Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: To Assassinate (Part 2)


The sound of brocade cloth tearing in the silence of the night was like a sharp knife tearing Qing Feng’s clothes and also her dignity. His frivolous wanton eyes lingered on her body and with one hand caressing her and the other hand that was chocking her neck now streak across her right shoulder, towards her chest…

With a heart colder than her body, Qing Feng’s stiffen body trembled, hasn’t she long thought that this scenario will happen? What is she afraid of! What she wanted was for Yan Hong Tian to be fascinated with her body, so that he will drop his vigilance enough for her to assassinate him! But when the moment came, with that kind of touch, felt like an icy serpent wrapping around her. The disgust that made one nausea, the fear, humiliation and shame almost drowned her!

Her delicate white flawless skin is pleasing to Yan Hong Tian and her trembling reaction made him interested. His fingers started to trail down her waist and his eyes didn’t leave her right chest. He had heard previously, that the Qing mistress was a famous tattoo artist and during her daughter’s full month celebration, she tattooed the last word of their name on their right chest. The strange thing was that normally the words cannot be seen. It was only when they are emotionally excited or when their body temperature is elevated will the tattoo be visible. If she is Qing Ling, then the word “Ling” will appear around her shoulder.

When Yan Hong Tian’s hand headed down her waist, Qing Feng’s head hummed and blood shot up quickly. She would not be insulted that much! This is worst than death! Qing Feng open her eyes wide and suddenly raised her hands, took out the knife hidden in her hair and attacked Yan Hong Tian’s chest fiercely.

Qing Feng’s fluid actions and having a weapon, was something that was unexpected by Yan Hong Tian. As she attacked with the sharp knife, Yan Hong Tian did not manage to push her away in time and could only turn his body to let it pass and grab her hands. Even though he managed to grab onto Qing Feng’s attacking right hand, the back of Yan Hong Tian’s hands was slashed deeply by the weapon. Blood was flowing along his wrist, soaking his dar sleeves.

With bloodthirsty eyes, Yan Hong Tian coldly shouted, “You want to kill Zhen (emperor’s way of calling I or me)?” Or should it be said that she is an assassin sent by Hao Yue?! With eyes flashing with a killing intent, Yan Hong Tian’s strength became more ruthless.

Her wrist was grabbed by a hawk-like hands, causing extreme pain enough for Qing Feng’s face to turn deathly white. But she did not moan and continued to hold the knife, even though she was breaking into a cold sweat and biting her lips due to the pain.

She doesn’t know martial arts? Yan Hong Tian secretly wondered, a weak arm, confused pulse and a pale fare clearly indicate that she is just am ordinary female. She is not an assassin, why would she assassinate him?

Even though he already knew that she is not an assassin, Yan Hong Tian did not relax his hands, he’d like to see to what extent of stubbornness will this female show?!

His hands exerted more force and there was a distinct sound of displacement of bones. Qing Feng repressed a low groan and the knife fell from her hands onto the floor with a clear sound.

Qing Feng is also pampered and spoiled since childhood, a heiress that everyone doted and has never suffered such a pain like this. Even so, she is not willing to beg for mercy. Her welling tears uncontrollably fell, Yan Hong Tian felt no pity when he saw her tears and instead felt disgusted that he threw off her hand. Qing Feng staggered and fell onto the ground.

Her right hand is unable to move, Qing Feng struggled to used her left hand to pull up her torn clothes, covering up a little at a time. Her pride does not let herself to look lowly or sorry in front of him.

This female’s assassination has failed, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t beg for forgiveness. But to go so far as to tidy up her clothing, Yan Hong Tian suddenly felt that it was funny and softly snorted, “For what reason do you want to kill Zhen?”

Why? Qing Feng’s hands paused and unhurriedly stood up, the pain in wrists made Qing Feng’s clearer and frantic, if she missed this opportunity, she will never have a chance to kill him! Her eyes swept past Yan Hong Tian to the vases behind him. Qing Feng took a step at a time forwards him till both of them was almost attached attached. Qing Feng leaned forwards and softly replied, “You cause my Qing family to be ruined and members killed, you think if I should let you…” Her hands slowly reached out to the vase behind Yan Hong Tian, grabs its body and continued, “Pay life for life!”

With everything she had, Qing Feng tired to smash the vase on Yan Hong Tian’s head but unfortunately, Yan Hong Tian expected it and took precautions. When Qing Feng raised the vase, Yan Hong Tian’s eyes turn cold and gave her a blow on her right shoulder.

Kuang dang!

As the falling vase touches the floor, Qing Feng was also knocked to the floor with a blow by Yan Hong Tian. Qing Feng felt a suffocating pain on her chest, stars appear before her and almost fainted.

The sound of porcelain vase shattering is loud and clear, scaring the Head Eunuch, Gao Jing, who was keeping watch outside the doors. He softly opened the door and urgently ask, “Emperor? Are you all right?”

Yan Hong Tian was in a foul mood due to Qing Feng and growled, “Who told you to come in? Get lost!”

“This servant deserve to be dead!” The guards immediately took a few steps back and lowered their heads, not daring to take another step. Gao Jing was about to close the doors and retreat out when he saw that on the back of Yan Hong Tian’s hands, there was a red stream of blood dripping along his fingers to the floor. Gao Jing’s face immediately turn pale and anxiously said, “Emperor, your hand is hurt!” He turned his head towards the guards outside and shouted, “Quick summon the Imperial Physician!”

It was a mess outside the palace hall, Yan Hong Tian’s eyes sweep pass the the stubborn woman who still wanted to get up. She really wanted to die? Yan Hong Tian tiredly waved his hands and commanded, “Someone come. Drag this female away, remove the title of Beauty (fourth-ranked palace lady) from her and demote her to Palace Lady (no rank at all)!”

“Yes.” Two guards on either side picked Qing Feng from the ground and step out of the compound.

With both hands fasten behind her back, Qing Feng is unable to move at all. The pain on her wrist, the shoulder injury, all of it will not compare with the pain of losing her loved ones! Qing Feng secretly vowed: Yan Hong Tian! Today you did not kill me, but I will still find another opportunity to kill you! No rest till your death!

Even after being dragged away, that pair of cold hateful eyes was still glared at him unblinkingly, like a desperate violent little animal, wishing to pounce and take his life. The corner of Yan Hong Tian’s mouth unconsciously curved up, this female, is actually quite interesting! His gentle and sweet tempered beauty is actually replaced by a fierce and tough beauty? She is not Qing Ling, if so, where is Qing Ling?

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  1. Why is he stubborn enough to not admit that SHE IS qing ling, and HE WAS the one who made her like that.
    Even if someone as gentle as an angel, she will broken the moment you kill all of her family member.
    But it is another story if the one who kill all her family member is not the emperor but someone else. Conspiracy maybe?

    Thanks for the chaptee~~

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  2. ooooooo so much happen! O_O i didnt expected it to just end like that LOL boy oh boy i cant wait for the next chapter xD I wonder how the emperor plans to deal with her? O_O Thank you so much for the update!!!!!

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    • This emperor is super calculative and no one knows what he is thinking… His actions confuses everyone…

      Thanks for the support!


  3. Thanks for the new chapter! Over privileged Emperor that really doesn’t give a crap about his people. Ugh… I’m wishing he’s not the person Qing Feng ends up with. Though I’m expecting that is the case.

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  4. HAHA!! YAY a new chapter, thanks for the hard work!! xD I’ve been keeping a track on the stories of Qing Mo, and Qing Feng, I’ve read Qing Ling but is her story supposed to be shorter than the other two sisters? I haven’t been able to find more chapters in English translations of Qing Ling’s.

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  5. Thank you for the chapter >.< I really can't ship her with the male lead. It's going to be really difficult for them to be OTP with all the drama they have in less than 10 chapters @@ 2nd male lead where art thou?!


  6. Thankies for the chapter~

    I know many have already given up on the male lead but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. No one can really grow up pure-hearted and un-spoiled in a palace (I realized after reading novels).

    Also, if someone tries to kill me, I think I’ll have the same response as his (if I know martial arts).

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    • I agree with flayful… As bad as the emperor might seem now, Qing Feng wasn’t innocent either. She was trying to assassinate him, for crying out loud. How was he supposed to react??? Yes, he killed her parents indirectly so she wanted a revenge. That’s why this book has a lot more angsts than the other two books. Why oh why I like this type of angsty novel. 😳 Thank you…

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