Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Released from Prison

“Concubine Qing?!” The hand that was carrying the white porcelain cup trembled and spilt hot tea out. Xin Yue Ning was scalded by it that she immediately released her hand and as the tea fell onto her lap, a pale hand steadily caught the falling cup in time before it landed. Seeing that Shui Xin managed to catch the tea cup and that not even a drop of tea was spilt onto her, Xin Yue Ning gave a sigh of relief. But once she thought of how the Emperor actually confer a woman from an external nation as a Concubine, Xin Yue Ning’s fury raised again as she glared at Shui Xin and asked in annoyance, “The Emperor truly confer her the title of a Concubine?”

The tea cup was still in her hands but the hot tea has almost spilt completely. The fair hands was scalded red but Shui Xin only frown lightly and place the tea cup on a shorter table beside her before whispering back, “Yes, the Emperor also bestowed Shu Yun Palace as Qing Feng Hall.”

The Emperor changed the Palace name for Qing Feng?! Is Qing Feng that charming, or is it… Xin Yue Ning’s face darken, “Is it Imperial Concubine Hui who request the Emperor to confer Qing Feng as a Concubine?”

“Imperial Concubine Hui did indeed plead for Qing Feng, but…” Shui Xin have not yet completed her sentence but once Xin Yue Ning heard that Imperial Concubine Hui did get involved in the matter, she no longer could carry on listening and in a feat of anger, started knocking the entire tea set onto the ground.”Bengong knew it was her! In order to curry favour to the Emperor, she can do anything!”

The breaking sound of the tea set startled the palace maids standing outside the hall and despite their trembling, their heads hanged lower and no one dared to look into the house. However, only Shui Xin stood alone by Xin Yue Ning’s side and her expression did not change one bit.

“Why are the things that Bengong gotten you to do is not accomplished till now?” If Qing Feng at that time died in the Imperial Prison, then there will not be any Concubine Qing today! Xin Yue Ning has already spoken in a lowered voice but the tone was still obviously unpleasant. Shui Xin did not show any trace of panic while she slowly bow and whispered back, “Even though Qing Feng has been held in the Imperial Prison, there was still someone who requested Imperial Physician Huang to treat her. This servant thinks that as she still have someone secretly protecting her, before verifying who was protecting her, we must wait for changes and it would be unwise to act rashly before

“Is it Imperial Concubine Hui that is interfering?”

Two of them have been fighting for five or six years already, just how much Imperial Concubine Hui is capable, wouldn’t she be clear? As long as it involves Imperial Concubine Hui, the Empress will be in disarray. A faint look of helplessness crosses Shui Xin’s eyes and she could only reply, “This servant will continue to investigate.”

Seeing that she has yet to find out any news, Xin Yue Ning impatiently said, “Retreat.”

“Yes.” Shui Xin quietly retreated out. Once she is out of the hall, Shui Xin pulled out her hands that was scalded swollen red by the hot tea and headed toward the Imperial Medical Institute.

In the hall, Xin Yue Ning coldly look at the tea stains with her lips pursed. Chen Zhen, you put up such an act. You think you can depend on the Emperor’s love of seeking novelty to gain more of his pampering? Or is it that you think that a disfigured woman will not pose a threat to you? Humph! Bengong wants to see you shoot yourself in the foot!


Night came as scheduled. In the darkness of the prison, Qing Feng’s body curled up and kept shivering. It was already the start of summer but she still felt as though her surrounding is ice. The only motivations to keep her going were her kind-hearted Elder Sister and her young and timid Youngest Sister. She will not and dare not close her eyes.

There was sudden noisy shuffling of feet outside the door but Qing Feng had no more energy to bother about it and only heard a “hua” sound. The tightly shut main doors were opened up suddenly and Qing Feng could felt that there stood a number of people outside. The bright torches made her eyes hurt and it was only after a period of time could she then adapted to the brightness. Qing Feng saw a male grinning as he stepped in the prison cell and clamoured, “Congratulations to Miss! No, no, it should be Your Ladyship Concubine Qing. Please come here, Gao Daren is waiting for you outside.”

He is… “Zhang  Daren” which the guards were eager to please when she first came to the Imperial Prison. He should be the highest ranked here. What did he just call her as?

Qing Feng have yet to sort out her chaos before the man walked to her side and shouted to the wardens, “What are you standing there for, quickly support Her Ladyship out.”

“Yes.” The two wardens quickly ran over, one of them held on her arm and dared not use much force and carefully pick Qing Feng up from the ground.

Barely standing up, Qing Feng look at the warden who help her up. This was the same person who sprinkled gravel and dirt to the porridge. When their eyes meet, that male did not dare to keep eye contact. Qing Feng could feel that his hands was shaking and his breathe started to get shorter.

What is actually going on? They are calling her Ladyship, how is that possible? How could Yan Hong Tian, that cold and heartless guy, will let her live pleasantly?

Qing Feng was still thinking secretly when she was already supported of the cell. At the same time, the female who was hiding at the corner of the cell looked lifted her head. Seeing this empty prison cell, her eyes was filled with sadness. She indeed is able to leave this place as she has hoped to but once she is out, what can she do?

Qing Feng was brought out of the prison. The night wind blew but she did not tremble because of it. The cold started spreading from her chest to the rest of her limbs.

“What is wrong with her?”

A familiar voice made Qing Feng slowly lift her head. The person speaking was… Gao Jing? Qing Feng understood. He has returned which meant that Yan Hong Tian has already know about cause of the switch-a-roo with her sister. But even with that, Yan Hong Tian did not need to confer a title to her. The word guilt will never be in his dictionary and also… She has assassinated him before.

Qing Feng’s face was white till it was becoming green and she look sluggish, from a look, it can be seen that she is seriously ill. Gao Jing’s question may be casually asked but Zhang Chen Yang was scared that he broke into a cold sweat before quickly replying, “Her Ladyship Concubine Qing was not feeling well for these few days but please do not worry Gao Daren, Imperial Physician Huang came over to diagnosis and there are daily medicine treatments. She will indeed recover after she leave here to rest for a few days.”

Gao Jing waved to the two palace maids beside himself and the two immediately walked to Qing Feng’s side and took Qing Feng over from the guards.

“Lets’ go.” Gao Jing did not speak any words to Zhang Chen Yang and left hurriedly with a few people.

Zhang Chen Yang looked on as Qing Feng pacing away and silently signed. This time he indeed misjudged. In the Palace, once a wrong step is taken, there will be many consequences beyond redemption. He can only hope… That she is not a revengeful person! After this event, he must be even more cautious.

The two palace maids looked thin but their strength were not small. They supported Qing Feng to walk for quite some time but they were not panting. After walking about half a stick of incense (modern timing: 15 mins), both of them finally stopped.

Qing Feng lifted her head once more and saw rather big and gorgeous palace, with a semi-circular courtyard filled with white peonies, which floral scent filled up the entire area. The wide open doors and the bright candlelight made it easy for her to see the purple veil curtain in the hall. That tall and aloof figure was out of place with the surrounding beauty.

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  1. It seems that QF is gravely ill. And the root cause is the emperor. Will she be able to forgive him in the future? And I’m also very curious what really made the emperor decide to make her a concubine…..was it because he is curious of QF, of what makes her tick?….Thanks a lot for this update…..

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  2. Thank you for the update …XD
    I am glad that she is out now…but the fighting between the concubine, empress and so on…can she withstand it….hopefully she will become more strong and clever making her moves….:)

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  3. Thank you so much for the great update!!!!…its just as new chapters come more characters starts to show up…and i’m getting confuse who is who….so i was wondering if when ur free and bored could you make a table of content about the characters in this novel? or at least just the major ones…. thank you….its ok if you dont want to! xD

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  4. I DO hope Qing Feng remembers those prison guards and make them eat dirt for meals from now on. LOL.

    Thankies for the chapter~

    In order to curry favour the Emperor
    “favour” = favour to the Emperor

    but the tone was still odviously unpleasant
    “odviously” = obviously

    that you thing that a disfigured woman
    “thing” = think

    Qing Feng saw a male ginning
    “ginning” = grinning

    The word guilt will not never be in his dictionary
    “not never be” = never be

    Qing Feng to walk for quite some time but their were not panting
    “their were” = they were


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