the warm from one another’s body
    “warm” = warmth

    to close the gap between her face
    “her face” = their faces

    also able to laugh so easily and be 
    “also able” = also be able to

    Those words undoubted have stepped
    “undoubted” = undoubtedly

    Qing Feng face instantly paled
    “Qing Feng” = Qing Feng’s face

    His came here only to humiliate
    “His” = He came here

    if she was deep in though or catching
    “though” = thought

    she then released that this strange move
    “released” = realized

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  8. OMG. He raped her. OMG!!!! OMG!!! The more I read the more I hate him. Hate him. I’m reading for the MC. I wanna see her grow and hopefully beat the living daylights out of those mean people. Sigh, guess I can’t hope too much, she can’t have them all excuted. At least, kick his ass hard. The names are all making me confuse.

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