The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Character List

This character list will be updated as the translation continues.

Last update: 6 Mar 2021

Residence Marquis Chang Xing (Chu Family)

Chu Old Furen – FL’s Grandma (ZhuMu), Mother of Chu Jing & Chu Duan

Chu Jing – FL’s Father, Marquis Chang Xing, Head of Eldest Household, Head of entire Residence, Di born
Madam Zhao – FL’s Mother, Marquis Chang Xin Furen
Chu Jin Xian – Eldest Young Lady
Chu Jin Miao – 4th Young Lady
Chu Jin Yao – Female Lead, 5th Young Lady

Chu Duan – Head of Second Household, Di-born, Second Master
Madam Yan – Second Furen
Chu Jin Jiao – 7th Young Lady, Younger Tang Sister of FL

Chu Zhang – Head of Third Household, Shu-born, Third Master
Madam Qian – Third Furen

Zhang Mama – Furen’s dowry maid
Qiu Ye – Furen’s maid
Ding Xiang – FL’s maid
Shan Cha – FL’s maid

Su Family
Father Su – FL’s adopted Father
Mother Su – FL’s adopted Mother
Su Hui – Eldest Sister in Su Family
Su Sheng – Youngest Son in Su Family

Imperial Family
Crown Prince aka Qin Yi – Male Lead, ‘Jade Spirit’ Qi Ze, Yi Ze (Courtesy name)

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