Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Banished To The Imperial Prisons (Part 3)

“Ahhhh–!!” A hand as cold as ice held on tightly to her ankle and drag her all the way to the back. That force was like it wants to drag her into the darkness, towards hell. The horror of it made Qing Feng scream, forgetting the pain in her lungs, as she struggled to get up from the floor.

“Let go of me!” The more Qing Feng struggle, the more strength was used by the hand to grip on her angle, till the nails was digging into her flesh. She did not feel any pain and only felt shrouded by fear, as she scream and tried to kick away that hand. Qing Feng felt that she has kicked that hand many times. She had already used up all her energy but that hand was still gripping her angle so tightly like iron pincers and still dragging her bit by bit.

“Come, come over here!” From the darkness, a cry that was not as low and husky as Qing Feng’s imagination called out. It was a female voice, gasping lowly and sounded insane.

Perhaps it was the fear that gave her strength, Qing Feng grabbed the slits between the floor stone bricks and crawl forward. The sounds of nails against the bricks emitted squeaky piercing sounds. Just when Qing Feng’s fingers were almost paralysed and could no longer hold on, her feet felt cooler. Her shoe was fling off but the force at her feet loosen and Qing Feng immediately fell forward harshly.

“Quickly come here! Someone wants to kill you! Quick!” A hasty and anxious voice attracted Qing Feng to look back, but all she saw was the dark prison cell and a pair of hands appeared and waved at her like it was ready to pounce over. Qing Feng was shocked till she almost cry out. She did not know how big the prison cell was and how many others there was in the who was observing her in the dark. She could only retreated towards the back till her back was against the cold stone wall.

“Come her!” The hoarse voice hiss out exhaustively. Qing Feng covered her ears tightly as was afriad of hearing such a voice. It was as if the scary person was very close to her and could tear her up any time.

“What’s the fuss, you don’t want to live any more?!” A bang sounded in a distance, like it was created by a kick to the cell door and the rough growl sounded from the other side of the door. The pair of hands shrink back before disappearing into the darkness.

For a long time after, that pair of hands no longer reappeared. Qing Feng gradually settled her hands down and listen carefully. The cell was so quiet that she could almost hear the wind blowing and fire crackling outside the cell and the ghostly female voice has disappeared without a trace.

Could what just happen be part of her imagination? Impossible. The pain on her right foot reminded her that what just happen was not an illusion and her shoes and socks were obviously taken by that person. There was definitely someone else in this prison cell! Qing Feng took a deep breath and clench her hands into fist, with her finger nails digging into her palms. She hope that the pain will calm down her frighten heart. With her body slightly leaning forward, Qing Feng squinted her eyes hoping that she will be able to see what was in front of her but unfortunately, the only window in the cell was as small as her palm and it does not allow much moonlight through it. Thus, no matter how hard she tried, there was only a blanket of darkness in front of her.

Unable to see anyone and unable to hear anything, Qing Feng however could feel a pair of dark eyes hidden in the shadows, keeping a close eye on her. She was like a prey, where that person could pounce and bite her any time. She once again lean against the cold stone wall. Qing Feng felt her entire body became cold and the depressed feeling in her chest made it difficult to breath. Qing Feng hugged her legs in the corner thinking that she will not be able to sleep with fear throughout the night but due to the suffering and pain that she endured during the past two days and night, she finally slept in the cold and dark prison cell.

Qing Feng breathing gradually calmed down and once she was completely asleep, that shadow that scared her, slowly came closer to her…


The setting moonlight shone through the window frame and into the luxurious room. The silver light was unable to overcome warmth of orange light. The soft light source was not from the normal candles but from the luminous night pearl that were place at four corners of the wall. Fist-sized pearls that were covered by an orange veil, which emits the warm light, not to bright but adequate enough to enhance the interior design of the chambers with more honour and luxury.

“What exactly happen tonight?” Xin Yue Ning has long changed out of her dress and sat infront of the bronze mirror in her white inner dress. Her female official, Shui Xin was paying attention in undoing her hair style and tidying it up. Even though Xin Yu Ning asked randomly, Shui Xin replied considerately, “Answering mistress, it was in fact that the female who was sent to the Palace was not the Qing Ling that the Emperor wanted. She is Qing Feng, the second sister of the Qing family.”

Xin Yue Ning was shocked, after which she smiled and said, “Is there such a thing?” The person that the Emperor specifically wanted was sent wrongly?

After noticing that Xin Yue Ning is interested in this topic, Shui Xin continued in a lower voice, “It was said that the Hao Yue officials erred, sending Qing Ling to the Prime Minister residence and Qing Feng to the Imperial Palace. Because of that, the Emperor was furious that he send someone to Hao Yue to verify and at the moment, Qing Feng will be held in the Imperial Prisons and Qing Ling, with the help of Prime Minister Lou, was sent out of the Palace.”

Lou Xi Yan obviously know that Qing Ling was a female that the Emperor wanted, but he still used his power to ensure her safe exit from the Palace. Presumably, he had fallen for Qing Ling. This female is indeed pretty capable for the Emperor to constantly bear her in mind and also for a usually indifferent Lou Xi Yan to interced for her. To think of what happened tonight at the banquet, Xin Yue Ning’s face turned pale and a look of disgust unveiled. She angrily snorted, “That Qing Ling woman is practically a evil thing.” She doesn’t behave like a proper lady and of all things know how to perform autopsies! Really don’t understand what the Emperor and Lou Xi Yan is thinking. How is this kind of scary woman interesting, there is a limit to being curious!

Xin Yue Ning’s expression was not good, she pressed her chest while she cough dryly for a few times. Shui Xin place the jade come down and brought the ginseng tea over.

Xin Yue Ning drink a mouthful of ginseng tea before she was able to alleviate her mood and causally asked, “Has Qing Feng been sent to the Imperial Prisons?”

“Yes, she was sent to the Imperial Prison one Shichen (1 shicheng = 2 hours).”

Thinking of Qing Feng stubborn and arrogant look that night, Xin Yue Ning sneered, “The Imperial Prisons is not a place to be in and she is a weak female. Don’t know if she can survive or not.”

Shui Xin lowered her brows and thought for a bit before replying softly, “This servant knows what to do.”

Placing the ginseng tea down, Xin Yue Ning seemed to think of something before specifically instructed, “Don’t do it too obviously.” The Imperial Prisons is a place where death is common and seeing at this time, the Emperor did not show any interest in Qing Feng, else he would not have thrown her into the Imperial Prison. Whether this woman is dead or alive, her influence on her is not big. But if Concubine Hui grasp on the matter and the word spreads out, it will not be worth it at all.

Shui Xin docility replied, “Yes.” Supporting Xin Yue Ning to the bed to sleep, Shui Xin quietly retreated out of the chamber.

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  1. Ahhhh jeez even when she is suffering so badly already…..ppl still want her dead x-x ughhh the male lead in this novel is one antagonistic fellow lol I hate him sooooooooo much….he better make a big change else I’m diving into the sinking ship of Ming Ze And Qing Feng 8D
    Thank you so much for updating!!!!!

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    • Thanks for supporting!!! When QF does nth, ppl want her dead… Its better that she does something to protect herself else she will die very quickly.


  2. Thank you Zazajunnie for this chapter. I think eventually the emperor fall for QF’s strength…starting of being curious of her then fall for her. I hope QF will make the emperor beg for her…

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    • Thanks for supporting!!! I must say for anyone who is able to go through what QF has went through, that person is already very strong…


  3. Thanks
    I am still stumped at the lack of response from the elder sister. Even if you know that you lost your memories, the fact that you have a younger sibling who is probably suffering worse than you, would you walk away and do nothing about it?

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  4. Thankies for the chapter~

    Hahahah. This Emperor+Empress is quite a pair! Will they have a scheming showdown in the future (esp at the time the Emperor falls for QF)? I wanna see.


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