Daughter-in-Law of a Noble House: Character List

This character list will be updated as the translation continues.

Last update: 4th Jul 2020

Courtesy names will be in brackets.

Fu Family
Fu Shi – Chancellor
Fu Jin – Female Lead, Only daughter of Fu Shi
Li Shan – Fu family’s steward
Ah Yuan – Li Shang’s daughter, Female Lead’s personal maid
Ah Huan – Li Shang’s son
FL’s Mother
FL’s Eldest Brother
FL’s Second Older Brother

Wei Family
Wei Jue – ML’s Father, FL’s Father-in-law, Prime Minister
Late Wei Furen/Madam Wu – Wei Jue’s 1st wife
Wei Furen/ Madam Guo – Wei Jue’s 2nd wife (elevated from concubine), Wei Zhao’s & Wei Rong’s mother
Wei Tan – Male Lead, 1st son of Wei Jue
Wei Zhao – 2nd son of Wei Jue
Wei Rong – Only daughter of Wei Jue (3rd child)
Wei An – Youngest son of Wei Jue (4th child)

Wei Ping – Wei Jue’s nephew
Madam Zhou – Wei Ping’s wife
Wei Xian – Wei Jue’s nephew
Madam Zhu – Wei Xian’s wife

Imperial Family
Late Emperor
Empress Dowager Liu – FL’s paternal Grandaunt, Fu Shi’s Aunt
Empress Gao – Late Emperor’s deceased first wife, Current Emperor’s mother
Empress Bian
Emperor – Current Emperor, Prince Chen, Prince of He Jian, FL’s childhood friend
Empress Xu/Xu Ping – Current Empress, Daughter of Xu Jing (Superintendent of the Lesser Treasury)

Other Characters

Pei Qian (Ji Yuan) – Ah Qian
Qiao Yu Ying – Daughter of Qiao Zhen (Superintendent of State Visit), FL childhood friend
Gong Yang Gui – 2nd Son of Gong Yang Ou (Imperial Censor)

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