The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 32 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 32: Mysterious Guest (Part 2)

“Jin Yao, don’t look. These matters will be handled by the family and you do not need to worry about it.” Chu Jin Xian whispered by Chu Jin Yao’s ears.

Chu Jin Yao recovered to her senses and nodded slightly before withdrawing her gaze and no longer paid attention. She was somewhat emotional. It turned out that that only by having power could she have the qualification to seek fairness. If she was still the past her, how would she dare to think about it?

Chu Jin Yao was supported by the rest and headed towards the Qi family’s shop. Chu Jin Yao did not feel that despite the reputation of her father, the Marquis of Chang Xing, she was unable to settle a small horse-riding incident. Thus, she regained her attention and had the time to notice other things. Chu Jin Yao murmured to herself, why did Qin Yi not speak? When there were fewer people, she would ask Qin Yi if he was scathed by the accident just now.

The females of the Chu family did not take that group seriously as they were used to doing as they pleased in the city of Tai Yuan and were highly respected. These group of officials had collided with highly respected people, so they would definitely come over to make amends. Why would they need to say more? Steward Liu also believed the same and walked majestically to those people and shouted, “You all are so brave! You all have almost made a grave mistake today. Do you know who those people are? They are the women of the residence of the Marquis of Chang Xing! You have actually frightened our residence’s Young Lady and still don’t hurry over to apologise to the nobles? Else, when our Marquis finds out, you will all be fired!”

However, the group of people actually ignored him. They spoke lowly and the leader looked at the injured horse before speaking decisively, “Don’t worry about this horse. It is more important to settle the matter tasked by the lord. That Taoist priest is like a ghost, if we were to be a little late, one fears that we will miss him again.”

The rest of them immediately agreed with their leader. One of them got off his steed and offered it to the leader. Steward Liu had never been ignored like this before and was unable to stomach it. Thus he shouted angrily, “Are you all deaf? Did you not hear that these are the women of the residence of the Marquis of Chang Xing? To be so negligent, you have to pay attention to your skin!”

“Presumptuous!” A younger male yelled back angrily as he pulled his knife out. Its sharp surface shone onto Steward Liu’s face and actually frightened him into taking a step back.

Chu Jin Yao and the others had walked away but upon hearing the movements here, they stopped and turned back in surprise. One feared that no one had expected that in the city of Tai Yuan, someone would dare to not give the Marquis of Chang Xing face.

Madam Zhao’s face became solemn as she asked, “What is going on?”

When Steward Liu saw that Furen and the young ladies were looking in this direction, he refused to lose face. Thus he puffed up and pointed to those people to scold, “You are all riding horses in the middle of the streets and almost hurt the young lady of our Marquis residence, now you even dare to draw a sword? Whose subordinates are you guys? Report the names of your superiors. Will make you see how high the skies are and how dense the earth is. If not, you would think that you are the king of Heavens and dare to offend all people.”

That young person sneered, “Even if we are allowed to speak of our master, one fears that you are not permitted to hear it.”

Steward Liu was furious and just as he was about to question who his master was, he saw the leader stretching his hand out to the young person’s hilt, “The lord’s matter is pressing. Don’t care about these idle people.”

The arrogant young man immediately bowed his head and replied respectfully, “Yes.”

As soon as the leader spoke, the young and able men all complied and were about to mount their horses. Steward Liu was ignored repeatedly; Madam Zhao, Madam Yan and the few who were watching from the sidelines were also annoyed. Madam Zhao said, “You all are so bold! Someone come and surround them. I want to see which of you dares to leave!”

The servants of the Marquis residence immediately stepped forward and surrounded this group of people. Their leader became extremely impatient as he widened his eyes and spoke coldly, “If you want your lives then get out of the way!”

Qi De Sheng had been by Chu Jin Yao and the rest of their sides, waiting for the people of the Marquis residence to give instructions. Even though he was an Imperial merchant, due to the ranking systems of scholars, farmers, skilled workers then merchants, he was considered the lowest in rank and dared not raise his voice at these officials. Thus, he let the residence of the Marquis of Chang Xing call the shots on this matter. As long as the Marquis Furen handled these people, it could be considered that he had vented the anger for his only son. He would later gift the young ladies of the Marquis residence more fabrics as thanks. Qi De Sheng had been standing around without interjecting, but when he heard the voice of the leader, his expression suddenly changed.

Qi De Sheng immediately turned around to look at this person. Just now, he felt something was wrong and now upon looking closely he was able to see some clues. The person leading seemed to have strong martial arts, his face was pale and beardless with bright eyes. Qi De Sheng took a closer look at the leader’s chin, and at that moment, he dared not ask for any justice. He quickly said to Madam Zhao, “Furen, let’s forget about today’s matter. Quickly let these people carry on with their way!”

Madam Zhao also felt that something was not right and her heart trembled. She did not hear it just now, but after the person spoke loudly, she realised the strangeness of his voice. Madam Zhao was terrified and seeing Qi Deng Sheng handing the stage over, she quickly said, “Steward Liu, quickly bring the people back. Since Fifth Young Lady and the Manager’s child are both fine, this matter today would be let go.”

As soon as Madam Zhao’s words were spoken, Steward Liu immediately withdrew dejectedly. Why did he feel that the identity of this group was not right somewhere…

The servants of the residence of the Marquis of Chang Xing retreated to the side with their tails between their legs while Madam Zhao and the rest slightly lowered their heads and remained silent. The rest of the commoners who were watching the excitement then shrank their necks back and made way for the group of people. The Marquis residence did not even dare to offend these people, so how could they, the ordinary folks, dare to say no?

Chu Jin Yao watched as the Chu family and the others retreated like this. She was awash with disbelief and became angry. She ignored her wounds and took a slight step forward, approaching the leading official with her clear eyes. “You all were riding horses in a busy market and almost hurt someone, but you did not even say a word? It is fortunate that nothing happened to this child, else a life would have been wasted by you!”

The Chu family was shocked at Chu Jin Yao’s words. Madam Zhao shouted, “There is no place for you to speak here. Quickly come back!”

Chu Jin Xian also swiftly reached out to pull her, but Chu Jin Yao continued to stared at that group of people, insisting that they give an explanation. 

Tang Xin Yi, the leader, turned his head and glanced at Chu Jin Yao. His complexion was an unhealthy white as if he had not seen the sun all year round. Currently, there was no expression on his dead pale face as he looked at Chu Jin Yao emotionlessly.

Chu Jin Xian whispered into Chu Jin Yao’s ears, “He is most probably an attending GongGong. We cannot afford to provoke, so quickly come back.”

A eunuch? Chu Jin Yao was really surprised. She knew that the eunuchs and the JinYiWei were famous that even the Imperial relatives would not dare to provoke these two types of people. However, since he was a eunuch, why would he appear here? Chu Jin Yao could not think of a reason, but she understood that she could only endure the injustice today.

Tang Xin Yi looked at Chu Jin Yao for a while and discovered that this female not only dared to stop them but even dared to question him. Even though she was enlightened by her older sister, her eyes were still filled with accusations. He turned his face away and flipped onto his horses before tightening the reins to gallop forward.

This team of powerful officials and soldiers came quickly and galloped away just as quickly. The people on the streets gave way to them in a distance and no one dared to speak loudly at all.

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  1. This is the first time i see the eunuchs receive so much reverence :0 this is so cool… this too reminded me when the FL of Greeting, Ninth Uncle figured out that the servants of the ML where eunuchs because of his young looks and squeaky voice lol

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    • Probably a matter of perspective. Usually the characters are based in the Capital city so even if they weren’t super important nobles they’d still intersect at least a little bit with eunuchs/the imperial family.


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