Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Intro

A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem

This is my first attempt in translating so… Please be kind… 😀

Summary from Baike




她以为她最想要的是他的命,可是当他口吐鲜血躺在她怀里,只问了一句 “你为何回来?” 时,她为何却泪如雨下?


后宫疑云密布,黄金大劫案、宫女沉尸案、皇子早夭之谜、太子身世之谜…… 迷雾重重,扣人心弦!

Translated summary…

He is the master of six kingdoms. As long as he wanted, his cavalry is ready to wipe off any country.

She is the world renowned talented Qing Family sisters. But because of his word, her family became destitute and homeless. He wanted to tame her, she will not submit to him.

Two similar unbending persons with no love and feelings between them, are fated to be continuously intertwine an entire lifetime. He thought that he wanted her total submission but when she was kneeling at his feet, why did he felt meaningless?

She thought that all she wanted was his life, but when he spurted blood while he was lying in her arms and asked “Why did you return?” Why did her tears keep falling?

Various mysteries in imperial harem, a gold heist, a case of dead palace maid, the baffling death of a young prince, the secret around crown prince’s parentage… So many secrets and thrills!

This is the 3rd book of the series and the entire “A Mistaken Marriage Match” series is on the lives of the 3 Qing sisters. There is a 4th book that covers their offsprings.

    • Book 1 – Youngest Sister: Qing Mo
    • Book 2 – Oldest Sister: Qing Ling
    • Book 3 – Middle Sister: Qing Feng

All 3 Qing sisters are famous for their talents and beauty and before the events in the books took place, their family were killed and they were sent to the Emperor (which he kept one and gave two of them to his subjects). The sisters disfigured themselves and decided to commit suicide on the journey there.

Both book 1 and 2 is about the souls of 2 modern females (in the 21 century) being transported to the past into the oldest and youngest Qing sister after they hung themselves. The only sister that still remain as herself is Qing Feng.

I felt that Qing Feng is a strong woman in her era, to be able to withstand so many hardship. From her description or view of her sisters, it felt that she was the strongest one, in term of mindset. Despite not the oldest, she worries for her eldest and younger sister and if they are able to get along with their husbands. She even protect them to her best abilities in the inner palace. Salute!

Do head over to Inno’s blog and Nutty’s blog for the translations for the first 2 books!


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  1. This was at the top of my Santa-Please-Make-Somebody-Wonderful-Translate-This List and Ahhh It’s happening! Thank you thank you thank you so so much for picking this up! I can’t wait to follow along with the journey in getting to know these two amazing characters ❤

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  2. Thanks. Good to know that you are taking up this project. I am reading the books on 2 sisters. Was wondering if anyone is going to take up this book. Belated Merry Xmas and Happy New Year in advance.

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  4. I really want to start this novel, but I’ll marathon through all the chapters out in one sitting and then come lurking on this page couple times a day for new chapters!…..I’m going to wait just a little bit more and come back!:) thank you for taking up this novel, just like everyone else I have been really looking forward to someone translating it!

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  5. Thankies for picking up this book!

    I already knew before that you started on this because I’m also following the other 2 books’ translations. However I decided to wait a bit more because I know how torturous the cliffhangers are of these books. LOL.

    But I can’t resist anymore so I’m gonna start this book and kill myself slowly. Hohohoho

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  6. Hi Zaza,

    I concur with you thots. I. too. think that Qin Feng is the strongest and the most unfortunate of the three sisters.

    The former cos she was not equipped with any martial arts nor any modern knowledge to pit herself against the king to exact her revenge as she was born in the olden days.

    Having read all three books, I thot the author would have been more sympathetic towards QF as she has nothing to boast of no skills nor knowledge to combat against any unfavourable situations. She only has her sheer determination and her worry for her sisters to spur her on her fight…..
    If Im the author, I would have put QL or QM as the heroine cos one comes with a impressive military background and fighting skills, the other QL comes with an equally impressive with a medical coronary background.

    These would give them an advantage against the battle of wits with the king and how these modern woman overturn the harem and turn the king into a one woman-man would give us readers a thrilling read!

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    • But if the author put QL or QM with the Emperor then it would be the typical time travelling stories. This way it really tells how strong a character QF actually is… 😀


  7. Thank you for the translation, I really enjoyed reading this book. Also, I have made e-pub version of this translation for my personal purpose, would be happy to send you the copy to put up on your site if you want to.

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  8. Can I request you to translate novel a match made in heaven

    The story is really interesting but cant find the rest after chapter 10.. hope you can translate it..the novel only have 50/52 chapter.. really love all of your translation


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